Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Online Retailer Raising Eyebrows of Real and Virtual Retailers

If you think that online retailers will not have a permanent impact on the optical business, you might want to read the following article from BusinessWeek

On a warm afternoon in downtown Manhattan, Dave Gilboa is trying on glasses, and it isn’t going well. At one shop, none of the frames the saleswoman suggests look remotely good on him...
Gilboa and his shopping companion that day, Neil Blumenthal, aren’t disinterested observers: They are co-chief executives and co-founders of Warby Parker, a 17-month-old company that sells eyewear online. Customers test the startup’s retro-style glasses, which go for $95, including prescription lenses, through a mail-order, try-it-at-home program. The frames, and the business model, have attracted a devoted following among young, trendy professionals....The startup’s success—Warby Parker has sold more than 50,000 pairs of glasses, says it’s profitable, and raised $1.5 million from investors in May—is inspiring competition from more established retailers.
For more, read the story on this link.

Chicago Retailer Introduces Carbon Fiber Frames

Visual Effects Optical of Chicago has introduced the city to the world's first adjustable carbon fiber frames, called Blac, a new brand made of carbon fibre and titanium. The eyewear from Bellinger is handmade and designed in Sweden. Made from carbon fibre, fiberglass and titanium, each frame is custom made by hand for each individual customer. Every hinge, screw and end-tip is customized specifically for the Blac frames.

KBL Launches Sunwear Line

In an announcement late for the summer season,Unisex retro-inspired sunglass and eyewear brand, KBL has teamed up with vintage inspired swimwear brand Pret-a-Surf to release sunwear. The line reportedly features a modern take on the classic cateye shape and a bold matte red frame that picks up the trims and prints that Pret-a-Surf so carefully selects. The lenses are NXT polarized. The acetate is hand made in Italy offering amazing quality from the very best materials for $250 retail.

Protect Your Eyes, Says VSP

Most Americans are unaware of the sun's damaging effects on their eyes. In fact, a survey by VSP Vision Care found that while 68 percent of adults wear sunglasses outdoors, less than 30 percent of children wear sunglasses outdoors. VSP Vision Care's EyeFiles web series, which can be viewed on the EyeFiles tab on the VSP Facebook page:, has video that highlights the importance of wearing sunglasses at any age. Read more. You can also find a portion of the series on YouTube, including this one:

Guide Dog Names Lab for Marchon

Claudio Gaottardi, Marchon President & CEO with puppy, Marchon"Marchon, known as one of the world’s most prominent  eyewear  companies,  is  now  also  the  name  of  a furry black lab/golden cross with a pink collar!" That's the word from EyeSurf. "Born  on  April  5,  2011,  the  Guide Dog Foundation named the sweet puppy “Marchon”  to  show  their  appreciation  to Marchon and their accounts for their  continuous  support  at  the  Vision  Expo  East and West shows, and generating over $100,000 in monetary contributions." Read more.

Animals of Yore Saw with Compound Eyes

"Ancient animals saw the world through multi-faceted compound eyes, a new fossil discovery reveals. The ancient eyes, which date back half a billion years, probably belonged to a predator, likely a giant shrimplike creature," according to a story posted on MSNBC. "Like a modern fly, the ancient creature relied on compound eyes consisting of thousands of separate lenses to see the world. Each lens provides a pixel of vision. The more lenses, the better the creature could see. The mysterious ancient shrimp saw better than any other animal yet discovered from its era: Its eyes contained 3,000 lenses." Read more.

Transitions Recognizes First Day of Summer

Transitions Optical celebrated the first day of summer by declaring June 21st the “First Official Day to Live Life Less Squinty,” challenging consumers to pledge to wear eyewear that will help improve the quality of vision by protecting the eyes from bright light and glare and reducing the need to squint, and also by scheduling regular, comprehensive eye exams with the eye doctor. Read more of its press release.

Bvlgari Launches New Line

K. Dunst wearing $12,500 Bvlgari's at Cannes
Kirsten Dunst wore the new Bvlgari Le Gemme black acetate sunglasses set with multi-coloured sapphires flowers and yellow solid gold at the recent Cannes Film Festival, according to a post on OpticalVisionResources."Le Gemme Eyewear features precious metals and gemstones....Sunglasses and eyewear were  launched by Bulgari and Luxottica at the Plazzo Durinin in Milan on June 28. The collection consists of: Primavera, a feminine line for women adorned by precious and semi precious stones, Zephyr, an elegant and simple line for men, and Le Gemme Rare, ten of a kind pieces of haute-joaillerie."

McIlroy Wins Open Wearing Oakley's

"Rory McIlroy has officially arrived. And a new era has begun." So starts the announcement on a recent Luxottica webpage. "Oakley’s young Global Golf Superstar emphatically shut the door on doubters and tough finishes this year by emerging victorious at the U.S. Open, smashing into the final round with a commanding eight-stroke lead and sealing the deal with an awe-inspiring final round – finishing two-under-par 69 for an eight-shot win. All while matching or breaking 12 U.S. Open records in his Oakley Fast Jacket Eyewear and high-tech golf apparel."

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Scientists Figure Out Optical Illusion, Motion Aftereffect

"Scientists have come up with new insight into the brain processes that cause the following optical illusion: The yellow jacket (Rocky, the mascot of the University of Rochester) appears to be expanding," according to MedicalNewsToday. "But he is not. He is staying still. We simply think he is growing because our brains have adapted to the inward motion of the background and that has become our new status quo. Similar situations arise constantly in our day-to-day lives jump off a moving treadmill and everything around you seems to be in motion for a moment." Read more.

1-800 Contacts Sued by

"Online contact lens seller 1800Contacts has been among the most litigious marketers, alleging that companies ranging from Walgreen to Lensfast have infringed its trademark by purchasing the term as trigger for pay-per-click ads on search engines," according to MediaPost. "Now one of the defendants, is going on the alleges in court papers that 1800Contacts is violating antitrust laws and engaging in "vexatious and sham" litigation by suing 15 competitors over their paid-search campaigns.'This lawsuit is about 1-800's bold and unlawful crusade to obtain or maintain its dominant position in the direct-to-consumer market for replacement contact lenses,' argues in its complaint, filed this month in U.S. District Court in Nevada. 'Notwithstanding its carefully crafted image, 1-800 has battled to censor and impede the universe of information that can be passed on to consumers; and conspired to ensure that consumers never taste the fruits of competition.'"Read more.

Award for Slowing Progression of Myopia

"Earl L. Smith III, O.D., dean of the College of Optometry at the University of Houston (UH), recently received an award for his work in slowing the progression of nearsightedness in children," according to a Bio-Medicine post.
"Smith and his colleagues have proposed a treatment strategy to slow the progression of myopia in children, with the overall goal being to decrease the degree of nearsightedness. The idea came about as a result of their basic research on the effects of vision on eye growth and the optical development of the eye.

His team is partnering with researchers in the Brien Holden Vision Institute in Sydney, Australia, to develop new contact lenses that can be used to implement these strategies in children. They already brought eyeglasses to market in 2010 that demonstrate an ability to slow the progression of myopia in children."Read more.

Hasbro and Oakley Release "Transformer" Sunglasses

"Hasbro is launching a special apparel and accessories collection inspired by Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, called TF3 Crew," according to the website Licensing. "The exclusive range - created by New Era, Oakley, Zazzle and Red Monkey Designs - is being showcased in New Era's flagship store in SoHo, New York. Items will include caps, inspired by those worn on set, sunglasses, which mirror the technical eyewear worn by the editors and crew, plus a line of cuffs, belt buckles and watches based on the film's imagery."  Read more.

Oakley's New Collection Benefits Veterans

Oakley, Inc., released a special edition sport performance and active eyewear, apparel and accessories to honor and help support the Infinite Hero Foundation, a non-profit public benefit corporation dedicated to raising awareness and funds to meet the needs of military heroes and their families. With the purchase of each special edition eyewear, Oakley will contribute $20 to the foundation in support of its mission. The Infinite Hero collection also includes a special edition Warrant timepiece where Oakley will provide $80 to the foundation with each purchase. 

The new collection includes special renditions of Split Jacket and Radar Path sport performance sunglasses, Plaintiff and Fuel Cell lifestyle eyewear designs for men, Necessity active sunglass for women and Paperclip prescription frame optimized for prescription lenses. The entire collection carries highlights that salute the Infinite Hero emblem, which incorporates the color purple to honor those wounded in battle, the Greek cross to signify aid, and the infinity symbol to represent the conviction that the sacrifices of heroes should always be remembered.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Sunglasses from Maui Jim

Maui Jim has launched a new collection of sunglasses with single gradient lenses, called Wiki Wiki. It features a pure titanium frame and is a great choice for individuals demanding a durable sunglass. The new single gradient lenses are precision-engineered using the company’s SuperThin lenses, which it says are super-lightweight, scratch- and impact-resistant, and 20% thinner than conventional laminated polaried lenses. Each lens uses the company’s patented PolarizedPlus2 technology to cut glare and enhance color. The ultraviolet ray reduction is superior because each lens has up to nine layers of built-in protection. Wiki Wiki sunglasses can be found in a range of frames crafted from lightweight, highly durable acetate or titanium with anti-corrosive hardware.Read more.

Busch Takes Race with TAG Heuer Sunglasses

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch continued his turnaround season yesterday with a commanding performance at Infineon Raceway during the Toyota/Save Mart 350, leading to the first road-course victory of his career. Busch led for 76 laps and beat Jeff Gordon by almost 4 seconds for his first victory of the season. Accompanying Busch in the victory lane – his limited edition “Squadra” sunglasses from TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear. Built to win, these sunglasses are designed to fit comfortably beneath a helmet and feature two-tone arms in the winning team’s colors – red and yellow – and Busch’s signature etched into the outside corner of the left lens. Read more.

Carrera Appears in a Franti Video

Carrera is bragging that Michael Franti is wearing its Champion sunglasses in Franti's latest music video for "Sound of Sunshine," featuring the famous Italian singer Lorenzo "Jovanotti" Cherubini. Read more.

New Collection from Cinzia Designs

Cynthia Shapiro has released her Fall 2012 Cinzia Designs' eyewear and accessories collection. It reportedly  "presents well-rounded mini eyewear collections with a focus on mix-and-match eyewear accessories. The upcoming season provides the release of several new mini eyewear collections in the Trendies by Cinzia and Cinzia collections. As always, every pair of eyewear comes with the coordinating, custom-designed cases that Cinzia Designs is known for," according to the write-up posted by SFGate. Read more.

Monday, June 27, 2011

U.S. Optical Business Remains Soft

Eye care professionals are not excited about the future, according to the latest edition of Jobson Optical Research’s Optical Business Barometer (OBB). That's the word on a VisionMonday post. Their outlook is at the lowest level for the year. There's hope, though, according to VM: "The report indicates...that independents’ views towards business is progressing better so far in 2011 compared to the same five-month period in 2010." Read more.

New MAP Program Helps ECPs with Marketing

Transitions Optical, Inc. is launching an interactive program, called Transitions MAP (Market Area Profile), to assist eyecare professionals in the promotion of their practices. The program helps identify key consumer segments in the geographic areas of a given practice, providing information about the vision needs and behaviors of target audiences. It will also suggest marketing tactics to help reach “high value” patients as well as insights into who might be competing for their business. The program is available free-of-charge through the Transitions Optical trade portal (, and will link users to other resources they can use to reach target audiences, like the Transitions Online Marketing (TOM) tool ( Read more.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

MD Works to Save Sight with VisionSpring

"If you have trouble seeing or reading up close after age 40 -- a common complaint -- the solution is simple: Just pick up a pair of readers at the drug store for a few dollars," according to ABCNews. "But what if there weren't any reading glasses you could buy, and suddenly you could no longer do your job or read a book because you couldn't see? That's the case for millions of people in the developing world, where loss of near vision after age 40 means the difference between being able to support their family or going hungry.But now a New York ophthalmologist named Dr. Jordan Kasselow is working to change that, with a nonprofit group called VisionSpring that offers inexpensive reading glasses, the kind you find at American drugstores, to thousands of trained health workers in developing countries so they can sell them at affordable rates to their community." Read and see more.

CBS News Almost Endorses Online Retailer

"Envision an eyewear company whose mission is to help you find glasses that are not only stylish but affordable ...Look no further!" That's the word from CBSNews. "This is Warby Parker, a new web-based company that has opened the eyes of the bespectacled world. After just a year this start-up has already sold more than 60,000 pairs of glasses! Co-founders Neil Blumenthal, David Gilboa, Andy Hunt, and Jeff Raider met at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. It was there they managed to turn a penchant for glasses into a visionary business." Read more.

ECPs in Canada and US Prescribe Different CL Care Systems

"Eye care practitioners in Canada tend to prescribe hydrogen peroxide contact lens care systems more frequently than their counterparts in the United States, according to a new report." So goes the post on ContactLensHeadlines. "Based on recent AC Nielsen MarketTrack data, hydrogen peroxide systems account for almost 25 percent of the contact lens care market in Canada, compared with 15.9 percent in the United States. Also, while multipurpose (cleaning/rinsing/disinfecting) solutions are the most frequently used contact lens care system in both countries, Canadian contact lens wearers prefer brand-name versions of these products. Only 4.7 percent of multipurpose contact lens solutions sold in Canada are private label or “generic” brands, compared with 25.7 percent in the United States." Read more.

Optician Trainings Future Opticians in Uganda

Chris Roberts
"African communities can look forward to free professional eyecare for the first time, thanks to a globetrotting Runcorn optician," says a post on RuncornandWidnesWorld. "Chris Roberts spent two weeks training opticians in Uganda during a mission with UK charity, Vision Aid Overseas." Read more.

Virtual Opticians Increasing Pressure on Real Opticians

The use of webcams, virtual mirrors and the latest internet tools have provided consumers with a hassle-free and stress-free way to choose and purchase their prescription eyeglasses online, says Arjun Sagar, founder and CEO of, during a conference yesterday held at the company’s headquarters in Atlanta. The virtual mirror works hand in hand with the prospective buyer’s webcam. Sagar said this technology supposedly solved the problems and issues that cynical buyers used to have. The online store is said to offer prescription glasses for as little as $6.95 and as  much as $50. Read more.

CLs Ain't Helping Hamilton's Slump

"Frustrated Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton is still searching for ways to improve his hitting during day games." acccording to a post on ESPN. "On Saturday, he used new tinted contact lenses -- they made his blue eyes appear red -- and didn't get the results he wanted. Hamilton, the designated hitter in the Rangers' 14-5 loss to the New York Mets, was 0 for 4 with four strikeouts. He saw 17 pitches and 15 of them were strikes. After his first three strikeouts, he took the contacts out and tried to hit without them. It didn't change his fortune. Hamilton is now hitting .113 (6 for 53) in day games in 2011 and .377 at night."  Read more.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Discovery by Physicists Changes Thoughts on Human Sight

Isomerization of retina
"A discovery by a team of researchers led by a Syracuse University physicist sheds new light on how the vision process is initiated," according to MedicalNewsToday. "For almost 50 years, scientists have believed that light signals could not be initiated unless special light-receptor molecules in the retinal cells first changed their shape in a process called isomerization. However, the SU research team, which includes researchers from Columbia University, has demonstrated that visual signals can be initiated in the absence of isomerization." Read more.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Hugo Boss Eyewear Racing to Genova

Yesterday morning round the world skipper Alex Thomson was back at the helm of his Imoca 60 race yacht Hugo Boss for the start of the 245nm offshore Giraglia Rolex Cup from St. Tropez to Genova. As part of its “Sailing” Project, Safilo has expanded the product offer of the Boss Black Eyewear Collection and  has launched an international ad campaign tied to the fascinating Barcelona World Race, with the catchline “Follow your vision.”

MLB MVP Hamilton Wearing CLs During Day Games

"Reigning AL MVP Josh Hamilton is going to try contact lenses to help him see the ball better during day games," according to a Washington Post website story. "Hamilton wore the tinted lenses during batting practice and outfield drills Friday before the Texas Rangers’ game against the New York Mets." Read more.

The Virtual Optician

Watch how Fitovers is attempting to use the virtual world to sell eyewear.

Gizmodo's 500 Year History of CLs

"Sticking glass in your eye is objectively a bad idea. And yet, in the 1800s, there were several highly educated individuals repeating that very action. If it weren't for them, 120 million people worldwide, myself included, wouldn't have this wonderfully engineered tool for clear vision, invisible to both wearer and admirer." So starts the history lesson about CLs for the website  Gizmodo. Read more.

More on the Lagerfeld Chanel Line

We described the Lagerfeld Chanel line incorrectly a few days ago. Harper's Bazaar got it right: "Bazaar's cover girl, supermodel du jour and blossoming designer Claudia Schiffer fronts Karl Lagerfeld's A/W 2011 campaign for the Prestige eyewear collection.This behind-the-scenes film portrays a meticulous Lagerfeld, pen in hand, poised to design an opulent collection of frames. The camera hovers reverently above Karl as he sketches the classic Chanel 2:55 chain-inspired details and quilted effect frames for each piece." Read more.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gene Interacts with Retina--Giving Us a 6th Sense

"Many animals rely on the magnetic field for navigation, and researchers have often wondered if people, too, might be able to detect the field...[A]fter years of inconclusive experiments, interest in people’s possible magnetic sense has waned," reports the NYTimes. "That may change after an experiment being reported Tuesday by Steven M. Reppert, a neurobiologist at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and his colleagues Lauren E. Foley and Robert J. Gegear. They have been studying cryptochromes, light-sensitive proteins that help regulate the daily rhythm of the body’s cells, and how they help set the sun compass by which monarchs navigate...One of the monarch’s two cryptochrome genes is similar in its DNA sequence to the human cryptochrome gene. That prompted the idea of seeing whether the human gene, too, could restore magnetic sensing to fruit flies...In the journal Nature Communications, Dr. Reppert reports that this is indeed the case. ...The human cryptochrome gene is highly active in the eye, raising the possibility that the magnetic field might in some sense be seen, if the cryptochromes interact with the retina." Read more.

Brit OD Saves Woman's Sight

"When Patricia Thompson visited Michael James Opticians...she had been suffering from a tingling sensation down the side of her face and that her left eye ‘felt like it was bulging’. Her vision was also affected," according to a post on GooleCourier. "Garrey Haase - a professional optometrist ... - used advanced Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) screening equipment to take a series of 3D images of Patricia’s eyes. He explained: 'The images of the back of Patricia’s eyes were very clear and I was able to confirm that there was a swelling of the optic nerve. I telephoned the eye department at Hull Royal Infirmary and arranged for Patricia to go there straight away with copies of the images that we’d taken.'” Read more.

Three Studies for Hereditary and Genetic Eye Problems

MedicalNewsToday posted the results of three studies regarding hereditary and genetic eye problems. Researchers are getting closer to solutions.
  • "The precise wiring of our visual system depends upon the pattern of spontaneous activity within the brain that occurs well before birth, a new study by Yale researchers shows." Read more.
  • "An animal doesn't stand out against its background and becomes visible...when it moves....what exactly happens in the brain during this process? How must the nerve cells be interconnected for movements to be recognized as such? Scientists at the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology in Martinsried have now established that two different motion detectors are required for this process in the fly brain." Read more.
  • "Initially the occurrence of progressive retinal degeneration-progressive retinal atrophy...has been identified in Schapendoes dogs....The researchers report on their findings, in Human Molecular Genetics. ...Based on the new findings, the researchers from Bochum have developed a genetic test for diagnosis in this breed of dogs...The scientists are currently investigating whether mutations of the CCDC66 gene could also be responsible for some retinitis pigmentosa patients." Read more.

Half Patients Astigmatic Says Study

"Nearly half of patients requiring vision correction are significantly astigmatic in at least one eye, new research shows," says a post on MedCompare. "Data from the study further reveals that the prevalence of astigmatism is almost double in patients with myopia (nearsightedness) compared to those with hyperopia (farsightedness). These findings were recently published in Eye & Contact Lens, the peer-reviewed journal of the Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists (CLAO)." Read more.

Chanel Releases New Video Promos

With Fall coming, Chanel Eyewear has released two advertising video campaigns, one with Claudia Sciffer and the other Karl Lagerfeld. We were unable to imbed the Schiffer video, but you can watch it on the CatWalkQueen website.You can see the first three Lagerfeld videos on YouTube. Here's the fourth Lagerfeld production:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lifestyle Changes Lead to Blindness in Pacific

"Doctors and nurses dealing with eye care from across the Pacific have gathered in Suva to discuss blindness which is becoming a major health issue in the region," according to a post on RadioAustralia. "They are attending the Pacific Regional Eye Care Health Conference which opened today, to look at eye diseases and other related problems including blindness due to diabetes. Reports say, around 8000 people in Fiji alone suffer from blindness because of changes in lifestyle." Read more.

Poor Vision Leads to Falls by Elderly

MedicalNewsToday reported that "270,000 people in the UK aged 60+ who have fallen over in the last two years say that poor vision was a factor in their fall, according to new research released today to mark Age UK's Falls Awareness Week 2011 (20-24 June)."Read more.

Hoya Supports Vision Charity

"Hoya Lens UK has pledged its support to a charity which provides eye care for homeless people, taking over the surfacing and lab work for the Birmingham centre of Vision Care for Homeless People," according to OptometryToday. Read more.

1-800 Contacts Opens

1-800 Contacts has launched The company's press release claims that " is being introduced as a new brand and distinct website because the processes of buying glasses and contacts are very different. Eyeglasses have a style and fashion element – people want to see what they look like before making a purchase – and each pair is custom-made." The site offers the following tools:
  • Virtual Try On photo upload or webcam feature so customers can try on frames they like before deciding which look feels just right
  • Virtual Sharing of top frame choices can be emailed to family and friends or posted on Facebook so they can share the decision with people they trust
  • Live online chat with opticians to address any remaining questions about eyeglasses frames, lenses, coatings or the patient’s prescriptio.
It reoprtedly also  will offer more than a dozen of today’s most popular frame brands including Oakley, 7 for All Mankind, Modo, Smith Optics, and Jones New York. For lenses and coatings, customers will be able to choose from SOLA Single Vision lenses, Transitions lenses, and Teflon lenses Anti-Glare coatings from Carl Zeiss Vision. Read more.

Sight From America Has Three New Partners

Davis Vision’s Sight from America has signed on VOSH International, Global Health Ministry, and Physicians for Peace as partners. The international outreach program has provided vision health assistance to nearly 200,000 people since 2008 and has donated about $20 million (retail) in frames. In 2011 alone, $7.2 million worth of frames have been donated. Davis Vision regularly donates eyewear to such places as Kenya, Honduras, El Salvador and Ghana on as as-needed basis.Read more.

LensCrafters Pays $192,500 in Sexual Harassment Suit

According to the web posting on TargetedNews, "Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued the following news release: LensCrafters, a major eyewear company, will pay $192,500 to settle a female-on-male sexual harassment lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the agency announced today. The EEOC had charged that LensCrafters subjected a male employee to a sexually hostile work environment at its Saginaw, Mich., retail location." Read more.

Persol's Obsessions a Success

It has become the eyewear sensation of the New York City glamor set. It's the Persol Magnificent Obsessions Exhibition at the Museum of Moving Images (548 West 22 St., New York City). "The first in a series of three exhibitions, Persol Magnificent Obsessions: 30 stories of craftsmanship in film, uncovers the first 10 of 30 stories of obsessive craftsmanship within filmmaking. The exhibits offer the opportunity to view rarely seen artifacts from some of cinema’s most iconic films, as well as behind the scenes research notes, sketches, video interviews and materials used in the development process by some of the world’s greatest filmmakers," goes the writeup on MovingImage.Us.

According to the museum's website, "Persol eyewear has always enjoyed a close affinity with cinema,and has been center stage for some of cinema's most iconic characters and and on-screen moments from the 1960s to the present day such as La Dolce Vita, The Thomas Crown Affair and Casino Royale."

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stop Myopia. Let the Sun Shine

In an op-ed article for the New York Times, Sandra Aamodt and Sam Wang explain how and why scientists have come to believe that the lack of exposure to sunlight is causing a rise in myopia. For example, they note: "a 2007 study by scholars at Ohio State University found that, among American children with two myopic parents, those who spent at least two hours per day outdoors were four times less likely to be nearsighted than those who spent less than one hour per day outside." Linda Conlin, founder of OpticalCEU's, presented an accredited lecture about the same subject, "What's with Myopia?," at OpticalCEU's Fall 2010 seminar. She also cover the subject in Eyewitness magazine.

New Look for Nike Vapor Strobe Packaging

Dexigner reports that "James Owen Design and Nike teamed up to create fresh new packaging and eyewear cases for the Nike Vapor Strobe Eyewear." Read more.

Rick Ross Showing His Love 4 Cazal

"Rick Ross has apparently taken his love of expensive and vintage eyewear to another level after recently getting the Cazal logo tattooed under his left eye," according to a post on HipHopDX. "Ross reportedly owns a huge collection of the designer frames, which were made popular by artists such as Darryl “DMC” McDaniels made Carl Zalloni’s signature eyewear famous during the 80’s and 90’s." Read more.

Glaucoma Expenditures on Rise

"Average expenditure on medications per patient with glaucoma in 2001 was $445, by 2006 it had increased to $557, an increase of 25%, researchers from the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami reported in Archives of Ophthalmology," reports the blog@MidwestLens. "In the USA about 2.2 million people aged 40+ years have primary open-angle glaucoma. Experts say this number should rise by nearly 50% by the end of this decade." Read more.

Safilo Continues Support of Special Olympics

Safilo’s eight-year support of Opening Eyes continues to expand, specifically as a visible sponsor at the “2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens, Greece from 25th June to 04th July, when 7,000 Special Olympics athletes from more than 170 countries will compete in 22 Olympic-type sports.
As the global supplier of the Special Olympics-Lions Clubs International Opening Eyes vision care program, the company will donate more than 80,000 spectacles and sunglasses.  In addition, Safilo personnel often take an active part in the implementation of the events as volunteers, donating their time and expertise for the benefit of Special Olympics athletes and those with intellectual disabilities. 
 Opening Eyes, part of Special Olympics’ award-winning Healthy Athletes public health initiative, is the largest program in the world dedicated to providing vision care for people with intellectual disabilities. The program was founded by the American Optometric Association’s Sports Vision Section and formally incorporated into the Special Olympics Healthy Athletes program in 1997. A generous grant from the Lions Clubs International Foundation, the largest service club in the world, formalized a global partnership and enabled the Opening Eyes program to expand internationally. Read more.

Spy Releases Two Models

Spy Optic released two models, Quanta and Alpha, from its stylized, technical Spy Performance series, according to a company press release. The series features the company's anti-fogging  venting system;  Grilamid frames; impact-resistant, optically-correct and distortion-free lenses; glare-reducing Premium Trident polarized infusion in select models; bounce-back glare-diffusing lens coating; anti-scratch and hydrophobic and oleophobic technology; environmentally reactive Hytrel rubber nose pads and temple tips; and UVA, UVB and UVC protective treatments."My Alphas stay on my face and stay clear, which is important when up and down can be a little foggy," muses Mike Montgomery, Freestyle mountain bike rider. "Seriously, these are the only glasses I'd wear when it matters. They look sick too, so you don't look like a kook off the bike."Read more.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Online Retailer with Rx Eyewear for Golfers

Spex4less is better known for the retail of prescription glasses and spectacles online.However, the online glasses retail outlet also specialises in protective and sports eyewear and has recently launched a new range of prescription eyewear specifically designed for golfers who require corrective lenses. Read more.

Oga Krok Line Released

"Streamlined and fluid, the new Öga 'Krok,' exemplifies an eyewear collection full of character combining beauty and high-tech materials," according to the MidwesternLens blog. "Made from aluminium, the temple’s originality is derived from the way in which the material is worked. The openwork aluminium temple is bevelled and slightly curved to reveal the metal endpiece stamped Öga. The concepts design and choice of materials create a voluminous frame that is both super-light and comfortable." Read more.

Transition to Name "Practice of the Year"

Transitions Optical plans to recognize as many as three eyecare practices. The winners will be those practices that best promote eyecare at home and in their communities. Transitions will name one as the  “2011 Eyecare Practice of the Year” during Transitions Academy in January 2012. Do want you your practice considered? Complete the form at Suppliers, such as labs, lens manufacturers, and industry organizations can nominate a practice.

Marchon and Valentino Hook Up

Valentino SpA signed a global license agreement with Marchon, granting the eyewear manufacturer the rights to manufacture and distribute the sun and ophthalmic collections under the legendary Valentino brand. The agreement will be effective from 1st January 2012. The current Safilo-Valentino licensing agreement will run until the end of the year. Read more.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Brits Focus on Eyewear, Not News Makers

"It should have been the headlines viewers were focusing on but last night all eyes were actually on newsreader Fiona Bruce’s glasses," according to the British DailyMail. "The 47-year-old was sporting a new pair of spectacles as she read the 6pm bulletin on BBC1. Miss Bruce usually wears contact lenses when she is presenting programming but occasionally wears glasses to rest her eyes." Read more.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Transitions Gets All Indy with an Izod's Penske Car

Transitions Optical, Inc., will sponsor Penske Racing’s Ryan Briscoe in the IZOD IndyCar Series. "Team Penske’s No. 6 car was shown in its new livery for the first time at the start of today’s practice for the June 19th Milwaukee Mile 225," reports WhoWon. Read more.

Cazal Relaunches Historic Collection

"Cazal Eyewear has announced its Cazal Legends collection, a nod to the storied past of this historic collection," according to a post on C&E Vision's blog--EyeSurf. "The collection is presently comprised of the legendary 607, 623, 856, 901, 902, 904, and 951 with releases of the 616 and 905 planned for later in 2011.  Each style is authentic down to the last detail; following the exact design and construction specifications with the original colors and materials that were first used over 25 years ago.  Made in Passau, Germany, these styles have been produced in limited quantities and are Cazal’s gift to true eyewear connoisseurs." Read more.