Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jobson Releases Compensation Study

VisionMonday reports that "are you earning what you should be? In this gyrating economy, who knows what appropriate compensation is? The answers to these questions and many other eye opening compensation details are the focus of an innovative new research report titled 'The 2011 ECP Compensation Study,' from Jobson Optical Research." Read more.

Coburn and Unyson Work with OneSight

Coburn Technologies, Inc. donated "about 20,000 lenses to OneSight’s Optical Clinics," goes the post on Vision Care Venture. Valued at approximately $160,000, they will eventually supply 10,000 underprivileged people with their first pair of glasses. Free freight for the more than 700 pounds of lenses was provided by Unyson Logistics." Read more.

Safilo Launches Several New Collections

In a series of several press releases, Safilo introduced several new collections, including the following:
  • The Blue Bay eyewear collection presents new optical frames reportedly characterized by modern, eye-catching shapes, emphasized by new style details and proposed in vibrant colours.
  •  The new Carrera collection supposedly is dedicated to those who live in the fast lane. The new styles are dedicated to those who follow the message behind the CARRERA campaign.
  • TheOxydo collection is said to be for individuals "who portray themselves through the spectacles they weaer."
  • The Glamour frames offer lightweight designs, as in the rectangular metal model with embellished rhinestone temples and a metal insert. The colour palette includes soft shades, such as gold/white, peach/tobacco, palladium/grey.
  • The acetate Library frames present a quilted effect embellished with rhinestones. The colours too are glamorous with pearlescent white, wisteria/ivory, purple/lilac, pink/fuchsia.
  • Seventh Street eyewear are said to be bright and bubbly with youthful shapes and sparkling details.
    This collection, which makes colour its dominant trait, reflects the brand's young, trendy character. 
  • The rectangular acetate optical frames in the Smith Collection are enlivened by dual color swirls and metallic details on the temples. 

Perry Ellis Launches New Eyewear Licensing Agreement

PEI Licensing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Perry Ellis International,... has entered into a license agreement with Oxford Ophthalmic Corporation, a division of Eyewear Designs Ltd., to design, manufacture and distribute men's and women's sunglasses and readers under the Perry Ellis brand, according to a Benzinga post. Read more.

Avastin Vs. Lucentis--The Debate Continues After FDA Warning

"At least 16 people in two states have gotten severe eye infections, and some have been blinded, from injections of the drug Avastin, according to health authorities and to lawyers representing the patients," notes a post on NYTimes. "The cancer drug Avastin has been used by some doctors to treat macular degeneration, an off-label application.The incidents, in Florida and Tennessee, demonstrate the risks associated with the money-saving practice of injecting Avastin into the eye...But many retina specialists use Avastin off label because it costs only about $50 an injection, compared with $2,000 for Lucentis...The Food and Drug Administration issued an alert late TuesdayRead more. saying that at least 12 patients in Miami, treated at three clinics, had suffered eye inflammations."

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Whites and Racial Minorities Don't Share Same Risk for AMD

PConSuperSite reports that "a large-scale review found that whites and racial minorities may not share the same risk rate for developing nonexudative and exudative age-related macular degeneration." Read more.

Daysoft Expanding Production

"Ron Hamilton said his Daysoft daily disposable contact lens business plans to boost output to keep pace with demand after increasing sales by 17% against a challenging backdrop," according to a Herald Scotland post. Read more.

Local Optician Profiled

Thurman works with patient
"When she was 10 years old, MaryElaine Thurman was told she needed glasses. She got them — and proceeded to continuously lose them through her teens." It's the beginning of a story of MaryElaine Thurman as an optician that appeared recently in the PhillyBurbs. Read more.

Hoosier ODs Protest Medicaid Cuts

"Indiana eye care professionals are worried Medicaid cuts by the state could have a negative impact on the health of Hoosiers and end up costing taxpayers more in the long run," goes the post on TheIndyChannel. "Beginning in July, the state implemented a 5 percent cut in Medicaid reimbursement for eye care and vision wear provided by optometrists." Read more.

This increasingly is occurring across the United States as more legislatures grapple with budget deficits and an electorate reluctant to raise taxes.

Cricket Player Improves Game After CLs

"A strange thing happened to Vusi Sibanda when he stopped wearing glasses - he could see. Alright, it wasn't exactly that dramatic, because Sibanda switched to contact lenses instead, but the change resulted in improved vision and, in turn, better form with the bat," according to an ESPN post. Read more.

Benefits of Total UV Protection

Sun through UV light
"There is a need for the development of a scientifically rigorous, clinically applicable ocular protection factor metric, based not only on the transmittance of eyewear but on the protection afforded from the total ultraviolet radiation (UVR) field and the length of that exposure," goes the post on MDLinx. Read more.

Implanted Telescope Helps AMD

A new study in Ophthalmology (online), the journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, says that an implantable miniature telescope (IMT) makes a positive difference in the lives of some people with end-stage age-related macular degeneration (AMD). These patients had lost most of their central vision and were considered legally blind. They had either stopped responding to AMD medications or had a form of the disease for which no treatment is available. AMD is the leading cause of blindness among older people in the United States, according to a press release. Read more.

Online Firm Giving Away Eyeglasses

The HuffingtonPost reports that Warby Parker "launched a "Buy a Pair, Give a Pair" program, which operates exactly as it sounds -- Warby Parker will donate a pair of glasses to a community in need for every pair purchased on their website. To date, they've donated over 75,000 pairs to more than 36 countries from Afghanistan to Sierra Leone to Costa Rica." Read more.

Peripheral Correction Slows Myopia the Best?

New scientific evidence on how feedback from the eye affects visual development may lead to more effective approaches to treating myopia (nearsightedness) in children, reports a paper in the September issue of Optometry and Vision Science, official journal of the American Academy of Optometry, according to a press release. Read more.

Texas Convenience Store Selling CLs

"[Six] News uncovered a local convenience store selling contacts without a prescription, right along cigarettes and soda, which the Federal Trade Commission says is a violation," according to one of its posts. Read more; see video.

Obama's Press Sec Gets New Specs

"Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. It’s the White House press secretary,"
 That's the question posed by Politico. "We couldn’t help but notice that Jay Carney, back from a podium-free week off, was sporting a new accessory on Monday: a new pair of eyewear. Carney was looking particularly Clark Kent-like (or maybe Brooklyn hipster) in his mod black frames. He admitted during a briefing that they are new frames (with a heavier prescription). “I thought they were sort of retro nerdy,” he said of the plastic specs." Read more about this latest White House development.

Protein and Cholesterol Stick to CLs

"A recent study ... investigated whether the amount of protein and cholesterol that accumulates on silicone hydrogel lenses is associated with clinical parameters and the occurrence of adverse events," acccording to a post on ContactLensUpdate. Read more.

Tech Developments from BCLA

"Vibrating contact lens cases: An effective tool? Possibly, but a lab-based study conducted by Alex Muntz found that a 14-day cleaning cycle with this new technology didn’t significantly decrease cholesterol deposits on certain silicone hydrogel lenses." That's a post from ContactLensUpdate. Read more about other developments. from the British Contact Lens Association meeting.

CL Storage Cases Easily Contaiminated

 "Studies have shown that despite use of MPS [multipurpose cleaning solutions], contamination of lens storage cases remains common, occurring in 30-80% of cases," according to a new post on ContactLensUpdate. "Lens cases have also been shown to be the most frequently and heavily contaminated of all the lens care accessories, including the bottle of disinfecting solution and the contact lens itself. Bacteria and biofilm: Health hazards hiding in lens cases Bacterial growth in a lens storage case is believed to be mostly biofilm; that is, a static adherent group of micro-organisms encased in polymeric material, composed of polysaccharides, proteins, nucleic acids and lipids produced simultaneously by the microorganisms in the biofilm and host cells or fluid. Biofilms are characterized by their resistance to stressful conditions." Read more.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Minkoff Introduces Eyewear Line

Natalie and Rebecca
WWD reports that Rebecca Minkoff will introduce a line of eyewear this year.

A few weeks ago, the model Natalie reported in her blog: "This week I had the wonderful opportunity to work with one of my favorite New York City based designers, Rebecca Minkoff! Not only is she one of New York's leading accessories designers and entrepreneurs, but she's a soon to be mother and just a completely sweet and genuine person. We just shot a video together for the launch of the Rebecca Minkoff for Vogue Eyewear CFDA sunglasses that will be out this fall at Sunglass Hut! I hit the streets of New York with Rebecca (a very gorgeous and pregnant Rebecca hehe)...." Read more.

First Snooki, No Deena!

"No doubt there were plenty of green eyed monsters in the room when Jersey Shore star Deena Nicole Cortese showed off her latest look,"goes the  Mail post. "The reality TV personality grinned as she displayed her emerald contact lenses for the cameras at an event last night." Read more.

Eyewear for Princesses

"Annie Ellsworth, 3 years old, pulled off her glasses and issued a declaration: Princesses don't wear glasses," starts the JSOnline post. "Her mom, Kristin, saw an opportunity to prove her wrong - and start a business in the process. The result is Peeps Eyewear LLC, a new Madison company that sells sparkly, pink and purple eyeglass frames in 67 stores in Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana. Packaged in an organza cinch bag, each frame comes with a soft case and a book Ellsworth wrote about a princess who "gets to" wear glasses. Customers can also buy a dress-up kit, which includes a crown and a satin, sparkly cape like the one Princess Annie wears in the book." Read more.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


You now can register for OpticalCEUs Fall continuing education seminar at the MGM Grand, Foxwoods on Sunday, October 16.  New this year:  Deborah Kotob of Vision-Ease will join speakers Linda Conlin and Jean Davidson in presenting 7 ABO/NCLE approved courses.  Join us for a great learning experience, complimentary lunch and some fun. To register, go to
The registration fee includes coffee and tea at registration at 8:30 on Sunday, Oct. 16, as well as the lavish luncheon prepared by the MGM Grand. All compliments of OpticalCEUs.

"Since 1999, our mission has been to provide quality continuing education courses at a value price to opticians and to have some fun. This year F.E. Enterprises has a full-day, 7-credit program at the MGM Grand, Foxwoods Resort and Casino [click link for directions] on Sunday, October 16." That's the word from Linda Conlin, who founded OpticalCEUs continuing education program more than 10 years ago.
Accredited lecturers Linda Conlin, Jean Davidson and Deborah Kotob of Vision-Ease will present ABO and NCLE accredited courses with complimentary luncheon. Here's a list of the courses being presented:
  • 9-10: Ocular Allergies by Jean Davidson (1 NCLE);
  • 10 1: In the Beginning: Embryonic Eye Development by Linda Conlin (1 NCLE);
  • 11-Noon: The Healthy Eyecare Solution by Deborah Kotob (1 ABO);
  • 1-2:The Pressure Is On by Jean Davidson (1 ABO pending);
  • 2-3: The Three Bugs: Acanthamoeba, Pseudomonas, and Fusarium by Linda Conlin (1 NCLE);
  • 3-4: Eye Know Why by Jean Davidson (1 ABO); and
  • 4-5: Trends in Fitting Younger Contact Lens Patients by Linda Conlin (1 NCLE).
Opticians and other ECPs can apply their credits toward their state license and their ABO/NCLE certification. Seminars usually sell out, so Conlin recommends that participants reserve by October 7. Any questions? Email

Rebel Gets Gaddafi's Cartier Sunglasses

"I have a pair of Muammar Gaddafi's sunglasses. Cartier. My brigade was one of the first to break into his compound at Bab al-Aziziya. I was driving a vehicle with a 106mm gun on it. I'm the fourth man to drive this car: the last three died in battle," starts the story in the Guardian. "The day we broke into the compound was a day of intense fighting...When it was finished we looked around...they had everything...Upstairs they had boxes and boxes of sunglasses, maybe 100 pairs, still in their shop wrappers." Read more.

Retailer Takes Vintage to a New Level

The NationalPost covers the opening of a Toronto optical shop with a unique marketing angle: 

With nary a pair of Coke bottle lenses to be found, Jordan Paul’s Junction optical shop Opticianado gives new life to charming dead stock — even the  prescription-less wander in to covet his never-worn vintage specs.
 “Eyewear is an accessory that can balance out your face,” Paul explains. “A lot of vintage frames have really sharp angles or very extreme shapes, but when doing the buying I’ve been trying to find shapes that everybody can wear.”
Paul, 34, worked in high-end opticals in Toronto and Florida for 15 years before starting his own shop, quietly amassing nearly 500 quirky frames in his spare time. “I have a very understanding wife,” he says of his lost closet space. “I’m a collector; I collect musical instruments, I collect records, so it kind of went hand in hand.”
Read more.

Socially Conscious TOMS Now Offering Sunwear

"The socially-conscious clothing company recently launched a new line of very cool sunglasses that include classic metal and plastic frames," goes the post on MensFitness. "Along with this launch, TOMS has set up a One-for-One program where for every pair of sunglasses purchased, the company will help to restore sight to a person in need in one of three ways: Either they receive prescription eyeglasses, a thorough eye exam, or—in many cases—a 15-minute cataract surgery that completely brings someone back from almost total blindness." Read more.

NC Cuts Medicaid Eye Benefits

The NewsObserver  notes that "new cuts to health services for the poor take hold in October, with the elimination of eye exams and glasses for adults on Medicaid. Medicaid recipients are receiving notices about reductions, eliminations or other changes to an array of health services in the next few months. The $354 million Medicaid cut in the state budget includes limits and other changes to services totaling $16.5 million." Read more.

Survey Says Employers to Cut Health Benefits

"Nearly one of every 10 midsize or big employers expects to stop offering health coverage to workers after insurance exchanges begin operating in 2014 as part of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, according to a survey by a major benefits consultant,"  says a Spokesman post. "Towers Watson also found in its July survey that another one in five companies are unsure about what they will do after 2014."  Read more.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Superfly Thug Mongo Slade Says Eyewear Accessories Reduces Stress

We knew the eyes were the windows to the soul as well as eye disease, but a hip-hop artist has made a new discovery, according to his press release:
Hypnotic Eye Rocket is a new product line of exclusive eyewear accessories created by Hip Hop life coach, music producer and Superfly Thug Mongo Slade. In his inspiring motivational book "Dreams 2 Reality" Mongo Slade speaks of using the Hypnotic Eye Rocket system taught to him by a mystical hypnotist named Sparky Flinstone to reach the next level. The Hypnotic Eye Rocket is part of a revolutionary new system engineered to reduce stress and relieve tension while injecting feelings of wellness and euphoria directly into your blood stream. 
All for $34.99. Read more.

HealthSouk Launches "First Discount Health Plan"

HealthSouk has launched what its press release calls the nation's first and only discount health plan with absolutely no monthly fees. The company aims to provide Americans with access to health care providers who are offering various treatments and procedures at a discounted price. In addition, patients can receive even greater discounts for going to the doctor's office when the doctor isn't busy. Patients have the option to signup for a membership online at, which is free. They have access to discounted treatments ranging from eye care to dental exams to cosmetic procedures. Read more.

The Future of Retail Sales? In Yours? In Your Competitor's?

MyBusiness imagines: "You’re in a department store and spot an item you love … but you can’t find one in your size....[A sales assistant] informs you that while there are none in your size in stock, the store’s online shop has plenty...That kind of transaction is a vision described by Robbie Robertson, managing director and co-founder of “experiential design” company e2, who says 'We are seeing an understanding and acceptance that online retailing is here to stay. Larger brands are accepting it. They are turning their stores into the experience and then "closing' the sale online. The next step is admitting that retailing is a showroom and that it should be a showroom, but knowing you have such a robust online store you can sell online in the shop.'" Read more.

Essilor Introduces New Lense and Announces Great First Quarter

Essilor has launched of Optifog, the first high-performance anti-fogging lenses, in response to high consumer demand. This new category of lenses represents a major technological breakthrough in keeping with the long tradition of innovation at Essilor, says the company. The company claims that this category of lenses builds on the five major technological breakthroughs of recent decades in all of which Essilor played a major role: plastic lenses, progressives, photochromics, antireflective, and polarized. With Optifog, Essilor starts a new chapter in optical research. Read more about Optifog.

A post on RTTNews says that " Essilor International SA ...reported Friday a 30.7 percent jump in first-half profit, helped by higher revenues in all regions and divisions. The company also backed its fiscal 2011 revenue growth forecast." Read more.

Courts OK Pro Fit Optix's Reorganization Plan

VisionMonday reported that "Pro Fit Optix has exited Chapter 11 with a new majority owner, a revamped board and a new product strategy, the company said. On Aug. 22 , the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida entered an order confirming and approving Pro Fit Optix’s plan of reorganization." Read more.

Bentley's to Wear When Driving a Bentley

Bentley Eyewear

"If you've already hoarded all the gold bars and Krugerrands you can carry against the current economic downturn, you might want to look into sunglasses," according to CNET. "And not just to protect your eyes from the glare of your shiny bullion, as Bentley Eyewear offers sunglass frames made from 18-karat gold. The sunglasses are specifically designed to complement the Bentley Mulsanne, a US$285,000 sedan, and feature hand-crafted knurling along the ear pieces and an enameled Bentley B. Even the cases for these sunglasses use the same quality cowhide as the car's seats. And, of course, the lenses give 100-percent ultraviolet protection. Bentley's gold frame sunglasses will run you about US$16,285." Read more.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lavigne Shows New Eyewear at Fashion Week

"Singer-fashion designer Avril Lavigne is set to show her latest collection for her Abbey Dawn clothing range at the New York Fashion Week next month." says an NDTV post. "The ladies' line will include dresses, denim, skirts, footwear, handbags, wallets, purses and eyewear. Earlier this year, the 26-year-old singer said that her fashion tastes have grown more sophisticated over time, reported Contactmusic." Read more.

Chains Claim "Which?" Optician Study Inaccurate

"Optical chains have reacted to last week's critical report of the profession by consumer watchdog Which? - claiming it did not represent a large enough sample of stores," reports OpticianOnline. "The Which? investigation's worst performing chain, Optical Express, insisted it offered 'an excellent standard of patient care'. Two Optical Express practices were rated as 'very poor' by Which? mystery shoppers, while another was rated as 'poor'."  Read more.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Do Your Patients Behave as Nicely as This Guerilla

"Lying flat on his oversize silver back near the exhibit glass at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Gino gazed far into the distance, well beyond the curious gawkers," goes a NYTimes post. "Yes, his eyes seemed to say, I am fabulous and mighty and infinitely photogenic so snap away at my 385-pound, muscle-bound physique. Soon, though, he grew weary of the paparazzi. Garbo-like, he lifted his massive gorilla arm and rested it lightly over his face. No more, please." Read more about how Disney trained Gino to be a polite patient.

Hurricane Irene Provokes Eye Safety Alert

In a recent press release, the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami warns, "As you monitor Hurricane Irene’s path -- and finalize preparations in the heart of this hurricane season – be sure to take care of your own eyes. Many eye injuries happen during storm preparations – from nails ricocheting off storm shutters and debris falling during tree trimming, to household chemicals splashing into the eyes." Bascom Palmer Eye Institute offers guidelines to reduce the risk of injury before, during and after storms. "I advise people that their hurricane supplies should include a pair of safety glasses, shatter-proof goggles or a face shield for each family member who will take part in storm preparation and clean-up,” said Dr. Eduardo C. Alfonso, professor and chairman of Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. “Everyone, including children, should wear safety eyewear whenever there is a chance of injury.”Read more.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Site Set Up for People with Dry Eye

"TearLab Corporation today announced that it has launched, a new consumer website and social media program focused on supporting the Company's Accredited Dry Eye Centers program in North America," says a MarketWatch post. " was designed to help people suffering from Dry Eye Disease ("DED") by providing a place for them to share their experiences and ask questions, discover the science behind DED, connect with other patients and with doctors, and locate an Accredited Dry Eye Center." Read more.

Eyebuzz Updates Job Sites for ECPs

" has launched an updated version of its eye-care job matching service," says a post on ModernMedicine. "The Web site is aimed at providing a one-stop recruitment resource for ophthalmic positions such as ophthalmologists, nurses, technicians, photographers, administrators, and scribes, as well as optometrists and opticians. Job seekers can register themselves at the site to post their resumes and receive job alerts via e-mail. Ophthalmologists and ophthalmic administrators can register to post jobs, receive resumes by e-mail, and search resumes. Employers can post a position for 60 days for $249. According to, the site’s intelligent search and matching saves jobs seekers from searching through hundreds of jobs, and brings candidates and recruiters together in one platform." Read more.

Webb Telescope Could Lead to Improvements in CLs

"The latest to speak up for the JWST [James Web Scott Telescope] is Scott Willoughby, guest-blogging at Scientific American. Willoughly has a vested interest, as the vice president and program manager for the JWST program at Northrup-Grummon contracted by NASA to build the thing," according to a Discovery post. But he still makes a strong argument in favor of the mission, citing the creation of high-tech jobs in the aerospace industry -- currently facing a potential shortage as the older generation of scientists and engineers retire -- and improvements in MRI technology for cancer imaging, for starters.
Then there's the inevitable spinoff technologies that result from project of this size and scope, including infrared instruments and temperature control systems, not to mention optics. For instance, anyone who wears corrective lenses or is considering laser surgery for vision correction will be thrilled to hear that all that work developing the JWST's 18 mirrors and wavefront sensing technology has led to several new patents for making more accurate eye measurements and fabricating more precise contact lenses." Read more.

X Factor Spurs Sales for Online Retailer

The X Factor is back on UK television screens, and for the owners of London based online glasses firm SpecsPost these are happy days. A company press release claims that sales will soar. “During the months when the X Factor show is live on our screens in the UK, sales always rise, giving us some of our best month…. but we can’t put our finger on why this is,” says David Cregor, founder of SpecsPost. Like many other retailers specialist online glasses company SpecsPost benefits from the influence and power of fashion trends promoted by celebrity. Some consumer trends are much easier to follow and explain. For example the release of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 film saw the sale of round ‘Potter’ style metal glasses increase fivefold over the first month of hitting UK cinemas. Read more.

AMD Could Indicate Heart Attack or Stroke

Did you know that the eye disease age-related macular degeneration (AMD) can also indicate increased risk of heart attack or stroke? That's the question from Eye Care America's press release. During September’s Save Your Sight Month, the public service program of the Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, is raising awareness about AMD and its potential “window to health.” The damage related to AMD also can indicate risk for heart attack or stroke—as much as 8 to 10 times greater than for someone without this damage. An Australian study noted that among those whose health was followed for a number of years, subjects with AMD had more than double the incidence of heart attack or stroke. So an eye exam eye could help save not only your sight, but also your life, by letting you know of increased risk for other serious health problems. Read more.

Woman Abuses CLs, Almost Goes Blind

"A Norwich woman has told of her lucky escape after being warned she was close to suffering permanent eye damage and possibly even blindness because of an infection caused by her repeatedly sleeping with her contact lenses in," according to an EveningNews post. Read more.

OD Arrested on Drug Charges

MyFoxDetroit reported that "Dr. John Jacobi, an optometrist who owns Livonia's Suburban Eye Care, is recommended for his work with children's vision therapy. He will now likely be known for something else. The DEA and Livonia Police arrested the 48-year-old while he was at work Monday after an investigation revealed Dr. Jacobi fraudulently prescribed himself and others more than 5,600 doses of Vicodin from 2008 until 2010." Read more.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Opthalmologist Convicted of Fraud and False Claims reported "a federal jury this afternoon convicted the former chairman of Temple University School of Medicine's ophthalmology department of 150 counts of health care and wire fraud and making false statements in health care matters. Joseph J. Kubacki, 62, a pediatric eye specialist now living in Destin, Fla., was accused of falsely claiming between 2002 and 2007 to have provided more than $1.5 million in services to patients at a clinic run by the ophthalmology department." Read more.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Brilliant Lenses Sponsors Jockey Chantal Sutherland

"Black Diamond the manufacturer of Brilliant Lenses a superior lens cleaner and lens protector, has announced its sponsorship of renowned thoroughbred horse racing jockey, Chantal Sutherland. Sutherland recently raced in a highly-publicized match race in Del Mar titled, 'Battle of the Exes Match Race.'" That's the word from the company's press release.

Private Practice ODs Best Paid

"The recently released 2010 Census of Optometric Practice Income from Optometry report, conducted by the American Optometric Association, showed an average net income of $130,856 for the primary practice of optometry in 2009," according to a post on the PConSuperSite.

NIH Study Shows 34% of School Children with Visual Problems

"About 4 percent of preschoolers have myopia (nearsightedness), 21 percent have hyperopia (farsightedness), and 10 percent have astigmatism (irregular curvature of the eye), according to a study funded by the National Institutes of Health," says a National Eye Institute's webpage. "The largest of its kind, the study identified related risk factors, including age, ethnicity, exposure to smoking, and access to health insurance. Uncorrected refractive errors, such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism are the most common causes of vision impairment in children. Caused by slight irregularities in eye shape, refractive errors affect how light focuses on the retina, the part of the eye that converts light into signals the brain perceives as images. Refractive errors are correctible with eyeglasses, but uncorrected they can lead to lasting vision problems such as strabismus (misalignment of the eyes) and amblyopia (decreased vision in one or both eyes that cannot be corrected with eyeglasses)." Read more.

Help for World Sight Day in October

"Optometry Giving Sight invites optometrists and the ophthalmic community in the U.S. and Canada to take part in the World Sight Day Challenge to raise funds for people who are needlessly blind or vision impaired due to uncorrected refractive error," according to a post on PCSuperSite. "Optometrists are invited to take the challenge by donating their eye exam fees on World Sight Day (Oct. 13) or any other day in October, or they can join their colleagues across the profession by making a personal or practice donation at Practices are also encouraged to involve their staff and patients by having an office celebration throughout the month." Read more

The National Eye Institute's webpage notes that "This year, World Sight Day (WSD) will be hosted by the National Eye Institute (NEI) in partnership with Lions Clubs International Foundation, Lighthouse International, and the International Agency to Prevent Blindness with the goal to educate our communities about the need to conquer preventable blindness and preserve sight."

Saturday, August 20, 2011

OpticalCEUs Offers 7 Continuing Education Courses for Opticians, Oct. 16

Linda Conlin at OpticalCEUs Spring seminar
"Since 1999, our mission has been to provide quality continuing education courses at a value price to opticians and to have some fun. This year F.E. Enterprises has a full-day, 7-credit program at the MGM Grand, Foxwoods Resort and Casino [click link for directions] on Sunday, October 16." That's the word from Linda Conlin, who founded OpticalCEUs continuing education program more than 10 years ago.

Accredited lecturers Linda Conlin, Jean Davidson and Deborah Kotob of Vision-Ease will present ABO and NCLE accredited courses with complimentary luncheon. Here's a list of the courses being presented:
  • Ocular Allergies by Jean Davidson (1 NCLE);
  • In the Beginning: Embryonic Eye Development by Linda Conlin (1 NCLE);
  • The Healthy Eyecare Solution by Deborah Kotob (1 ABO);
  • The Pressure Is On by Jean Davidson (1 ABO pending);
  • The Three Bugs: Acanthamoeba, Pseudomonas, and Fusarium by Linda Conlin (1 NCLE);
  • Eye Know Why by Jean Davidson (1 ABO); and
  • Trends in Fitting Younger Contact Lens Patients by Linda Conlin (1 NCLE).
Opticians and other ECPs can apply their credits toward their state license and their ABO/NCLE certification. Seminars usually sell out, so Conlin recommends that participants reserve by October 7. Any questions? Email

Field Hockey Players Required to Wear Eye Protection

"High school field hockey teams must adapt to a major rule change for the third consecutive season this fall, with players across the country now required to wear eye protection," reports the PittsburghTribune-Review. "This comes two years after a mandate on stick curvature and one year after the National Federation of State High Schools Associations adopted the self-start rule, which permitted players to restart play themselves -- without any sort of insertion pass." Read more.

Oakley Starts Its Olympics Campaign in Britain

"In the run-up to the upcoming Olympic Games, high-end sunglasses brand Oakley is set to replicate the marketing model of its existing You Vs social media campaign and extend it across multiple devices such as Apple's iPad, games consoles and web-connected TVs," reads the post on CommerceTuned. "The You Vs campaign, which runs on Facebook, is centred on a branded video game in which players must compete against famous sportsmen. The overall winner then gets the chance to play against the sportsmen in real life. It has been Oakley's biggest digital investment in Europe to date, reaching into the six-figures." Read more.

Child Health Blitz in Chicago

Yesterday "about 600 local doctors, dentists and optometrists are expected to serve thousands during the next three days at a free Chicago clinic," according to a post on NBCChicago. "Patients started lining up at 10:30 p.m. Thursday at Malcolm X College, 1900 W. Van Buren St., where the clinic begins Friday. Dental exams, teeth cleanings, fillings, eye exams and even a pair of eye glasses are being offered on a first-come, first-served basis." Read more.

White Sox Player DLed After Being Hit by Line Drive

Humber after being hit by a line drive
Pitcher "Philip Humber was disappointed that he was placed on the 15-day disabled list Friday but understands the Chicago White Sox's concerns about his health, one day after getting hit above the right eye by a line drive by Cleveland's Kosuke Fukudome." That's the report from the ChicagoTribune. Read more.

British Patients Get to Rate Opticians

"This September, NHS [the British National Health Service, which monitors health care professionals] Choices launches a system allowing opticians to showcase their service and obtain patient feedback at," notes "Members of the public will be able to leave feedback on opticians and read other patients’ experiences of practices – helping them decide where to access services." Read more.

Brits Chase Illegal Sales of CLs

"Efforts to halt the illegal sale of plano contact lenses are growing after trading standards officers in Yorkshire started to visit retailers believed to be selling them," according to a "The move followed last month’s revelation at the GOC that there have been 122 cases of illegal contact lens sales referred to the regulator, of which 45 are closed and 77 are under examination." Read more.