Thursday, February 26, 2015

Elton John Made Rock 'n Roll History and Eyewear History

"Distinctive eyewear remains a [Elton] John trademark, though, even though he's dialed that down a bit too. Any concert reviewer worth his or her reporter's notebook mentions what sort of glasses the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer wears onstage," according to "Click through the accompanying photo gallery to view images of John's specs throughout and years and to read brief analyses thereof." See and read more.

New Eyewear from Calvin Klein

"The new Calvin Klein Collection men’s and women’s eyewear is luxurious, modern and provocative, fusing minimalism and the latest trends," writes Midwest Lens. "Inspired by the architectural details and designs of the brands’ ready-to-wear runway collections, a new reverse hinge concept reveals the mechanics behind the frame, while rich leather inserts compliment classic styling. The brands’ pure sophistication and understated elegance remain as signature elements of this season’s Calvin Klein Collection Eyewear." Read more.

New Safety Eyewear from Gateway

Gateway Safety has introduced its Temple Technology safety eyewear, a collection of safety products engineered to fit users much more comfortably, according to the company's press release. The products feature temples that reportedly eliminate pinching while fitting securely. The new line includes three; types of safety eyewear: Luminary, Flight and Parallax. The temples for each is said to relieve pinching and pressure on the head and ears. The most recent product to hit the market, Parallax safety eyewear, features a patented, dual-component temple design that helps the temple softly flex against the ear and head. A one-piece polycarbonate lens and top brow guard help provide wraparound coverage, and a soft nosepiece helps keep the glasses from slipping.Read more.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Eyelashes Prevent Eyes from Drying Out, Study Finds

"Long and luxurious eyelashes have been in fashion at least since Cleopatra. But scientists now suggest that their real function is to help protect eyes from drying out," reports the New York Times. David Hu at the Georgia Institute of Technology  and his graduate students "measured the lashes of different mammals, most of which have them. They made an artificial eye with lashes, put it in a wind tunnel and blew air at it. And they created mathematical models of airflow over lashes. They found that
across a wide variety of mammals, eyelashes are always about one-third as long as the eye is wide, which, it turns out, is the ideal length for diverting airflow around the eye and reducing evaporation. Dr. Hu, Guillermo J. Amador and several other researchers, all from Georgia Tech, published their findings Tuesday in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface." Read more.

March Declare Workplace Eye Wellness Month

March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month, and Prevent Blindness will provide employers and employees with free information on topics ranging from eye strain to industrial eye safety. Prevent Blindness suggests the following to reduce eyestrain and fatigue:
  • Have a dilated eye exam.
  • Place screens 20 to 26 inches from eyes and a little bit below eye level.
  • Use a document holder close enough so eye focus does not change.
  • Adjust the screen's text size.
  • Reduce glare reflections. Use a glare filter. Dusting screens reduces glare.
  • Use an adjustable chair.
  • Choose screens that can tilt and swivel. A keyboard that you can adjust is also helpful.
  • Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break. Look 20 feet away.

Prevent Blindness also offers a Work Safety module as part of its free program, the Healthy Eyes Educational Series. Each module includes a presentation guide and corresponding PowerPoint presentation on a relevant eye health topics. Fact sheets can be downloaded at any time from the Prevent Blindness website for use as handouts. To find out more about the Healthy Eyes Educational Series or other workplace eye health topics, please call Prevent Blindness at (800) 331-2020 or find out more about taking care of your sight here.

New Eyewear from Nine West

"Satisfying a woman’s ceaseless desire for affordable, chic and sexy fashion, the new Nine West Collection captures the latest trends, translating them into eyewear that can complement any outfit. Appealing to a broad consumer base, the assortment offers something for everyone. Playful, contemporary, and classic designs are enriched by stylish details such as color transparencies, animal print and three-dimensional motifs." That's the report from Midwest Lens. Read more.

New Sunglasses from Costa

"Known as graceful, intelligent ocean gliders, manta rays move through the water in with fluid continuity, always searching, always determined. Similarly, Costa’s new sunglass style for active females, Manta, is built for adventure and movement, but full of unmistakable style," reports Midwest Lens. "Manta is one of Costa’s sunglass styles built specifically for active women. Performance features include great wrap-fitting coverage, and hypoallergenic no-slip nose pads and interior lining to keep the sunglasses comfortably in place all day for a 'forget-they’re-on' fit." Read more.

Marchon Signs Licensing Deal with MCM

Marchon Eyewear, Inc.,  and luxury goods producer MCM (Modern Creation M√ľnchen) have an exclusive global licensing agreement. It gives Marchon the rights to manufacture and distribute the sun and ophthalmic collections under the MCM brand, which Marchon plans for new month with a sunglasses capsule collection. In September, Marchon will launch the MCM eyewear collection in Asia, with a global roll-out planned for January 2016. Read more.

Newest Eyewear Standard for Women's Lacrosse Delayed

"US Lacrosse representatives have reached an agreement with the Sports and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) to delay implementation of the new standard for women's lacrosse eyewear until January 1, 2017," reports LaxPower. "Until that date, both the current standard for women's eyewear, ASTM F803, and the new standard passed in 2014, F3077, will be legal for all levels of play governed by US Lacrosse rules." Read more.

New Sunglasses from Smith

"It all began in 1965 when Dr. Bob Smith started selling the first thermal sealed snow goggle out of his truck in parking lots of local ski areas. The legendary powder junkie had a vision to develop products that could extend the thrill of human experience. Standing behind the belief that if it’s worth building then it’s worth lasting, Smith continues to celebrate the past while always looking towards the future with its new Archive Collections of sunglasses and goggles for 2015/16," says Midwest Lens. "Smith introduces three additional frame designs to the iconic Archive Collection, exact remakes of original Smith frames introduced over the last 36 years. Each re-issued piece is labeled with its debut year and offered in original colorways." Read more.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Registration Opening Soon for OpticalCEU's 16th Annual Spring Seminar for Opticians

Need to renew your state license and ABO/NCLE certification? Want the best
value in continuing education? Need a full-day, 7-credit program? F.E. Enterprises’ OpticalCEUs has what you want and need! And, soon, you will be able to register online, by mail, or by phone.

So keep you eyes open for your chance to hear about the latest ideas in the field - from light and vision to new contact lens technology. Earn your ABO/NCLE credits with 7 courses at the Grand Pequot Ballroom, Foxwoods Resort and Casino on Sunday, April 26.
They’ll help you:
  • Advise your patients about blue light and night vision.
  • Provide top-notch patient care with new technology and analysis of daily disposable contact lenses.
  • Expand your knowledge of vision, spectacle lenses and the optician’s scope of practice.
The presentations that will help you? Here they are:
  • Miru 1day – New Technology in Daily Disposable Lenses Speaker: Donna Schaub (1 NCLE) 9am-10am - NEW!
  • Blue Perspective Speaker: Deborah Kotob (1 ABO) 10am-11am - NEW!
  • Night Vision Speaker: Deborah Kotob (1 NCLE) 11am-Noon
  • Day By Day Speaker: Joe Forte (1 NCLE) 1pm-2pm
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Lenses, But Were Afraid to Ask Speaker: Joe Forte (1 ABO) 2pm-3pm
  • You Be the Judge: Opticians and Malpractice Speaker: Linda Conlin (1 NCLE) 3pm-4pm – NEW!
  • Reflecting on Refraction. Speaker: Joe Forte (1 ABO) 4pm-5pm.
As always, conference attendees can enjoy a delicious hot buffet lunch compliments of OpticalCEUs.

OpticalCEUs Lecturers
Accredited lecturers Linda Conlin, Deborah Kotob of Vision-Ease, Joe Forte and Donna Schaub of Menicon America will present seven courses enabling you to earn ABO/NCLE credits.
  • For over 15 years Linda, an NAO Fellow Ambassador, has provided continuing education and training for opticians at the state and national levels. She is ABO and NCLE certified, licensed in CT, MA and RI, and has written for 20/20 and EyeWitness magazines. She founded OpticalCEUs and launched and Optical News from OpticalCEUs news blog for opticians.
  • Deborah, the ECP education facilitator for Vision-Ease, creates and presents ABO, NCLE and JCAHPO seminars related to optics and best practices. A Massachusetts-licensed optician, she has owned two optical businesses and was a sales representative for MODO and Luxottica. Deborah has achieved ABOM and NCLE certifications.
  • Joe, the director of contact lens services for Greenwich Ophthalmology Associates, lectured at CUNY Tech, Vision Expo and Optifair. He was program director of the Interboro Institute College of Opticianry where he taught courses in various areas of contact lenses and optics.
  • Donna, a strategic account executive for Menicon America, is an experienced contact lens fitter and management consultant, overseeing optical shops throughout New England. With over 25 years of optical, retail and management experience, Donna is ABO and NCLE certified and licensed in CT.
Foxwoods is located at 350 Trolley Line Blvd., Mashantucket, CT 06338, on Route 2 between I-395 and I-95. Valet parking is free. For accommodations, call Foxwoods at 1-800 PLAY BIG. Overnight reservations are not associated with the seminar.

Training the Brain to See Better

People are bad at staying focused. We’ve all had our minds wander when we try to concentrate on a task that requires paying close attention but isn’t all that engaging. But a new NIH-funded study suggests that one’s capacity to stay focused can improve with real-time feedback, according to a press release from the National Eye Institute.

“The reason we are bad at staying focused is because we are bad at monitoring our attentional state,” explained Nicholas Turk-Browne, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Psychology at Princeton University. Dr. Turk-Browne’s lab led the study published in Nature Neuroscience.

“Normally, the only way we know that our attention is drifting is when we make a mistake. But by then it’s too late.” For example, the root cause of driving off a road – a lapse in attention – happens well before any ensuing accident.

So Dr. Turk-Browne and his team asked: What if people could be warned about their waning attention long before they made a mistake? And could they use this feedback to learn to stay more focused, even when no longer provided with feedback?

To answer this question, the researchers recruited several adults to participate in a three-day experiment. Each day, study participants were rapidly shown photographs of male or female faces superimposed on indoor or outdoor scenes. After viewing each image, the participants pushed a button if the image met preset criteria, for example if it showed a male face. In this case, they had to pay attention to the face and ignore the scene.

On the second day, participants were scanned with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), which can measure patterns of activity in the brain. With fMRI, the investigators were able to monitor the attentional state of participants — that is, whether they were attending to faces or scenes — because these categories trigger different patterns of brain activity.

Read more.

Contact Lenses "Improve" Delivery of Medications

A small CL loaded with medication slowly
releases medication, then dissolves.
"If you've ever had an eye infection, you know how annoying it can be to get drops of medicine on the eyeball a few times a day. It's an even harder task with children or for older adults who don't always have the dexterity to squeeze they used to," reports NPR. "That's why researchers have developed an ultra-thin contact that can be placed on the eye to deliver drugs slowly — in a matter of hours or they hope even days — before dissolving away. Called nanowafers, these lenses are one-twentieth the thickness of a contact lens. Each wafer, made of a thin resin called polyvinyl alcohol, contains tiny reservoirs that can be filled with drugs that are released gradually." Read more.

Meanwhile, "a new study published in Nature Communications reveals how scientists have created an injectable hydrogel that can deliver drugs over specific time periods, eliminating the surgical implantation required with existing hydrogels. The researchers say the new hydrogel could help treat a number of diseases, including macular degeneration, heart disease and cancer." That's the report from Medical News Today. Read more

New Eyewear from Andy Wolf

"Since their beginning, Andy Wolf has always been about handcrafted frames. In a world of mass production they see this as a way to make a statement," writes Midwest Lens. "The attention to detail in every single frame, along with the human touch, results in very personal and distinct glasses. That is how they view life too. Humans enter this world as a blank slate and through choices, people, actions and dreams our character is shaped. Like their metal frames, lives are shaped by humanity." Read more.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Expensive Eylea Outperforms Avaastin and Lucentis, says NEI

In an NIH-supported clinical trial comparing three drugs for diabetic macular edema (DME), Eylea (aflibercept) provided greater visual improvement, on average, than did Avastin (bevacizumab) or Lucentis (ranibizumab) when vision was 20/50 or worse at the start of the trial. However, the three drugs resulted in similar average improvement when starting vision was 20/40 to 20/32. Investigators found no major differences in the safety of the three drugs. The trial was funded by the National Eye Institute (NEI), part of the National Institutes of Health. Read more on the NIH site.

New Columbia Eyewear from L'Amy America

"L’Amy America’s Columbia Eyewear, an industry leader in outdoor ophthalmic and sunwear design, announces the worldwide launch of 6 new ophthalmic models in its Columbia Sportswear collection and 9 models to its all-polarized Columbia Performance Sunglass collection," reports Midwest Lens. "Introducing Dusty and Ewan, a new Eco-Acetate duo in Extended Sizes for a larger-than-average-fit consumer. Columbia’s exclusive “Eco Acetate” (E3) is a “cellulose diacetate”: recyclable, and made of plant-based, compostable material (which releases less C02 emissions than a basic bio-degradable material). The duo also features, retro design, heavy-duty spring hinge systems, and 3 color options each."

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sony to Release Developer Edition of SmartEyeglass in March

"Sony Corporation ("Sony") has developed1 the "SmartEyeglass" transparent lens eyewear that connects with compatible smartphones2 to superimpose information such as text, symbols, and images onto the user's field of view, and it is moving forward with preparations towards the commercialization of the product," reports the Financial. "In order to explore the possibilities with and facilitate the development of apps for the device, Sony announces that it will offer the SED-E1 "SmartEyeglass Developer Edition" for sale in Japan, the United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK), and Germany from March 10th." Read more.

New Eyewear from Silhouette

"Carbon is the epitome of high-tech quality materials, extreme resilience, and masculine elegance. Its application has been used in everything from designer chairs to fast cars. It is dynamic, direct, and an essential component of Carbon Intarsia by Silhouette. The new rimless eyewear collection, boasts a sleek design with an exciting material mix of SPX, gold, and carbon," according to Midwest Lens. "Truly unique items are created from an equal combination of innovation, knowledge, and craftsmanship. A very fine carbon weave is skillfully inlaid by hand to the 23-carat gold-plated temple of the rimless eyewear. This innovative, resin-backed carbon weave is another material, like SPX, that was developed by Silhouette to enable extraordinary aesthetic details." Read more.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Seiko Epson See Market for Smart Glasses

"Seiko Epson Corp. projects sales of its smart glasses to climb fivefold to 10 billion yen ($84 million) in three years, President Minoru Usui said in a Feb. 17 interview with Bloomberg," goes the Bloomberg report on Yahoo! Finance. "Seiko Epson employs high-precision sensors already in use in its projectors for its Moverio smart glass, which is targeted at professionals such as engineers and doctors, Usui said. Google stopped selling Glass on Jan. 19, according to its website." Read more.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Davis Vision Goes Hollywood--Sort Of

Davis Vision has launched a new platform "to deliver a heightened interactive experience," goes the company's press release. It was a fancy way of saying that it has a web-based tv show.  The site, called Davis Vision Television (DVTV), "is an online gateway to enable transparency, accessibility, simplicity and what's trending in eyewear and eye care. The interactive, stand-alone site now offers both members and non-members access to a public portal for exploring the unique integrated business model and services offered by Davis Vision in a user-friendly, easy-to-understand format." It's ironic that simplicity can be expressed so obtusively. Finally the company offers a simple explanation of its benefits, including the following features:
  • Virtual frame try-on with a selection of over 1,000 options.
  • Educational eye health videos narrated by Dr. Florian M. Safner, OD, Vice President of Professional Services, HVHC, Inc.
  • Social media connectivity.
  • Visionworks retail location search by zip code.
  • DV LookBook magazine showcasing Davis Vision's Exclusive Collection of private label and designer frames, style tips and fashion guide.
Read more.

New Developments in Telescopic Contact Lenses

"An estimated 285 million people are visually impaired worldwide and age-related macular degeneration alone is the leading cause of blindness among older adults. There may be some new hope, in the form of prototype telescopic contact lenses," writes Science20. "Eric Tremblay from EPFL in Switzerland says the first iteration of the telescopic contact lens--which magnifies 2.8 times--was announced in 2013. Since then the scientists behind the DARPA-funded project have been fine-tuning the lens membranes and developing accessories to make the eyewear smarter and more comfortable for longer periods of time, and thus more usable in every day life. The contacts work by incorporating a very thin reflective telescope inside a 1.55mm thick lens. Small mirrors within bounce light around, expanding the perceived size of objects and magnifying the view, so it's like looking through low magnification binoculars." Read more.

Sony Shows Off Its SmartEyeglass Attach!

"Sony continues to seed interest in its smart eyewear concept. Sony recently released a video showing the SmartEyeglass Attach! in action, sent to YouTube via the Sony's Xperia Development team," reports "The video is a follow-up to Sony's introduction at CES 2015 of its single-lens display module with OLED tech. The concept focuses on being able to turn existing eyeglasses or sunglasses into smart devices." Read more.

The video above is not the one that referred to. To see that video, click here.

New Sunglasses from Wiley X

"Global eyewear leader Wiley X has introduced a wide variety of new frame and lens colors across its popular Climate Control, Active Series, Street Series and Changeable Series sunglass families," according to Midwest Lens. "With more than a dozen new versions across the 2015 line-up, Wiley X is bringing bold new looks and functionality to a wide range of wearers and activities." Read more.

New Sunglasses from XOXO

Midwest Lens writes, "XOXO February Sun Collection offers acetates and metals that range from fashion forward aviators to classic, glamorous round and trendy butterflies in bold patterns and colors. With so many options to choose from, this summer will be the most stylish yet!" Read more.