Saturday, May 30, 2015

Cataract Explosion on the Horizon, Says Study, as June Declared Cataract Awareness Month

 In just 17 years, the number of American with cataracts will exploded 50 percent to 38.5 million by 2032 and by 78 percent to 45.6 million by the year 2050. That's thte conclusion of Prevent Blindness “Future of Vision: Forecasting the Prevalence and Costs of Vision Problems." Currently 25.7 million Americans older than 40 have cataracts. It also found most current cataract patients are women and that trend will continue. Whites will continue to make up a majority of cataract patients, but this population will level off and slightly decrease by the 2040’s. Hispanics will exhibit the fastest rate of growth in cataract cases.

Prevent Blindness has declared June as Cataract Awareness Month to educate the public on cataract, risk factors, symptoms and treatment options, including surgery. Free information is provided through its dedicated web page at, or via phone at (800) 331-2020.

New Eyewear from A&A Optical

"A&A Optical announces the release of new frames from the XXL eyewear collection," notes Midwest Lens. "Premium quality eyewear engineered for the man with special fit needs and endorsed by ESPN’s Ron 'Jaws' Jaworski. The XXL collection features classic, athletic, and uptown styling. All frames have longer temples to match the ample head space in eye sizes 51 to 63. Available in titanium, beta titanium, acetate, semi-rimless and acetate-metal combinations. Tackle fit challenges with XXL eyewear." Read more.

New Eyewear from Just Cavalli

"The Just Cavalli Spring/Summer 2015 Eyewear collection exudes a spirit of innovation and a real non-conformist attitude, with the style of these new frames representing the perfect incarnation of the brand’s original vibe," according to Midwest Lens. "The new collection has an urban influence running through it, with contemporary, eclectic features in every model. Squared lines alternate with more rounded profiles, with pilot and cat-eye frames featuring heavily, while a variety of materials and engaging color combinations bring home the brand’s unconventional spirit." Read more.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

New Sunglasses from Ksubi Eyewear

"Ksubi Eyewear’s new Spring/Summer 2015 collection embodies the raw underground aesthetic the Australian fashion house is renowned for," reports Midwest Lens. "A cohesive nod to the past, present, and future, the range showcases a diverse fusion of inspiration. Everything from a 50’s inspired cat-eye, to a 70’s squared-off aviator, feels very fresh through metallic finishes, modern detailing and lens treatments. This blend of vintage vibes with minimalist execution brings out a eclectic, yet very wearable assortment of one of a kind sunglasses." Read more.

Colors in Optics Signs License with Perry Ellis

"Perry Ellis International...has entered into a license agreement with Colors In Optics, Ltd. to include sunglasses, ophthalmic eyewear and eyewear accessories such as cases, chains, cloths and cleaners under the Laundry by Shelli Segal brand," goes the press release that appeared on "The roster of licenses for the Laundry brand will now include eyewear in addition to fashion accessories, lingerie, outerwear, home and fragrance. The new collection is expected to launch Spring 2016 in premium department stores, upscale specialty stores, eyewear specialty stores, optical shops, Optician's offices and select ecommerce sites in the U.S. and Canada." Read more.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Oscillating Brain Waves in Visual Cortex Help Sight

"Scientists measuring brain activity have found that in many regions, such as the sensory or motor cortex, activity sometimes oscillates at different frequencies, forming wave-like pattern," according to Medical News Today. "Despite the fact that such oscillations are frequently observed, and present in many brain regions, their functional role remains unclear. Research done by Dr. Christopher Pack, from McGill University, who looked at such waves occurring in a region of the visual cortex of the brain, suggests these oscillations could have a role in resetting the sensitivity of neurons after eye movements. Further results suggest these waves could also have a role in supporting the brain's representation of space. These results were presented at the 9th Annual Canadian Neuroscience Meeting, on May 25th 2015 in Vancouver, British Columbia." Read more.

Blind Use Echolocators and Access the Visual Cortex

"Canadian expert Mel Goodale determines echolocators use echoes to detect multiple properties of objects through areas of the brain associated with vision," writes Medical News Today. "Certain blind individuals have the ability to use echoes from tongue or finger clicks to recognize objects in the distance, and some use echolocation as a replacement for vision. Research done by Dr. Mel Goodale, from the University of Western Ontario, in Canada, and colleagues around the world, is showing that echolocation in blind individuals is a full form of sensory substitution, and that blind echolocation experts recruit regions of the brain normally associated with visual perception when making echo-based assessments of objects. Dr. Goodale's latest results were presented at the 9th Annual Canadian Neuroscience Meeting in Vancouver British Columbia." Read more.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Project Runway's Tim Gunn Teams Up with Transitions

Recently Gunn made a change to his trademark eyewear when he purchased
a pair of Transitions Signature lenses for them.
Through a new marketing partnership, Transitions Optical, Inc., and Project Runway host Tim Gunn hope to inspire people to see life – and fashion – through a new lens. (Transitions' pun, not ours.)

Gunn will provide fashion tips to help people see fashion differently and to help them feel confident with their style. For example, Gunn will advise how to make sure style choices are fashionable and functional. Transitions believes the message will resonate with its users. "He [Gunn] will connect Transitions with countless eyeglass wearers, making them aware of how fashionable and functional Transitions adaptive lenses truly are," said Patience Cook, director, North America Marketing, Transitions Optical.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Poor Southerners Have the Highest Incident of Poor Eyesights, Says CDC

"Health officials say bad eyesight in the U.S. is most common in the South. A new report found the South was home to three-quarters of the U.S. counties with the highest prevalence of severe vision loss," goes an Associated Press report in the Augusta Chronicle. "The South also has higher rates of poverty, diabetes and chronic disease. Health officials believe those problems are all related to the vision loss. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the report Thursday. Overall, about 3 percent of people had severe vision loss. The highest rate was from Owsley County, Kentucky, which surpassed 18 percent. The study is the CDC’s first county-level assessment of blindness and severe vision loss. It’s based on millions of U.S. Census Bureau survey responses from 2009 through 2013." Read more.

In the report entitled Geographic Disparity of Severe Vision Loss — United States, 2009–2013, the CDC reports that "vision loss and blindness are among the top 10 disabilities in the United States, causing substantial social, economic, and psychological effects, including increased morbidity, increased mortality, and decreased quality of life. CDC analyzed data from the American Community Survey to estimate county level prevalence of severe vision loss in the United States and to describe its geographic pattern and its association with poverty level." Get a copy of the report at

Friday, May 22, 2015

Campaign for Utah's AG Reportedly Received a Donation from 1-800 Contacts

"Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes accepted a $5,000 campaign donation from a contact lens seller based in the state after his office began defending a new law that critics say was written at the company's behest," according to an Associated Press report on ABC News. "Three of the nation's biggest contact lens makers are suing Utah over the law, which bans price-fixing for lenses and could have wide-ranging implications for the industry. They argue it is unconstitutional and was written to benefit discount retailers like 1-800 Contacts. The companies filed suit April 13. On May 1, Reyes' campaign deposited a $5,000 check from 1-800 Contacts, which by that time had joined the lawsuit in favor of the law." Read more. What is the significance? In this era of multimillion political campaigns, five grand ain't much. Besides it was the legislature that passed the law banning unilateral pricing by contact lens manufacturers.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

New Eyewear from bene

"This Summer 2015, bebe Eyewear releases an optical collection that captures the spirit of adventure with exclusive animal camouflage prints and shimmery iridescent animal acetates," writes Midwest Lens. "Flowing silhouettes, metal logo cuff embellishments and ‘b’ rivet logos satisfy sophisticated tastes. Available in vibrant teal, amethyst and ruby jewel tones as well as earthy topaz and olive, this collection appeals to the many facets of the bebe girl and offers an assortment of feminine, fashionable styles." Read more.

New Eyewear from Modern Optical International

"The stage is set for back-to-school 2015 as value eyewear leader Modern Optical International announces the launch of its newly revamped URock Collection," announced Midwest Lens. "Geared exclusively for the male tween thru college crowd, the seven new URock styles offer minimalist designs that balance cool with edge. A masculine color palette along with subtle patterns and matte finishes invite broad appeal to this elusive, style-conscious demographic. Quality materials such as TR90 memory plastic, handmade zyl, and spring hinges support their active lifestyles. Value pricing plus a two-year warranty will earn parents’ stamp of approval. On-trend designs, teen-centric model names, a URock video and updated collection logo all embody the core of this essential eyewear collection. 'Do What Rocks Your World!'" Read more.