Tuesday, October 21, 2014

CDC Will Launch Campaign Targeted at Young Adult Contact Lens Wearers

According to Vision of the Industry, the National Academy of Opticianry magazine, "in November, 2014, the CDC will launch a 5-day campaign targeted to young adult contact lens wearers 18-22 years old and to eye care providers. This is a broad outreach campaign that will focus on dissemination of healthy contact lens wear and care information and materials. The CDC will engage with media, social media, and both CDC and partner communication channels and networks to disseminate messages and content." The CDC has partnered with professional organizations to begin a new healthy contact lens awareness effort. As part of that effort, free infographics are currently available through the CDC. Read the article.

Blind Cave Fish Giving Hints to Eye Disease, Researchers Hope

"Blind cave fish may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to understanding human sight, but recent research indicates they may have quite a bit to teach us about the causes of many human ailments, including those that result in loss of sight," according to Science Daily. "A team of researchers is looking to the tiny eyeless fish for clues about the underpinnings of degenerative eye disease and more." Read more.

Jonathan Saunders Signs Deal with Sunshades Eyewear

Women's Wear Daily writes: "Jonathan Saunders has inked a five-year deal with the Australian manufacturer Sunshades Eyewear to produce a line of sunglasses. 'This is important in terms of increasing our product lines and reaching an aspirational customer,' the designer told WWD, adding the sunglasses would have global distribution. He described the initial encounter with Sunshades as a 'meeting of minds' and praised the company’s 'innovative approach' to materials and the quality of its product. The 29-piece collection will land in stores in February and will incorporate Saunders’ love of color and print." Read more.

New Eyewear from Alexander McQueen

"The Alexander McQueen eyewear collection for Fall/Winter 2014/2015 explores new interpretations of the brand’s accessory and ready-to-wear creations: cut off metal studs, perforated flat metal and a textured effect. These latest styles showcase Alexander McQueen’s signature craftsmanship," reports Midwest Lens. "The color palette ranges from classic colors such as blue, black, burgundy to oxidized metals such as ruthenium, copper and bronze." Read more.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Game Stopped 'Cause Ref Can't See

"You know that old joke about some witty soul from the stands of a football/baseball game who sees a referee/umpire make a call against that patron's team and yells out, 'Yo ref/ump, do you need to borrow my glasses?' Turns out referee Gene Steratore could have actually used the help in the first quarter of the Colts-Bengals game. That's because the game had to be slightly delayed because Steratore was having contact lens issues." That's the post on CBS Sports. Read more.

Will a Corneal Insert Replace Reading Glasses? Maybe

"A thin ring inserted into the eye could soon offer a reading glasses-free remedy for presbyopia, the blurriness in near vision experienced by many people over the age of 40, according to a study released at AAO 2014, the 118th annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology," reports Science Daily. "A corneal inlay device currently undergoing clinical review in the United States improved near vision well enough for 80 percent of the participating patients to read a newspaper without disturbing far distance vision needed for daily activities like driving. ...One of the devices is the Kamra inlay, a thin, flexible doughnut-shaped ring that measures 3.8 millimeters in diameter, with a 1.6 millimeter hole in the middle. When dropped into a small pocket in the cornea covering the front of the eye, the device acts like a camera aperture, adjusting the depth of field so that the viewer can see near and far. The procedure to insert the implant is relatively quick, lasting about 10 minutes, and requires only topical anesthesia." Read more.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Health Canada to Upgrade Cosmetic CLs to Medical Devices

In a press release appearing on Sys-Con.com, Canada’s Health Minister Rona Ambrose said that Health Canada will consult with optical industry experts to regulate cosmetic contact lenses as medical devices. Until now, Canada has regulated them as consumer products. The U.S. FDA considers them as medical devices, which can be dispensed only with a prescription. As medical devices in Canada, cosmetic contact lenses would be subject to specific requirements for licensing, manufacturing, labeling, and instructions to improve their safety before they go on the market. The proposed changes to the Medical Device Regulations are being published in Canada Gazette I on October 18 to begin consultations. In addition, new guidance documents and new application forms will be posted on the Health Canada website for a 75-day comment period.  Read more.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Students and Apprentice Opticians Invited to OAA's Leadership Conference

"As the 2015 OAA [Opticians Association of America] State Leadership approaches, OAA is once again hosting a program to encourage state associations to invest in the future leaders of the opticianry profession - students and apprentices." So went the OAA newsletter email we recently received. "In an effort to encourage successive leadership within both state associations and our industry, OAA would like to have every state association bring a student/apprentice to the 2015 OAA State Leadership Conference in February.

"Also, OAA realizes that every state does not have an association, so OAA is also encouraging any student/apprentice who is interested in becoming an industry leader to apply for a travel grant. It is commonly said that 'the youth are our future.' We hope that you will agree and join with OAA in our continual effort to invest in the development of leadership potential within the brightest and most promising students and apprentices in opticianry.

"In order to ease the financial burden for state associations, students, and apprentices, OAA has waived the conference registration fee for this special group. In addition, for those state associations and students/apprentices that are unable to financially participate in this effort, OAA is offering a grant of up to $1,000 per student/apprentice.

"There are a limited number of students/apprentices who can be fully supported, so each state association needing financial assistance can click here for the grant application. Each grant application recommending a student/apprentice must be completed by a state association and submitted by November 21, 2014 in order to be considered. Every student/apprentice wishing to receive a travel grant who is not associated with their state association can do so by clicking here. All grant requests must be submitted by November 21, 2014 in order to be considered."

U-2's Bono Has Glaucoma

"Bono [the lead singer for the music group U-2] rarely steps out without wearing his trademark sunglasses, but the reason he goes dark has nothing to do with fashion. The U2 frontman recently revealed that he wears glasses (even inside) because he suffers from glaucoma," according to US Weekly. "'This is a good place to explain to people that I've had glaucoma for the last 20 years,' the 54-year-old explained during a recording for the Graham Norton Show, when asked if he ever takes his shades off." Read more.

New Eyewear from G-Star

"Building on the success of the first G-Star eyewear collection, new styles have been added. Each pair features distinctive straight cut lenses and clean design for a modern feel rich with vintage elements. The industrial inspirations of the brand can be seen in iconic screw details, and denim is referenced in the zipper-puller shape of the temple tips." That's the Midwest Lens post. Read more.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Vision Keyed to a Protein in Retina

“An important scientific breakthrough by a team of IRCM researchers led by Michel Cayouette, PhD, is being published today by The Journal of Neuroscience,” according to a post on Medical News Today. “The MontrĂ©al scientists discovered that a protein found in the retina plays an essential role in the function and survival of light-sensing cells that are required for vision. These findings could have a significant impact on our understanding of retinal degenerative diseases that cause blindness. The researchers studied a process called compartmentalization, which establishes and maintains different compartments within a cell, each containing a specific set of proteins. This process is crucial for neurons (nerve cells) to function properly.” Read more.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

New Eyewear from Genesis

“This fall, Genesis releases five men’s ophthalmic styles built on a foundation of strong shapes and pure materials. Characterized by engraved textures, matte and shine finishes and the use of rich horn materials, these ophthalmic glasses are masculine in form and offer clean and classic style,” according to Midwest Lens. “G4017 and G4018: Functional engraved hinges of woven matte metal define these brother styles. Crafted from handmade acetate in rich earthy colors, both styles feature contemporary designs with longer temple lengths to comfortably fit large widths.” Read more.

New Eyewear from Flexon

“Perfect for children that are active and always on-the-move, the new Flexon Kids Collection features titanium alloy that returns to its original shape when twisted or bent and is remarkably resistant to scratches and dents, making it the ultimate accident-proof eyewear for children.” So goes a Midwest Lens post. “Designed for the younger Flexon generation, the Kids Collection is colorful and playful, featuring the latest trends that will surely win their classmates’ approval. The collection offers a fresh, youthful approach with an assortment of color combinations that is accented with eye-catching details and designs.” Read more.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

UAW Retirees Sign Up Davis Vision

The UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust (the "Trust") has signed up Davis Vision for its members. The Trust,the largest non-governmental purchaser of retiree health care benefits in the United States, provides health care benefits for UAW retirees and dependents from General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. The addition of vision benefits, effective January 1, 2015, will provide vision coverage including eye exams and eyewear for over 590,000 Trust-eligible UAW GM and Chrysler retirees and dependents.

Boise Still Tops for Eyes

“For the second year in a row, Boise, Idaho, is the top eye-healthy city in the annual Eye Health Index released by not-for-profit VSP Vision Care, the largest vision benefits provider in the U.S., with nearly 67 million members,” reports Virtual Strategy.
Top 10 Eye-Healthy Cities in the United States for 2014
  1. Boise, Idaho
  2. Reno, Nev.
  3. Oklahoma City, Okla.
  4. Huntsville, Ala.
  5. Des Moines, Iowa
  6. Colorado Springs, Colo.
  7. Birmingham, Ala.
  8. Little Rock, Ark.
  9. Denver, Colo.
  10. Evansville, Ind.
“Oklahoma City and Birmingham maintained rankings on the 2014 Eye Health Index. These two, along with Denver, were the only cities to make the Index every year since its inception.” Read more.

FL’s Health Dept. Cracks Down on Shops Selling Decorative Contact Lenses

“You know those crazy colored contact lenses that people like to buy this time of year – the ones that make your eyeballs look like black spots in your face or cat’s eyes or zombie eyes? Well, they’re supposed to be available only with a prescription, but it seems some Florida stores have been selling them illegally.” That’s the word from Orlando Weekly. “Today the state Department of Health announced that it issued 47 cease-and-desist orders to stores around the state (including six stores in Orlando) telling them that for selling these things without a license, they could be slapped with felony-level criminal charges. Ouch. The list of places slapped on the wrist for selling them include beauty supply stores, wig stores, dollar stores, a “Quick Stop” food market and a Shell gas station>” Read more.

New Eyewear From Bottega Veneta

“This season, Bottega Veneta enriches its sophisticated eyewear collection with new sunglasses and optical frames that highlight the brand’s unique aesthetic. New styles feature subtle signatures of the brand including the Intrecciato motif, interpreted through sculpted texture on the temples or skilfully lasered on precious leather and on the photoengraved studs,” says Midwest Lens. “The introduction of flash mirror lenses offer additional options to select styles, complimenting the refined palette. Made from the finest quality materials, the new eyewear features the superb craftsmanship, versatility, and timeless elegance that define the Bottega Veneta brand.” Read more.

New Eyewear from Modern Optical International

“Value eyewear leader Modern Optical International introduces four new styles to its G.V.X. Collection for men for Fall 2014,” according to Midwest Lens. “G.V.X. appeals to the business-oriented man whose active lifestyle in and out of the office demands classic, upscale-designed eyewear at an affordable price. Guys who wear G.V.X. frames move in style all day long donning masculine shapes, earth-toned hues, durable materials and refined temple treatments. G.V.X., targeted for today’s modern man, will turn heads without saying a word.” Read more.