Wednesday, December 28, 2016

CT Optician Helps Haitians See Clearly

Bruce Tooker (last row, center) with MATH health care workers in Hiati this past November.
Just before Thanksgiving (Nov. 13-19), Connecticut Optician Bruce Tooker flew south. He went to Haiti as part of the Medical Aid to Haiti (MATH) program. The group served thousands of individuals without access to health care. "With help from Sister Ellen Flynn and interpreter Pastor Fenold, I was able to test more than 200 people for eyeglasses. All but three had never before had an eye test," reports Tooker.  MATH http://www.medicalaidtohaiti.orgsupports two full-time doctors who serve the poorest in and around Port-au-Prince. Six times a year, it sends medical volunteers from the greater Hartford area to help. Last year the main clinic and six mobile clinics served about 15,000 people. MATH “helps Haitians heal Haitians, with a commitment to serving the poor and supporting a reliable, consistent and sustainable healthcare system in Haiti.” Learn much more by visiting the organization’s website.

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