Thursday, January 31, 2013

CT Optician Arrested

"A Middletown optician whose professional license was suspended last year after he was charged with sexually assaulting a customer was arrested on Tuesday after an investigation revealed that he had continued to practice as an eye doctor, according to the Division of Criminal Justice. Jeffrey Fine, 66, of Portland, was charged with one count of unlawfully practicing as an optician, one count of criminal attempt at unlawfully practicing as an Optician and one count of deceptive ownership or management of an optical establishment," according to a news post by NBC Connecticut News. "Middletown police arrested Fine in March 2012 and charged him with sexual assault in the third degree and the case is pending. According to the arrest warrant affidavit in the latest case, the State Board of Examiners For Opticians suspended Fine’s professional license in May 2012, according to the Division or Criminal Justice. He also had been reprimanded and placed on probation by the state Department of Public Health in 2002, following another, similar incident, according to the warrant." Read more.

Curing Congenital Sight Impairment

A cure for congenital sight impairment caused by lens damage is closer following research by scientists at Monash University,” notes Science Daily. “Associate Professor Tiziano Barberi and Dr Isabella Mengarelli from the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute at Monash University are closer to growing parts of the human eye in the lab. They have, for the first time, derived and purified lens epithelium -- the embryonic tissue from which the lens of the eye develops. The purity of the cells paves the way for future applications in regenerative medicine.” Read more.

New from Charmant

The Charmant Group is said to have new of men and owmen Charmant eyewear. The women’s collection features a rhombus pattern as a design motif. Under the concept of “Beauty is subtle”, the frame is designed to be simply cool and elegant. A slender profile and various color expressions mixing bright fresh colors gives it a feminine touch. The men’s collection is designed with a vintage-like front shape. This slim profile makes the frame look modern and light feeling. The hinge structure using beta-titanium or Excellence titan enables the temple to open slightly outwards and fits gently to the face. Both collections are developed in conjunction with the Charmant’s proprietary head size database, enabling glasses to be worn in a relaxed, and comfortable way. Read more.

New from Elle

The new Elle optical collection features feminine “floral” pattern. Colorful flowers blooming on the temple will charmingly light up a woman’s face. The collection includes trendy and vintage inspired models that will spice up her daily attire. A comfortable wear is assured by the design based on Charmant’s proprietary head-size database for Asian. It’s the absolutely fashionable, high-quality, and top-value eyewear for the contemporary woman. Read more.

New from Esprit Eyewear

The new SS2013 collection from Esprit Eyewear presents vintage inspired eyewear that has gained popularity in recent fashion trends, according to a company spokesperson. The frame is retro but modern. In addition to the acetate frame, light weight sheet metal frame is used with some models for a cool look. All frames are designed with the use of the Asian head size database for comfortable wear. Read more.

Spanish Health Agency Issues Recall of CLs

"The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products, under the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, has announced the immediate withdrawal of a batch of Acuvue contact lenses,” according to The Leader. “Lenses affected are from the 1-Day Acuvue Moist (etafilcon A) and Acuvue Advance with Hydraclear (galyfilcon A) type, manufactured by Johnson & Johnson Medical, and they have been withdrawn as there is a possibility of an incomplete seal of the container which could compromise the sterility of the lenses.” Read more.

Five Year Old MUST Wear Sunglasses

A five-year-boy must wear sunglasses all the time because daylight robs him of his sight,” says the Daily Mail. “Leo Lake, from Hove, has a rare condition known as Joubert syndrome, which means bright light irritates his eyes so much that he can't see anything at all. His eyes are so sensitive even the reflective glare of the sun off snow can leave him in agony.” Read more.

ClearlyContacts Forms Partnership with BC HRMA, a division of, reportedly has signed a partnership agreement with the British Columbia Human Resource Management Association (BC HRMA). The two parties will work together to offer vision benefits to BC HRMA employees and BC HRMA member organizations. The new plans enable employers to provide superior vision benefits to their employees at the same or lower cost than current vision benefit offerings. Read more.

Visionworks Sponsors PGA Tour

Visionworks, a wholly owned U.S.-based optical retailer, will officially sponsor the PGA Tour, beginning with the company’s participation in the Waste Management Phoenix Open, January 28 through February 3, 2013. The sponsorship announcement comes on the heels of the San Antonio, Texas-based retailer’s recent rebranding of its stores across the United States, including 17 Visionworks stores (formerly EyeMasters) in the Greater Phoenix area. 

New from Filtrate

“Since entering the US market in 2010 Filtrate has carved out a significant niche in the eyewear market. The original ‘Injected’ line, with which the company made their international reputation, was expanded in May 2012 with the introduction of the Classics collection,” writes Midwest Lens. “The design of the Classic range came from blending the classic sunglass styles of old with the new, on trend, styling of today.” Read more.

Voluntary Vision Plans Growing Quickly

Voluntary vision plans are growing at a faster rate than employer-paid vision plans, according to a recent Eastbridge study. Over 60 percent of the carriers and providers participating in a recent survey indicated that voluntary vision is at least 50 percent or more of their overall vision sales. Eastbridge’s latest report, Voluntary Vision Products, examines the current state of the voluntary vision market from the standpoint of providers/carriers.

The majority of carriers expect the voluntary vision market to continue growing in enrollment and importance as employers look for benefit cost-cutting opportunities and benefit flexibility and determine the impacts of health care reform.

  • Most carriers anticipate positive and often double-digit growth for 2012.
  • Differentiation for voluntary vision plans is primarily driven by variable plan choices and customization levels.
  • With the implementation of health care reform, companies anticipate having to consider/make both needed and required changes to their existing voluntary vision products.

  • Read more.

    New from Theo Eyewear

    Midwest Lens writes: “Perhaps the name puts you on the wrong track… These frames are not just meant for teenagers, but for everybody with a small pupil distance. Four models, made of titanium for comfort and durability. The details on the front and temples refer to the signs of the zodiac. And they were definitely designed for the young and the cool, as the design of the temple tip refers to the seat of a ‘café racer’, a popular type of motorcycle in the sixties and seventies. It doesn’t get any cooler than that!” Read more.

    New from Vera Bradley

    "With the best of the old and the new, the latest additions to the Vera Bradley sunwear collection feature new styles and classic favorites! Adrian, Blair, Claudette, Meredith and Anna have all been updated for the new year, combining fashionable styling with the latest Vera Bradley colors,” according to Midwest Lens. New styles appearing on the scene feature current fashion shapes in the latest Vera Bradley colors for a perfect fit. Designed to fit her style, these sunglasses are the perfect addition to any woman’s wardrobe.” Read more.

    New from Argyleculture

    “Traditional and classical elements with highlighted twists are the essence of Argyleculture Eyewear. For the modern, professional man who wants to stand out, Elton and Beck encompass the best of retro and modern design. Bold color combinations and striking embellishments create the perfect look for the Urban Graduate.” That's the start of aMidwest Lens post. Read more.

    Tuesday, January 29, 2013

    College Kid Runs Sunglass Company from Dorm

    “A UA student plans to flip the sunglass industry upside down with his self-made company.,” reports rizona's Daily Wildcat. “Managing his business, Crownwood Eyewear, and an 18 unit class schedule, Adam Goeglein, a communications junior, keeps track of his life with two iPhones and an hourly planner. Originally from Los Angeles, Goeglein transferred to the UA in the fall of 2012 in hopes of receiving his bachelor’s degree and jumpstarting his business. Goeglein’s entrepreneurial goals began in high school where he began selling knock-off and street vendor sunglasses. He said after he began to understand the sunglass industry, he founded his business idea.” Read more.

    Monday, January 28, 2013

    Treating Blindness by Altering Genetic Program

    “Doctors may one day treat some forms of blindness by altering the genetic program of the light-sensing cells of the eye, according to scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.,” reports Science Daily. “Working in mice with retinitis pigmentosa, a disease that causes gradual blindness, the researchers reprogrammed the cells in the eye that enable night vision. The change made the cells more similar to other cells that provide sight during daylight hours and prevented degeneration of the retina, the light-sensing structure in the back of the eye. The scientists now are conducting additional tests to confirm that the mice can still see.” Read more.

    New from Weekend

    “Weekend was born from the search for a more sustainable and unique pair of sunglasses. Their close group of friends founded the company when they realized the glasses they all wanted weren’t being made by anyone else,” according to Midwest Lens. “All Weekend glasses are made of sustainable and renewable wood which means no two pairs are alike. They also reduce dependence on plastics and harmful substances. All of the natural elements used are organic, renewable and free from harmful or toxic elements.” Read more.

    Sunday, January 27, 2013

    Integrating Google Glass with Virtual Keyboard

    “The idea aims at facilitating the use of interactive eyewear, like the Project Glass prototypes, by means of a virtual keyboard fitting in the palm of the hand. At the moment, it is just an idea proposed by a Google team and it will be evaluated by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO),” according to a post on Mido 365. “The challenge is to simplify interaction which, according to the first experiments, is mainly vocal through microphones. At the end of the month, the software developers could lay their hands on the first models for testing at a meeting in the US. These are gadgets that will broaden the horizons of wearable electronics, just like bracelets and smartwatches.” Read more.

    Friday, January 25, 2013

    Improved Eyesight but Eye Function Still Decreases

    In 2008, a team of scientists funded by the National Eye Institute (NEI), a part of the National Institutes of Health, reported major progress in the treatment of an inherited form of progressive blindness using gene therapy. The team now reports that although treatment improved eyesight, cells in the eye crucial for vision continued to diminish in number. This new finding suggests a need for a combination therapy that restores vision and protects the eye's cells. The findings are published in the January 21 early online issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Read more from NEI.

    The Return of Atticus Finch's Eyewear

    “Two years ago, Anthony Peck, son of the late actor Gregory Peck, brought the spectacles his father wore as the heroic attorney Atticus Finch in the 1962 film To Kill a Mockingbird to eyewear company Oliver Peoples,” reports the Wall Street Journal. “Mr. Peck was looking for a way to honor the film's 50th anniversary, as well as his father's performance. The brand's founder, Larry Leight, knew the glasses well. 'Everybody in eyewear has always admired that image of Gregory Peck,' said Mr. Leight. And with the focal point of that image in his mind, Mr. Leight created a pair of sunglasses for his own label.” Read more.

    14 Musicians Who Made Spectacles of Themselves

    “Lisa Loeb is about to release latest album, No Fairy Tale, her ninth full-length since the release of her debut, Purple Tape way back in 1992.” So goes an article on the Canadian edition of the Huffington Post. “Well, that got us thinking about two things: 1) How often we played 'Stay' on repeat after watching Reality Bites, and 2) Glasses. Of course, Lisa Loeb is hardly the first artist to be at least partially defined by her eyewear. In fact, we found 14 musicians who have made a real, ahem, spectacle of themselves.” Discover HP's 14 musicians.

    CLs that Act as Bandages

    "Bandage contact lenses, which provide pain relief and comfort from exposed nerve endings that occur with corneal maladies such as corneal abrasions from corneal dystrophies, neurotrophic keratopathy, bullous keratopathy and postsurgical states, may also be developed into drug delivery vehicles, a speaker.” That's the report from Ocular Surgery News. Read more.

    New from Best Image Optical

    “Best Image Optical Inc. continues to grow their eyewear collection by adding a new crop of modern and retro frames. The 2013 Spring and Summer collection includes more oval retro frames, sharper cat-eyes, darker Italian Zyl color tones, crystal gradients, thicker frames, 'TR90' lightweight material, and floral prints,” according to Midwest Lens. Read more.

    Thursday, January 24, 2013

    The Growing Online Market in Britain

    When Mitesh Patel started selling contact lenses online in 2008, his company hit a snag: potential customers did not think such a service existed. ...But once Lenstore got the message across that high street opticians did not enjoy a monopoly in the UK, the business grew rapidly. It has been profitable every year since 2009, recorded revenues of £7m last year, and has attracted more than 100,000 customers,” reports the Financial Times about the online optical market in the U.K. “Lenstore has joined a number of online optical stores that are challenging the dominant high street outlets – and having some success. Sales of eyewear via the web have more than ­doubled since 2007, and last year accounted for almost a tenth of the market, according to Euromonitor International, the market research company.” Read more.

    Gwen Stefani in Karen Walker Shades

    Showing off her own inimitable style once more, Gwen Stefani had laid-back cool sussed on the school run,” according to the British edition of InStyle. Bringing glamour to the playground, the No Doubt singer teamed khaki trews with a polka dot sweater and black ankle boots. Signature red lips, a fresh blow-dry and her favourite Karen Walker shades added A-list quality to her off-duty look.” Read more.

    New from Scojo

    Inspired by the legendary downtown district of New York City, the Tribeca collection reflects the hip style and witty character of this historic neighborhood bearing the same name,” according to Midwest Lens. “Each style in the Tribeca Collection has been named after one of the most captivating streets in the city. Each distinctive Tribeca style is as unique as the person that wears it.” Read more.

    Learning How the Brain's Initial Vision Processing Center Works

    In experiments on rats outfitted with tiny goggles, scientists say they have learned that the brain's initial vision processing center not only relays visual stimuli, but also can 'learn' time intervals and create specifically timed expectations of future rewards. The research, by a team at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, sheds new light on learning and memory-making, the investigators say, and could help explain why people with Alzheimer's disease have trouble remembering recent events,” according to a post on Science Daily. “Results of the study, in the journal Neuron , suggest that connections within nerve cell networks in the vision-processing center can be strengthened by the neurochemical acetylcholine (ACh), which the brain is thought to secrete after a reward is received. Only nerve cell networks recently stimulated by a flash of light delivered through the goggles are affected by ACh, which in turn allows those nerve networks to associate the visual cue with the reward. Because brain structures are highly conserved in mammals, the findings likely have parallels in humans, they say.” Read more.

    New from Coco and Breezy

    We know it’s freezing outside, but we think Coco and Breezy’s new shades will get us excited for the warm sunny days ahead. Last week the twin sister duo announced the release of their newest spring/summer eyewear collection that remind us of the mod era,” reportsVibe Vixen. “Inspired by Egyptian architecture, the Omorose Collection is compromised of 5 different silhouettes reminiscent of the African country. “The shapes found in architecture that we see, we use as inspiration,” shared Coco. “We design our eyewear to create fashionable yet functional styles of eyewear.'” Read more.

    Book Reveals How Olympic Gold Winner Beat Keratoconus

    World renowned eye surgeon Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler will donate the proceeds from his book, How We Conquered Keratoconus,to the Special Olympics. Dr. Boxer Wachler is best known for inventing the Holcomb C3-R procedure to treat American bobsledder Steven Holcomb’s keratoconus. The book also details experiences of those whose vision was saved by the Holcomb C3-R. Read more.

    Colonial Life and Superior Vision Team Up to Offer Vision Plan

    Workers nationwide now have more convenient access to affordable vision insurance, thanks to a new partnership between Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company and Superior Vision. The partnership enables Colonial Life to offer a vision insurance plan, which includes comprehensive eye exams, eyeglass frame and lenses, contact lenses, a contact lens fitting exam and discounts on additional glasses and contacts, says a Colonial spokesperson. Employer groups may choose a full benefits package or a plan that includes glasses and contacts without the exam. Superior Vision has an industry-leading provider network of more than 48,000 ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians, and regional and national retail chain locations, including LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Wal-Mart Vision Centers, Target Optical, Sam’s Club, America’s Best and Visionworks. Employees can sign up for the vision plan as part of their regular workplace benefits enrollment and can pay premiums through convenient payroll deduction. Read more.

    New from Tommy Hilfiger

    The Tommy Hilfiger Group, produced by Safilo, has introduced its first ever folding sunglasses. The addition features edgy styles and colour-blocked combinations that reflect the Tommy Hilfiger brand’s signature look. That's the word from a Safilo spokesperson. Featuring an ‘80s-inspired shape, the design incorporates hinges on the front frame and temples that allow for the sunglasses to fold into a compact size. The innovative design gives the ideal combination of function and style. The model comes in a range of colour combinations, such as orange frames with blue/gray temples and blue lenses, crystal frames with blue/white temples and purple lenses, turquoise frames with yellow/orange temples and blue lenses, as well as classic gloss black with gray lenses. The sunglasses play with preppy details and fresh colorways to create the perfect style for spring and summer. Read more.

    Tuesday, January 22, 2013

    Why Do Light-Sensing Cells Snap?

    A new study provides new insight into the mechanical properties that cause the outer segment of light-sensing cells in the eye to snap under pressure,” says Science Daily. “The new experimental and theoretical findings help to explain the origin of severe eye diseases and could lead to new ways of preventing blindness.” Read more.

    B+L Donates to Light for the World

    Bausch + Lomb and CROMA donated 50,000 Yellox (bromfenac sodium sesquihydrate, an effective, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) for postoperative ocular inflammation following cataract extraction, to Light for the World projects in Africa, according to a B+L spokesperson. These eye drops are vital for post-operative treatment of cataract patients. Some 39 million people worldwide are blind; the top cause for blindness is due to cataract (51%, making cataract the leading cause of blindness globally). Cataract is the clouding of the human eye´s crystalline lens. This is despite cataract surgery being one of the most common surgical procedures worldwide.  For many, poverty makes accessing even basic eye care impossible. The Austrian organization Light for the World, part of an European confederation of national development NGOs, supports people who have no access to ophthalmic care. Through cataract surgeries performed in 148 different projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Southeast Europe, Light for the World saved the sight of 42,500 people in 2012.

    A Name by Another Other Name Might Not Smell Sweet

    A sobriquet you don't want for your brand: “The FBI says a man dubbed the Ray Bandit for the distinctive sunglasses he allegedly wore during 17 bank robberies in seven states is in custody in Chicago.” That's the lede from a PJStarpost . Read more if you wish.

    Brin Wears Google Glasses on Subway

    Sergey Brin, Google's Co-Founder has taken to walking around in public wearing Google Glasses, Google's augmented reality eyewear that is currently in development,” reports the British edition of MacWorld . “Brin is known to run Google X, the part of Google responsible for developing future projects. Google Glasses are new augmented reality technology that combine the features of a smartphone with a heads-up style display integrated into eyewear. Essentially it display computer information in front of your eyes as you walk around. The headset is known as Project Glass within Google.” Read more.

    New from the McGee Group

    “Badgley Mischka offers elegant style that caters to a young, modern, couture customer, without forsaking women of any age. The McGee Group is thrilled to translate the glamour of old Hollywood into fashionable eyewear, with the highest quality products and design elements,” says Midwest Lens . “Featuring the latest in design techniques, the Badgley Mischka eyewear collection is inspired by Badgley Mischka’s signature fabrics, layering and draping. Custom colors through multi-layered transparent silkscreen and acetate generation heighten the exclusivity of the frame design. Swarovski crystals and European components create high quality frames. Metal casted, beveled and sculpted temples and accents translate movement. Modern designs with elegant details for the woman who desires feminine, romantic and luxurious eyewear.” Read more.

    Opthalmoscope Adapter Receives 501(k) Clearance

    Welch Allyn has received 510(k) clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its iExaminer—a hardware adapter and associated software that allows healthcare providers to capture, store, send and retrieve images from its PanOptic ophthalmoscope using the iPhone 4 or 4S, notes a company spokesperson. Available for shipment on February 11, the iExaminer rapidly captures and transmits the retinal images created by the PanOptic for easy, cost-effective eyeground image documentation.Read more.

    Protocols for AMD Trials Amended

    Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. (ACT), is amending the patient treatment protocol for the remainder of it Phase I clinical trials for Stargardt’s macular dystrophy (SMD) and dry age-related macular degeneration (dry AMD) currently being conducted in the U.S. and will also submit an amendment in Europe for the SMD trial being conducted there, announced a company spokesperson. Patients with better vision, better than 20/100, will be eligible for enrollment in the remainder of the trials. By treating patients earlier in the course of the disease, ACT believes that the amended patient protocol will have a more significant impact on photoreceptor rescue and visual function. In previous protocols, only SMD patients with a visual acuity no better than hand movement in the treated eyes and dry AMD patients with a visual acuity of 20/400 were eligible. Read more.

    Health Canada Takes Second Look at OD's Billing

    “A Saskatchewan optometrist's billings to the federal health program for aboriginals raised red flags with Health Canada, a newly released document shows,” writes the Winnipeg Free Press. “But a departmental review found staff on the ground lacked the tools and know-how to thoroughly look into allegations of wrongdoing. The apparent shortcomings come to light as part of an ongoing, months-long investigation by The Canadian Press into alleged wrongdoing involving the Non-Insured Health Benefits program.” Read more.

    Do People Really Notice These Things?

    Under the category of “Why Does Anyone Even Care?”, Today Show News posted the following: “When eagle-eyed Internet pundits spotted Joe Biden emerging from his car Monday morning in a pair of aviator sunglasses, they did exactly what you'd expect them to do: They pounced.” You can read the tweets (or should we say twits) on the Today's webpage.

    Unemployed Philosophy Student Producing Wooden Sunglasses

    “What do you do if you graduate from college as the recession is beginning and can't find a job?” asks ABC News affiliate KGO in San Francisco. “Some people move back in with mom and dad. But one San Francisco man decided to just launch his own very small company that's slowly filling a niche demand. Steven Kilzer's small workshop in San Francisco is made up of four walls, some equipment, and a dream. 'The main stuff we make is out of walnut and cherry,' Kilzer said. Sunglasses -- handmade wooden sunglasses -- sold direct online through a website he built himself. Capital Eyewear is small; as in, one occasional part-time employee. A philosophy student named Max, with a limited concept of mass production. Max says that on average they produce seven in one day.” Read more; see video.

    Monday, January 21, 2013

    AR Video Eyewear

    Pairasight Inc, a Michigan start-up company, has introduced an eyewear device that can stream 1080p HD video live from the users perspective. Pairasights are powered by a Somthings System-on- Module ( . Founder and CEO Chris Salow demonstrated his Pairasight-enabled eyewear live on the TechCrunch stage at CES 2013, streaming point of view ("POV") 1080p HD video. The Pairasight team is also developing 3D(stereoscopic) video and augmented reality technology for the eyewear. Read more.

    New from Argyleculture

    Midwest Lens says that “the fashion choices of the urban graduate incorporate clean cuts and bold colors to create a sense of style that reflects his individuality. Bennett and Evans are sleek frames with colorful accents to complete a modern wardrobe. Both frames feature masculine eyeshapes and design features for the man who appreciates success and sophistication.” Read more.

    New from Costa

    "One of 13 new styles debuting in 2013, Costa’s new sunglasses, Cut, meld an on trend, retro look with Costa’s premium performance technology, such as no-slip nose pads, sturdy integral hinges and nearly indestructible co-injected molded nylon frames,” reports Midwest Lens. “Cut is available in several of Costa’s new frame colors such as ocean (light blue), squall (black gray), honey tortoise and an ombre coconut fade. ..Costa’s 580 [polarized] lenses are offered in either hard-coated, optically-ground glass (580G) or super lightweight, impact-resistant polycarbonate (580P).” Read more.

    Sunday, January 20, 2013

    Bensimon to Join the Eyewear Business

    Bensimon: From Sneakers to Eyewear
    “Following the launch of e-commerce, Bensimon debuts in the world of eyewear,” reports Mido 365. “This January, the Parisian footwear and accessories brand headed by Serge Bensimon (who recently joined the committee of the 'Maison du prêt-à-porter') will present the first collection of sunglasses made in collaboration with the Japanese group, Aoyama. The license agreement includes the Europe-wide distribution of vision and sun models for women.” That was the extent of the report.

    Saturday, January 19, 2013

    One Week CL Replacement Option with Icuity

    "Hydrogel Vision Corporation has launched a new lens modality, the Icuity H2O one week replacement, which is an option for patients who would benefit from a more frequent replacement without the high cost of daily disposable lenses, according to a company press release," reports a Healio webpage. "Icutiy H2O is made with hioxiflcon A, a non-ionic ultra hydrating material that retains 99% of its water content throughout the wearing time, and comes in a Median and Steep base curve. Available parameters include Median +6.00 to -10.00 and Steep -0.25 to -10.00, the release said. Free diagnostic sets of Icuity H2O are available directly through Hydrogel Vision and through any of their authorized distributors, it said." Read more.

    Friday, January 18, 2013

    UPDATED--Google File Patent for Eyewear with Lasers

    Google has filed a patent for mounting twin lasers on the sides of a pair of glasses to display a keyboard on a user's body parts and use a camera to track a hand's gestures for control,” reports the English newspaper, The Register. “'A pattern for a virtual input device can be projected onto a 'display hand' of a user, and the camera may be able to detect when the user uses an opposite hand to select items of the virtual input device," the filing reads. 'In another example, the camera may detect when the display hand is moving and interpret display hand movements as inputs to the virtual input device, and/or realign the projection onto the moving display hand.'" Read more.

    Meanwhile Red Orbit notes that "according to several news sources, the Google Project Glass team has unveiled the Glass Foundry this week— 2, two-day events in 2 cities wherein developers will be asked to explain to Google what they should be doing with these futuristic glasses. The first of these events will be held in San Francisco on January 28 and 29, the second in New York on February 1st and 2nd. According to the email sent out to those Google developers who signed up for the Glass Explorers program last year, the first day of these events will hold an introduction to Glass in its current state–the project, mind you, remains 'in flux.'” Read more.

    One Miillion Pairs of Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses

    About two months ago, the millionth pair of Maui Jim prescription sunglasses rolled off its 22-step assembly line, according to Central Illinois Proud. Read more.

    New from Moscot

    Moscot dug into its family archives to find inspiration for its Spring 2013 Collection, according to a company spokesperson. With Windsor rim inspired eyewires, intricate filigree, and other detailed features, its newest statement making metals complement their acetate eyewear. The collections are named Bella, Dov, Eisen, Jacob, Kleyn, Mazel, and Zeb. The Bella is named for Great Grandma Leba. It combines a metal acetate frame with diamond rivets on the front and temples, and a three barrel hinge. The Dov, named for Dr. Louis Rosenfeld who dispensed medical care for two dollars a pop, is made from metal with metal eyewire, stainless steel temples, detailed filigree, and Silicon nose pads. The Eisen, in memory of Joseph Eisenhower, a neighborhood trusted banker, who spent his days counting shekels and his nights tossing dice, use a metal acetate frame with perfectly round, Windsor rim inspired eyewire, acetate temples, and Silicon nose pads. Read more about the rest.

    Teenage Girls Donning Avaiators

    What styles will sell? Look in unlikely places. For example, a breakout star in India has teenage girls clamouring for aviators. “Huma Qureshi has been approached to be the brand ambassador for a leading eyewear brand thanks to her aviator look in her debut film Gangs of Wasseyur,” says Mid-Day. “The newbie [actress] who played a small town, yet stylish, character in Anurag Kashyap’s film apparently began a trend among young girls to sport the cool glares [wearing aviators]. What was essentially a style statement among guys ...had more girls opting for the aviator look after her film’s release. Says a source, 'An eyewear brand has approached Huma to be the face of their product.'” Read more.

    Thursday, January 17, 2013

    Activist Eyewar One of the World's "Top" Brands

    Begin is a highly respected Japanese magazine that searches tirelessly for the hottest new trends and products in a number of different categories,” according to Midwest Lens.They dedicate the entire magazine to eyewear a few times a year, and Activist Eyewear was honored to be featured on several prior occasions. However, when they put together a special edition at the end of 2012 showcasing the 'Top 100 Eyewear Brands in the World,' they were truly blown away to find out Activist Eyewear was included!” Read more.

    New Sunglasses from Hilfiger

    The Tommy Hilfiger Group introduced the “Preppy Denim” sunglass collection for Spring/Summer 2013. The unisex model draws inspiration from the Tommy Hilfiger brand’s classic, American, cool lifestyle with a modern, preppy twist. The line is produced by Safilo. Featuring temples bearing the Tommy Hilfiger logo, the iconic square-shaped model comes in colours such as transparent blue/white with blue denim and brown lenses, gloss black with blue denim and gray lenses, and dark Havana with canvas denim and brown lenses. The new collection has a preppy look, youthful attitude and timeless style. Read more.

    Miranda Kerr Dons Miu Miu's

    Wearing skintight leather trousers to flaunt her model pins to their full potential, Miranda [Kerr] teamed the casual yet trendy look with a denim shirt and abstract printed black and white jacket featuring a princess collar design,” reports Yahoo's OMG!.”She finished off the look with her big black Givenchy leather handbag and black suede wedges before propping on a pair of spectacular sunglasses. The brushed gold-coloured metal handmade frames are designed by Miu Miu and have graced the faces of Rihanna and Diana Agron – and retail at $390. (See them here).” Read more.

    New from Lightec

    The newest addition to the [Morel's] Lightec family, Alpha 22 is a continuation of the screwless, stainless steel concept which is fitted with the patented Alpha spring-hinge system,” writes Midwest Lens. “This male collection consists of six models featuring slim temples for a look which is masculine and trendy, yet does not compromise comfort. Metal components are overlaid in different finishes and colors to create a contemporary, structured, and clean men’s frame.” Read more.

    Gene Responsible for Cornea Blindness Discovered

    “Scientists at Singapore Eye Research Institute and A*STAR's Genome Institute of Singapore have succeeded in identifying genes for central corneal thickness that may cause potentially blinding eye conditions. These eye conditions include glaucoma, as well as the progressive thinning of the cornea, which may eventually lead to a need for corneal transplantation,” reports Science Daily. “The authors jointly led a multi-centre study involving 55 hospitals and research centres around the world. They performed a meta-analysis on more than 20,000 individuals in European and Asian populations. Their findings were published in the science journal, Nature Genetics (6 January, 2013).” Read more.

    Wednesday, January 16, 2013

    Light Needed for Eye Development.

    New research in Nature concludes the eye -- which depends on light to see -- also needs light to develop normally during pregnancy,” according to a Science Daily post. “Scientists say the unexpected finding offers a new basic understanding of fetal eye development and ocular diseases caused by vascular disorders -- in particular one called retinopathy of prematurity that can blind premature infants. The research, led by scientists at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), appears online Jan. 16 ahead of print publication.” Read more.

    Lowering the Cost of Eye Care?

    "The world’s largest provider of eye care has found success by directly adapting the management practices of another big-box food brand, one that is not often associated with good health: McDonald’s.” That's from the start of a New York Times post about Dr. Venkataswamy (aka Dr. V), noted for performing eye care at considerably lower cost.In 1976, Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy — known as Dr. V — retired from performing eye surgery at the Government Medical College in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, a state in India’s south. He decided to devote his remaining years to eliminating needless blindness among India’s poor. Twelve million people are blind in India, the vast majority of them from cataracts, which tend to strike people in India before 60 — earlier than in the West. Blindness robs a poor person of his livelihood and with it, his sense of self-worth; it is often a fatal disease. A blind person, the Indian saying goes, is “a mouth with no hands.” Read more.

    Pearle Takes Back Announcement about an Expansion

    Earlier today, the public relations news service issued a press release that began with the following lede: “Pearle Vision, North America's largest and most trusted licensed optical brand, announced today its 2013 expansion plans within the United States, which includes the re-licensing of 34 locations in 10. With more than 520 eye care centers in the United States, Pearle Vision is now seeking to grow its national footprint and has identified Florida, Ohio and Michigan as the first markets for its aggressive re-licensing effort. Specifically in Florida, Pearle Vision is looking to convert locations in Miami, West Palm Beach, Naples, Jacksonville and Orlando. In Ohio, opportunities can be found in Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati.  And in Michigan, centers in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing and Flint are available.” 

    Several hours later, the service issued the following statement: “We are advised by Pearle Vision that journalists and other readers should disregard the news release, Pearle Vision Announces 2013 Expansion, issued Jan. 16, 2013 over PR Newswire.” To read the full release, go to the Herald.

    New from Revolution

    “Don Ed Hardy is considered the 'Godfather' of tattoo. He is the person who helped to make tattoos into high end art. He incorporated Irezumi, which is a Japanese ‘Tattoo Art’, into his tattoo art to make it more vibrant and colorful,” according to Midwest Lens. Revolution first incorporated the tattoos onto the temples of the infamous sun-glasses, what followed is a feast for the eyes. The New Ed Hardy Collection is subtle, beautiful and more whimsical. For more information visit or call 800-986-0010.” Read more.

    PPG & Essilor Negotiate Transitions Optical's Future

    The almost equal partners, PPG Industries, Inc., and Essilor International, are negotiating the future of their 22-year-old joint venture, Transitions Optical, according to a PPG press release. PPG controls 51 percent of the photochromic lenses provider, Essilor 49 percent. Transitions (for whom Essilor is the largest customer) accounted for a substantial portion of the 2012 sales and earnings of PPG's Optical and Specialty Materials group.

    PPG did not predict how its negotiations with Essilor would fair, but it offered three obvious solutions: (1) a modification of the current joint venture structure, (2) a sale of all or a portion of PPG’s interests in Transitions to Essilor, or (3) a sale of all or a portion of Essilor’s interests in Transitions to PPG. Under their current contract, PPG or Essilor can specify a price at which the other party could elect to sell its interests or buy the first party’s interests in one or more of the Transitions Optical joint venture companies. PPG did not conjecture when Essilor and PPG will complete their discussion. PPG did promise that during the negotiations, Transitions will operate without interruption or change in customer service. In fact, Transitions will expand its new technology platforms through major new product introductions globally.

    Tuesday, January 15, 2013

    Clinic Helps Dallas Kids

    During the OneSight Dallas Vision Van Clinic, volunteers spent January 9-11 providing eye screenings and new eyewear to hundreds of area school children in need, according to an organization's spokesperson. On Friday, volunteers helped 5-year-old Johamana, who was having difficulty at the auto refraction station. When a volunteer removed her from the line to speak with her, she began to cry. Her friend soon came and spoke to her in her native language, Arabic. Volunteers then realized that she was nervous and may have been having difficulty understanding them. Once on the van, Johamana was completely at ease!  Deema Aridi , a OneSight volunteer, spoke Arabic and was able to translate beautifully for Johamana and the doctor. Read more.

    Augmented Reality Eyewear/CL Roundup

    The rush is on to market eyeglasses that augment your vision with a dose of media -- from the much-celebrated Google Glass project to a pair of specs made by Visux that my colleague Scott Stein sported the other night here at CES 2013.” That's the beginning of the augmented reality eyewear/contact lens market from CNET. Read more.

    Wright Brother Sunglasses

    Want a Wright Brothers-brand bomber jacket or aviator sunglasses? They might soon be available to buy, as the aviation pioneers' descendants try to generate revenue to support the southwest Ohio mansion where Orville Wright lived for decades.” That's the word from theSeattle TimesRead more.

    Benji Frank Furnishes Inaugural Announcer with Sunglasses

    Benji Frank, the Houston-based prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses line with frame styles named for U.S. Presidents, has provided sunglasses to the President's Inaugural Parade Announcer Charlie Brotman and his outdoor team to wear on Monday's ceremony. Read more.

    NEI Encourages Consumers to Get Dilate Eye Exams

    During Glaucoma Awareness Month, the National Eye Institute (NEI) is encouraging Americans at higher risk for glaucoma to get a dilated eye exam. People at higher risk include African Americans more than 40 years of age; all adults older than 60, especially those who are Mexican American; and people who have a family history of the disease. Read more.

    Best Image's New Collections and Marketing Campaigns

    Best Image Optical, is introducing new images for distinct eyewear collections. An extraordinary campaign that will feature: Dolabany, Mario Galbatti, and Plume Paris, according to a company spokesperson who notes that when fashion and substance are compared, one usually triumphs. However when they collaborate, the result is stunning. This is precisely the theme of the ad campaign. Eyecare professionals will have the opportunity to view, appreciate, and feel these styles online. In addition, these images will come alive to our customers at their ECP location as well. Customers will be greeted, to this new side of eyewear fashion in their local optical store, with intricate displays and carefully crafted counter presentations. Fans of the collections will be met with the latest images of Dolabany, Mario Galbatti, and Plume Paris. Read more.

    Monday, January 14, 2013

    New from Dior Homme

    International Fashion firm Dior Homme has just released the “Blacktie 2.0″ glasses to their Eyewear collection. These ultra thin glasses feature a patented double layer of acetate around light metal which makes up its structure,” notes Stupid Dope. “The brand has inserted their signature Dior Homme cut on the inside of the frames to add a subtle and fashionable touch to these high-end shades. They have successfully crafted a practical pair of glasses that also has class and sophistication.” Read more.

    Contact Lenses and Myopic Defocus

    Bifocal soft contact lenses and corneal reshaping lenses vary in their ability to provide myopic defocus to the peripheral retina, according to US researchers writing inOptometry and Vision Science,” reports News Medical. “Indeed, their study failed to show that bifocal soft contact lenses can provide peripheral myopic defocus, raising questions about the mechanism by which these lenses slow axial elongation of the eye. Anita Ticak (University of Houston, Texas) and Jeffrey Walline (Ohio State University, Columbus) studied 14 myopic individuals aged 8-35 years, of whom nine were female and 12 were White. The average spherical equivalent noncycloplegic manifest refraction for the right eye was -2.84 diopters.” Read more.

    "007" Wears Sunglasses to Golden Globe

    Had Daniel Craig had eye surgery before last night's Golden Globes? Perhaps he had been showing off his stunt skills learned on the set of James Bond to wife Rachel Weisz, came a cropper and wanted to disguise the resulting shiner?” That's the snippy start of theTelegraph. “Running out of suggestions here as to why Craig was wearing a pair of sunglasses on the red carpet... Ooh, is it 1985?” Read more.

    New from Thrillis

    "Thrills has released their spring/summer 2013 eyewear collection. The brand has been building their identity over the past couple of years, carving a niche on the near-endless beaches of Australia’s southern state,” according to Midwest Lens. “This collection consists of three distinct silhouettes inspired by the classics, all of which are emboldened and reinforced in their construction. To commemorate this release, the company recruited Riley Blakeway to create a short film highlighting the new frames. The film is a time-lapse re-construction of the pieces, working backwards to effectually comment on the high standard quality of the glasses.” Read more.

    Sunday, January 13, 2013

    Eyewear from Angry Birds

    The Angry Birds franchise has certainly grown to be more than a mere video game in all aspects of its success,” according to The Star.Launched as a digital means of entertainment for the masses in 2009, it has become a cult phenomenon to be reckoned with now, and the stylised images of the wingless birds central to the brand are recognisable by all. Fans of Angry Birds can now show their love for the video game by sporting some cool optical frames. The Angry Birds Eyewear collection carries different optical frames that are made of acetate or stainless steel, and come in different colourful variations of blue, green, yellow, red and purple, among others.” Read more.

    Update: AR System Using Eyewear and Contact Lenses

    With Project Glass an early prototype, competitors are pushing to deliver augmented reality glasses before Google makes its move.” So starts a Verge post from the Consumer Electronics Show. “Unlike every other set we've seen, though, the Innovega iOptik system is more than a pair of glasses. Half the system, to be sure, is a pair of the large, slightly goofy frames and lenses we've come to expect. But the core of iOptik is a pair of contact lenses embedded with tiny optical components and a filter. On their own, these behave just like ordinary contacts, and they'll incorporate users' prescriptions when necessary. But add the glasses, and you've got a heads-up display that promises a far wider field of vision than you'd get from a competitor like Vuzix.” Read more.

    In a separate announcement, the company explained that by eliminating the usual magnifying optics from the eyewear and integrating them into a nano-tech contact lens, Innovega designers have been able to deliver high-performance imagery from compact and stylish eyewear. The Innovega eyewear system is thus comprised of two elements: 1) micro-projectors or flat-panels that are integrated into eyewear and provide a media gateway, and 2) novel iOptik contact lenses that deliver a crisp view of both near-eye rich media and of the environment. 

    The lenses are based on modern fabrication methods and can be worn in the usual fashion with or without the Innovega eyewear. When the eyewear is worn, any accessible media is instantly available and is overlaid onto or blended with the environment. An interesting benefit of the iOptik lenses is that they include the wearer’s prescription and therefore improve their normal view of their real-world surroundings.

    The company reports that early adopters may be those with the lowest switching costs - more than one hundred million global consumers who already wear and enjoy contact lenses (as do more than 20% of North American 18 to 34 year-old consumers who already drive demand for mobile and other media devices). Once the unique benefit of iOptik is realized, other market segments will quickly form. Read more from iOptik.

    Eyewear Market Growing at 3%

    Global spectacles market is forecasted to grow at the compounded annual growth rate of 3% and reach the market value of $24 billion by the year 2016, according to a report issued by Transparency Market Research. The growth is not surprising after the researchers note that approximately a third of the Americans and western Europeans older than 40 have eyesight that needs correction. Occurrence of myopia is higher, around 70-90% in some Asian countries. Compared to men, women are at higher risk of developing refractive errors. Read more.

    Saturday, January 12, 2013

    Online CL Retailer Launches YouTube Channel

    New York based Eye Care Associates enters its 14th year in business online as the operator of, an online retailer of contact lenses, has launched a YouTube Channel to educate consumers, according to a company press release. The company also will incorporate the videos into its website. has even created a video (see "attached") to kick off their YouTube channel launch. At the moment, the channel has less than 10 videos, but the company plans to add a video a week. Read more.