Two years ago, Harpswell native John Turner was walking on South Portland’s Willard Beach when he came upon a washed-up wooden lobster trap," reports the Portland Press Herald. "He thought the grained, weathered wood could be crafted into the perfect pair of classic Wayfarer-style sunglasses, an accessory that is already drenched with plenty of attitude and nostalgia....He founded Traps Eyewear with Daniel Dougherty...[T]hey hired a Detroit designer and a woodworker from Bath to craft what the duo believes to be the first pair of sunglasses made out of salvaged lobster traps.Traps Eyewear shades, priced at $240-$285, have temples made of salvaged lobster trap wood. They’re available at Rough & Tumble in Portland and Day Trip Society in Kennebunkport." Read more. Sunglasses, Traps Eyewear, Lobster, Maine,