Monday, April 30, 2012

Colored CL Victim Testifies

"A 17-year-old girl who claims she lost her sight after using colored contact lenses, testified in court today. Her parents have filed a civil suit against a local Beauty Max where the teen bought the contact lenses," according to KRIS news. "Back in May of 2007, Kortnee Clark and her grandmother went into the Beauty Max on Ayers Street and purchased two sets of colored contact lenses. After wearing the lenses for just over two weeks straight, Kortnee began to experience pain in her eyes. A few months later she was declared legally blind in her right eye, and her family believes it was because of these contacts." Read more.

Light Tints Are Back! So Think Celebs.

"But, thanks to the latest celebri-trend — custom-made, lightly tinted lenses in light neutrals or pale pops of color — sunglasses are no longer an accessory that looks cool at the beach or behind the wheel but affected indoors and elsewhere." So goes the report in the Chicago Tribune. "It's a subtle look, hard to notice at first. That is, unless the wearer is looking into the camera as Robert Downey Jr.did at the Oscars this year — showing off his gray-tinted glasses en route to the stage." Read more.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sell Out Crowd Enjoys OpticalCEU's Spring 2012 Conference

Some 150 opticians from Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island recently attended OpticalCEU's Annual Spring Seminar at The MGM Grand Hotel/Casino at Foxwoods. On the fine, April 29th morning, they listened as Linda Conlin, Deborah Kotob, and Jean Davidson presented ABO- and NCLE-approved optical courses. They earned seven continuing education credits, which they will put towards their license requirements as well as their ABO/NCLE accreditation.  This year OpticalCEUs improved the classroom environment with more comfortable seating and improved audio-visual. This follows last year's addition of a three-course, banquet hot lunch catered by the fine chefs at the MGM Grand.   


For 14 years Linda Conlin, an NAO Fellow Ambassador and member of CLSA's University Review Committee, has provided continuing education for opticians at the state and national level. She is ABO and NCLE certified, licensed in CT, MA and RI, has a BS from Fairfield University and was a columnist for EyeWitness magazine.

With 40 years of optical experience, Jean Davidson now presents continuing education courses. She is certified by the ABO and NCLE. A Fellow of the National Academy of Opticianry, she has trained opticians across the country and authored several articles on vision and eyewear.

Deborah Kotob, a sales consultant for Vision-Ease, writes, edits and presents ABO seminars related to best practices. A Massachusetts-licensed optician, she has owned an optical business and was a sales representative for MODO and Luxottica. Deborah is certified by the ABO and NCLE.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

VSP Video Promotes Eye Care

A few days ago, VSP Vision Care rolled out a new YouTube video about the importance of vision care--not just for individuals who wear glasses and contact lenses. If you accept VSP insurance, you might want your patients to watch. In fact, even if you do not accept VSP, you might want them to watch.

Celebs See Eyewear as Fashion Accessories

"Judging from the plethora of eye-catching eyewear that's been getting face time over the last few years — be it on the European ready-to-wear runways or in the adjoining office cubicle — it's clear that glasses have gone from nerd necessity to chic accessory," reports the Los Angeles Times. "It's a shift reflected in the current look-at-me trends — retro, vintage-inspired frames, chunky tortoise shells and geometric shapes that attract rather than deflect attention — and reinforced by the laundry list of fashion-focused brands with a presence in the eyewear arena. These include high-end European luxury labels like Prada, Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana as well as American contemporary brands Brooks Brothers, Tory Burch, Tiffany & Co. and Sperry Top-Sider, which aims to translate the brand's footwear DNA into a line of licensed sunglass and ophthalmic frames due to hit the market next year." Read more.

Inventor of Ski Goggle Dies at 78

"Bob Smith, an orthodontist whose gnarly obsession with skiing through chest-deep powder compelled him to invent a revolutionary fog-resistant ski goggle and found the eyewear industry behemoth Smith Optics, died April 18 at his home in La Quinta, Calif. He was 78." Read more of the Washington Post story.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Givenchy Launches New Eyewear Campaign

"Givenchy has incorporated Gisele Bundchen, Chris Moore and Simone Nobili into their eyewear campaign as well. The images were shot by the talented Mert and Marcus and give off an intense feeling of lust and drama, "according to Vain Style. "Though it conjures up a different aesthetic than Givenchy’s clothing campaign, which features the same three models with the addition of Mariacarla Boscono, it compliments the set nicely. Take a look at the Spring/Summer 2012 Givenchy eyewear ad campaign." Read more.

Chrysler and Fiat Retirees Get Vision Coverage

Fiat 500s and redesigned Dodge Darts aren’t the only news at Chrysler Group, LLC. All active and most retired employees of the nation’s third-largest automaker now have insurance coverage for medical eye care services provided by optometrists. The Chrysler Group, LLC, Health Care Benefits Program, which provides major medical coverage for all of the automaker’s salaried and hourly workers, began accepting claims from optometric practices for eye care services on March 1, according to Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of Michigan, the company’s benefit plan administrator. Read more.

Women Have Larger Pupils

"From an anatomical point of view, a normal, non-pathological eye is known as an emmetropic eye, and has been studied very little until now in comparison with myopic and hypermetropic eyes. The results show that healthy emmetropic women have a wider pupil diameter than men." That's the start of a post on Science Digest. Read more.

Genetic Variations Associated with Glaucoma

"Results from the largest genetic study of glaucoma..showed that two genetic variations are associated with primary open angle glaucoma (POAG), a common form of the disease," reports Science Digest. "The identification of genes responsible for this disease is the first step toward the development of gene-based disease detection and treatment." Read more.

FDA Approves Ziopta for Lowering IOP

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Ziopta (tafluprost ophthalmic solution) 0.0015%, the first preservative-free prostaglandin analog ophthalmic solution. Zioptan is approved for reducing elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) in patients with open-angle glaucoma (OAG) or ocular hypertension. Read more.

MDs Meet with House Members about Vision Care

More than 350 ophthalmologists yesterday met with members of Congress to raise awareness about current threats to eye care and urge their support for policies that enhance disease prevention and treatment for millions of Americans. During its annual Congressional Advocacy Day, the American Academy of Ophthalmology will share with legislators that an estimated 50 percent of all Americans will suffer from an eye disease at some point during their lifetime. Left undetected and untreated, diseases such as age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataract and diabetic retinopathy can rob people of their vision. Yet, pending Medicare cuts could threaten patients' access to critical, sight-saving eye screenings and treatments.Read more.

Nike and Transitions Team Up

"Nike Vision has partnered with Transitions Optical, Inc. to introduce new Nike MAX Transitions adaptive sunglasses! Available in two styles and two lens colors, the new Nike MAX Transitions adaptive sunglasses respond to changing light while maintaining true to Nike’s advanced, sports performance engineering," according to Eye Surf. Read more.

Oakley Launches Olympics Sweepstakes

Oakley, Inc. recently launched its “TakeLondon” sweepstakes honoring Team USA. Two grand prizes and five first-place prizes will be awarded by Oakley, the official eyewear supplier to Team USA. Two grand prize winners will receive roundtrip airfare for two and hotel accommodations for a four-day, three-night Team USA experience that will include event tickets for swimming and basketball competitions. The grand prizes include dinner at the Oakley Athlete Safe House, two $500 shopping sprees at Oakley Stores, Oakley Team USA Eyewear for two, and Team USA Apparel for two. Five first-place winners will each receive a $500 Oakley Store shopping spree, as well as Oakley Team USA Eyewear and Team USA Apparel. Read more.

Gay Copmmunity Supporting Ray-Ban

"Eyewear style icon Ray-Ban is being praised throughout the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) blogosphere for a new advertisement that's both gay-inclusive and trendy to boot," according to  the Huffington Post. "Released as part of their "Never Hide" campaign in connection with the company's 75th anniversary, the new ad features two sharply-dressed gay men out for a romantic stroll on a busy sidewalk." Read more.

Another Online Store has launched an eCommerce site for designer eyewear, featuring what it describes as a 3D virtual fitting technology. The site allows consumers to record a short video with their webcam to create a 3D virtual self, or “ditto”. Users can virtually try-on eyewear in 180-degree views to see how a particular style looks and fits their face before they make a purchase. The site also integrates social media features, allowing the user to post side-by-side snapshots of their ditto in different glasses to Facebook to poll friends for opinions.Read more.

DITTO also closed $3 million in financing led by August Capital. Angel investors, friends and family also participated in the round. Read more.

Vision Center Teams Up with Nike SPARQ

"Val Vista Vision in Gilbert has teamed up with Nike to offer an advanced vision training technology to improve athletes' visual skills," reports AZCentral. "Called SPARQ Sensory Performance Training, the program begins with a 30-minute test to evaluate 10 skills: visual clarity, contrast sensitivity, depth perception, near-far quickness, target capture, perception span, eye-hand coordination, decision-making, hand reaction time and visual endurance. A custom profile is generated and compares an athlete's results to other athletes at their sport, position, and skill level in order to determine existing strengths and weaknesses and develop an improvement plan." Read more. More information on the Nike training program can be found here.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Eye Exams to Diagnose Child Abuse

"Doctors at the University of Washington and the Seattle Children's Hospital describe how a 13-month-old girl was eventually identified as a child abuse victim, after initially being diagnosed with corneal abrasion and a mild infection," reports Medical News Today. "The case study is published in the April issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus. According to estimates, approximately 4% to 6% of child abuse victims see an ophthalmologist first." Read more.

A Peak at the B+L Turn Around

After taking the helm of struggling Bausch & Lomb in 2010, Brent Saunders introduced himself around headquarters. Then, he hit the road." That's the word from the Wall Street Journal. "He drove around New Jersey with a sales representative who promotes drugs for eye infections; he worked Bausch's booth at an eye-surgery conference in Boston; he quizzed the chairman of the leading Chinese contact-lens retailer over dinner in Tokyo. The goal: to figure out what had gone wrong at the iconic eye-care products maker. Bausch had lost half its value due to damaging recalls and accounting missteps, and in 2007 it was taken private in a $3.7 billion." To read more you will need a subscription to the Journal. The story is worth it. 

Corpus Christi CL Trial Begins

Testimony began today in a lawsuit filed by a Corpus Christi family that claims their daughter has gone partially blind from using colored contact lenses," according to MSNBC. "The family claims back in May 2008, their teenage daughter bought the contact lenses from a Beauty Max Store on Ayers Street. After wearing the contact lenses for three weeks, she began to feel discomfort. In November 2010, she lost sight in her right eye. " Read more.

Refreshed Line from Gant

"Viva International Group presents the new Gant Eyewear 2012 Spring/Summer collection," reports Midwest Lens. "The new collection consists of three men’s and three women’s ophthalmic styles, inspired by the All-American preppy lifestyle....Two new men’s ophthalmic styles from the Gant Rugger Eyewear collection are also included in this season’s new releases, along with three new styles from the Gant by Michael Bastian Eyewear collection." Read more.

Bloomie's Goes Virtual with Sunwear

"Window shopping is taking on a new meaning at Bloomingdale’s," notes the New York Daily News. "As they get ready for summer, busy New Yorkers now can try on sunglasses without stepping inside the store.
Virtual-reality technology projects designer shades onto shoppers who simply stand in front of the Lexington Ave. windows." Read more.

Virus Used to Control Genetic Eye Disease

"A research team, led by John Guy, M.D., professor of ophthalmology at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, has pioneered a novel technological treatment for Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON), an inherited genetic defect that causes rapid, permanent, and bilateral loss of vision in people of all ages, but primarily males ages 20-40," reports Medical News Today. "Genetic mutations in the mitochondria (part of the cell that produces energy) cause the disorder. Currently, there is no cure for LHON. However, Guy and his team have successfully modified a virus and used it to introduce healthy genes into the mitochondria to correct the genetic defect. Using experimental models, they have proven that it is both safe and effective to replace mutated genes with healthy ones and that doing so prevents deterioration of the retinal cells that form the optic nerve. This research demonstrates that when efficiently introduced into mitochondria, normal DNA can correct a biochemical defect in cellular energy production and restore visual function." Read more.

Acuvue for Astigmatics Introduced in Canada

1-Day Acuvue Moist Brand for Astigmatism is now available in Canada. The lenses feature what J&J calls a blink stablized design, which uses nthe pressures of a blinking eye to keep the lens in place and aligned. The lenses are made using Lacreon technology, a process that permanently embeds a water holding ingredient, similar to that found in natural tears, into the proven etafilcon A material of the CL.This technological advancement locks in moisture that lasts throughout the day. See the post for its U.S. introduction.

Boston Club Using Victrex Peek on New Line

"Victrex Polymer Solutions announced that Victrex Peek has been specified by Boston Club, the premier luxury eyewear manufacturer in Japan, as the material of choice for its new Japonism Projection series of glasses," says a 4-Traders post. "Boston Club's revolutionary design is exclusive to their new Japonism Porjection series launched earlier this month in Asia. The challenge was to create a high quality product that consumers could use continuously and effortlessly without the maintenance associated with traditional hinges that use tiny screws to keep them assembled. This innovation is now the world's first "Rudder Hinge" mechanism in eyewear; inspired by the design of aircraft rudders that operate as a seamless joint to avoid the aggravation of bent and disconnected frames." Read more.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

OpticalCEU's Spring Seminar Sold Out

With a little less than a week before its annual Spring seminar for opticians, Linda Conlin, founder and president of OpticalCEU, a company with F.E. Enterprises, announced that the seminar had sold out. She noted that the next OpticalCEU seminar will be in Fall 2012. OpticalCEUs will announce the date in late summer. For more information, go to

Vera Bradley Fans Come Out Strong

Vera Bradley fans were spotted across the country throughout April 2012:
  • 62,000 people attended the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  • Registrants from 50 states and eight countries made the pilgrimage to Fort Wayne.
  • More than 100 Outlet Sale fans slept in front of the Allen County Memorial Coliseum overnight to be the first in the doors.
  • On Twitter, hashtag #vbos had 1,538 tweets
  • Vera also has a new collection.
"Everything is in full bloom for spring, including a colorful wardrobe! 'Colorful Treats' from the Vera Bradley Kids collection brings Vera Bradley’s most beloved styles to their youngest of fans," says Eye Surf. "Bright colors and floral accents make Kacey, Melissa and Darla the perfect frames for any young girl who loves Vera Bradley." Read more.

Oliver Peoples Debuts Eisner Short "Float"

Johnson wearing Oliver Peoples
"The Oliver Peoples boutique eyewear brand debuted the Lisa Eisner-directed short film at the center of its spring/summer 2012 advertising campaign during a celeb-studded cocktail party at the Chateau Marmont penthouse on April 20," reports the Los Angeles Times. "The party -- a collaborative effort with Vanity Fair, Eisner and Jacqui Getty -- marked the debut of Eisner's short film 'Float,' starring Dakota Johnson and Thomas McDonnell (2011's 'Prom' and the upcoming "Fun Size") spending a good deal of time plunging into, frolicking around -- and yes, floating in -- a pool." Read more.

Jimmy Crystal Collection Expands

"A&A Optical announces the release of six new ophthalmic frames and six new sun frames from women’s luxury collection: Jimmy Crystal New York. The Jimmy Crystal designer eyewear collection is comprised of striking limited edition pieces reminiscent of a collector’s item. Each style is unique and special, featuring hand set Swarovski elements," notes Eye Surf.  Read more.

The Oris Angler Collection

Orvis Angler: Pioneer
"The Orvis mission is to provide authentic products and experiences through unsurpassed knowledge and expertise of fly-fishing," says an Eye Surf post. "The Orvis Angler collection combines quality and comfort for the professional, mature man who respects tradition. Pioneer, Sentinel and Taconic offer three classic looks with special attention to details, such as the embossed metallic Orvis logo on every frame. Each style is perfect for the recreational or professional angler looking for eyewear to match his lifestyle." Read more.

Charmant Z Expands Line

"Charmant Z, the high-end range of eyewear developed by the global specialist in titanium eyewear, introduces two new styles," reports Eye Surf. "One a pressure mount style the ZT11777 and a semi-rimless frame the ZT11778 both with brand new carbon fiber temple design." Read more.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Moscot Turns to Heavy Metal to Market Eyewear Line

"A marketer named Moscot has a new mascot, in the form of the heavy metal music community," says the New York Times."Scott Ian, of Anthrax, models a pair of metal eyeglass frames in an ad for Moscot, which sells eyewear.  For a campaign now under way, Moscot, a family-owned firm in New York that sells eyewear, is turning to heavy metal performers like Chris Adler, of Lamb of God; Matt Heafy, of Trivium; Scott Ian, of Anthrax; Alex Skolnick, of Testament; and Zakk Wylde, of Black Label Society. Those musicians, along with metal figures from television and radio, serve as the models in ads for five varieties of metal frames from Moscot." Read more.

Eyefly Starts Social Networking Contest to Draw In College Students, the online portal founded by Bluefly, Inc. for fashionable prescription eyeglasses starting at $99, has launched a new campaign targeting college fashionphiles. Leveraging Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest to spread the word, the brand has reached out to college campuses across the country to submit videos and images reflecting their visionary eyewear style. The winning photograph will be rewarded with a $500 splurge, while the victorious video will win a $2,000 spree. Read more.

Homeland Security Raids Flea Market, Confiscating CLs

"Vendors at the Patapsco [Maryland] Flea Market have a history of allegedly selling counterfeit and pirated merchandise, according to an affidavit, which outlined the latest accusation that resulted in a raid Sunday by federal Homeland Security Investigations special agents," reports the Baltimore Sun. "In one instance in which undercover agents bought goods from vendors there, 34 of 38 items were found to be counterfeit. During the same outings on March 31 and April 1, agents bought a set of novelty contact lenses found to be dangerous. The lenses could fuse to the eye causing permanent vision loss, according to the affidavit." Read more.

Oakley, Athletes, and Artists Go Beyond Reason

Oakley recently launched its Beyond Reason campaign "with a star-studded experience in New York City. The evening’s event at the Oakley SoHo store featured 2008 Olympic gold medalist decathlete Bryan Clay and prominent artist Natalie Frank premiering a specially-commissioned Beyond Reason art piece to showcase creatively how elite athletes approach their performance through a distinct, personal lens," notes a post on Sports Business News. "During the 100 days leading up to the 2012 Olympic Games in London, Oakley will partner its family of athletes with artists from every corner of the world to launch BEYOND REASON. The campaign teams sport champions with creative minds that share the same convictions. Like the athletes, the artists are innovative and groundbreaking visionaries who reject conventional ideas to deliver the unexpected." Read more.

Met Life Starts Vision Care Plan

MetLife recently added MetLife Vision PPO product as a complement to its other workplace products for employers with 10 or more eligible employees, subject to regulatory approval in certain states. MetLife’s vision plan reportedly offers:
  • Flexibility for employers to select from a wide range of plan designs to best fit their needs—including choice of service frequency, exam copay, materials copay and frame/contact lens allowance.
  • Convenience and choice for members — delivering an extensive, high quality network of licensed eye care professionals including ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians who work out of full-service private practices and retail chain locations. Additional savings apply when using an in-network provider.
  • Industry-leading standard features as well as employee decision support tools and wellness programs.
  • Ease of administration with integrated, simplified implementation, billing and customer service, by adding a vision plan alongside another new or existing MetLife benefit plan.  Read more.

Athlete with AMD to Race Down Green Rier Narrows Rapids

"Jake Padalino charged fearlessly through Class V rapids on the Green River Narrows during a recent training run for Jerry's Baddle, an extreme biathlon featuring an intense kayak and road bike course," says a post on Go Upstate. "Padalino, 41, of Asheville, N.C., is racing for the first time this year. With his easygoing disposition and smooth lines on the river, only his closest friends know that he himself is no stranger to dealing with a life-altering medical condition. Diagnosed with premature macular degeneration at age 16, Padalino is legally blind." Read more.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

How Myopia Starts in Children

"Myopia (nearsightedness) develops in children when the lens stops compensating for continued growth of the eye, according to a study in the March issue of Optometry and Vision Science, official journal of the American Academy of Optometry," according to a Science Digest post. "Using detailed information on eye growth and vision changes in children over time, the new research shows "decoupling" of lens adaptation from eye growth about a year before myopia occurs." Read more.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Online Eyewear and CL Sales Will Continue to Grow, Says Report

An $895 report from IBIS World says that "the online eyeglasses and contact lens sales industry will experience continued growth from 2011 to 2016..Favorable economic conditions and the rising popularity of online shopping will bolster demand...Nevertheless, intense internal and external competition will continue to threaten the industry's overall growth...Prescription contact lenses make up the majority of sales in the [online optical] industry. However, given the rise in the age of the US population, prescription glasses will likely account for a growing portion of sales. The rising portion of eyeglasses is also due to improving technology and sales techniques." Purchase to read more.

Friday, April 20, 2012

OpticalCEU's Semi-Annual Conference Almost Sold Out

With about a week before its semi-annual conference, OpticalCEUs had to close its online registration as the number of seats available became limited. Should an optician wish to register, he/she should call 203-366-5991 to find out if seats are available. If an optician were planning to register and pay at the door, it is highly recommended that she/he call before driving to Foxwoods. In the past, OpticalCEUs has run out of available seats at the conference.

And Even More New Lines from Safilo

Yves Saint Laurent: Yves Saint Laurent introduces its new eyewear collection, composed of refined and modern sunglasses and optical frames for men and women. The purity of the shapes, the attention to details and the range of colors make this collection a perfect paradox of modernity and timelessness, of elegance and originality – an essential detail of Yves Saint Laurent style. Read more.

Smith Optics: The authentic, unmistakeable cool design of the new SMITH OPTICS eyewear will win over fans seeking the coolest style: the new sunglasses and optical frames strike with a dynamic, winning, and irresistible character. Read more.
Seventh Street: New eyewear from Seenth Street offers younger wearers a standout choice of lively colour combinations and pure shapes. Sparkling with personality, these are must-have eyeglasses for a young and contemporary look; perfectly “urban Style.”Read more.

Safilo Collections: The new Safilo eyewear collections for next season are the perfect mix between design and technology, the distinguishing traits of a brand that has always been a byword for quality and excellence.Read more.

Pierre Cardin: The new Pierre Cardin sunglasses and optical frames captivate with their classic style, a combination of timeless design and distinctive details. Read more.

Call for Nominations for InfantSEE

The AOA Foundation and the InfantSEE program invite the optometry community to submit nominations for the Dr. W. David Sullins, Jr., InfantSEE Award. This award recognizes an individual doctor of optometry who has made significant contributions to optometry or his/her community for outstanding public service involving the InfantSEE program. The award will be presented at Optometry’s Meeting in Chicago, IL, slated for June 27 – July 1, 2012. Read more.

New Line from Mercedes-Benz

"The Mercedes-Benz Eyewear Collection Spring/Summer 2012 contains many new sunglasses and spectacle frames that combine a casual yet elegant design with functional quality at the highest level," reports 4-Traders. "The Mercedes star is the central element adorning the sides of every Mercedes-Benz frame. The classy 3D effect is achieved through a number of intricate production steps, some of which are carried out by hand. This gives every pair of glasses in the collection the characteristic Mercedes-Benz look. Developed by Mercedes-Benz and their cooperation partner Rodenstock, the glasses are available now from specialist retailers." Read more.

Cole Haan Adds to Its Collection

"Cole Haan expands its men’s collection with four refreshing new styles for Spring!" according to Midwest Lens. "The latest releases embody the brand’s trademark American style, flavored with a dash of adventure. The result? A collection of creative, clever renditions of classic eyewear styles, just right for today’s budding professionals desperately seeking traditional eyewear with a subtle twist." Read more.

Consumers Don't Understand Lens Choices, Says Study

A PPG Industries national research study, released earlier this month, indicates that while consumers are interested in lenses, they are unfamiliar with their options. The study also suggests that additional education about lens would benefit patients. The survey found that more consumers now focus on frame selection than on lenses (84 percent vs. 78 percent in 2007). The study also showed a lack of awareness about lens material options. There was little awareness about newer materials – even when presented with several of them in a follow-up question – and non-lens materials were also named, such as metal and titanium. Read more.

More New Lines from Safilo

Oxydo: The new Oxydo eyewear collection is for those who want to make a personal statement through the glasses they wear. Whilst setting free a strong seductive personality that goes beyond fashion. Its sunglasses and optical frames have a personal, individual, and intense style: the perfect result of careful research into the latest designs and with the highest quality in the details.Read more.

Max&Co.: The new Max&Co. eyewear collection is the perfect combination of contemporary creativity, unique design and brand new colours. These sunglasses and optical frames are truly stylish and full of personality.Read more.

Max Mara: The new Max Mara eyewear collection captivates with its classic, refined and iconic style.
The sunglasses and optical frames seduce with their refined design details and glamorous colours: the perfect combination of the brand’s timeless style and refined elegance.Read more.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bllind Mice Have Sight Restored

"Mice with impaired vision had their eyesight restored when light-sensitive photoreceptors were transplanted into their eyes, researchers from University College London Institute of Ophthalmology reported in the journal Nature," says a post from Medical News Today. "The authors believe that transplanting photoreceptors may form the basis for new treatment to help patients with degenerative eye diseases see again. Photoreceptors are light-sensitive nerve cells that line the back of the eye." Read more.

Texas and California Toughen Priacy Rules

Health care practitioners in Texas and California should review their privacy protection programs to ensure compliance with new laws in those states, according to the AOA Advocacy Group.Both of the new state laws establish privacy standards stricter than those outlined in the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Read more.

PBA Hosts Summit on Eye Health

Prevent Blindness America will host “Focus on Eye Health: A National Summit” in Washington, D.C., on June 20 to serve as a key launching pad for newly revised public health data on vision and eye health. The event will provide updates of two very significant public health reports from PBA – “Vision Problems in the U.S.” and the “Economic Impact of Vision Problems,” as well as a variety of public health presentations that will address vision and eye health in the United States. Read more.

Using Helen Keller to Sell Sunglasses

"Chinese companies rarely have a very light touch when it comes to branding. Best Raiment of Jauntiness and b + ab gotta pick my precious love collection  – both clothing retailers – stand out for strangeness," according to a Wall Street Journal post. "But Helen Keller sunglasses are especially eye-catching.  Helen Keller is apparently a staple of China’s school curriculum – an exemplary figure that overcame her disabilities to make a mark – and a socialist to boot. But picking a famously blind person as the brand name for an eyewear company still seems a little strange." Read more.

Family Sues Beauty Supply Shop for Selling Colored CLs

"A family has filed a lawsuit against the owners of a Corpus Christi beauty supply shop after a young girl is claiming that she is losing her eyesight. She says that the loss of eyesight is related to her using colored contacts that was sold to her at their store," notes a KRISTV post. "According to the lawsuit, Kortnee Clark began using 'Fresh Look' colored contact lenses in 2008 when she was 14 years old. She bought them from a Beauty Max store on Ayres Street. The lawsuit says that in early June of that year, she developed ulcers and infections in her left eye and now at the age of 17, she is experiencing blindness in her right eye." Read more.

Where Did Wavefront Technology Come From?

"New technologies developed for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope have already been adapted and applied to commercial applications in various industries including optics," says Eureka Alert. "The technology came about to accurately measure the James Webb Space Telescope primary mirror segments during manufacturing. Scientists at AMO WaveFront Sciences, LLC of Albuquerque, N.M. developed a new 'wavefront' measurement device called a Scanning Shack Hartmann Sensor. The optical measuring technology developed for the Webb, called 'wavefront sensing' has been applied to the measurement of the human eye and allowed for significant improvements." Read more.

A Paean to Baseball Players Who Wear Eyewear

Eric Sogard"Oakland infielder Eric Sogard is one of my new favorite players. That's because he wears glasses," so starts an ESPN post. "I'm not talking sunglasses. I'm not talking Oakley thumps with ear buds and iTunes. I'm talking regular prescription eyeglasses. The kind you or I get from our optometrist, but we never see on a position player anymore. Or almost never see." Read more.

Cole Haan Expands Men's Collection

"Cole Haan expands its men’s collection with four refreshing new styles for Spring! The latest releases embody the brand’s trademark American style, flavored with a dash of adventure," according to Eye Surf. "The result?  A collection of creative, clever renditions of classic eyewear styles, just right for today’s budding professionals desperately seeking traditional eyewear with a subtle twist. Clean lines, fresh materials, and minimal décor lead to polished, poised, and pulled together looks, perfect for office to after hours."  Read more.

Eastern States Launches Wood U

"Eastern States Eyewear is proud to announce the launch of Wood U? – a new concept from Black Forever Eyewear," reports Eye Surf. "Wood U? features a plastic construction that is graced with a wooden finish so realistic that even savvy buyers often are surprised to learn that the construction of these models is actually plastic.  The construction is also beneficial to opticians because the temples are all easily adjustable and heat will not damage them (whereas standard wood presents more challenges in this regard)." Read more.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lacoste Releases 2012 Line

"For the Spring/Summer 2012 season, Lacoste Eyewear debuts a collection true to the brands DNA," says Midwest Lens. "The iconic Petit piqué print forms to the silhouette of uplifting cat eyes. Polished metal details are inlayed onto brows, strengthening a classic profile. The collection ranges from skilled craftsmanship displayed through layered materials and dual colorations to pure simplicity with striking shapes saturated in rich colors." Read more.

New Sunwear from Lucky Brand Jeans

"Famous for its sun-soaked beaches, California is the birth place of Lucky Brand Jeans, and the inspiration behind the hottest new sunglasses this summer," according to an Eye Surf post. "In the Sunshine State, you’re not fully dressed unless you’ve got the perfect pair of shades, so Lucky Brand Sunglasses incorporate prints from Lucky’s collection for a head-to-toe look. Whether you’re lounging at a sidewalk café or island hopping, pack a pair of these stellar sunnies, along with your Lucky Brand jeans, for quintessential California style." Read more.

New Lines from Safilo

Jimmy Choo: The new Jimmy Choo eyewear collection celebrates the brand’s luxury spirit with new sunglasses and optical frames: the sophisticated silhouettes are embellished with the brand’s iconic signatures such as exotic skin textures and sparkling crystals, for an irresistible, seductive appeal.Read more.

Hugo: The new Hugo optical frame collection reflects the brand’s modern and avant-garde design, which is embedded in its DNA. The new eyewear models feature unconventional aesthetic elements highlighted by the use of high-tech materials: a combination of post-modern and truly innovative style. Read more.

Gucci: Gucci unveils its new eyewear collection for Spring/Summer 2012, dedicated to fascinating women who clearly express themselves and their enigmatic personality. The collection features large square-shaped eyewear, underlined by pastel tones and refined iconic details, to highlight the eyes and bring about a sophisticated female who is both sensual and androgynous. Read more.

Dior: The “BlackTie” eyewear collection figures the essence of the Dior Homme collections. Its signature focuses on the iconic metal cut on the temples. The new styles reflect the distinctive personality of Dior Homme: both sophisticated and minimalist in a perfect balance of the contemporary and the timeless. This fashion concept highlights the 3 sunglasses shapes and the 5 optical frames. Read more.

Bottega Veneta: The new Bottega Veneta eyewear collection highlights the brand’s distinctive aesthetic and enduring motifs. The sunglasses and optical frames are an inspired blend of skillful craftsmanship, superb functionality, and timeless design. The new models, made of the finest quality materials, all feature Bottega Veneta’s subtle signatures: metal studs on the outside of the terminals and a photoengraved butterfly on the inside.Read more.