Friday, August 31, 2012

Bionic Eye Implanted in Australia

"In a major development, Bionic Vision Australia researchers have successfully performed the first implantation of an early prototype bionic eye with 24 electrodes," according to Science Daily. "Ms Dianne Ashworth has profound vision loss due to retinitis pigmentosa, an inherited condition. She has now received what she calls a 'pre-bionic eye' implant that enables her to experience some vision. A passionate technology fan, Ms Ashworth was motivated to make a contribution to the bionic eye research program." Read more.

You can read about the prototype on this CNET page, which appeared shortly after the device was introduced in 2010.

Studying Eye Movement to Discover Neurological Disorders

Scieince Daily reports that "researchers at USC have devised a method for detecting certain neurological disorders through the study of eye movements. In a study published August 30 in the Journal of Neurology, researchers claim that because Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and Parkinson's Disease each involve ocular control and attention dysfunctions, they can be easily identified through an evaluation of how patients move their eyes while they watch television." Read more.

Petrol's Three New Models

Petrol Eyewear has introduced three new models. The new polarized sunglasses draw inspiration from their Italian-made roots and take the names Florence, Turin and Rome. The models have the line's TR-90 Grilamid “synthetic titanium” polymer frames, paired with injected polarized polycarbonate lenses. Grilamid is 20% lighter than resin, and it resists fatigue. Read more.

Viva Has Four New Skechers

"Viva International Group presents four new releases from the Skechers Eyewear Fall/Winter 2012 collection, consisting of two men’s and two women’s ophthalmic styles." That's the Eye Surf post. "The new styles deliver a fashionable mix of fun graphic patterns in striking color combinations, inspired by the trend-savvy fashion sense of the Skechers lifestyle footwear collections." Read more.

New from Stetson

Zyloware Eyewear will release a new Stetson style in October, according to Eye Surf. The "Stetson 294 is a semi-rimless metal frame in a classic, modified oval shape that is light on face. Sleek, ribbed metal detailing starts on the endpiece and wraps onto the temple, highlighted by the Stetson “S” logo for subtle brand recognition. Spring hinges, Z4yl temple tips and snap-in silicone nosepads provide easy adjustments and ideal fit and comfort. The ST 294 accommodates progressive lenses making it a perfect frame for a wide range of wearers." Read more.

The Latest from Morel's 1880 Line

Morel's 1880 Style: Edgar "Edgar, the latest from Morel's 1880 line, is a reworked retro style displaying metal fronts fitted with slim handcraftedacetate temples. The metal combines with the acetate to ensure comfort and lightness," writes Eye Surf. "This vintage frame is available in both a gloss and matte version. Edgar represents a return to Morel's roots by combining classic styles with modernism and technology.
Four metal models are available in oval, panto, rectangle and a new “barrel” shape, all of which can be fitted with progressive lenses. The four references are offered in bronze, silver, ruthenium, black, and chocolate." Read more.

Essilor Releases Two New Progressives

"Essilor of America...launch[ed] Definity 3 and Definity 3 Plus as the latest additions to its family of progressive lenses with DualOptix digital surfacing technology," reports Eye Surf. "With Definity 3 a dynamic split is utilized, allowing for the 'add' power to no longer be fixed. This creates more opportunities for customization as the split is optimized to the patient’s prescription and choice of frame. Adding to that, Definity 3 Plus...utilize[s] three additional measurements – panto, wrap and vertex – to further optimize the lens to the patient’s facial anatomy." Read more.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

App Connects Patients with VSP and Davis Vision

Guardian members can now locate vision providers with the new Guardian Anytime mobile app for iPhone and Android. The app, created by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, comes at a time when nearly two out of three smartphone users are interested in using an insurance app, according to research done by Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc., on behalf of Guardian. The free app can be downloaded from Read more.

Maxx Adds 4 Universities to Its Sunglass Line

Maxx HD Sunglasses has released sunglasses with insignias for Michigan State, University of Wyoming, University of Alabama, and the U.S. Air Force Academy. The sunglasses, offered in the Dynasty model, allow customers to express their school spirit. Each line is highlighted with the University’s logo in metal on the arm and is offered in the schools' colors.Read more at

Former Platters Singer Promotes Eye Health for Kids

"Milton Bullock, ...who gained celebrity status as a member of the ...'The Platters,' in the 1960’s, is on a mission to improve vision care among children as part of a battle against illiteracy," according to The Daily Southerner. "Now known as 'The Golden Platter,' Bullock said he plans to use his 'celebrity status' as a vehicle to attract young, drug-free singers who can serve as role models for today’s generation to re-record the theme song 'Do It For the Kids Today.' Bullock will use the profits from the release of the new recording of the song to purchase SPOT machines in his fight against 'illiteracy via poor vision.' The SPOT is vision-screening technology developed in Germany and made by a company called PediaVision." Read more.

Ditto Offering Progressives

Online eyewear retailer now offers progressive lenses as a result of high demand from its customers, according to the company spokesperson. The Ditto site uses a patent-pending, 3D virtual video try-on software.Read more.

Growth Factor Impacts Transplantation of Photoreceptor Precursors

Midwest Lens reports that "a research team in the United Kingdom has found that insulin-like growth factor (IGF1) impacts cell transplantation of photoreceptor precursors by manipulating the retinal recipient microenvironment, enabling better migration and integration of the cells into the adult mouse retina." Read more.

Totally Rimless Maximum's High-Octane Collection

"Hit the gas with three new styles for Totally Rimless Maximum," according to Eye Surf. "The High-Octane collection features bright color accents and bold styling choices that make each frame a unique statement. TR 183, TR 184 and TR 185 bring a sporty edge to minimalist rimless design for styles to fit any lifestyle." Read more.

Lightec's Alpha 18 Collection

LIGHTEC Styel: Alpha 18"Frames with clean cut temples, and plastic fronts in soft eye shapes define Lightec’s Alpha 18 collection," notes Eye Surf. "An exclusively female collection, Alpha 18, appeals to modern women looking for ultra-light, durable frames which are full of character. Alpha 18 provides unrivaled comfort. Four simple and delicate eye shapes merge seamlessly into a stainless steel temple with soft curves." Read more.

AOA Launches Services Site for ODs

AOA has launched a new website, called AOAExcel, which features the following:
  • The AOAExcel Success Manager, which offers direct access to a range of placement, financial and insurance services
  • AOAExcel Reviews, featuring practitioner reviews of products and services for optometric practices
  • The AOAExcel Learning Management System, which offers easy access to EyeLearn™, the AOA’s optometric continuing education portal, and
  • The AOAExcel Toolkit, which will soon offer practitioners the opportunity to pick from a list of online practice management solutions that can be used to optimize practice operations, improve patient care and optimize third-party reimbursement payments
Other features include the AOAExcel Events Calendar, a listing of major meetings and other events of interest to optometrists. Read more.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wiley X's New Safety Glasses

Eye Surf notes that "Wiley X Inc. knows that for safety glasses to truly protect the vision of workers, they must be stylish and comfortable enough that workers will actually want to wear them. The company’s new Rx-ready WX Echo is the ideal answer. A new member of the company’s Climate Control Series, the WX Echo is both stylish and comfortable enough for all-day wear in any environment, yet it provides the highest level of eye protection available for dangerous jobs both indoors and out. Like all Wiley X Climate Control Series models, the new WX Echo features a patented, removable soft foam Facial Cavity seal developed to block out wind, dust and debris providing protection unmatched by other eyewear.  This exclusive feature creates a comfortable, climate controlled 'protection zone' for the wearer’s eyes.  And because it’s removable, it’s like getting two pairs of glasses in one.  With Wiley X’s virtually shatterproof lenses and frames, the WX Echo protects the wearer’s eyes against a wide range of occupational dangers." Read more.

Hypertension and Diabetes and Eye Damage

"Hypertension frequently coexists in patients with diabetes. A new University of Georgia study shows why the co-morbid conditions can result in impaired vision," according to Midwest Lens. "'Results showed early signals of cell death in eyes from diabetic animals within the first six weeks of elevated blood pressure. Later, the tiny blood vessels around the optic nerve that nourish the retina and affect visual processing showed signs of decay as early as 10 weeks after diabetic animals develop hypertension,' said Azza El-Remessy, assistant professor in the UGA College of Pharmacy and director of the UGA clinical and experimental therapeutics program." Read more.

Website Offers Directions for Consumer Goods to the .Visually Impaired

Horizons for the Blind, a non-profit organization serving the blind and visually impaired community, released its “directionsforme” (, a website which provides access to comprehensive information on more than 400,000 consumer packaged goods (CPG) products. Powered by the Gladson database, a source of detailed information on food, health & beauty care and general merchandise items, Directions helps blind and visually-impaired individuals read package labels and make health-conscious shopping decisions for themselves and their families.Read more.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Zeiss and Hoya Ink Free-Form Technology Deal

Vision Monday reports that " Carl Zeiss Vision announced that it has entered into a license agreement with Hoya Vision Care Corporation that covers the same technology. The agreement with Hoya covers Carl Zeiss Vision International’s U.S. Patent No. 6,089,713 and Australian Patent No. 739,849. The patents cover certain types of back-surface free-form progressive lenses and processes by which they are made." Read more.

Minorities at Greater Risk for Visual Impairments

Graph from the Centers for Disease Control
Studies by Transitions Optical and Prevent Blindness America indicate that African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans are at a higher than necessary risk for serious vision impairments or blindness. The first report from PBA indicates that during the past decade, visual impairment or blindness has been on the rise. That increase includes an 89-percent rise in the number of vision conditions related to diabetes, which stem from the national diabetic epidemic in general. It's also probably connected to the greater number of culturally diverse individuals living in the U.S., who are at higher risk for the disease. Despite a higher risk for health and vision issues, the second study supported by Transitions Optical suggests that culturally diverse groups have lower awareness of the need for preventative care. Surprisingly, two out of three Americans do not know that their ethnicity is a risk factor for developing eye health issues. Read more.

Amy Sacks Renamed Fetch Eyewear

Amy Sacks Eyewear has changed its company name to Fetch Eyewear to better reflect the mission of the company and connect with its animal rescue efforts. The rebranding also includes an expanded social media presence and new ecommerce website,“Fetch Eyewear is forever linked to animal rescue efforts, and we are focused on developing our relationship with The Pixie Project to create a pet-friendly footprint in the community.” said Ann Sacks, founder of Fetch Eyewear. Read more.

A Chilling Version of AR CLs

The film centres around augmented reality contact lenses which appear to have been inspired by Google's Project Glass. The can beam information directly into the wearer's eye."They have been billed as the future of the way that we will interact with computers.

But a new science fiction film suggests that augmented reality glasses actually have a far darker side - and might allow us to control one another," goes the start of a post on the Daily Mail. "‘Sight’ shows how virtual reality can take over from normal life to the extent that we can’t exist without it. The seven minute short follows bachelor Patrick on a date which goes wrong when he gets found out for using a ‘Wingman app’ to help him charm her into bed. In a sinister twist he then appears to patch into his date through her virtual reality lenses - and take over her mind." Read more.

Devices with Backlighting Affects Sleep

"A new study from the Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute shows that a two-hour exposure to electronic devices with self-luminous 'backlit' displays causes melatonin suppression, which might lead to delayed bedtimes, especially in teens," reports Science Daily. Read more.

Need to Go Social. Transitions May Help

The increased use of social media and mobile devices creates opportunities for consumers to connect with family, friends, coworkers and businesses. Recognizing this, Transitions Optical, Inc. introduced a new guide book, “Getting Digital: Social Media and Digital Marketing For Your Practice,” to help eye care professionals better understand the different social networking sites and online digital tools available to them and identify which resources can add value to their marketing and patient outreach efforts. Read more.

FedEx Founder Honored for Eye Care Work

"The National Business Aviation Association on Monday announced that FedEx Express and founder Frederick W. Smith will be honored for using aviation for humanitarian purposes," according to the Commercial Appeal. "FedEx has been the leading aviation sponsor for more than 30 years of the ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital, a collaboration of eye care professionals and aviators that provides vision care in developing countries." Read more.

Aetna Student Health Offering Vision Plan

Beginning with the upcoming school year, Aetna Student Health will now offer the Aetna Vision Preferred plan along with medical plans in 20 states. The Aetna Vision Preferred plan offers members the ability to save money on routine eye exams, contact lenses, eye glasses, eye glass accessories and LASIK eye surgery.Read more.

Monday, August 27, 2012

D.A.R.E. 2012 Winners

Winners of Vision Monday's D.A.R.E. 2012 Awards:
l.a. Eyeworks, Los Angeles: The Resistance Is Futile Award for Most Daring Advertising Campaign.
Accurate Optical Company, Salisbury, MD: The Seeing Green Award for Most Daring Eco-chievement.
Europtics, Denver, CO: The Shop It Like It’s Hot Award for Most Daring Store Design, Retail Environment, Merchandising and/or Window Display.
Henry Ford OptimEyes, Madison Heights, MI:The Sphere of Influence Award for Most Daring Community Outreach, Philanthropic or Patient Education Program.
Sight Optical, Grand Rapids, MI: The Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Web Award for Most Daring Social Media or Web Presence.
Read more.

New Sunglass Designer from Indonesian

"Fahrani Empel is an Indonesian all-rounder: model, actress, activist, designer," reports Style Bistro. "One of her latest projects is CAST Eyewear (, a label based in Bali that produces bold, fashion-forward sunglasses as seen on the likes of Lady Gaga and Madonna. The label also has a secondary line on the go called CAST Eyewear X Borneo which raises money towards efforts to save the environment in the forests of Kalimantan." Read more.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Arborglass Wins an Award

The sunglass manufacturer Arborglass recently received honorable mention in the eighth annual Veneer Tech Craftsman’s ChallengeTM, a woodworking design competition recognizing excellence in veneer applications.

Here's an explanation of Arborglass as found on its website:
Coby Unger, the owner and designer for Arborglass, has always appreciated wooden objects, but truly fell in love with the material while working for Studio Dunn, a small Rhode Island furniture design company. During his time at Studio Dunn he explored the potential of bent lamination as a construction method. Later while developing the first pairs of glasses frames, which would later become the prototypes for Arborglass he was immediately drawn to the same technique. Rather than carving the frames from a single block and therefore creating areas of short grain wood, bent lamination allows for the wood’s grain to remain unbroken while spanning the frames’ width.
After experimenting with wooden hinges and rigid metal hinges, stainless steel spring hinges were chosen to reduce stress on the frame and increase the life span of the glasses. Spring hinges also conform to the wearer’s head providing comfort and security.
In order to provide the best possible experience while wearing Arborglass sunglasses each pair is fitted with polarized lenses cut by another local artisan. Polarization provides a wearer with the sun protection needed for everyday outdoor activities by shielding dangerous ultra violet light.
Domestic hardwoods are used almost exclusively for Arborglass frames with the only exceptions being exotic scraps discarded by others. Coby believes strongly in the power of homegrown and domestically produced goods and strives to uphold these values through his work as a designer and a craftsman.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Luxottica Consolidates Media--What It Means to You!

"Milan-based eyewear giant Luxottica Group has consolidated its global media-buying and -planning business at holding company Omnicom after a competitive review," notes Advertising Age. "The business will be housed within Omnicom Media Group, according to industry executives. OMG referred a request for comment to Luxottica, which did not respond by press time. Last year, the eyewear manufacturer spent $122 million on measured media in the U.S. alone, according to Kantar Media. ...The shift means that Luxottica is moving all its media business under a single ad-holding company roof." The move will enable the $7-billion eyewear company to leverage media buying, especially in the U.S. and Europe, as well as it has leveraged its position as the world's largest manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of eyewear. Read more.

New Zealand's Zambesi Introduces Sunglass Line

"Zambesi’s debut eyewear collection is, obviously, a good thing," according to The Fashion Spot. "Their signature moody, cutting-edge aesthetic has been channeled into six unisex frame styles, three for the sun and three optical, each reimagining a classic style. The Jetson is like a rounder, slightly more angular version of the much-loved wayfarer, while the Aeronaut’s thinned-out frames prove that sometimes less is indeed more. But the best part of the six-piece collection is without a doubt the mismatched lenses, available in icy cool lunar tones in the Jetson frames or striking grey and yellow in the Space Cadet (the names alone are evidence these sunnies are not of this world)." Read more.

Man Steals Thousands in Tiffany Frames

"A man has been caught on camera stealing several designer eye glasses from a display case at Accent Eye Care in Phoenix. The man stole a few thousand dollars worth of expensive Tiffany frames on Tuesday." Read more and see video.

Sightsavers India Has Competition for Charity's Image

"The Indian chapter of the international charity organisation Sightsavers, established in 1966, has come up with a unique competition propagated through Facebook. ‘Through different eyes’, is an attempt to find an image for their website, which would be made their wallpaper and send out as an e-card to millions across the world," goes IBN Live. "The image will be the face of a campaign to spread awareness that sometimes, primary eye care and minor operations can restore vision to thousands. The competition is open to all residents of India, people of any age group can participate and the last date is August 30." Read more.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Vistakon Expands Jacksonville Distribution

"Jacksonville manufacturer Vistakon Inc. expects to start construction to expand its Southside distribution center this fall, a company spokeswoman said Friday," reports the Jacksonville Business Journal. "Vistakon is expanding its distribution center from its current 661,174 square-foot building to 765,401 square feet, an addition of 104,227 square feet. The company needs additional capacity, said Betsy McNiel, manager of global relations and public relations for Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) Vision Care. Construction is expected to finish by the first quarter of 2014." Read more.

Charmant Introduces New Elle Styles

"Elle by Charmant introduces four new fashionable styles to its optical A/W 2012 collection. For the modern ELLE lady, chic styling combined with essential feel-good comfort goes hand in hand. ELLE designer eyewear reflects the vital essence of the ELLE woman, her lifestyle and her passions through an array of elegant winter optical frames which are trendy, of the highest quality, and charmingly feminine." That's according to Eye Surf. "New frame forms in acetate and slender metal-acetate combinations are inspired by this fall’s homage to strong, minimalist cuts with sensuous curves courtesy of cinched waists.  Fresh colour strokes are dictated by new favorite red-burgundy tones, joyous must-have purple violet and perennial classic warm camel.  All in all, these great new ELLE optical styles are fashionable and elegantly classic with a beguiling dash of glamour." Read more.

Koali Offers New Collection

Morel Style: Coral"Koali takes the new collection to the watery depths of the ocean with frames inspired by coral reef and more particularly the anemone," notes Eye Surf. "The Coral collection imitates the waving branches of the anemone. Frame fronts and temples are given both volume and movement through triple-layered acetate. The deliberately visible metal core inside the temple evokes the structure of a coral reef. Coral is available in three shapes (two acetate models and one combination frame) and is offered in a palette of four color combinations per model." Read more.

ClearVision and BCBGMAXAZRIA Sunglasses for Fighting Cancer

"For the sixth consecutive year, we’ve [meaning ClearVision] partnered with BCBGMAXAZRIA to create a cause-related, limited edition sunglass to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure. This year’s spectacular design, Courage, captures the heroic strength of breast cancer survivors and embodies their courage to fight," to quote an Eye Surf post. "Since our partnership’s inception, over 2,000 eye care professionals have helped us raise nearly $400,000 for the cause, bringing us another step closer to a world without breast cancer. Your purchase of just one set of Courage suns (sold in color sets of two) can provide a life-saving screening for a woman in need." Read more.

Armorlite Launches New Kodak Progressive

Little more than 10 days ago, Signet Armorlite launched its Kodak Unique DS Progressive Lenses. With the new variation of the Kodak Unique Progressive, the company integrated dual multifocal technology. This development reportedly makes the lens a fully digital dual-side progressive lens that offers significant improvement in the reading area for many prescriptions, while providing excellent visual performance in the intermediate and distance viewing areas. With the lens comes  the next generation of Vision First Design Technology--Vision First DS Technology, which uses reverse optical engineering to leverage both sides of the lens. It is said to offer ultra-smooth lens power and minimal swim effect. Read more

Eastern States Releases Jaguar Fall

Jaguar Spirit 3552"Eastern States Eyewear has announced the release of Jaguar Eyewear’s fall optical collection," says Eye Surf. "The new introduction encompasses a full release for both Jaguar’s classic collection and the youthful Jaguar Spirit collection as well. "Four styles have been added to Jaguar’s classic collection, two constructed of Pure Titanium.  Each features Jaguar’s penchant for outstanding, subtle details." Read more.

Golfer Pettersson Wearing Kaenon on PGA

"Wearing Kaenon prescription polarized sunglasses, Carl Pettersson tied for third place at the PGA Championship on Sunday," according to Eye Surf. "Throughout the weekend, Pettersson wore the Kaenon Jetty Matte Black G28 Rx polarized sunglass, which provided complete glare reduction and harmful UV ray protection while remaining lightweight and comfortable. Kaenon has become the go-to brand for those seeking premium prescription sunglasses, due to the optical accuracy and precision achieved with Kaenon’s SR-91 lens.' Read more.

Argyleculture's Fall 2012 Quartet Collection

"A quartet features four distinct voices, blending together to make music impossible with just one voice," notes Eye Surf. "The Argyleculture Quartet collection features frames with bold design elements that complement the success and sophistication of the urban graduate. Miller and Newman create a unique collection of fashionable frames for all styles." Read more.

Seraphin's Japanese Vintage Collection

"Seraphin proudly introduces the Japanese Vintage Collection to its line of finely crafted neoclassic eyewear," reports Eye Surf. "Inspired by the timeless designs of vintage Japanese couture eyewear, this collection brings a bold new perspective to a legendary design. Seraphin fuses handmade materials, intricate detailing and exquisite craftsmanship to create new standard of luxury eyewear." Read more.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Award for Eyecare Heroes

"The Vision Surgery and Research Centre is inviting the public to nominate eye-care heroes for a new award," according to Hull and East Riding."The winner will receive £1,000 for an eye health charity.
The award is open to GPs, eye clinicians and opticians. The care received must be related to eye health and the nominated person must operate in Yorkshire or Lincolnshire." Read more.

Feds Seize $18 Million in Counterfeit CLs

"Special agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) the Puerto Rico Police Department (PRPD), and other law enforcement seized more than $18 million in counterfeit contact lenses and merchandise during the execution of several search warrants in eight different municipalities of Puerto Rico." That's the report from Hispanically Speaking News Read more.

Discovery of How a Mutation Prevents Eye Muscle Control

Duane Syndrome
"A research team from King's College London and the University of Exeter Medical School has identified how a genetic mutation acts during the development of nerves responsible for controlling eye muscles, resulting in movement disorders such as Duane Syndrome, a form of squint," says Medical News Today. "The findings could provide the key to reversing the condition and unlocking the causes of movement disorders in other parts of the body. The research is published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences." Read more.

Simple Eye Test Picks Up Alzheimer's

"A simple eye tracking test could hold the key to earlier Alzheimer's diagnosis, according to new research published August 22 in the Journal of the American Aging Association," notes Science Daily. "Work, led by Lancaster University in partnership with Royal Preston Hospital, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS foundation trust, has shown that people with Alzheimer's disease have difficulty with one particular type of eye tracking test." Read more.

More on Johnson and Johnson's CLs with Shadow Effect ran the following post about the contact lens with shadow effect from Johnson and Johnson, which recently received a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office:
From the background information supplied by the inventors, news correspondents obtained the following quote: "Contact lenses can be colored or tinted to provide a variety of effects to the appearance of the eye. This can be done to correct a problem with the appearance of the eye or for cosmetic purposes. Such contact lenses can be used to enhance a particular aspect of one's appearance or even one's overall appearance. The invention is directed to contact lenses that perform these functions through a shadow effect.
"It is desirable to retain the cosmetic lenses of the invention in a particular position on the eye, keep the lenses within a range of positions on eye, or return the lens to a particular position or range of positions after movement of the lens. This maintenance of the on-eye orientation of a lens typically is accomplished by altering the mechanical characteristics of the lens. Prism stabilization including decentering of the lens' front surface relative to the back surface, thickening of the inferior lens periphery, forming depressions or elevations on the lens' surface, and truncating the lens edge are examples of stabilization approaches. Additionally, dynamic stabilization has been used in which the lens is stabilized by the use of thin zones, or areas in which the thickness of the lens' periphery is reduced. Typically, the thin zones are located at two regions that are symmetric about either the vertical or horizontal axis of the lens from the vantage point of its on-eye placement."

Read more.

Dita Releases Fall Line

"If you don’t have a pair of go-to shades, or maybe just want to broaden your style options, you should check out luxury sunglasses by Dita Eyewear. Based out of Los Angeles, the company was founded by two childhood friends back in 1996. The Fall 2012 collection presents a range of eyewear with vintage appeal for a unique look," writes Midwest Lens. "Jeff Solorio and John Juniper are the lifelong friends and cofounders behind Dita Eyewear. They created the company to make their vision of vintage-inspired accessories a reality. Today, the company features eyewear motivated by frames from the ‘50s through the ‘80s. To make sure the focus of the brand remains on the quality of the glasses and not its label, the company’s logo details are intentionally subtle. An alternative to designer label eyewear, Dita’s frames themselves define the look, not an oversized emblem." Read more.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Star in a Liam Gallagher Ad

"Liam Gallagher has given his fans the chance to star in an advert [advertisement] for his fashion label," reports Contact Music. "The Beady Eye singer - who founded the Pretty Green label - invited members of the public along to meet him behind-the-scenes and gain a starring role in the campaign for his new eyewear range." Read more.

Report on the Ophthalmology Drug and Device Market

The ophthalmology drugs and devices market is divided into four major segments, namely, surgical devices, diagnostic and monitoring devices, vision care, and drugs. The devices market is divided into applications like surgery and diagnostics. Drugs market is classified into existing treatment drugs and drugs in pipeline and the vision care market is segmented into spectacles and contact lenses. The total market is forecasted till 2017. This market is also considered by formulation types such as capsules, gels, eye drops, ointment, and eye solutions. The global ophthalmology market witnessed a dip during the economic downturn in 2008 and 2009; however, it is poised to grow at a stable rate mainly due to an increasing aging population, large pool of patients with eye diseases, changing demographics and geographical trends, and increased focus on combination therapies of drugs. Moreover, incidences of glaucoma and cataract are increasing every year. Read more.

Give Your Customers a Chance at a Dream Vacation

Tell them about the vacation contest from VSP Vision Care. The company says that it wants to give your patients a chance to relax their peepers by playing the "Your Eyes Deserve a VSP Vacation" online game on – not only can consumers win great prizes, they will learn about the importance of eye health and vision benefits along the way! Read more.

How Retinitis Pigmentosa Kills Cone Photoreceptor Cells

"Research conducted at the Angiogenesis Laboratory at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, has for the first time, identified the mode of death of cone photoreceptor cells in an animal model of retinitis pigmentosa (RP)," according to a Medical News Today post. "This groundbreaking study, led by Demetrios G. Vavvas, M.D., Ph.D., and including Joan W. Miller, M.D., Mass. Eye and Ear/Mass General Hospital Chief of Ophthalmology and Chair of Ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School, has further identified the receptor interacting protein (RIP) kinase pathway as a potential target for developing treatment for vision loss in patients with retinitis pigmentosa. The study is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Early Edition." Read more.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

App for HoyaLux ID MyStyle

"The technological achievements of Hoya’s personalized progressive lens, HoyaLux ID MyStyle, can now be realized in all independent practices thanks to the development of Hoya’s new app Spectangle. Spectangle addresses many of the drawbacks required to prescribe personalized progressives including time necessary to take frame and fitting measurements, equipment investment and ease of operating measuring devices," according to Eye Surf. "Ideally, every dispensing table can now be equipped with i-pads so no patient waiting while the measurement device becomes available." Read more.

Wiley X Adds to Its Black Ops Collection

"Wiley X, Inc., has a new member for its popular Black Ops Collection — the new-for-2012 WX Censor. This new Rx-ready Street Series model combines stealthy good looks and an understated sense of style with the advanced eye protection that has made Wiley X a leading choice of law enforcement, Secret Service and other tactical wearers," notes Eye Surf. "The Black Ops WX Censor combines Matte Black frames with the companyʼs versatile Smoke Grey lenses, providing shadowy good looks with comfortable, clear vision for any activity or situation. Featuring wraparound style framesideal for Small to Medium head sizes, the WX Censor is designed for all-day comfort, protecting eyes against 100-percent of the sunʼs harmful UVA/UVB rays." Read more.

Top Selling Sunglasses

Measured in sales, media exposure, Internet searches, and the experience of the purchasing manager for, here are the top five sunglasses brands of 2012. See how your sales compare.

1. Ray Ban. This is reported to be the most popular brand among both celebrities and regular people supposedly because they look good on anyone and they come in a variety. The Wayfarers are the model most often seen on celebrities, with over 2,600 spots, according to Following closely are the classic Ray Ban aviators, the Clubmasters, and then several variations of these styles.

2. Chanel. If it’s Chanel, then it’s chic – this is what most fashionistas would say when faced with the choice of a designer brand, so says the company representative. The signature style of Chanel sunglasses is oversized and dark, like Nicole Richie and Ashley Olsen love to wear.

3. Prada. Prada and Miu Miu reportedly have been trendsetters this year. The Minimal Baroque collection is definitely a celebrity favorite, with fans among the Kardashians or Rihanna.

4. Tom Ford. A product of the Marcolin Italian group, Tom Ford sunglasses are characterized by an interesting type of semi-rim. Most frames feature lenses disconnected from the rim, which creates cut-outs at the sides.

5. Gucci. With sunglasses produced by the Safilo Group, Gucci has a long history of manufacturing quality goods, and is renown worldwide, which makes the customers trust this name. From Angelina Jolie to Miley Cyrus, everyone is a fan of their aviators, and some of their oversized, plastic frames have been sported by Gwen Stefani or Lauren Conra

OD's New Book Could Create Headaches for All ECPs

Prescription glasses or contact lenses are worn by over 65 percent of the U.S. population. Former optometrist Duke Peterson reportedly has found a natural way to restore vision to 20-20, which he reveals in his e-book entitled 20-20 Vision No Glasses ($27). Duke claims that any person with less than 20-20 vision can now cure this issue naturally without requiring prescription glasses or corrective contact lenses. Read more.

You might want to take a glance at this form of competition since many of your patients might read and hear about it.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sinha Receives PECASE from the White House

The White House selected Dr. Pawan Sinha to receive the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). Dr. Sinah,a professor of vision and computational neuroscience in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, received the award in part for his program, called the Project Prakash. The NEI-supported endeavor gives sight to children in India suffering from treatable blindness such as congenital cataracts. These children are old enough to describe what they see, allowing Dr. Sinha and his colleagues to study visual cognition in terms of learning and recognition. The project provides an opportunity to address important and basic issues of neuroscience. The study's finding also could open up applications in the clinical and artificial-intelligence domains. Dr. Sinha was one of 96 to receive the award, the highest honor bestowed by the U.S. government on outstanding scientists and engineers beginning their independent careers.

BL00M--Entry for the Adidas Originals Eyewear Contest

"Here is my entry to the Adidas Originals Eyewear Contest," starts the post on Adweek's Talent Gallery. "Adidas invited artists and designers to customize a pair of sunglasses from the Originals collection. Entries are judged on the basis of substance, creativity and originality. I wanted to create a fresh design, contemporary and dynamic, with the background idea of duality : between black and white, pen and vector, human and nature, energy and peace, life and death." Read and see more.

Johnson and Johnson Receives Patent for CL with Shadow Effect

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has assigned a patent Johnson & Johnson Vision Care and 11 co-inventors for a "contact lens with shadow effect," according to a press release on Eqities. The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: "A contact lens with a central portion, an iris portion, and a peripheral portion disposed about the iris portion; wherein the iris portion contains an arcuate colored or tinted portion that provides a shadow effect; the peripheral portion can be colored white and can have a pattern that graduates to transparent towards the outer diameter of the lens."Read more

Read the patent claim and the names of the 11 co-inventors here.

The Making of an Ocularist

"With 53 years of experience owning Lamb's Optical in San Angelo, Vernon Lamb has learned a thing or two about what it takes to run a successful business," reports the San Angelo Standard Times. "Lamb went to college to become a rancher and planned to join the military, but a serendipitous turn of events changed his professional path: One month before he was scheduled to enlist in the Air Force, Lamb was injured and lost his eye while working on a piece of farm equipment. 'So, I didn't go to the service; obviously I couldn't do it,' Lamb said. 'I got involved in making eyes and doing contact lens work and teaching, and up until a year ago, I taught eye examinations to ophthalmologists going into training.' Lamb received his own training during an apprenticeship in Houston and became a master ocular prosthetic technician, certified to make ophthalmic prosthetics for patients who, like him, had suffered an irreversible eye injury. As an ocularist, he also can make glasses and contact lenses for patients who have a prescription, but he cannot perform eye examinations." Read more.

Emma Roberts Muse for Lepore's Vogue Sunwear

"Emma Roberts captures hearts around the world with her cheery style and bright smile—hey, it runs in the family, after all," notes Style Bistro. "The latest to fall for Roberts' charm is designer Nanette Lepore, who just named the sunny 21-year-old actress as the muse to her new sunglasses collaboration with Vogue Eyewear." Read more.
On the same story, WWD reports: "Luxottica and the Council of Fashion Designers of America have tapped Nanette Lepore as the latest designer for the 2012 Design Series for Vogue Eyewear, its third designer collaboration to date." Read more.