Friday, January 31, 2014

Employees Unaware of Vision Benefits

"According to the annual Employee Perceptions of Vision Benefits survey, conducted in November 2013 and sponsored by Transitions Optical, nearly six out of 10 employees say they do not know how health care reform will affect their vision insurance," reports Primary Care Optometry News. "According to the survey, employee concerns range from cost increases to having different vision coverage than their children, to fears that they will not understand how to get coverage or reimbursement." Read more.

LensCrafters Launches New Advertising Campaign

LensCrafters will encourage consumers to stop and marvel at the vital role that eyes play in their emotional life, personal identity, and overall health with a new global marketing campaign, entitled “Take a Stand for Quality Vision Care.” The program reportedly will focus on what LensCrafters is calling its passion for celebrating the eye and acting as a partner in total vision care—the synergy of trusted eye care and exceptional eyewear. The campaign will begin in the U.S. Sunday, February 2. It will prompt the viewer to reconsider the eyewear retail category and who they trust to care for their eyes. It will inspire the public to seek a qualified partner who understands the importance of the eye, not only to vision, but also to the entire life experience. The campaign features striking imagery paired with bold, provocative language that pulls at the emotional essence of eyes and the preciousness of sight. It expresses the experience of staring deep into someone’s eyes and getting lost, finding their humanity and gauging their spirit. Read more.

New Eyewear from ClearVision Optical

"Eyewear industry leader ClearVision Optical launches PuriTi, a 100% titanium eyewear collection for men. Designed with eye care professionals in mind, PuriTi titanium eyewear showcases timeless design and high quality materials in a competitively priced, private label collection," writes Midwest Lens. "PuriTi titanium eyewear provides both fashionable and functional excellence through sleek, modern designs and technologically advanced construction. Each lightweight, handcrafted design is enhanced using an innovative ion plating technique that provides strength and richness in color. Ideal for the aspirational man seeking clean, high quality designs, PuriTi also provides the hypoallergenic, anti-corrosive benefits associated with titanium. The collection is uniquely positioned as a high end men’s fashion brand that’s available at an attractive opening price point." Read more.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Non-Invasive Brain Scan Shows What You See Now

"Every time you open your eyes, visual information flows into your brain, which interprets what you're seeing. Now, for the first time, MIT neuroscientists have noninvasively mapped this flow of information in the human brain with unique accuracy, using a novel brain-scanning technique," says Medical News Today. "This technique, which combines two existing technologies, allows researchers to identify precisely both the location and timing of human brain activity. Using this new approach, the MIT researchers scanned individuals' brains as they looked at different images and were able to pinpoint, to the millisecond, when the brain recognizes and categorizes an object, and where these processes occur." Read more.

New Sunglasses from Karen Walker

"For this [Karen Walker] collection, the label teamed up with the United Nations’ ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative, through which the designer was connected with a group of Kenyan artisans, who together produced a unique line of pouches...that will be included with each pair of frames purchased," reports Fashionista. "If you’re feeling fancy, embellished pouches will be sold on their own as well. They’ll be available in stores Feb. 3. Walker didn’t stop at simply collaborating with the Kenyan craftsmen and women: She cast them in her campaign in an amazing tribute to African culture." Read more.

New Carhartt Sunglasses from Retrosuperfuture

"Today the good folks over at Retrosuperfuture have linked up with Carhartt Work In Progress for some dope new sunglass to add to your collection," reports Stupid Dope. "The timeless design is on display nicely in which the collection includes three models, each named after a different area of Carhartt’s home town Detroit, giving it a personal touch. The Stokely, The Brightmoor, and the Hampton, as their known each take on a different distinct design and style. Check out the gallery below and let us know what you think about it after the jump. The collection will be available at selected stores worldwide by the end of the month." Read more.

New Betsey Johnson Eyewear from Legacie

"Always a big fan of animal prints, Betsey Johnson’s Animal Instinct group from Legacie utilizes custom cheetah and zebra patterns integrated into eyewear in unique ways," according to Midwest Lens. "Playful and quirky, these styles are tempered by solid color frame fronts for the perfect juxtaposition of sassy and sweet." Read more.

New Eyewear from Vogue

"The new Vogue Eyewear for Men line has been designed for a contemporary man, who finds his character reflected in the here and now," writes Midwest Lens. "Inspired by shabby chic industrial design, this brand new collection recreates a vintage atmosphere enhanced by new treatments, extremely high quality materials and splendid screen-printed motifs inside the frames, for a touch of surprising originality. A style which perfectly interprets the contemporary man, closely focused on fashion and the latest trends of the moment, defined by a concrete and urban spirit and by details that help underscore the essence, such as the matt colors." Read more.

New Eyewear freom Warby Parker

"Aside from the perfect swimsuit — a conversation for another day — is there any other fashion item more necessary in Palm Springs than sunglasses?," asks My Desert. "Warby Parker, what may be one of the most stylish (and daresay, affordable,) names in eyewear, seems to have heard the call for shading nos visages when it recently released its latest line of sunglasses known as the Palm Canyon Collection." Read more.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Police Select Neymar for Ad Campaign

"Barcelona star Neymar has made plenty of headlines for his style on the pitch, but he has now ventured into fashion by becoming the face of the 2014 Police eyewear collection," writes Sports Mole. "The Brazilian, who has been open about his interest in fashion, has been chosen as the focal point of the Police S/S advertising campaign....The 21-year-old, who was photographed by fashion photographer Rankin, is currently at the centre of a legal dispute with Barcelona, who are being accused of being untruthful about the amount of money they paid Santos for Neymar last summer." Read more.

New Eyewear from Prada

"The Prada Winter 2014 Women’s Eyewear collection is inspired by a controversial feminine personality, in which surges of romanticism are undermined by an introverted attitude," according to Midwest Lens. "Evoking a retro ‘40s style, the collection features sophisticated models in which wide and angular fronts are paired with thin metal temples...The color palette varies from traditional black, ivory and cacao tones to colourful reinterpretations of classic tortoiseshell. The models in the Ornate special collection boast a sequence of precious stones that illuminate the frames and transform them into unique pieces...The Prada Winter 2014 Men’s Eyewear collection strikes a fine balance by combining purely classic lines and sophisticated processings. The contemporary feel of the collection is accentuated by the square, yet gently rounded shape of the fronts set against the experimentally linear profiles of the temples and lenses." Read more.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Goggle Glass to Come in Rx and Sunglass Form, and VSP to Offer Coverage for Them

"Google is adding prescription frames and new styles of detachable sunglasses to its computerized, Internet-connected Glass goggles," according to an AP report on Yahoo!News. "The move comes as Google Inc. prepares to make Glass available to the general population this year...On Tuesday, Google plans to make four styles of prescription frames and two new types of shades available to its "explorers" — the people who are trying out Glass. The frames...will cost $225 and the shades, $150." Read more. Another AP story witha variety of images appears at this link.

Meanwhile, Google Glasses will not be an out of pocket expanse. It's covered by insurance, at least VSP. "Google and VSP, the nation’s biggest optical health insurance provider, have struck a deal to offer subsidized frames and prescription lenses for Google Glass, the Internet-connected eyewear," reports the New York Times. "The announcement could take wearable devices, which tech analysts say are the next wave of computing, out of the realm of science fiction and into the mainstream by making them more affordable and giving them a medical stamp of approval. And it opens the door to a new level of cooperation between the health care and consumer electronics industries, which could lead to a world in which people wear or even ingest computers." Read more.

18 Year Old Selling His Line of Sunglasses

"For an 18-year-old college freshman, Mitchell Saum has swell business sense," notes "The Wofford College student, a native of Pawleys Island, has started Swell Bamboo Sunglasses, a company that sells lightweight, durable bamboo sunglasses perfect for those who love the ocean and water sports....While still a high school senior, Saum contacted manufacturing companies in China and received a prototype for his idea in the mail. When he opened the package, the glasses were smashed. But even with the damaged pair, Saum was able to convince his dad, Allen Saum, to put up $2,000 so he could place his first order. He sold his first 100 pairs to friends. During Wofford freshmen orientation last summer, Saum approached Jeremy Boeh, director of The Space in the Mungo Center, which prepares Wofford students for the real world through entrepreneurship and professional readiness programs." Read more.

FGX International to Launch Foster Grant Ad Campaign

FGX International will launch next month an integrated multi-million dollar national advertising Foster Grant eyewear campaign. The campaign, created by MMB of Boston, features Brooke Shields. The television campaign will include multiple commercials for Foster Grant Reading Glasses and a new collection of Crystal Vision Reading Glasses. In a nod to the brand’s history, the campaign will feature the well-known “Who’s that behind those Foster Grants?” tagline, which was recognized by Advertising Age as one of the Top 100 Advertising Campaigns of all time. Read more.

Samsung to Enter the AR Eyewear Marketplace

"We may only be a few weeks into 2014, but one thing that's already clear is that this is going to be a big year for wearable technology. Not only are existing devices getting refreshed with updated hardware and software, but more companies are introducing entirely new products to compete for a piece of your body, including the likes of LG and Sony. Samsung is one firm that's long been vying for a space on consumers' wrists, most recently with its Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and now it appears that the South Korean company has its sights set on shoppers' eyes," reports PhoneDog. "The Korea Times, Samsung is prepping its own pair of smart glasses that are currently being referred to as 'Galaxy Glass.' The unit, which Samsung has already applied for a patent for in Korea, is expected to be capable of connecting to a smartphone and displaying notifications from the handset as well as take calls and play music. Galaxy Glass will reportedly feature a translucent lens on which its notifications will be shown." Read more.

New Eyewear from Seraphin

"Seraphin brings back the classic shapes of a bygone era, adding in striking modern details to create neoclassic styles that transcend time," says Midwest Lens. "As a contemporary interpretation of the timeless round style, Seraphin is proud to introduce the Wheeler. Featuring versatile tortoise fronts with an added punch of color on the reverse side, the quintessential round frame is studious with a little spice. With a refined classiness, this oversized round frame is sophisticated and captivating, making it a sight to behold." Read more.

New Eyewear from Revolution

"Robert Graham eyewear offers high quality craftsmanship and sophisticated silhouettes, along with infusing iconic fabric and trim designs to reflect the essential characteristics of the brand’s American Eclectic spirit," writes Midwest Lens. "Robert Graham and Revolution has created a collection of eyewear that will resonate globally. Revolution loves bringing different, incredibly creative ideas into the optical marketplace as they have done time after time. Their history of creating high quality products with creative flair is what they are most proud of. For more information visit or call 800-986-0010." Read more.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Digital Eye Strain on the Rise

"One day after Sarah Hinkley had been working on her computer for about five hours, she noticed her eyes started to burn and feel dry. 'My focus became blurry, like I was looking through a haze,' she says. As an optometrist, Hinkley knew exactly what was wrong. She was suffering from digital eye strain, also known as computer vision syndrome," reports USAToday. "It's becoming a widespread problem as more people spend hours each day looking at computers, cellphones, iPads, tablets and other electronic devices, says Hinkley, a spokeswoman for the American Optometric Association [AOA] and an associate professor at the Ferris State University Michigan College of Optometry. 'It is rampant, especially as we move toward smaller devices and the prominence of devices increase in our everyday lives.' In fact, almost 70% of U.S. adults say they have experienced some of the symptoms of digital eye strain, according to a survey conducted for the Vision Council, a trade group for vision care products and services. About 60% of respondents say they spend at least six hours looking at screens daily." Read more.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

e-Commerce Safety Prescription Eyewear Gets Funding

"IrishAngels led a $1.3 million investment in Eyelation, a Tinley Park-based company that's bringing e-commerce to prescription safety glasses," says a post on Crains Chicago Business. "Factory workers input their prescriptions from onsite kiosks or a website, and Eyelation ships the glasses to them. The three-year-old company is headed by Brad Kirschner, whose family also has a traditional optometry practice. Eyelation customers include Honeywell. Dallas Venture Partners also participated in the funding." Read more.

Scientists Create Stem Cells That Repairs Retinal Vascular Tissue in Mice

"Investigators at Johns Hopkins report they have developed human induced-pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) capable of repairing damaged retinal vascular tissue in mice," reports Science Daily. "The stem cells, derived from human umbilical cord-blood and coaxed into an embryonic-like state, were grown without the conventional use of viruses, which can mutate genes and initiate cancers, according to the scientists. Their safer method of growing the cells has drawn increased support among scientists, they say, and paves the way for a stem cell bank of cord-blood derived iPSCs to advance regenerative medicine research." Read more.

Quick Decisions Based on Speed of Eye Movement

"One of the most frustrating things about shopping in a grocery store can be the long lines at the cash register. Do you stand there and wait for the line to go down? Or do you join another line that looks quicker? According to new research, decisions such as this may be dependent on the speed of our eye movements," notes Medical News Today. "In a study published in The Journal of Neuroscience, researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Maryland found that people who are less patient are more likely to have faster eye movements. The investigators say their findings may provide insight into why abnormalities in certain areas of the brain make decision making more challenging for people who have suffered brain injuries or who have neurological disorders, such as schizophrenia." Read more.

Eva Mendes Featured in Vogue's 2014 Marketing Campaign

"Vogue Eyewear [has unveiled] its latest communication campaign for Spring/Summer 2014 titled, 'She’s in Vogue.'" notes Midwest Lens. "The glamorous campaign features Vogue Eyewear’s Global Brand Ambassador, Eva Mendes who has been captured once again through the lens of renowned fashion photographer, Mario Testino. The campaign that was shot on September 18th at the Simon Residence in Beverly Hills, is made up of six stunning images, which depict a determined and charismatic woman who lives her life to the fullest. The photos, which offer a glimpse into Eva’s daily routine, illustrate real life moments with the actress who is featured alongside her adorable Belgian Malinois, Hugò." Read more.

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Potential to Block Early Onset Glaucoma

"Using a novel high-throughput screening process, scientists have for the first time identified molecules with the potential to block the accumulation of a toxic eye protein that can lead to early onset of glaucoma." reports Science Daily. "Researchers have implicated a mutant form of a protein called myocilin as a possible root cause of this increased eye pressure. Mutant myocilin is toxic to the cells in the part of the eye that regulates pressure. These genetically inherited mutants of myocilin clump together in the front of the eye, preventing fluid flow out of the eye, which then raises eye pressure. This cascade of events can lead to early onset-glaucoma, which affects several million people from childhood to age 35." Read more.

New Miu Miu Eyewear from Miuccia Prada

"Since 1993, Miu Miu has represented Miuccia Prada’s most personal and original vision, enclosing strong, innovative, elegant and sensual aesthetic elements in an eclectic and unmistakable style," according to Midwest Lens. "The new Miu Miu Winter 2014 season appears as an exercise in visual experimentation, a stratification of meanings joined together to narrate a story with cinematographic appeal....Rigorous and marked contours mix with frivolous colored details, like the lightness of the flush-cut lenses in contrast with the austere thickness of the temples. ...The choice of colors, from classic shades to bright transparent acetates, and the combination of different materials follow the experimental creative trend of Miu Miu Eyewear." Read more.

New Eyewear from Charmant Group

"Charmant Group is introducing four new styles to their LineArt collection: two styles expand on the existing Rondo segment; and two introduce the newest segment, Duo, " notes Midwest Lens. "Duo is designed just for those who prefer understated elegance, the two models feature open profiles with double Swarovski accents on twin Excellence Titan filaments. Each of the models, with its rimless lens shape, is highly individualistic and enhances the wearer’s natural beauty. Duo signified a sophisticated ensemble of two ideals, symbolized by the twin profile lines with Swarovski pieces representing contemporary femininity and excellence titan for its advanced comfort." Read more.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Sunglasses from Ray-Ban

"The style of Ray-Ban sunglasses has never ceased to renovate itself, without ever changing, since 1937," according to Midwest Lens."The Ray-Bans for next summer have new designs, new colors and ... technical developments. Read more.

New Koali Eyewear from Morel

"Tulip, one of the world’s most well-known flowers, plays an essential role in any garden and is the inspiration behind the most recent Koali collection. A three-dimensional, aluminum temple design provides lightness with an intense color finish. The openwork temple mimics the fluidity of the plant in an elegant, understated fashion. Temples concealing the spring-hinge system provide optimum wearer comfort." That's the word from Midwest Lens. "Tulip has a comprehensive product selection of nine models, systematically fitted with two-tone temples. Each model features a bright shade complemented and juxtaposed against a more muted or pastel tone." Read more.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

AMD Awareness Month--February

February is Age-Related Macular Degeneration/Low Vision Awareness Month, according to Prevent Blindness (PB). As part of the observance, the group offers educational materials at no cost through its dedicated web pages and its toll-free number, such as:
  • Living Well with Low Vision: This online resource offers information ranging from an extensive list of searchable, local low vision resource directories to an informative blog, authored by patient advocate and low vision educator Dan Roberts, M.M.E.
  • AMD Awareness Makes a Difference: PB offers a free magnetic Amsler grid, used monitor a person's central version and can help identify vision abnormalities linked to AMD. To request a grid with instructions for use, go to:
  • Prevent Blindness AMD Learning Center: The online center  provides educational tools, such as AMD risk factors, treatment options, an Adult Vision Risk Assessment tool, fact sheets and more. 
  • See Jane See: Almost two-thirds of those diagnosed with AMD are women, and that's why PB developed,  which includes eye health information tailored to women.
According to the 2013 "Cost of Vision Problems:  The Economic Burden of Vision Loss and Eye Disorders in the United States," report, blindness and low vision annually costs more than $3.7 billion, with an annual per-person treatment cost of $6,680.  Almost 3 million Americans have low vision, according to the National Eye Institute.

Blindness from Glaucoma Halved/Glaucoma Awareness Month

"The probability of blindness due to the serious eye disease glaucoma has decreased by nearly half since 1980, according to a study published this month in Ophthalmology, the journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology," according to Medical News Today. "The researchers speculate that advances in diagnosis and therapy are likely causes for the decrease, but caution that a significant proportion of patients still progress to blindness." Read more.

Meanwhile the National Eye Institute tardily notes that January is Glaucoma Awareness Month.

Glaucoma is sometimes called the "silent thief of sight" because it slowly damages the eyes and can cause irreparable harm before there is any vision loss. But this disease is stealthy in more ways than one. Glaucoma has been known at least since antiquity, and yet, researchers today still do not know what causes it in most cases. There are treatments to delay vision loss, but no cure, making it a leading cause of blindness all over the world. Read more.

"Primary open-angle glaucoma remains a black box, but researchers are pursuing many avenues to investigate the underlying causes. As we develop a better understanding of the disease process, we hope this will lead to new, more effective treatments and possibly even preventive therapies for it," said Hemin Chin, Ph.D., director of the Glaucoma and Optic Neuropathies program at the National Eye Institute (NEI), part of the National Institutes of Health.

According to the 2013 "Cost of Vision Problems: The Economic Burden of Vision Loss and Eye Disorders in the United States," report, glaucoma and disorders of the optic nerve annually cost $5.8 billion, with an annual per-person treatment cost of $2,170. Today, more than 2.7 million Americans ages 40 and older have open-angle glaucoma. With the population of older Americans continuing to increase, these numbers will only grow. Read more.

New Eyewear from Öga

"Öga’s new Talvac concept shows off what Öga does best. The combination of material and color contrasts, make Talvac visually striking, masculine, and comfortable. The texture, which defines the concept, is inspired by Scandinavian furniture where layers of material produce unique effects," reports Midwest Lens. "The Talvac temple, made from two-tone triple-layered acetate, is milled to reveal a second layer in a contrasting color. It is then textured using laser technology. The integrated endpiece hides the cam return spring-hinge system and acts as the link between the temple and frame fronts. Semi-rimless stainless steel frame fronts are paired with handcrafted acetate temples for a unique, but timeless design. Each of the three Talvac models is offered in 4 colors." Read more.

Patent Approved for Safety Telecommunication Eyewear

United States Patent and Trademark Office informed Energy Telecom, Inc., that all 32 claims in the company's 'Zone of Safety' Utility Patent Application, number 13/373,798, were allowed on January 7, 2014. The allowed claims include the telecommunications eyewear's ability to establish a 'Zone of Safety' around the safety glass user, including monitoring and reporting surrounding hazardous biometric conditions, using a wide variety of sensors, the horizontal axis, and movement or lack thereof of the eyewear wearer, and the ability to report those potentially harmful conditions to both the eyewear user and remote locations, wirelessly. Read more.

New Eyewear and Sunglasses from Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana has released its 2014 collection of eyewear and sunglasses, notes a post from Midwest Lens. The post shows eight of new items. Read more.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Eyewear from Skaga

"They have taken their inspiration from the northern regions of their beautiful country, Sweden," goes the Midwest Lens blog. "The Swedish wilderness. The bare and dramatic natural landscapes of the mountains, the deserted moors, the silence, the Northern Lights. Aasa and Addi frames are Skaga’s unique creations for spring. The women’s design has arms deco- rated with Sami tin thread work, while the men’s frames, Addi, have simple, stunning reindeer skin decoration. Genuine Swedish craftsmanship from Norrland which effectively underpins Skaga’s own values – authentic, Scandinavian and conscious." Read more.

New Eyewear from Thom Browne and Dita

"For 2014 fall/winter, Thom Browne again collaborates with Dita on a special eyewear collection," writes eMag. "Looking to designs from previous collaborations, new custom lenses have been added to the TB-500 model. The glasses are available in black, tortoise and navy, with white detailing featured at the temples, while its archival round frame furthers its retro motifs. The TB-500 took the runway recently at Thom Browne’s “Man vs. Beast” show for Paris Fashion Week, where each piece was juxtaposed against the models’ camouflaged faces. Look out for the collection to hit select Thom Browne and Dita retailers in the coming months." Read more.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Google's Take on Its Smart Contact Lens

"We’re [Google is] now testing a smart contact lens that’s built to measure glucose levels in tears using a tiny wireless chip and miniaturized glucose sensor that are embedded between two layers of soft contact lens material." That's from Google's blog about its smart contact lenses. "We’re testing prototypes that can generate a reading once per second. We’re also investigating the potential for this to serve as an early warning for the wearer, so we’re exploring integrating tiny LED lights that could light up to indicate that glucose levels have crossed above or below certain thresholds. It’s still early days for this technology, but we’ve completed multiple clinical research studies which are helping to refine our prototype. We hope this could someday lead to a new way for people with diabetes to manage their disease." Read more of Google's blog about the development.  

OpticalCEUs posted the development initially four days ago. Read that post.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ocuco Requests Re-Examination of Zeiss “Freeform” Patent

Ocuco Inc. has filed a re-examination request with the U.S. Patent office, seeking re-examination of Carl Zeiss Vision’s Patent 6,089,713, which claims the invention of back-surface progressive lenses. A “re-examination” is an administrative procedure established in the patent regulations that allows any person to request that the Patent Office reconsider its grant of a patent, based on  “substantial new issues of patentability”, which the requester must clearly set out. Read more.

Back in summer, Zeiss won a lawsuit about protecting its patent from use by others. See the results.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Eyewear from Modern Optical International

"Modern Optical International, introduces 4 new styles to its Modern Art Collection for Spring/Summer 2014," writes Midwest Lens. "Modern Art is an eclectic collection of women’s eyewear that offers beautiful, designer looks at affordable prices. Thoughtful design accents and tasteful color assortments engender chromatic harmony in these feminine silhouettes that Modern Optical refers to as 'collectibles.' The four new styles released for spring/summer 2014 will artfully accessorize her wardrobe for every occasion." Read more.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Google Develops CL That Monitors Glucose, Possibly Stealing Microsoft's Lead in the Field

"Google unveiled Thursday a contact lens that monitors glucose levels in tears, a potential reprieve for millions of diabetics who have to jab their fingers to draw their own blood as many as 10 times a day," according to an ABC News post. "The prototype, which Google says will take at least five years to reach consumers, is one of several medical devices being designed by companies to make glucose monitoring for diabetic patients more convenient and less invasive than the traditional finger pricks." Read more.

CNET notes that "Google is the only big tech company that's visionary and disruptive enough to back an idea like the smart contact lenses to help diabetics monitor blood-sugar levels, right? Wrong. Microsoft, that dowdy old has-been (at least in Silicon Valley conventional wisdom), was involved in the very same project in 2011. Project co-founder Babak Parviz, who today also leads Google Glass, previously worked on the contact-lens idea while at the University of Washington, cooperating with Microsoft. The project, at that time clearly at an earlier stage of maturity, is the centerpiece of a Microsoft video spotlighting the idea of a natural user interface that lets people work with computers without even knowing it. The contact lenses include a tiny microprocessor that could judge glucose levels in tears, then beam that information wirelessly to a device that could process the data and display results." Read more.

"Google is developing contact lenses with embedded electronics that can track the levels of glucose in a person’s tears and transmit that data wirelessly to a nearby receiver, an official blog post by Babak Parviz, a leader of the Google Glass wearable computing project revealed Thursday. The device is intended to help diabetics track their glucose levels without drawing blood." That's the start of a post from MIT Review about augmented contact lenses. Read more.

Eyes Process Images in 13 Milliseconds

"Computer processing speeds seem to exponentially increase every year. But a new study suggests that the original computer, the human brain, can process images the eyes see for only 13 milliseconds - a speed much faster than previously thought," says a Medical News Today post. "The study, conducted by neuroscientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), was recently published in the journal Attention, Perception, and Psychophysics. Though previous studies have suggested the fastest speed at which the brain can process images is 100 milliseconds, the researchers from MIT gradually increased speeds until their subjects' answers were no better than chance." Read more.

Ronson Debuts Her New Line for Vogue

"New York-based designer Charlotte Ronson is synonymous with rolling out effortlessly chic clothing and accessories season after season," notes LA Confidential. "In 2011, she ventured into the beauty realm via a makeup line with Sephora, and later dove into designing handbags. Now, she sets her sights on eyewear with a collection she crafted as part of the CFDA’s design series for Vogue Eyewear. Last night, Ronson’s famous friends Nicole Richie, Rashida Jones, Whitney Port, and many more joined her here in LA to fête the launch of her first-ever eyewear line [for Vogue]. We chatted up the designer to hear the details about her exclusive designs and find out where she goes when she’s in town." Read more

Opticians Promoting Itself Online

Eyetique, a Pittsburgh eyeglasses and sunglasses retailer, has released a slide show detailing the major eyewear trends of 2013. While in recent years, rimless styles have dominated eyewear, the popular frames of 2013 favored statement eyewear. Instead of making glasses near-invisible, designer eyeglass frames were embraced as a bold accessory to draw attention to the eyes and complement other features of the face. The slide show aims to give shoppers some new ideas about current fashion eyewear trends and inspire them to explore new frame options when looking for their next pair of unique glasses frames. Read more. See slideshow.

New Sunglasses from Activist Eyewear

"Two exciting January additions this year from Activist Eyewear. The new Byrd and Champlain sunglasses are a mash-up of high-tech materials and mid-20th-century charm," writes Midwest Lens. "The main chassis is built from surgical-grade stainless steel for strength, while the Split-Fit temples and nosepads are sheathed in rubber for superior grip and comfort. Both styles feature japanese-made acetate trim along the brow-line in a subtle matte finish, and are fitted with their exclusive ActiVIZm Polarized lenses for exceptional optics. While you may not be ski jumping or own a luge, these babies will serve you well for whatever games you’re playing this winter. Only 347 pieces were made of each colorway, so get ‘em while they last." Read more.

And More New Eyewear from Safilo

Gucci Capsule Collection: Gucci presents its new sunglasses for women and men that has lightweight construction. The lenses fully stand out with their shades, while the slim steel frame subtly underlines the shape. The new eyewear capsule collection includes four sophisticated shapes, enhanced by exotic colours and graphic lines. Read more.

Gucci for Men: Gucci's new men’s sunglasses and optical frame collection are a blend of classic allure, with their polarized lenses, easy-to-wear square-shaped silhouette and use of lightweight carbon fiber temples with rubber tips on the end of the temples. They come with the Gucci logo on the lenses and on the temples, the web green-red-green stripe and the Diamante pattern on the inside of the temples. Read more.

Tommy Hilfiger: The Tommy Hilfiger Group has introduced a new collection of men’s and women’s sunglasses and optical frames featuring lively color combinations and sophisticated details in the usually Hilfiger preppy style. Read more.

Online Retailer Adopts New Packaging and Pricing

Rivet & Sway, an online eyewear retailer for women, has unveiled a home-try-on package that provides up to five eyewear style options. The home-try-on package features luxurious undertones and intricate feminine details that create a visually stunning, fashion-forward presentation, according to a company spokesperson. The company also has enhanced its final purchase packaging, which now includes a stylish hard case to protect the frames. In addition to these packaging changes, the company recently unveiled a more consumer-friendly pricing structure that allows women to purchase multiple pairs of glasses at a lower cost. Read more.

POC Signs as Eyewear Supplier to Garmin-Sharp Cycling

"Swedish sports safety apparel company POC has signed an agreement to provide eyewear to the Team Garmin-Sharp professional cycling squad," says Optician Online. "From the beginning of 2014, POC became the official helmet and eyewear supplier of Team Garmin-Sharp, the American professional cycling team which is managed by Slipstream sports and was recently sponsored by Transitions. Riders on the Garmin squad will choose from a number of different frames, including DID’s and the soon-to-be-released DO Blades." Read more.

New Eyewear from Gunnar Optiks

"Gunnar Optiks, pioneer of precision-engineered computer and gaming eyewear, is ringing in the New Year by unveiling the Intercept Color Collection. This new assortment of richly energetic hues brings a personalized, multi-chromatic touch to the retro-infused, high-tech optical perfection of Gunnar’s successful Intercept product line," reports Midwest Lens. “The new Color Collection adds five vibrant hues to the Intercept suite – Cobalt, Fire, Kryptonite, Ghost and Ink – which join the classic, original Onyx model. As always, these new, colorful styles deliver the same high-quality lens technology and frame construction while providing the competitive edge that Gunnar users have come to expect." Read more.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Technique Makes Smart CLs More Feasible

"A new way of making ultrathin, flexible and transparent electronics has been unveiled by researchers in Switzerland," reports Physics World. "The technique involves fabricating micron-thick electronic devices on a conventional silicon wafer, which is later detached by soaking it in water. The free-floating devices can then be placed onto a variety of biological tissues, including human skin and even a single hair. The technology could be used to make "smart" contact lenses for monitoring the pressure in an eyeball or for creating flexible solar cells." Read more.

Vuzix Introducing "Smart" Sunglasses in 2015

"Although smart sunglasses exist (like Recon's above), they're seldom pretty by the usual standards -- you won't impress many people at the beach. If Vuzix has its way, though, these shades will be as fashionable as the eyewear from your favorite label," notes Engadget. "It has just reached a deal with an unnamed major electronics company that could lead to smart glasses that look just as good as 'designer sunglasses;' see-through waveguide optics would keep the display relatively subtle. Just don't hold off on buying any traditional gear in the meantime. Vuzix doesn't expect to build prototypes before 2015, let alone a finished product. Still, it's good to know that smart sunglasses and style won't be mutually exclusive at some point in the future." Read more.

New Cruz Eyewear from A&A

Midwest Lens writes: "A&A Optical announces the release of three new styles from the Cruz eyewear collection: I-516, I-710 and Woodward Ave. Affordable luxuries designed for the discriminating, modern man. Cruz eyewear offers a selection of fine, hand crafted frames which complement any lifestyle and any age. Encompassing a unique mixture of elements in colors, coatings, materials and shapes, Cruz eyewear connects with today’s modern man." Read more.

L'Amy America Launches New Sports Eyewear for Columbia

L’Amy America has launched its 2014 outdoor Hagar Mountain, created specifically for Columbia’s target elite outdoor user. The eyewear offers a full-rim, easily RXable, 8-base chassis. The frame's lightweight comfort and superb durability are results of Columbia eyewear’s exclusive H90 frame construct. Columbia’s legendary H90 material is grams lighter than the typical Grilamid sport frame material. Its Gripol rubber temple tip inserts mean the frame stays securely in place during activity. Read more.

More New Eyewear from Safilo

Marc by Marc Jacobs: The Spring/Summer 2014 Marc by Marc Jacobs eyewear collection showcases new sunglasses and optical frames featuring the brand’s chic spirit. A new interpretation of the brand’s stripes is emboldened by a refined blend of materials, trendy colors, and a shaded effect. Read more.

Marc Jacobs: Its Spring/Summer 2014 eyewear and sunglasses collection is said to convey classic glamour and an elegant flair. Their geometric shapes, with bold volumes and unexpected color combinations, are enhanced by an alluring blend of materials highlighting the new glasses’ 50s-inspired design. Read more.

Pierre Cardin: The new Cardin collection reflects the house’s distinctive spirit by using geometric shapes, jewel-like details and precious materials. Read more.

Max&Co.: Graphic patterns and floral motifs in a color palette featuring bold hues beside classic eyewear shades. The collection of sunglasses and optical frames reflects the brand’s fashion attitude. For women who want to surprise and be surprised, looking and being looked at, always in the spotlight. Read more.

Max Mara: Max Mara new collection reportedly conveys a message of ultramodern design that is combined with crafted elements characterizing Max Mara. The new models are designed for the sophisticated and self-confident contemporary woman. Read more.

Monday, January 13, 2014

PBA Changes Name to Prevent Blindness

Prevent Blindness America has changed its operating name to Prevent Blindness. The group is using the new name as a launching pad to refocus efforts around a number of key areas including awareness of diabetic eye disease with the growing diabetes epidemic, women's eye health, children's vision, improving the quality of life for those living with low vision, and an increased role in public health research related to vision. Read more.

Making Sonic Vision More Affordable for Vision Impaired

"The commercial systems that exist today in Spain for the mobility of persons with sight impairment are insufficient, according to these UC3M researchers, because they are costly and too bulky," notes Science Daily. "The assistive technology, conceived as a sound guide that gives information as to the user's environment, precisely aims to make this ingenious complement to the classic cane or guide dog more economical." Read more.

New Eyewear from Safilo (Choo, Hugo, Gucci, Veneta, Boos Orange, Boss, McQueen)

With coming of the spring and the annual optical conventions weeks away, Safilo has continued to release new collections from its designers.

Jimmy Choo: The Jimmy Choo eyewear collection for Spring Summer 2014 celebrates the brand’s luxury spirit, with its contemporary and sophisticated sunglasses and optical frames. See images from the collection and read more.

Hugo: The style of Hugo Eyewear's Spring/Summer 2014 collection combine cutting-edge design, contemporary inspirations and an avant-garde spirit. The sunglasses collection, enriched also with new optical frames, features innovative technical details and minimalist shapes. A sophisticated color palette and refined transparencies highlight the models’ technical details. A new design element of two parallel lines creates a link to the brand name and the letter “H”. See images from the collection and read more.

Gucci: Gucci presents its Spring Summer 2014 eyewear collection, introducing new sunglasses and optical frames dedicated to an elegant and feminine woman. The styles are embellished with pastel nuances and fine textures. Delicate silhouettes reflect the tradition of excellence, the savoir-faire and the flawless craftsmanship which have always defined the house. See images from the collection and read more.
Bottega Veneta: This season, Bottega Veneta enriches its sophisticated eyewear collection with new sunglasses and optical frames that highlight the brand’s unique aesthetic and enduring motifs and feature subtle signatures including the intrecciato motif, photoengraved studs, as well as the block hinge, reinterpreted in new versions. Made from the finest quality materials, these new styles feature the superb craftsmanship, versatility, and timeless elegance that define the Bottega Veneta brand. See images from the collection and read more.

Boss Orange: The Spring/Summer 2014 Boss Orange Eyewear Collection showcases new sunglasses and optical frames with a contemporary flair and a trendy, urban-inspired design. See images from the collection and read more.

Boss: The Spring/Summer 2014 Boss Eyewear Collection presents new sunglasses and optical frames with a sophisticated allure, a perfect blend of vintage inspirations and elegant hues. See images from the collection and read more.

Alexander McQueen: The Spring/Summer 2014 Alexander McQueen eyewear collection features sunglasses and optical frames with new interpretations of the brand’s most iconic details, such as the skull. This latest collection boasts skilful manufacturing techniques and precious materials, perfectly blending tradition with a modern flair, to reflect the brand’s unique style. See images from the collection and read more.

CLs Measure Intraocular Pressure

"Look out Google Glass—a new kind of eye enhancement technology is in the works," reports HealthLine. "Researchers from the Wearable Computing Group in Zurich, Switzerland have given contact lenses a futuristic upgrade. They've developed a light, flexible, ultra-thin membrane with the potential to detect fluid buildup in the eye, called intraocular pressure, in cases of glaucoma.
'[T]he developed technology could find application as smart contact lenses able to monitor and diagnose glaucoma disease, and it could offer significant advantages over existing solutions in terms of thickness, lightness, and transparency and, hence, comfort for the patient,' the researchers wrote in the journal Nature Communications." Read more.

New Eyewear from Giorgio Armani

"The new Giorgio Armani eyewear collection sets the trend for unmistakable elegance, combining innovation, refinement and experimentation," according to Midwest Lens. "For Winter 2013/2014, both men’s and women’s eyewear feature accents of velvet – a fabric with a sensual touch that has always been a Giorgio Armani favourite – enhanced with gold touches. The quality construction of the frames highlights the unusual and tactile details, creating a collection of timeless and elegantly-shaped classics." Read more.

Vint and York at Golden Globe Awards

Vint and York was a sponsor of this year’s 71st Annual Golden Globes in Los Angeles, CA. In honor of the 71st Annual Golden Globes Awards, nominees and celebrities, including Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Greta Gerwig, Kerry Washington, Zooey Deschanel, Lena Dunham, Jennifer Lawrence, Jared Leto, Andy Samberg, Bradley Cooper, Michael Fassbender, Leonardo Di Caprio, Christian Bale, Kevin Spacey, and Don Cheadle,  received Vint and York Prophet.
Vint and York's  frames are brightly colored and uniquely shaped. Vint and York eyewear retail for $109.00: which includes the premium prescription lenses and free shipping. Vint and York new sunglasses featuring Zeiss Vision Lenses retail for $129.00. To find out more or to make a purchase, visit

More Financing for Device That Lowers Eye Pressure

Ivantis, developer of the Hydrus Microstent device designed to lower eye pressure for glaucoma patients, reportedly has secured an additional $14 million from Vertex Ventures and GBS Ventures in the final close of its Series B financing. The funds will support three ongoing clinical trials, including the US pivotal trial. Ivantis also has received approval from the FDA to move from the initial safety phase of its US pivotal trial to the expanded phase. Additionally, the company announced that it recently presented two-year data from international trials on the Hydrus device at the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Read more.

New Implant Measures Intraocular Pressure

"Implandata Ophthalmic Products GmbH (Implandata) has successfully completed its ARGOS-01 pilot study for the first implantable, permanent intraocular pressure sensor," according to Medical News Today. "Implant safety and functionality has been demonstrated in this study. In addition important information was gained, which will result in new and additional product versions and alternate implantation procedures. In this first-in-human study important clinical and technical aspects of the new-to-the-world intraocular pressure sensor for glaucoma patients have been tested and assessed. The micro sensor allows close monitoring of the patients disease status and glaucoma therapy success." Read more.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

VCI's Grading Scale App and Its Guide

Colleen Jones, director of the Vision Care Institute, sent an email to many ECPs with great news: the available of VCI's Clinical Grading Scales App and its guide. She explained: "Adapted from the Efron Grading Scales, this free, interactive and easy-to-use app can be downloaded via the Apple App Store for use on an iPhone."

VCI also has provided a guide for using the app. It "provides straightforward instructions for using the app to grade a condition, perform side-by-side comparisons, generate reports, and leverage valuable resources to excel in techniques and continue to refresh and expand your clinical knowledge. The guide can also be downloaded from our website. Click here to download the manual from...[VCI's] website."

If you are not familiar with the institute's app, here's what it can do, as noted by the VCI director:
  • "Evaluate nine common eye conditions that lessen and increase with real-time morphing animation of severity levels.
  • "Evaluate the progression of complications by comparing severity levels in 0.1 increments side-by-side.
  • "Demonstrate clinical assessment to patients.
  • "Export (print or email) a clinical assessment report for each patient record and/or patient education without collecting or releasing personal data.
  • "View a comprehensive assessment guide including slit lamp illumination techniques, corneal inflammation vs. infection, signs of oxygen deficiency, staining and lid assessments and more...

"We believe this tool will be a valuable asset to your practice, aiding the delivery of efficient, high quality care to help patients maintain healthy contact lens wear. We would like to thank Nathan Efron for use of the grading scales and his partnership in this effort to assist eye care professionals.

"Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact The Vision Care Institute, LLC, at or (800) 874-6690."

New Eyewear and Sunglasses from Safilo's Oxydo

For Spring/Summer 2014, Oxydo's new eyewear collection features its range of bold and lightweight models, the laser-engraved logo on the right temple tip, and the step hinge. Each model comes in four colors: eminent black, Havana, nude tone, and a color that changes with the seasons. The Spring/Summer 2014 seasonal color will be volcanic rust.

OX 1072/S:  These men’s sunglasses, using a mix of acetate and metal, has a large, rectangular-shaped front with rounded edges and flat metal temples.
OX 1076/S: With their rounded front and slim profiles, these women’s steel sunglasses is presented in matte rust with shaded grey lenses and a discreet flash coating.

Optical frames
OX 537
This large, rectangular-shaped acetate optical frame for men has a bold profile and wide temples with a metal core. 

OX 54: This cat-eye acetate optical frame for women blends different shapes and materials: the front and temple tips come in the same color and are perfectly matched with slim metal temples.

New Eyewear and Sunglasses from Safilo's Carrera Collection

The new Spring/Summer 2014 Carrera collection of sunglasses and eyewear was inspired by Carrera's heritage in sports.

Carrera 84/S – Special Edition: These pilot-shaped unisex acetate sunglasses owes its fame to Downhill Racer, a 1969 movie starring a young Robert Redford wearing these celebrated sunglasses. Its tri-layer acetate frame comes in color combos of black-white-gray, blue-ivory-red and Havana.
Carrera 85/S: This unisex aviator shape model with a double bridge features an interplay between the Optyl front and the ultra-slim metal temples. These sunglasses, available in black-ruthenium, Havana-gold, opal-black and gray-black, are a take on the brand’s original “Captain” sunglasses.
Carrera 6014/S: These women’s sunglasses have a rounded front in Optyl and flat metal temples. It comes in brick red-gold, white-palladium, blue-copper gold, black-ruthenium, Havana-gold, purple-palladium, pink-gold, air force blue-light gold. 
Carrera 5012/S: The design of the latest Carrera Craze unisex model was  inspired by the brand’s original “Sunjet” collection. It has a flat round steel front plastic temples, and it  is available in the following colors with mirrored lenses: black-white, burgundy-aqua, gray-blue, beige-coral, green.
Carrera 5013/S: These Optyl and metal rectangular-shaped unisex sunglasses come in contrasting colors on the front and temples. The mirrored lensed item is available in crystal-brick red, black-brown, Havana-black gray-burgundy, green-blue-black, and orange-blue.
Carrera 5015/S: These women’s sunglasses have a rectangular Optyl front and  geometric-shaped metal temples and plastic temple tips. Its colors: black-brown, Havana-brown, orange-blue, orange-pink, yellow-blue, green, green-purple.

Optical Frames
CA6620: This women's optical frame has a front of Optyl with the temple tips  different shades of the same color. It has slim metal temples. This model comes in neutral, essential hues: black-ruthenium, pink-copper, air force blue-ruthenium, Havana-light gold.

CA6622: The new Optyl men’s optical frame has softly rounded edges and a sleek silhouette, for an ultra-lightweight feel and the utmost comfort. The classic, understated shape is enlivened by a fashionable graduated shading effect and opalescent tones of gray blue, havana, dark brown, gloss black. Read more.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Coming Soon to a TV Near You: An Xperio Marketing Campaign

Essilor of America will launch a second year of its national consumer advertising for Xperio UV polarized lenses. Xperio UV is the first Rx polarized lens brand to launch direct to consumer advertising, which last year increased brand awareness with its website,, drawing more than 1,500  visits per day.

The 2014 campaign will be back on the air in the second quarter. It will show relevant situations of how the lenses eliminate blinding reflective glare and offer an Eye-Sun Protection Factor of 50+, the highest level of UV protection that provides at least 50 times more protection from dangerous UV radiation compared to wearing no lenses at all.

Essilor will also launch a national point of purchase campaign, sending consumer display specialists to over 4,000 practices. Read more.

New Galatic eBook for Children with Visual Impairments

"A stunning Hubble Space Telescope image of the colorful 30 Doradus Nebula, a giant star-forming region, is the focal point of an eBook on stellar evolution aimed at children with visual impairments, ages 10 to 12," reports Science Daily. "The book is called "Reach for the Stars: Touch, Look, Listen, Learn." Its developers have issued the first chapter, which is being previewed at the winter meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Washington, D.C. The ebook will available in Apple's iBook store to download for free on iPads in the near future." Read more.

Eye Store Thief Calls 911 on Himself

"No one’s really sure what was going through Michael Garvin’s mind when he broke into an Ada, Okla. eye care store," according to an SFGate post. "All police and store employees have is the aftermath of one very bizarre night. Ada police released surveillance video of the Jan. 4 break-in at Ada Family Eye Care. Something bad must have happened because police say Garvin, 22, called 911 from the business’ phone, Oklahoma City’s News 9 reports." Read more.

Stem Cell Treatment for AMD

Science Daily reports that "age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the most frequent cause of blindness. Scientists at the Department of Ophthalmology at the Bonn University Hospital and from the Neural Stem Cell Institute in New York (USA) have developed a method for using stem cells to replace cells in the eye destroyed by AMD. The implants survived in rabbit eyes for several weeks. Additional research is needed for clinical application. The results are now presented in the journal Stem Cell Reports." Read more.

New Mercedes-Benz Eyewear from Rodenstock

All in all, the Mercedes-Benz Style Eyewear Collection spring/summer 2014 comprises 20 new pairs of sunglasses and designs for corrective lenses. The eyewear specialists at Rodenstock designed and developed the glasses together with the automobile designers at Mercedes-Benz. The new models make their debut at opti 2014, the international trade show for optics and design (10 to 12 January 2014). Sensual purity as an expression of modern luxury reflects the Mercedes-Benz Style design philosophy as a leitmotif of the new collection. The new spectacles will be available from specialist eyewear stores from spring 2014. Read more.

New Eyewear from Safilo

The new Spring/Summer 2014 Safilo collection is said to reflect the brand’s greatest strengths: Italian creativity, reliability and innovation. The Made in Italy – Women's collection includes a lightweight frame that reportedly conveys an aura of elegance with its acetate front and temple tips and slim metal temples with Elasta hinges. It comes in shades of black-light gold and Havana-palladium, accompanied by hues of coral-copper gold and cyclamen-pink. Another frame (SA 6009) is designed as if it were a refined accessory. Its clean profile and a slim steel front match ultra-slim metal temples embellished with a “hammered” texture. It's available in bright, intense hues of brown, rose gold and palladium. The Men's version of the collection blends symmetry and style with a bold, avant-garde design. A small metal plaque adorns the initial part of the temples. Its translucent acetate graduates with a shading effect in tones of Havana, brown-crystal, black-grey and black. The SA 1014, a large, square-shaped frame, has ultra-slim profiles and temples and a mix of metal and Optyl. It comes in shades of Havana-red-ruthenium, havana-blue-black, havana-bronze, black-ruthenium.

The Seventh Street line is geared to younger, fashion-conscious customers. The S 230, a boys frame, has a rectangular front and flat temples. The frame has a bright, edgy color palette with contrasting tones on the inside and outside of the frame in blue-orange, ruthenium-yellow, black-green and matte-gloss black. The lightweight unisex S 232 has slightly rounded edges This model comes in purple-ruthenium, black-fuchsia, red-black, brown-yellow, blue-ruthenium and matte-gloss black. Read more.

Lumus Enters the Consumer AR Eyewear Market

"Lumus has long developed heads-up displays for the US military, but now it's using a developer kit called the DK-40 to bring its HUD tech to wearables outside the battlefield," according to Engadget. "The contraption's first stop was the CES show floor, so we couldn't resist putting our fingerprints all over it. The key feature of the DK-40 is the "optical engine", which eliminates the need for a thick piece of glass to house a substantially sized prism. For the most part, the lens is transparent, but refracting light can occasionally catch the prisms and remind you (again) that it's not run-of-the-mill eyewear." Read more.

New Smith Optics Eyewear Collection from Safilo

For Spring/Summer 2014, Smith Optics will celebrate its past with a new collection featuring a new line of eyewear, including sunglasses that replicate the brand’s popular models.  
  • Marvine (1993): This unisex plastic model with a rounded silhouette comes with TNT polycarbonate lenses and metal-core temples.  Colors include: vintage-inspired color combinations such as crystal honey with green lenses, red with shaded gray lenses, havana with brown lenses, matte black with black or shaded gray lenses, and hunter green with black lenses. 
  • Cornice (1991): The large, square-shaped plastic frame is ultra-lightweight and has adjustable slim temples with a metal core. The glasses are available in tones of dark gray with green mirrored lenses, transparent crystal with red mirrored lenses, havana with brown lenses, matte black with black or shaded gray lenses are available.

The new optical frames collection from Smith includes: 
  • Etta: This cat-eye acetate optical frame for women has contrasting colors on the front and temples. It comes in Havana, black-fuchsia, light blue-blue, pink-acid green, black with floral motifs, and crystal with floral motifs.  
  • Daraby: With metal-core temples, this men’s acetate optical frame comes in a variety of hues and color combos such as Havana, horn, red with striped temples, light brown with striped temples, and crystal black. Read more.

Friday, January 10, 2014

New Eyewear from Moscot

Moscot just released Moscot Originals--Titanium Collection. The line is comprised of four popular frames refashioned from titanium--Lemtosh, Miltzen, Nebb, and Zolman. The company says that the line marries the distinctive characteristics, look, and feel of each style with titanium to create streamlined, lightweight silhouettes. Made from strong, hypoallergenic, pliant material that can be easily adjusted for the perfect fit, the four frames are available with coordinated mirrored sun lenses, and in three classic new color combinations: Charcoal/Wine, Navy/Beige, and Tortoise/Pine. Read more.