Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Vuzix Introducing "Smart" Sunglasses in 2015

"Although smart sunglasses exist (like Recon's above), they're seldom pretty by the usual standards -- you won't impress many people at the beach. If Vuzix has its way, though, these shades will be as fashionable as the eyewear from your favorite label," notes Engadget. "It has just reached a deal with an unnamed major electronics company that could lead to smart glasses that look just as good as 'designer sunglasses;' see-through waveguide optics would keep the display relatively subtle. Just don't hold off on buying any traditional gear in the meantime. Vuzix doesn't expect to build prototypes before 2015, let alone a finished product. Still, it's good to know that smart sunglasses and style won't be mutually exclusive at some point in the future." Read more.

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