Monday, December 31, 2012

The Rooney's Don Sunglasses

His father earns a six figure sum every week so it's no surprise to see Kai Rooney has all the latest gadgets, regardless of how expensive they are,” reports the Daily Mail. “The three-year-old son of Coleen and Wayne was seen enjoying a session on his iPad while taking a break from a busy day on the beach in Barbados. Kai was seen playing on the device, which costs around £400 depending on the specification, with a dummy in his mouth and a pair of designer sunglasses on. ...Earlier in the day Kai had been seen playing with his mother Coleen and the pair were active despite the fact she is four months pregnant with her second child.” Read more.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mapping How the Brain Organizes What We See

"Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, have found that the brain is wired to put in order all the categories of objects and actions that we see. They have created the first interactive map of how the brain organizes these groupings," writes Medical News Today. "The result - achieved through computational models of brain imaging data collected while the subjects watched hours of movie clips - is what researchers call 'a continuous semantic space.' Some relationships between categories make sense (humans and animals share the same 'semantic neighborhood') while others (hallways and buckets) are less obvious. The researchers found that different people share a similar semantic layout." Read more.

See a video and read more at Neuro Gadget.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Still Promoting the Sale of Colored CLs

Here's another press release from SBWire about the sale of color contact lenses. This time, it's from Savannah. (Read the other noted press release.) "People who are interested in purchasing some cheap colored contacts can head over to the website, where they will be able to get some of the best colored contact lenses for a cheaper price." Here's the question: Does the site ask for a prescription? The media relations contact is Claire R. King, 718-409-5771, and a website based email can be found at

We emailed Ms. King on Dec. 28, but we did not hear from her for several hours so we went to the site. There was a variety of decorative CLs--primarily gradients. We selected basic black. Two clicks later, we were at the shopping cart. The price for the plano, black CLs was a "cheap" $18. If we had ordered three pairs, shipping would have been free. We could have charged them on MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. Not once during the purchasing process did the seller ask for our script or for the name of our eye care provider (ECP). We did not complete the purchase.  

A few minutes before nine last night (Dec. 29), we received the following email from Geo Colored Contacts--although not from Claire King: "Yes, you require a prescription to buy color contacts from us. You can email us a copy of your prescription or provide us with your optician's clinic name and address.Thank you." The email was sent from That's a good answer, but it does not explain how we or anyone could order lenses from its website without providing fitting details. We sent back the following email a few minutes ago (again on Dec. 29):

Thank you for responding to my question.
Before I heard from you, I went to your website. I almost purchased a pair of lenses. Why didn't your website ask for my prescription or fitting sizes before I went to check out my order?
Another UpdateThe company responded early on Dec. 30: "You should've received an automated email after check out to ask for and confirm your prescription. Did you not receive it? Give me your order id and I'll check our system for you. Thank [you]."

As noted, we never completed the transaction. So we do not have an id, and there is no way that we could have received the email asking for and confirming our prescription.

Geo Colored Contacts is complying with FDA regulations, but we wondered just how many ECPs ring up an order for CLs before checking the prescription. It  seems odd. Wouldn't most ECPs ask for the script prior to ringing up the sale? Wouldn't an ECP need to see the script in order to determine if he/she could fill it?

A Possible Update
SBWire issued yet another press release about decorative contact lenses:
New South Wales, Australia -- ( SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2012 -- Philosophers state that the best thing among women is their eyes. Eyes are not only an opening for the soul to see the outside world, but are also an access into the insight of a person. No matter how well one does in putting up other cosmetics, the eye will always continue to hold the place of most attractive section in the human body. In order to enhance such enigma one can make use of circle lenses that provide the eye with a refreshing look.
Coloured contact lenses have recently gained much attention as they continue to make a heavy contribution in a woman’s grooming session. Even the hottest celebrities make use of these lenses for getting the desired attention from the crowd. In such context, adopting circle lenses can prove out to be a masterstroke for young ladies who wish for a handsome guy. Additionally, these colored lenses can be used for any occasion as they resemble an original look. If one wants to go for perfection, one can have a collection of these colored contact lenses such that their appearance is always matched with the color of their retina.... From the safety point of view, these contact lenses are prepared with extra care such that every ingredient is examined thoroughly and passed through a test before making it to the official packaging section. Presence of experts at the factory ensures that there are no hazards involved in the production process. The circle lenses are prepared with a view to facilitate women such that they can implement the modern make up items that is something more than the traditional lipsticks and brushed. The natural get up of the product is bound to get people with appreciation from their friends, family and relatives. This season it is high time that one makes a fresh style statement and breaks the existing barriers with coloured contact lenses. Website: [whose design resembles that of Geo Colored Contacts].

New from Sundog Eyewear

"With industry-leading Mela-Lens™ technology, Sundog Eyewear is synonymous with the finest sunglasses designed specifically for golfers. For 2013, Sundog again raises the standard for eye protection combined with trend-setting style in eight new models including Paula Creamer’s dramatic Passion, and two Limited Edition Bent models in commemoration of Louis Oosthuizen’s historic shot at the 2012 Masters," notes a post on Midwest Lens. "The 2013 Sundog Eyewear Collection features 22 exclusive styles ranging from sleek performance to fashion forward casual models ideal for both on and off the golf course. Also new to the Collection for 2013 are the exciting Draft, Bolt, Illusion, Ellwood, Mach, and Prelude designed for women." Read more.

Researchers Identify Proteint Need for Retinal Development

"Johns Hopkins researchers A. R. Tomas and M. R. Deans have identified a protein needed for neuron organization in the developing retina," reports Medical News Today. "The team says that the study helps reveal how the healthy retina - the part of the eye that detects light - is built, and will lead to a greater understanding of what goes wrong in eye disease." Read more.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Scientists Develop Two Systems for Corneal Endothelium

"Human corneal endothelial cells (HCEnCs) form a monolayer of hexagonal cells whose main function is to maintain corneal clarity by regulating corneal hydration. Cell loss due to aging or corneal endothelial disorders, such as Fuchs dystrophy, can lead to cornea edema and blindness, resulting in the need for cornea transplants." That's the start of a post on a new develpment regarding endothelial cells on Science Daily. "Studying human corneal endothelium has been difficult for cell biologists because limited cellular model systems exist and have significant drawbacks. The major drawback is that HCEnC cells do not divide and there is a limited source of these cells both for patient transplantation and for study in the laboratory. This field of study is now easier. Scientists from the Schepens Eye Research Institute, [Massachusetts] Eye and Ear, have developed of HCENC-21 and HCEnC-21T, two novel model systems for human corneal endothelium. Their findings, "Telomerase Immortalization of Human Corneal Endothelial Cells Yield Functional Hexagonal Monolayers," are online in the [peer-reviewed] PLOS One." Read more.

Can Sunglasses Make a Presidential Candidate?

"The presidential election campaign was well under way in April when the photo went viral of Hillary Rodham Clinton flying on a military plane, wearing sunglasses and studying her BlackBerry," notes a post from the Sacreamento Bee. "It became a meme and is an advance look at campaigns to come. Photographers from Reuters and Time snapped the shot as Clinton flew from Malta to Tripoli in October 2011. But the photo went viral in April 2012, prompting New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd to write about Clinton having 'cemented her newly cool image.' Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter, @textfromhillary, controlled this story. I dare the hardest of hard Republicans to flip through the Tumblr page and not lol at some of the images, like the one in which Condoleezza Rice supposedly tells President George W. Bush that she left her sunglasses in her desk back at State." Read more.

Attendees Say OpticalCEUs Hit a Homer with Its Fall 2012 Conference

Linda Conlin, founder of the innovative, attendee-oriented continuing education program OpticalCEUs and the increasingly popular optical news site, Optical News from OpticalCEUs, recently released the outstanding performance evaluations from opticians attending its Fall 2012 Continuing Education Seminar for Opticians at Foxwoods. As mandated by ABO/NCLE (American Board of Opticianry/National Contact Lens Examiners), OpticalCEUs surveys attendee reaction to each seminar using a standard ABO/NCLE questionnaire. “Clearly our attendees appreciate the time, energy, and professionalism that each speaker puts into her/his work,” said Linda Conlin. To see all the evaluations, click this link.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

CLs Stuck on Man's Eye

"Years of misuse have left a local man's contact lenses stuck to his eyes, local media reported Wednesday," goes the report appearing on a Golbal Times of Beijing post. "A doctor discovered the man's predicament during a routine community health examination, according to a report in the Shanghai Evening Post. Since the man, surnamed Wang, began wearing contact lenses 10 years ago, he has never taken them out of his own volition, though they have occasionally broken or fallen out on their own, said Zhu Jianfeng, a doctor from the Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and Treatment Center. Zhu said that he has never met someone who wore the same contact lenses over such long periods....Wang said that he thought it was a waste of time to put them in every morning and take them out each night, according to the newspaper report." Read more.

Inducing Americans to Buy Decorative CLs

If you do not think decorative contact lenses remains a public hazard, read the following press release for Juicy Contacts, issued ironically enough on Christmas from Los Angeles. The release,  distributed by SBWire, ignores CLs FDA ratings as medical devices:

Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/25/2012 -- Anyone who’s ever dreamt about having bright and luminous eyes that get noticed by others can turn to Juicy Contacts to enhance their appearance for this holiday season. The online store has recently introduced a dazzling array of non prescription colored contacts to help individuals significantly improve their appearance without investing too much. 
“Changing your eye color is, perhaps, the easiest way to revamp your appearance and get noticed by others without emptying your savngs account or endangering your health”, says Marketing Director of Juicy Contacts. “Whether you want to simply enhance your natural color, make it brighter, vibrant and distinguishable, or put together a whole new look that’s trendy and fashionable, we offer a wide selection of colored contacts to match any style and budget”. 
If in the past, changing the eye color was an improvement only movie stars had access to, today’s non prescription colored contacts are 100% accessible, easy to use and, most importantly, safe. Non prescription colored contacts don’t have corrective or powered lens, as, they are only meant to be worn for aesthetic purposes, therefore putting them on will not affect the eye. 
Notice how the release fails to include the name of the marketing director.  If you go to its website (, does the company send the individual to eye care professionals, optometrists, opticians? Nope. The company asks the individual to place an online order.

FYI: MS's Progression Seen Thru Retinas

"Retina thinning may reveal how rapidly multiple sclerosis is progressing, researchers from Johns Hopkins MS Center reported in the journal Neurology. The scientists explained that they referred to the thinning of 'a layer of the retina in the eyes.'" That's the start of a Medical News Today post. "Peter Calabresi, MD. and team recruited 164 participants from Johns Hopkins MS Center. They all underwent eye scans every six months to check for thinning of a part of their retinas. Repeat scans were carried out for an average of 21 months. Fifty-nine of the volunteers had no MS disease activity." Read more.

For another version of the story, read the post on Science Daily.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

More on Designing an Artificial Lens for the Human Eye

"Drawing heavily upon nature for inspiration, a team of researchers has created a new artificial lens that is nearly identical to the natural lens of the human eye. This innovative lens, which is made up of thousands of nanoscale polymer layers, may one day provide a more natural performance in implantable lenses to replace damaged or diseased human eye lenses, as well as consumer vision products; it also may lead to superior ground and aerial surveillance technology," reports Midwest Lens. "This work, which the Case Western Reserve University, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, and PolymerPlus team describes in the Optical Society’s (OSA) open-access journal Optics Express, also provides a new material approach for fabricating synthetic polymer lenses." Read more.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

New Self-Service Portal from ABO/NCLE

The American Board of Opticianry and the  National Contact Lens Examiners (ABO/NCLE) now offers a self-service portal at Eye care professionals can review and print a copy of your transcript, renew your certification, and update your contact information. ABO/NCLE assign members a six-digit user name (their certificaiton numbers) and password. The user name is the same as the members certificatino number, and his/her password is composed of the first three letters of his/her last name plus the certificanio number. Read more at

OpticalCEU's Fall Seminar a Success—Say Attendees

Superstorm Sunday could not dampen the spirits of those opticians attending OpticalCEU's Fall Continuing Education Seminar. Here's what they had to say about the individual courses offered at the lavish Foxwoods Resorts and Casino:
  • Lensology - a Review of Lens Basics: "Great review, thanks";  "Great job!"
  • Troubleshooting Prism: "Very good"; "Great job!"; "Very good!"; "Awesome!! I really enjoyed this class. I love learning about prism!"; "Excellent speaker" 
  • Getting Started: How to Start Fitting Contact Lenses: "Great class!"; "Good refresher"; "Joe is a great addition"; "Very interesting!"; "Very good!"; "Excellent speaker, really enjoyed!"; "Presented several brands"
  • Dry Eye and Contact Lenses: "Great speaker and good review on dry eye syndrome"
  • Therapeutic Contact Lenses: "Very good info on therapeutic CLs"; "Very interesting"; "Interesting"; "Excellent speaker, enjoyed very much"
  • Keratoconus: "Very Good"; "Instructor very organized and informative"; "Excellent speaker. Thank you Linda"
  • General comments: "Very educational/great food"; "A lot of credits at once and location"; "Enjoy the topics discussed by the speakers, convenience. Great job!"
More comments to come in the next few days.

Vision Expo East Opens Registration for 2013

Registration is now open for International Vision Expo East has opened registgration for its March 2013 conference and trade show. It will return to New York City's Javits Center, March 14-17. For those interested, you can register at this site: <>.

Call for Optometric Hall of Fame Nominations

Nominations for the 2013 National Optometry Hall of Fame are now being accepted. The National Optometry Hall of Fame highlights the luminaries within the field of optometry—individuals who have made a significant and long-lasting impact on the profession. The deadline for nominations is Dec. 31. Nomination forms for 2013 can be downloaded from

Friday, December 21, 2012

A Christmas Miracle in Boston? A Connecticut ECP Hopes So

Miracles happen, and Gailtree Basant and her family are waiting for just that this holiday season. They are waiting hundreds of miles from their Connecticut home in Boston. They wait near a hospital. They wait for the heart and lung her husband Bernard needs to live.

Miracles unfortunately don't pay for themselves. So the Basant family needs your assistance.
Gaitree, an optical secretary for Opticare Eye Health and Vision Centers in Connecticut, normally would never ask. This time is different. Benard was born with Eisenmenger's syndrome. About year ago, he was hospitalized. His physicians told him as he labored to breath that his heart and lungs weren't working properly. He needed a heart and lung transplant. A few weeks ago, he was approved for the surgery.

The family temporarily relocated to Boston, where the surgery will be performed. Why the move? There's a good chance that he will have only two hours from the time surgeons inform him that they have the heart and lung to the start of the operation.

Gaitree estimates the family must raise $50,000 to pay for expenses not covered by insurance. Work associates and friends have raised a portion. You can help too. It's simple. Go to the Basant family's YouCaring website (click this link). Click the GIVE button and donate to the family's YouCaring PayPal account.

It's not too often that you can help save a life with the click of a button. So give with heart this season for a family that needs a new one.

Cause of a Widespread Eye Disease Found by Young Scientist

Branch retinal vein occlusion -- blockage of the blood vessels that channel blood from the retina -- is a common eye disease. A type of blood clot in the eye, the disease causes reduced vision, and people with the disease also typically have an increased risk of hypertension, diabetes and other serious conditions. A young scientist from the University of Copenhagen has made a significant contribution to finding the cause of the disease," notes Science Daily. "A team of researchers at the University of Copenhagen, Glostrup Hospital and several other ophthalmology departments at Danish hospitals have now shown that it is highly probable that thickening of the arterial walls is behind the common eye disease known as branch retinal vein occlusion -- a type of blood clot in the eye that blocks the vessels that transport blood from the retina. The disease leads to reduced vision and affects more than 14 million people worldwide." Read more.

Stem Cell Treatment Restores Man's Sight

"When Taylor Binns slowly began going blind because of complications with his contact lenses, he started to prepare for living the rest of his life without vision. But an innovative treatment using stem cells has changed all that, and returned to him the gift of sight," reports CTV News. "Four years ago, while on a humanitarian work mission to Haiti, Binns developed intense eye pain and increasingly blurry vision. Doctors at home couldn’t figure out what was wrong and, over the next two years, Binns slowly went legally blind, no longer able to drive or read from his textbooks at Queens University, where he was studying commerce." Read more.

New from Bottega Veneta

"For 2012/2013, Bottega Veneta adds four sophisticated new styles to its coveted eyewear collection," notes Midwest Lens. "The new styles—three sunglass models and an optical frame–exemplify the brand’s refined and timeless aesthetic. Bottega Veneta’s distinctive design motifs, including its signature intrecciato weave, are enhanced with such innovations as a closing-block hinge. Constructed from the finest quality materials and proudly 'Made In Italy,' these new styles feature the superb craftsmanship, functionality, and versatility that defines the Bottega Veneta brand." Read more.

New from Ksubi for Summer 2013

"Ksubi has released the lookbook for its Summer 2013 eyewear range. The range picks up where its latest clothing collection left off. Heavy metal accents and printed acetates adorn 17 unisex styles, with the best of the bunch being double-bar aviators with cool mesh inserts and thickened up, modernised cat eyes with contrasting arms," according to Midwest Lens. "Both the optical and sun varieties are captured in this slick lookbook shot by Sydney’s Jedd Cooney. Greasy hair and athletic outfits in palm-print and signature washed out Ksubi denim complement the futuristic eyewear." Read more.

Clare Gilbert Receives Pisart Vision Award from Lighthouse

Professor Clare Gilbert has put prevention of childhood blindness a global issue, and for such service, Lighthouse International has given her its 2012 Pisart Vision Award. The award is presented annually to the individual who has made a noteworthy contribution to preventing and treating vision impairment. Gilbert, a Professor of International Eye Health, at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), University of London, runs the research undertaken by the International Centre for Eye Health. Its research agenda reflects the priorities of Vision 2020 the Right to Sight. Professor Gilbert, a clinical ophthalmologist for 10 years, has researched the epidemiology of blindness in children, particularly in middle and low income countries. She recently studied the causes behind the blindness of children in Bangladesh, with an emphasis on childhood cataract. Read more.

Raen & Deus Ex Machina Create Sunglass Line

Raen and Deus ex Machina have paired up to create a limited edition co-branded eyewear collection. For more than a year, the two classic driven, boutique brands, have worked together on several creative projects. An eyewear collection seemed to be the next step. To design the collection, Deus selected three Raen eyewear styles – the Lenox, Squire, and Underwood. Each handmade piece of eyewear will feature Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision lenses and custom etched Deus logo details. The limited edition exterior packaging features a motorcycle print designed by Deus Creative Director Carby Tuckwell, as well as a custom eyewear sock and optics case for additional carrying protection. Read more.

Zyloware Will Release a "Project Runway" Collection

"Zyloware Eyewear announces the January 2013 release of Project Runway Eyewear. The collection is comprised of nine styles and is inspired by the hit fashion reality competition TV show Project Runway," reports Midwest Lens. "Debuting in 2004, the three-time Emmy-nominated and Peabody Award-winning creative competition reality series, Project Runway has become a global hit and remains one of the most-watched reality competition shows on television. Featuring host Heidi Klum, judges Nina Garcia and Michael Kors, and mentor Tim Gunn, whose 'Make it Work' has become a national catch-phrase, Project Runway has an eye for spotting fresh talent, coining fashion trends and creating design stars. Project Runway is the number one competition reality program among women and has become part of the fashion industry’s cultural landscape." Read more.

Charmant Adds to Its Flex and Sport Collections

"Charmant has added new styles to the CFX Concept Flex Collections 'Plus' segment and CFX 'Sport' segment. A highly flexible memory metal series coupled with the experience and high manufacturing standards of the Charmant Group, Concept Flex sets a new benchmark in flexible metal frames ensuring true customer satisfaction." That's the word from a Midwest Lens blogpost. "CFX Plus offers customization at the end tip with a metal core wire, to ensure superior fitting comfort. CFX Sport is the 'high performance' segment that is designed with a more 'sporty' look and feel. Each style is equipped with double injected temple tips for a better grip." Read more.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Selling Eyewear Via Instagram

"Instagram, the picture-sharing application that Facebook bought earlier this year, has not yet figured out a way to make money. But some of its users have," says the New York Times. "These entrepreneurs have realized that they can piggyback on the popularity of Instagram, which has more than 100 million users, and create their own businesses, some of which have turned out to be quite profitable." Some are offering eyewear, as the Times noted: "Ms. Nguyen is part of a wave of entrepreneurial Instagrammers who have transformed their feeds into virtual shop windows, full of handmade jewelry, retro eyewear, high-end sneakers, cute baking accessories, vintage clothing and custom artwork." Read more.

Alerts about Illegal Eyewear, Sunglasses, and Contact Lenses

By updating Import Alert 86-07, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has renewed authority for federal officials to detain, without physical examination, substandard eyeglass and sunglass lenses manufactured in and shipped from foreign countries, primarily lenses produced in China. Under current law, eyeglasses and sunglasses imported into the United States must comply with strict impact resistance requirements. A certificate must accompany all imported eyeglasses and sunglasses showing that the lens manufacturer has conducted the required impact resistance tests. Read more.

Here's the beginning of the alert:
 Eyeglasses and sunglasses imported into the United States are required to comply with 21 CFR 801.410, "Use of impact-resistant lenses in eyeglasses and sunglasses". A certificate to comply with 21 CFR 801.410(g) must accompany each entry of eyeglasses and sunglasses showing the lens manufacturer has conducted tests of the lenses using the impact test described in paragraph (d)(2) of 21 CFR 801.410 or any equal or superior test. It has been reported that certificates from foreign manufacturers may not be valid. Tests by one U.S. distributor revealed 40-70% breakage which differed significantly from the manufacturer's certificate. Due to apparent certificate irregularities SAN-DO collected a sample of children's sunglasses. The manufacturer's certificate indicated that no lenses broke during testing. However, WEAC testing of the sample found that nearly every lens broke completely. To read more of the alert, click this link.

Meanwhile, "the Minneapolis office of Homeland Security Investigations is warning consumers about counterfeit products," according to the CBS News affiliate (WCCO) in Minneapolis. "Homeland Security agents showed WCCO a room full of fake products, made to look like the real thing. But on closer examination, it is clear that these items are of extremely poor quality — everything from contact lenses to prescription medication." Read more.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

ECPs Need to Treat Patients as Consumers

"In response to increasing pressure from 'big box' retailers, independent practitioners need to change their behavior to survive and thrive, according to two ophthalmic industry experts speaking during a webinar yesterday. Essilor hosted the discussion, with a guest speaker from VSP Vision Care and a live question-and-answer session," reports Optometry News. "Essilor senior vice president of customer development, Howard Purcell, OD, FAAO, told participants that private optometry practices in Australia and the United Kingdom are being overshadowed by Spec Savers, and that U.S. optometrists must pool their resources to prevent a similar situation from occurring." Read more.

Eyewear Market Emerging from Recession

After three years of declines, the US eyewear market is emerging from its recession. That's the finding of a report from, which was conducted by Euromonitor International. The report, called "Eyewear in the US," indicates that while the economy remains weak, consumers – spurred by GDP growth, a declining unemployment rate, and rising levels of consumer confidence – invested again in their vision care. The report also forecasts the industry's prospects through 2016 to illustrate how the market could change. For more information, click this link.

Euromonitor noted that "innovative new product launches and pent-up consumer demand to update the style and prescription of their spectacles has helped retail value sales of eyewear to finally return to their pre-recessionary levels in 2012. ...Contact lenses once again outperformed spectacles in 2012, continuing a trend that has been ongoing for many years. Americans are increasingly turning to contact lenses as their primary form of vision correction for reasons ranging from comfort and convenience to cosmetic appeal and practicality in athletics. Contact lenses are also witnessing a dramatic shift to the daily disposable modality, as consumers and eye care practitioners are increasingly recognizing that these lenses can maximize both comfort and eye health." You can also pick up more information from Euromonitor's website.

This corresponds with the results from a new Jobson study:
"The Jobson Research Optical Business Barometer (OBB), which indexes the ratings of independent ECPs' attitudes of their business and the general businesses climate, showed an increase this month from a 3.4 in October to a 3.6 in November." Read more.

Regular Aspirin Use May Trigger AMD

“Regular aspirin use has been linked to a significantly increased risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), according to a recent study published in JAMA,” notes a recent Medical News Today post. “A recent study stated that age-related macular degeneration is set to increase, with 20% of people above the age of 60 already presenting early signs of the condition. ...According to background information in the study: 'Aspirin use in the United States is widespread, with an estimated 19.3 percent of adults reporting regular consumption, and reported use increases with age. The results of cross-sectional studies of aspirin use and its relation to age-related macular degeneration (AMD) have been inconsistent.'” Read more.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

FDA Warns 5 ECPs about Their Lasik Promotions

Law 360 reports that “the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday it had warned five eye care providers to stop their allegedly misleading promotion of refractive lasers used in Lasik surgeries, saying the companies failed to provide adequate warnings about risks and could face penalties if they don't shape up.” Read more.

New from Boss Black

"The new Boss Black collection of sunglasses and optical frames celebrates the brand’s refined elegance, striking the perfect balance between contemporary design and classic inspirations," according to a Midwest Lens post. "In line with the stylistic heritage of the fashion company, the new men’s and women’s models reinterpret the distinctive understated appeal of Boss Black with clean, simple lines and refined details, that are never flashy." Read more.

Hoya to Host NYC Meeting

Last March, Hoya generated buzz with the launch of its apps at a meeting/press conference held in Milan. Mido 365 is reporting that in four months Hoya will host a similar event in New York City. Read more.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Take Care about Opening Sparkling Wines

It's that time of year again for warnings about uncorking champagne and sparkling wines.Warm bottles of champagne and improper cork-removal techniques cause serious, potentially blinding eye injuries each year, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Champagne bottles contain pressure as high as 90 pounds per square inch -- more than the pressure found inside a typical car tire,” notes Science Daily.“This pressure can launch a champagne cork at 50 miles per hour as it leaves the bottle, which is fast enough to shatter glass. Unfortunately, this is also fast enough to permanently damage vision.” Read more.

New from Maxx HD

Maxx HD Sunglasses has released two new styles--the Bomber and Nomad aviator style sunglasses. “These high-definition sunglasses allow Maxx customers to express their stylish fashion, while protecting their eyes with the MAXX High Definition lens they are known for,” according to the company.Read more.

Role of ECP and Elderly Drivers

"Most eye doctors consider it their responsibility to ask older patients about driving problems, but this hit-or-miss approach may not be nearly enough to clear the roads of unsafe elderly drivers, new research suggests,” reports Midwest Lens. “By 2020, as the U.S. population ages, the number of drivers over age 65 will reach 40 million, according to the study. Many will have failing vision, reduced mobility and perhaps cloudy thinking, thus posing a serious public health issue, the researchers said. For two new studies, researchers surveyed more than 400 ophthalmologists and optometrists in Michigan with patients older than 65. The researchers asked the doctors for their views on whether to ask patients about driving, how to decide if a patient’s vision is inadequate and whether they referred patients to primary care physicians.” Read more

Lincoln Financial Adds Vision Coverage to its Dental Program

Lincoln Financial Group recently added services to its Lincoln DentalConnect, an employer benefit packages. The plan now includes the Lincoln VisionConnect discount vision program from HealthAllies and the EPIC Hearing Service – at no additional cost. The vision features include an annual eye exam for less than $40, discounts on contact lenses, eyeglasses, and lens options; and savings on laser and visino correction proceduress, reports Lincoln Financial. Read more .

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Most States Refuse to Set Up Health Insurance Exchanges

“The Obama administration said Friday that more than half the states had rejected its pleas to set up their own health insurance exchanges, dealing a setback to President Obama’s hopes that Republicans would join a White House campaign to provide health insurance to all Americans,” according to a New York Times post.“Friday was the deadline for states to notify the federal government of their plans, and administration officials had been hoping that Mr. Obama’s re-election would overcome resistance to the new health care law.Federal officials said they knew of 17 states that intended to run their own exchanges, as Congress intended.” Read moreFYI: The exchanges can set up insurance programs that would help with the coverage of vision care for children.

Swarovski Launches Eyewear Collection with Marcolin

“World-renowned crystal makers Swarovski have created the brand’s first ever eyewear range, embellished with 78 hand-set crystals.Limited to 800 pieces, the Swarovski Eyewear Couture Edition is the culmination of a partnership between Swarovski and Italian sunglasses makers Marcolin,” according to Super Yachts. “Each piece of the eyewear takes a full week to create, including its hand-polished lenses and palladium-coated temples. The Couture Edition is now on the market, priced at €1,000 euros (£813).” Read more.

Hathaway Dones Karen Walker Sunglasses for Hugh Jackman Function

Ever the style siren these days, Anne Hathaway has been turning heads all month long while promoting Les Misérables in designer looks and lust-worthy accessories,” reports E Online . “Just yesterda,y the star stepped out to support  Hugh Jackman at his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony wearing an embellished black frock by Prada smartly accessorized with a pair of retro-inspired  sunglasses by Karen Walker in vanilla wood. The playful pale shades not only shielded UV rays during the daytime event, but also added an unexpected twist to her ultra-polished look.” Read more.

New from Anna Molinari's Blumarine

The Blumarine 2013 eyewear collection presents classic designs using a saucy taste. Blumarine is a trailblazing Italian brand, under designer Anna Molinari, well-known because of its trendy and vivacious fashions. This is a brand that never fails to make something truly relevant and fascinating,” reports Midwest Lens. The brands new Blumarine women’s eyeglass collection is influenced by technological glitz and glamourous holographics, offering the iconic flair of sequins, impressive sheen, and confident cool.” Read more.

Friday, December 14, 2012

New from Jimmy Choo

The Jimmy Choo Spring/Summer2013 eyewear collection is inspried by the 80's square-shaped acetate frames embellished with signature metal ‘ star studs’ that run along the arms lending a touch of  rock ‘n’ roll glamour to the collection. The Sasha sunglasses come in four colours: Black and Powder with shaded grey lenses, Havana and Fuchsia with shaded brown lenses. Mirroring the sunglasses silhouette, the JC 77 optical frame comes in four colours: Black, Blue, Havana and Fuchsia.  All eyewear is presented in a sophisticated nude-coloured case. The new models will be available starting January 2013. Read more.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sunglasses Save Morgan Miller's Eye

"Pro volleyball player Morgan Miller -- wife of Olympic skier Bode Miller -- would've lost her eye if not for the special sunglasses she was wearing ... when her husband whacked a golf ball into her face at 160 mph ... so says the sunglasses manufacturer," says TMZ. "Morgan tweeted about the accident soon after it happened yesterday -- posting the gnarly photo along with a brief explanation -- claiming she and Bode were out golfing (somewhere) and he nailed her right in the peeper ... HARD. While she was holed up in the hospital, Morgan also thanked the sunglasses manufacturer -- a company called Kaenon -- for making the shades that saved her eye." Read more.

Fetch Eyewear Offers Online Inducement

Fetch Eyewear believes consumers can effect change by buying items, according to a company press release. This holiday season, Fetch is offering an online gift card to make it easier than ever to share Fetch’s mission and frames. A customer purchases a gift card for the cost of a pair of reading or sunglasses ($85) or the cost of prescription glasses ($125) online to be emailed or mailed to the recipient. Profits from the sale of the gift card go directly to help with animal rescue, pet education, and low cost veterinary services. Read more.

Engineers Deliver Stem Cells to Eye

"A new technique for transporting stem cell therapy to the eye has been developed by a group of engineers at the University of Sheffield, England. They hope this discovery can aid in repairing eyes that have been damaged by disease or accident in a natural way," reports Medical News Today. "In a new study, published in the journal Acta Biomaterialia, a team of experts detail their technique for creating membranes to help in the grafting of stem cells onto the eye, a way to imitate attributes of the eye. This technology has been developed to treat injuries to the cornea, the see-through layer on the front of the eye, one of the biggest causes of blindness around the world. The research team used methods known as microstereolithography and electrospinning to create a disc of biodegradable material which can be placed over the cornea. The disc is then filled with stem cells which multiply, permitting the eye to be fixed naturally." Read more.

Impact of Type Two Diabetes and Poverty on Vision

"A newly published study says there's no question that our vision is getting worse, especially non-refractive visual impairment - the kind a pair of glasses won't fix," according a report from Charles Osgood of CBS News. "Dr. David Friedman, researcher at Johns Hopkins: 'It's increased by about 20 percent over the last six or seven years.' Dr. David Friedman of Johns Hopkins is co-author of the study. He says this kind of vision loss now affects 40 percent of those of us between 20 and 40 years old - and people living below the poverty line have almost double the vision loss of people above the line. The study also identifies the villain - it's related to obesity, which is triggering a sharp increase in Type 2 Diabetes." Read more. Listen to the broadcast. Also see the post below.

Good News-Bad News about Visual Impairment

"The prevalence of nonrefractive visual impairment (not due to need for glasses) in the U.S. has increased significantly in recent years, which may be partly related to a higher prevalence of diabetes, an associated risk factor, according to a study in the December 12 issue of JAMA," according to a Science Digest post. "'It is estimated that more than 14 million individuals in the United States aged 12 years and older are visually impaired (<20/40). Of these cases, 11 million are attributable to refractive error. In the United States, the most common causes of nonrefractive visual impairment are age-related macular degeneration, cataract, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and other retinal disorders,' according to background information in the article. Previous studies have shown that visual impairment is common in persons with diabetes. 'The prevalence of diagnosed diabetes has increased among adults in recent years, rising from 4.9 percent in 1990 to 6.5 percent in 1998, 7.9 percent in 2001, 10.7 percent in 2007, and 11.3 percent in 2010.'" Read more.

At the same time, a study released at the beginning of this past summer noted a decline in visual impairment among older Americans. Read that study.

"Meanwhile, Dr. Daniel Roth, an eye specialist and clinical associate professor at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Brunswick, N.J., offered new evidence of tablets’ potential benefits last month at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology," according to a New York Times post. "His findings, based on tests conducted with 66 adults age 50 and over: older people read faster (a mean reading speed of 128 words per minute) when using an iPad, compared to a newspaper with the same 10-point font size (114 words per minute)." Read more. You could also read more about the value of eReaders on this post.

Men in Glasses Are Sexy, Survey Says

A man in glasses is one sexy man according to 87 percent of Ameican women surveyed by The figure jumps a bit (91 percent) for men wearing sunglasses. Harris Interactive conducted the survey a few weeks ago among 1111 women 18 and older. In the prescription glasses department, a minimalist look is most popular, with 56 percent of all women finding it sexy. When it comes to sunglasses, aviators are thought to be the sexiest shades overall, with 53 percent of women across all age groups confessing to finding them sexy. More about their favorite looks.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Robert Graham and Revolution Form Partnership

Robert Graham has formed a partnership with Revolution Eyewear. This deal marks the entrance of eyewear to round out the men’s product range of Robert Graham, including sportswear, premium denim, furnishings, accessories, and outerwear. Revolution Eyewear will launch two collections for spring 2013: The Robert Graham eyewear will target suns and ophthalmics. Robert Graham eyewear will offer high quality craftsmanship and sophisticated silhouettes, along with integrating iconic fabric and trim designs to reflect the essential characteristics of the brand’s American Eclectic spirit. Read more .

New from Alexander McQueen

The new Alexander McQueen eyewear collection highlights the brand’s classic yet unconventional aesthetic feel: iconic detailing such as metal studs and refined feather-like textures that is synonymous to the brand feature on the new range of luxury sunglasses and optical frames,” according to Midwest Lens . “These new models are a showcase of innovative manufacturing techniques combining unique materials and exclusive colours.” Read more.

New from Koali--Corail 2

Midwest Lens writes, “Koali delves deeper into the mysteries of the ocean with the release of the Corail 2 concept. Like the Corail collection which came before, Corail 2 is inspired by the sea anemone. Differing from the original concept, Corail 2 features straight temples which imitate branches of the anemone while triple-layered acetate provides movement and volume. A fresh take has been applied to the deliberately visible metal core inside the temple which evokes the structure of coral reef. Corail 2 is available with two-toned metal pressed fronts which provide similar depth to the triple-layered acetate fronts. Corail 2 is available in six shapes (three acetate models and three metal models) and is offered in a palette of four color combinations per model.” Read more.

Fear of Falling in Visually Impaired Limits Their Activities and Health

"A new study published in Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science found that between 40 to 50 percent of older adults with visually impairing eye disease limit their activities due to a fear of falling. Vision scientists warn that this protective strategy puts seniors at risk for social isolation and disability, reports Science Daily. "In the paper, 'Activity Limitation Due to a Fear of Falling in Older Adults with Eye Disease,' researchers report on their examination of patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), glaucoma and Fuchs corneal dystrophy, as compared to a control group of older adults with good vision. Of the three groups with visual limitations, the patients with Fuchs corneal dystrophy were the mostly like to report activity limitation due to fear of falling, followed by those with glaucoma and the AMD group." Read more.

This would indicate another reason why states should include vision care for adults in their state marketplaces.  See this post and this one

Bausch & Lomb Up for Sale?

"US private equity group Warburg Pincus LLC is considering a sale of Bausch & Lomb Inc, looking to collect in excess of USD10bn (EUR7.7bn) for the US maker of contact lenses and assorted eye care products, Reuters reported citing a source in the know," according to the Financial News. "Warburg Pincus has hired investment banking giant Goldman Sachs Group Inc (NYSE:GS) and asked it to sound out interest among potential buyers, the news agency said. Among the parties Goldman has been told to approach are some leading healthcare companies. However, there is also the possibility that Warburg Pincus will opt to list the business instead, the person added." Read more.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

PPACA Should Include Vision Care, Say Experts

"As states set up their exchanges under the federal health law, they should consider including adult vision benefits, according to the authors of a new study showing that people without such coverage are less likely to seek care," reports Kaiser Health News. "Although the federal health law mandates vision coverage for children, the same requirement does not apply to adults. States themselves can require certain insurance benefits. And researchers from the Arnold School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina suggest strong reasons for doing so. In their study, published Monday in the Archives of Ophthalmology, the researchers found that more than 40 percent of people in their study lacked vision insurance. They also looked at a subgroup of about 12 percent of people in the study who reporting having glaucoma, macular degeneration, or cataracts — the three leading causes of vision loss in the U.S. About 40 percent of that group also did not have vision insurance. Yet nearly 90 percent of both groups had health insurance." Read more.

New from PQ Eyewear came out with the following: "Technology & the future of glasses design: PQ Eyewear.  Truly innovative sunglasses are a rarity. But with their industrial design beginnings and use of new technologies, PQ Eyewear's glasses aren't just a revolution in design; they're a glimpse into the future." Read more.

Legacie's New Judith Leiber Collection

"Legacie is excited to introduce a new Judith Leiber group – Gilded Fleur. The Gilded Fleur group takes its inspiration from the ornate styling of the French Baroque movement," according to Midwest Lens. "Feminine but showcasing elaborate detail, both JL 1646SG, a large round sunglass and JL 1647, an oval frame, are crafted of lightweight titanium and feature top bars and intricate floral décor on the temples. The custom-designed jewelry pieces are presented in contrasting metal colors and are accentuated with genuine Austrian crystals in a complementary palette." Read more.

Insurance Marketplaces under Affordable Care Act (PPACA) Approved in 6 States

"The Obama administration gave conditional approval on Monday to health insurance marketplaces being set up by six states led by Democratic governors eager to carry out President Obama’s health care overhaul," says a New York Times post. "The six are Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon and Washington. At the same time, the administration rejected pleas from other states that want to carry out a partial expansion of Medicaid, to cover fewer people than the president and Congress originally intended. Some states want to expand Medicaid to cover childless adults with incomes up to the poverty level, $19,090 for a family of three." Read more.

IRS Exempts Eyewear and CLs from Excise Tax

Financial advisers note that "the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act contains a 2.3 percent excise tax on the sale of taxable medical devices. While the tax is scheduled to go into effect on January 1, 2013, there remains considerable uncertainty regarding the types of transactions and taxpayers that the tax will apply to....Several products [though] are specifically excluded from the definition of taxable medical device, including eyeglasses, contact lenses and hearing aids," according to a recent IRS ruling. Read more.

eReaders and Apps Could Help Glaucoma Patients

"Better strategies are needed to help glaucoma patients cope with difficulty reading. According to a new scientific study published in Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, adults with glaucoma read slower when reading silently for long periods of time and are more likely to have their reading speed decrease over time, possibly a result of reading fatigue," reports Science Daily. "Technological solutions such as e-readers -- and the many apps being created for them -- could help. "Right now, so many products are available for presenting reading material in a variety of formats," says author Pradeep Ramulu MD, PhD, of The Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins Hospital. 'If the optimal format for reading in the context of glaucoma could be determined, it would be easy to create an application to present text in this manner as part of a commercial device such as an iPad or Kindle.'" Read more.

There's a New York Times blog interview with the study's

Vision Insurance Improves Chances of Timely Care

"Vision insurance for working-age adults appears to be associated with having eye care visits and reporting better vision, compared with individuals without insurance, according to a report published Online First by Archives of Ophthalmology, a JAMA Network publication." That's a post on Science Codex. "Millions of Americans experience vision loss or impairment due to age-related eye diseases, including glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), and cataracts. Periodic checkups are recommended for timely detection of eye conditions to prevent irreversible vision loss. Having vision insurance may be an important determinant as to whether individuals receive preventive eye examinations, according to the study background." Read more.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Gets Patent for Stabilized Contact Lens

"Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Jacksonville, Fla., has been assigned a patent (8,322,851) developed by Pierre Gerligand, St. Johns, Fla., for stabilized contact lenses," reports "The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: 'Contact lenses with stabilization zones are designed using mathematical constructs such as Bezier curves and which are subjected to modeling on-eye performance.' "The patent application was filed on Dec. 17, 2009 (12/641,144). The full-text of the patent can be found at,322,851&OS=8,322,851&RS=8,322,851." Read more.

Daily Versus Monthly Replacement for Extended Wear

Replacing lenses at night doesn't lower the risk of complications for people using 30-day extended-wear/continuous-wear (EW/CW) contact lenses when compared to changing lenses monthly, suggests a study – "The Effect of Daily Lens Replacement During Overnight Wear on Ocular Adverse Events", appearing in the December issue of Optometry and Vision Science, official journal of the American Academy of Optometry. The journal is published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, a part ofWolters Kluwer Health.

In contrast, replacing lenses every morning reduces the overall rate of "ocular adverse events," reports the study by Jerome Ozkan, BOptom of Brien Holden Vision Institute, Sydney, and colleagues. The researchers write, "Contact lens wearers on an EW/CW schedule should be advised to minimize lens handling prior to sleep to reduce the risk of complications." For people using 30-day extended-wear/continuous-wear (EW/CW) contact lenses, replacing lenses at night doesn't lower the risk of complications compared to changing lenses monthly, suggests a study – "The Effect of Daily Lens Replacement During Overnight Wear on Ocular Adverse Events", appearing in the December issue of Optometry and Vision Science, official journal of the American Academy of Optometry. The journal is published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, a part ofWolters Kluwer Health. Read more.

There is more about the story at a Science Daily post.

New from Boss Orange Eyewear

"The new Boss Orange Eyewear collection is the perfect combination of urban style and fresh personality: the sunglasses and optical frames reflect the brand’s DNA and captivate with their urban spirit, trendy colors and classic-cool details," according to Midwest Lens. "Urban cool: The vintage appeal with a contemporary twist defines these acetate sunglasses and round or square-shaped, optical frames. The embossed logo plaque on the initial part of the temples completes the look. An on-trend color palette features natural tones of black/wood, havana, matte blue, gray and/or matte transparent (mod. BO 0092/S, BO 0090, BO 0088)." Read more.

New Essentials from Prodesign

"The shapes of this collection [Prodesign's Essentials] are exquisite. You’ll still see the influence of the strong retro-wave, but this collection has gone in a much lighter direction, abandoning the very heavy look of the usual retro collections," reports Midwest Lens. "The lightness of the frames fit very well with the natural lines of the face, creating a harmony between the frame and the face. The colors that the designer has chosen are subtle and soft with gradients ranging from dark to very light in the same color scheme, supporting the color schemes also found in the face." Read more.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Araki Shots Ethnic Barcelona's Spring-Summer 2013 Eyewear Collection

The tamest and most traditional
Araki photo for Ethnic Barcelona.
There were many others--
more than  a bit risque.

Vanity Fair's Italian edition (November 29) covered the unveiling of the Spring-Summer 2013 eyewear collection for the Spanish brand Ethnic Barcelona. The magazine's staff talked with "David Pellicer Branch, founder and president of the brand, who  revealed the background of the high-adrenaline photo shoot--from the countryside to the methods of ethnic Japanese photographer Araki.

[Vanity Fair] How did you manage to convince Araki to take the photos for you? 

[David Pellicer Branch] "Araki is a very particular.  We sent a selection of product and what seduced him was the color, and his response was simply an e-mail fixing the date of the shooting. At that point, however, I was forced to argue that it would have been impossible to have glasses [ready by that date]."

The translation is from Google. Read the rest in Italian [have Google translate it] and see more of the Araki's photos.

Another Look at the AR Eyewear Marketplace

"They are not on the market yet, but Google Glasses already have competitors. The latest patent is from a big name: Microsoft. The company has registered projects for eyewear that will give the wearer real time information about the surrounding environment. With augmented reality in all senses, the lenses from Redmond can provide information about what the wearer is seeing at a precise moment, whether it's an object, place or event," according to  Mido 365 News. "The Microsoft glasses will be a 'wiki-lens' for finding out more about what's in front of us: with the Microsoft designs we will be able to watch a football game and we imagine that the glasses will give information about the players, the match, and so on. According to the patent, the device will understand in which direction the wearer is looking and adjust the visualization and optics accordingly." Read more.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Limited Role of Vision Care under the Affordable Care Act

We missed this story that appeared Nov. 20 in the New York Times:
The Obama administration took a big step on Tuesday to carry out the new health care law by defining “essential health benefits”...Insurance companies are rushing to devise health benefit plans that comply with the federal standards. Starting in October [2013], people can enroll in the new plans, for coverage that begins on Jan. 1, 2014...
The rules lay out 10 broad categories of essential health benefits, but allow each state to specify the benefits within those categories, at least for 2014 and 2015. ...Most states are defining essential benefits to be those provided by the largest health plan in the state’s small-group insurance market. However, to comply with the law, federal officials said, insurers must provide certain additional benefits, including dental care and vision services for children..." Read more.

Tortoiseshell--the Real Stuff--Is Back

"What did Yves Saint Laurent, Jackie Kennedy and the architect Le Corbusier have in common? Their eyewear, for one, as clients of the luxury French tortoiseshell artisan, Bonnet." That's the answer from the Lebanon Daily Star. "Four decades after the trade in tortoiseshell was banned under the 1973 CITES convention, the fourth-generation family firm sees itself as custodian of a rare craft, fashioning made-to-measure spectacles from stocks amassed before the ban. Bonnet describes its customers – among them Audrey Hepburn, Maria Callas or presidents Francois Mitterrand and Jacques Chirac – as 'aesthetes' more concerned about style, the timeless kind, than fashion." Read more.

VSP Promotes Reading and Vision Care thru Bloggers

"Vision benefits and services nonprofit VSP Vision Care and long-time AOR KCSA Strategic Communications recruited three influential family-oriented bloggers in key markets last summer to compete in an EyeCare About Reading Book Drive Competition," acccording to a case hisotry from PRWeek. "Contestant bloggers in Atlanta, Houston, and Oklahoma City drove book donations to benefit a local charity of their choice. ...For every three books collected, VSP donated to the bloggers' chosen charity a gift certificate for a free eye exam and glasses with lenses from industry partner Transitions Optical. The blogger collecting the most books would win a visit from “Eyenstein,” VSP's mobile vision clinic, and “Bess the Book Bus,” a nonprofit mobile literacy program." Read more.

Eyewear Designer Boi Selects Fav Restaurants

Vibe reports that "you've seen his work on the likes of Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. Even Lady Gaga has called on his visual talents for her upcoming album Popart. But with Stevie Boi, there's more than meets the eye. The signature of lenses of the celebrity eyewear connoisseur has made him a spectacle on the pages of Vogue Japan but here, he clues Vibe in on his favorite places to chow in NY, LA and his resident Baltimore." Read more.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Menicon Expands in Europe

Contact lens maker Menicon Co., Ltd., Nagoya, Japan, is building a 4,675 square-meter facility in the Netherlands (Emmen about 140 km. northeast of Amsterdam). When the facility opens in July on its 13,000-square-meter site, it 125 staff members will work in production, distribution, R&D, marketing and management, generating made-to-order rigid gas permeable and soft lenses for European customers. Menicon researchers will look for innovative lens designs, efficient production processes, and the next generation of software to support contact lens fittersd. Read more.

Another Look at Anderson Cooper's Sun Blindness

"Just how common is sunburning your eyes? According to Dr. Deborah Sarnoff, senior vice president of The Skin Cancer Foundation and practicing dermatologist at Cosmetique in New York, sunburns to the extent of Cooper's doesn't happen too often, but it is possible if you're not wearing the right protection." That's part of the follow-up article appearing in Time magazine, whose parent company owns CNN for whom Anderson Cooper was shotting. "'We have sunscreen we can put on our skin, but we don't have eye drops that offer a protective film for the cornea, so it is really important that everyone, and especially people with fair or light eyes, wear sunglasses that protect against both UVA and UVB rays,' says Sarnoff." Read more; see video.

Mykita: A New Decade in 2013

"2013 will see a continuation of the color and design concept behind the Mykita Decades line. The collection, released each year in sync with the rhythm of the Paris shows, will welcome two new fashionable tones for the season," notes Midwest Lens. "The colors of the sunglasses models Marlene and Scarlett represent a conscious break from classic forms; Coral Red, Pastel Grey and Opal, International Blue, Jet Black and Safrane follow up on the preceding collection and incorporate a combination of the traditional and the contemporary that is characteristic for the Decdes line." Read more.