Thursday, December 13, 2012

Impact of Type Two Diabetes and Poverty on Vision

"A newly published study says there's no question that our vision is getting worse, especially non-refractive visual impairment - the kind a pair of glasses won't fix," according a report from Charles Osgood of CBS News. "Dr. David Friedman, researcher at Johns Hopkins: 'It's increased by about 20 percent over the last six or seven years.' Dr. David Friedman of Johns Hopkins is co-author of the study. He says this kind of vision loss now affects 40 percent of those of us between 20 and 40 years old - and people living below the poverty line have almost double the vision loss of people above the line. The study also identifies the villain - it's related to obesity, which is triggering a sharp increase in Type 2 Diabetes." Read more. Listen to the broadcast. Also see the post below.

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