Sunday, December 9, 2012

Araki Shots Ethnic Barcelona's Spring-Summer 2013 Eyewear Collection

The tamest and most traditional
Araki photo for Ethnic Barcelona.
There were many others--
more than  a bit risque.

Vanity Fair's Italian edition (November 29) covered the unveiling of the Spring-Summer 2013 eyewear collection for the Spanish brand Ethnic Barcelona. The magazine's staff talked with "David Pellicer Branch, founder and president of the brand, who  revealed the background of the high-adrenaline photo shoot--from the countryside to the methods of ethnic Japanese photographer Araki.

[Vanity Fair] How did you manage to convince Araki to take the photos for you? 

[David Pellicer Branch] "Araki is a very particular.  We sent a selection of product and what seduced him was the color, and his response was simply an e-mail fixing the date of the shooting. At that point, however, I was forced to argue that it would have been impossible to have glasses [ready by that date]."

The translation is from Google. Read the rest in Italian [have Google translate it] and see more of the Araki's photos.

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