Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Inducing Americans to Buy Decorative CLs

If you do not think decorative contact lenses remains a public hazard, read the following press release for Juicy Contacts, issued ironically enough on Christmas from Los Angeles. The release,  distributed by SBWire, ignores CLs FDA ratings as medical devices:

Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/25/2012 -- Anyone who’s ever dreamt about having bright and luminous eyes that get noticed by others can turn to Juicy Contacts to enhance their appearance for this holiday season. The online store has recently introduced a dazzling array of non prescription colored contacts to help individuals significantly improve their appearance without investing too much. 
“Changing your eye color is, perhaps, the easiest way to revamp your appearance and get noticed by others without emptying your savngs account or endangering your health”, says Marketing Director of Juicy Contacts. “Whether you want to simply enhance your natural color, make it brighter, vibrant and distinguishable, or put together a whole new look that’s trendy and fashionable, we offer a wide selection of colored contacts to match any style and budget”. 
If in the past, changing the eye color was an improvement only movie stars had access to, today’s non prescription colored contacts are 100% accessible, easy to use and, most importantly, safe. Non prescription colored contacts don’t have corrective or powered lens, as, they are only meant to be worn for aesthetic purposes, therefore putting them on will not affect the eye. 
Notice how the release fails to include the name of the marketing director.  If you go to its website (, does the company send the individual to eye care professionals, optometrists, opticians? Nope. The company asks the individual to place an online order.

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