Monday, November 30, 2015

Bracelete Helps Sight-Challenged Navigate

"Based on the resonance location system (echo) used by bats and dolphins to navigate, Marco Antonio Trujillo Tejeda and Cuauhtli Padilla Arias, mechatronic engineers from the Tec de Monterrey in Mexico, devised a bracelet that makes mobility simpler and safer for the blind," reports Science Digest. "Sunu band bracelet emits high-frequency sound waves (30 pulses per second) that bounce after hitting an object and are recorded by a proximity sensor that calculates the distance, which translates into vibrations directly into the wearer's wrist; as the person get closer to the objects, the pulses will be more frequent." Read more.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

New Eyewear from Revlon

"‘Tis the season to shimmer and sparkle, just in time for holiday festivities. Revlon Eyewear introduces the 'Sparkle Series,' a two-piece collection inspired by the best-selling Revlon Eyewear styles. Shiny tonal metals, glitter infused temples and elegant enamel details are wardrobe essentials, all year round," reports Midwest Lens. "RV5043 | RV5044 – Veins of glitter shimmer under a splash of color on the feminine acetate temples of these sister styles. Adding a touch of sparkle, jewel-inspired enamel end pieces add a subtle break in fluidity from frame fronts to temples. RV5043 is a semi-rimless colored metal and acetate combo available in cafĂ©, navy and rose, and RV5044 is a solid acetate style available in black, cappuccino and berry." Read more.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Amblyopia Causes Slow Reading in Children

"Children with amblyopia, commonly known as 'lazy eye,' may have impaired ocular motor function," reports Medical News Today. "This can result in difficulties in activities for which sequential eye movements are important, such as reading. A new study conducted at the Retina Foundation of the Southwest determined that children with amblyopia read more slowly than children with normal vision or with strabismus alone. Their findings are published in the Journal of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPOS)." Read more.

Cataract Surgery Can Reduce Dizziness

"Older people with visual impairment can report feeling dizzy and falling," according to Science Digest. "A new study found that after routine cataract surgery, the improved vision led to patients experiencing significantly less dizziness, although they did not experience fewer falls." Read more.

Umbilical Cord Cells Help Retinal Neurons Grow and Connect

"Cells isolated from human umbilical cord tissue have been shown to produce molecules that help retinal neurons from the eyes of rats grow, connect and survive, according to Duke University researchers working with Janssen Research & Development, LLC," reports Medical News Today. "The findings, which appear Nov. 25 in the Journal of Neuroscience, implicate one family of molecules in particular -- thrombospondins -- that may have therapeutic potential for the treatment of degenerative eye diseases." Read more.

Help Parents Prevent Injuries This Holiday Season

In 2013, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimated that hospital emergency rooms across the country treated 265,700 toy-related injuries, compared to 265,000 the year before. And, 73 percent of those injuries were to children under the age of 15. In fact, approximately 83,700 were to those under 5 years of age. Commonly injured body areas included lacerations, contusions, or abrasions near the head and face. Usually the injuries were caused by non-motorized scooters, toy balls, and toy vehicles.

Prevent Blindnes is offering tips to buyers to help make sure all gifts are safe, especially those intended for children. Get the tips for your patients here.

New Ziggy and Jean Reno Eyewear from Zig

"ZIG Eyewear USA announced the release of the highly anticipated fall collections of ZIGGY and Jean Reno Eyewear by designer Cendrine O. Each collection features 10 frame designs; all available in a range of colors," writes Midwest Lens. "ZIGGY and Jean Reno collections are the creations of Cendrine Obadia, a French-Canadian eyewear artist who has spent more than 20 years honing her craft. Cendrine O. is the designer behind some of the most innovative and inspirational pieces available on the market today. Her standout style sets her designs apart from the rest, with use of vibrant colors, intricate detail and bold design features." Read more.

Monday, November 23, 2015

New Eyewear from Swarovski

"Swarovski Eyewear presents its refined, ultra-feminine, all-new 2015/2016 Autumn-Winter Collection of innovative sunglasses featuring alluring design and sophisticated sparkling accents," writes Midwest Lens. "High quality materials in a variety of shapes and a stunning color palette ranging from traditional tones to modern and trendy shades make these new models absolutely irresistible." Read more.

U2's Bono and Revo Team Up for a Vision Charity

"U2 frontman Bono has always been a vocal activist and supporter of charities meant to improve the world. Now, he’s launching a new campaign which will allow people to generously help those in need and look cool doing it," according to ET Online Yahoo!. "Bono teamed up with Revo eyewear to release a new, special line of shades! What’s more, Revo will donate profits from every pair sold to the Buy Vision, Give Sight campaign which, along with Revo’s partnership with the Brien Holden Vision Institute, is dedicated to preventing vision impairment and disease in over five million under served people across the world by 2020." Read more.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

How We See Motion and Still Objects

"A Dartmouth study reveals how the brain understands motion and still objects to help us navigate our complex visual world," notes Medical News Today. "The findings have a number of potential practical applications, ranging from treatment for motion blindness to improved motion recognition algorithms used in airport and other public security systems. The study appears in the journal Neuroimage. ...Our brain's visual system consists of a 'where' (dorsal) pathway and a 'what' (ventral) pathway. A normally function brain can imply motion from still pictures, such as the speed line in cartoons being interpreted as motion streaks of a still object. However, patients with lesions to the dorsal pathway know where objects are but have difficulty recognizing them, while patients with lesions to the ventral pathway have trouble recognizing objects but no problem locating them." Read more.

Seeing Is Not as Simple as Black and White, Says Scientists

"While some things may be 'as simple as black and white,' this has not been the case for the circuits in the brain that make it possible for you to distinguish black from white," reports Medical News Today. "The patterns of light and dark that fall on the retina provide a wealth of information about the world around us, yet scientists still don't understand how this information is encoded by neural circuits in the visual cortex--a part of the brain that plays a critical role in building the neural representations that are responsible for sight. But things just got a lot clearer with the discovery that the majority of neurons in visual cortex respond selectivity to light vs dark, and they combine this information with selectivity for other stimulus features to achieve a detailed representation of the visual scene." Read more.

Vision Test Used to Determine Cognitive Ability

Science Digest reports, "A simple technique to measure an individual's visual processing speed -- the speed at which an individual can comprehend visual information -- has been developed in order to identify whether or not they may have cognitive issues. The recent study focuses on using a simple test of visual flicker to evaluate an individual's level of executive cognitive abilities." Read more.

Humans Have the Best of Al Visual Worlds, Prove Scientists

"Humans have the best of all possible visual worlds because our full stereo vision combines with primitive visual pathways to quickly spot danger, a study led by the University of Sydney has discovered," notes Science Digest. "The surprising finding published today in Current Biology shows that in humans and other primates, information from the eyes is not only sent to the visual cortex for the complex processing that allows stereoscopic vision, but also could feed directly into deep brain circuits for attention and emotion. 'The brain cells that we identified suggest that human and other primates retain a visual pathway that traces back to the primitive systems of vertebrates like fish and frogs,' said University of Sydney's Professor Paul Martin from the Sydney Medical School, who led the team that made the discovery." Read more.

New Innotec Eyewear from Innotec

"Innotec is excited to announce the arrival of two groundbreaking styles to their renowned line of innovative eyewear. The Bowen and Reiner deepen Innotec’s commitment to pioneer new paradigms of ultramodern frames that challenge the market’s most demanding standards for comfort, durability, and weight. At just sixteen grams light, these futuristic frames integrate stainless steel and carbon fiber into a classic semi-rimless shape. Pushing the frontiers of technology, the Bowen and Reiner define a new pulse design that is poised to propel Innotec to the apex of high-tech eyewear," according to Midwest Lens. "Modulated by modernity, Bowen is an innovative take on a classic semi-rimless shape. Cut from a single block of stainless steel, this progressive pair uses a revolutionary manufacturing process that eliminates solder points to deliver unmatched durability. The featherlight carbon fiber temples, uniquely constructed with a stainless steel core for unrivaled durability, are fastened to the front with working rivets and robust five-barrel hinges that offer first-class comfort and a lasting fit." Read more.

EU Court Rules Cosmestic Contact Lenses Not Cosmetic

"On 3 September 2015, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) delivered its ruling in case C-321/14 Colena AG v Karnevalservice Bastian GmbH following a reference from the Landgericht Krefeld (Regional Court Krefeld, Germany) as whether non-corrective colour contact lenses fell within the scope of Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 (the "Cosmetic Regulation")," reports Lexology. "The effect of the ruling is that the Cosmetic Regulation must be interpreted such that contact lenses marketed purely to alter the user's appearance (rather than to correct vision) will not be within its scope even if the outer packaging declares that the product is a cosmetic, subject to the EU Cosmetics Directive." Read more.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Atropine Eye Drops Slow Nearsightedness in Children

"Atropine .01 percent eye drops slow down nearsightedness by roughly 50 percent in five-year clinical trial on Singaporean children," reports Science Daily. "Researchers suggest low-dose drops safe as 'first line' defense against rapid development of nearsightedness in children." Read more.

New Eyewear from Helium

Midwest Lens writes, "Style has always been a key factor in the creation of then Helium men’s eyewear collection and sets the standard in forward looking eyewear for today’s modern man. With a lean towards 'Athleisure' and its mission of styling casual cool clothing that perform well in both work and leisure scenarios, this season’s Helium men’s collection offers complimentary eye styles for this movement in menswear. The five style collection represents classic cool looks in metal and acetate with crisp style elements. Metal shapes 4288 and 4289, showcase linear design elements and sleek, clean styling. The 4288 is a full rim flat metal profile highlighting thin raised military bar stripes on the length of the temple with a laser cut out logo. The 4289 is a very slim semi rimless flat metal profile with open work design detail running the length of the temple." Read more.

A Talk with Architect/Eyewear Designer Philippe Starck

"Philippe Starck is telling me about how he doesn’t like nightclubs. That’s right. The acclaimed French designer who outfitted the famous Parisian clubs La Main Bleue and Les Bains Douches—essentially the Studio 54 of Paris—doesn’t like going out." That's the start of a Bloomberg post about architect/eyewear designer Starck. "We’ve met to discuss his eyewear line, which—unbeknownst to many—has been around for nearly 20 years. His newest collection, Resort 2016, will mark a new direction for the designer and the Starck Eyes brand, which aims to target the more evolved, fashion-conscious male consumer interested in the intersection of technology and style. The frames, generally slim, are now available in the thinnest acetate frames ever, as well as in larger, youthful styles. Masculine square shapes, with a retro bent, put the frames in a luxury design category populated by such eyewear brands as Tom Ford and Persol." Read more.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

New Blog for Opticians

Maryann Santos, the director of the ophthalmic program at Goodwin College in East Hartford, CT, has started What's an Optician, a blog for and about opticians and opticianry. Her first post is a video about what is an optician. She is looking for guest bloggers. If you have an inclination, write her at

New Eyewear from Emilio Pucci

"Two new styles from the Emilio Pucci Fall/Winter 2015 eyewear collection perfectly interpret the aesthetic philosophy of the florentine brand, one that’s characterized by tradition, elegance and style offset with modern touches, celebrating a creative vision in continuous evolution," notes Midwest Lens. "Refined materials, stunningly modern design, sophisticated production techniques, master craftsmanship, attractive construction and an unerring pursuit of quality are the defining features of these new creations: a classy reinterpretation of elegance and femininity." Read more.

New Eyewear from Eastern States

"Eastern States Eyewear has announced the release of six optical styles within its Exces Eyewear collection," according to Midwest Lens. "The new collection sees the addition of three styles to both the brand’s core collection as well as its elegant Princess division. The core styles are comprised of three youthful, colorful creations featuring bright, eye catching colorations. Such techniques as fusing acetates or layering metal with contrasting pantones provide an original, fashion forward look. Whether its mixing an olive base with a brown tortoise or a brown with a purple floral pattern one cannot miss the Exces’ commitment to color." Read more.

Seeing the Music

"When people are listening to music, their emotional reactions to the music are reflected in changes in their pupil size," reports Medical News Today. Read more.

See at Night Like "Predator" with Graphene Contact Lenses

"Graphene could make it possible to build ultra-thin, flexible thermal sensors for built-in night vision technology — just like that lethal alien in the Predator franchise," notes Gizmodo. "Modern night-vision equipment exploits the generation of heat by living bodies by focusing the thermal emissions with a special lens. The signal is then transmitted to IR detectors, which create a detailed pattern based on variations in temperature. That so-called thermogram is then turned into electrical impulses, which a computer analyses and sends to the display. The end result: the user sees that data represented as various colours, depending on the intensity of the IR emission." Read more.

Fights Caused 8K Eye Injuries in U.S./Fall Caused 8.5K Ocular Traumas

"Fighting and assault caused nearly 8,000 eye injuries treated in hospitals from 2002-2011, while falling led causes of ocular trauma with more than 8,500 incidents reported," according to a post on Science Digest. Read more.

Programmable Digital Glasses Work for Lazy Eye

"Programmable digital glasses for lazy eye work as well as eye patching, study shows, improving vision by about 2 lines on the reading chart after 3 months," reports Science Daily. "First new effective lazy eye treatment in 50 years." Read more.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

500 More LensCrafters Popping Up in Macy's/Macy's Sunglass Hut's Going to More Than 1800

"The world’s largest eyeglass maker has signed a deal with the U.S. department store chain Macy’s to open up to 500 LensCrafters optical retail centers inside Macy’s," notes NewEurope. "Macy’s and Luxottica already have a deal that has put 670 Sunglass Hut’s in Macy’s department stores, with the number tripling in the last six years. The companies said in a joint release that the latest deal builds on that 'seuccessful relationship.'
The first LensCrafters will open at a Macy’s location by April, with 100 slated to open by the end of the year [2016]. Luxottica’s chief of markets, Adil Khan, said the optical industry 'has incredible growth potential in North America.'" Read more.

New Eyewear from Tura

"Tura Inc., the inventor of fashion eyewear in 1938, expands the 'Select' sub-collection of its high-tech TITANflex brand. The new men’s ophthalmic styles further focus on the synergy of the brand’s innovative memory metal technology with modern European design. The latest models feature a soldered flat metal bridge on a wire or flat metal frame fronts. Benefits of this updated construction include more contemporary styling, and increased stability and stress resistance," reports Midwest Lens. Read more.

New Eyewear from Silhouette

"The best gift you can give? One that makes eyes sparkle. And it is no secret that personalized gifts bring the most joy. The ‘Silhouette effect’ is what occurs when tailored glasses give their wearer a distinctive radiance – they highlight the character of the wearer authentically and personally," according to Midwest Lens. "Three exciting women’s crystal eyewear collections focus on differing character traits: the ‘Light Attraction‘ wearer radiates fine elegance; the ‘Sparkling Finesse‘ wearer conveys a contemporary, linear look that shines out, whilst the ‘Caresse‘ collection flatters its wearer with an impressive, single crystal, held in place by the perfect amount of tension." Read more.

So Why the Blue-Eye Switch, Selena Gomez?

"Why so blue, Selena (Gomez)?, asks Peole Magazine. "The singer switched things up at the Victoria's Secret fashion show, where she donned colored contact lenses to turn her naturally brown eyes a grayish-blue. It was a somewhat surprising choice, considering Gomez usually keeps her look classic, maintaining her glossy brunette locks and a consistent makeup routine. So what gives? 'I was inspired by Adriana Lima!' she told E! News. 'I'm a huge fan of hers and I geeked out in front of her today,' she continued. 'wanted to feel like a Victoria's Secret Angel.'" Read more.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Man Recovers His Life with Help from an ECP

Depression feels like a fall into a rabbit hole of hopelessness. William Medonis fell into that hole, but the with the help with therapists from Brooklyn Community Services, he climbed back out. According to a New York Times article, "'They made me realize there is something else to me,' he said. 'I have other talents and traits, like being smart and well spoken and social. I never thought of myself that way.'"

Only an ECP could provide the next step.

"Mr. Medonis had his eyes checked and learned that he needed glasses. In August, he spent most of the $240 in public assistance he receives each month to buy his first pair. Able to read again, he considered returning to college. Then another resident of the homeless shelter picked a fight with him, shattering his glasses — and his precarious feeling that life was improving. Brooklyn Community Services drew $400 from the Neediest Cases Fund to buy Mr. Medonis a new pair of Ray-Ban glasses, and on Sept. 8, he wore them to his first day of classes as a student at Kingsborough Community College." Read more.

How Do We See What Our Eyes Capture in Light?

"The complexity of the neural activity we use to process visual images reflects the intricacy of those images, a team of New York University scientists has found. Their study offers new insights into how our brain extracts information about our natural surroundings from the light captured by our eyes," reports Medical News Today. "'In order to efficiently process the thousands of images we come across on a daily basis, our brains calibrate in ways that are in sync with the characteristics of these images,' explains Robbe Goris, an NYU postdoctoral fellow and the lead author of the study, which appears in the journal Neuron." Read more.

How Fish Adapt to Seeing on Land?

"Salmon migrating from the open ocean to inland waters do more than swim upstream. To navigate the murkier freshwater streams and reach a spot to spawn, the fish have evolved a means to enhance their ability to see infrared light. Humans lack this evolutionary adaptation," writes Medical News Today. "For nearly a century, scientists have puzzled over how salmon as well as other freshwater fish and amphibians, including frogs, easily shift their vision from marine or terrestrial environments...Now, scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis report in the journal Current Biology that they have solved the mystery." Read more.

New Eyewear from Bon Vivant

"Bon Vivant, the cosmopolitan fashion brand that designs smart and chic eyewear, is releasing four new frames—Felicite, Fleur, Sabine, and Zoe—that distill French essence and couture style," according to Midwest Lens. "These new frames draw inspiration from myriad muses, eclectic art and awe-inspiring architecture, to display vivacious coloration, intricately etched patterns, and timeless shapes that have been reimagined for the modern trendsetter. All Bon Vivant frames are made with the most exacting standards demanded by the discerning eyes of couture connoisseurs." Read more.

New Eyewear from Nike

"Combining the science of vision with expertise in sport, Nike Vision continues to enhance its product line with new high-quality designs and color additions," posts Midwest Lens. "Offering a variety of on-trend shapes, color palettes, and durable materials, this superior eyewear collection is versatile in design, ideal for those who like to indulge in sports on a regular basis." Read more.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Researchers Create Flexible Fresnel Microlens

"Drawing inspiration from an insect's multi-faceted eye, University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers have created miniature lenses with vast range of vision," says Science Digest. "Their new approach created the first-ever flexible Fresnel zone plate microlenses with a wide field of view — a development that could allow everything from surgical scopes to security cameras to capture a broader perspective at a fraction of the size required by conventional lenses." Read more.

New Target for AMD Therapies

"Scientists have good news for patients who suffer from currently untreatable dry age-related macular degeneration (dry AMD)," notes Science Digest. "In a new study, researchers identified a potential target for future therapies to slow the progression of the blinding condition. The findings indicate that treatments currently used for other conditions could also work for dry AMD." Read more.

Cataracts Reversed with Eye Drops? Researchers Might Have the Answer

Science Digest teases with the following opening sentence: "A chemical that could potentially be used in eye drops to reverse cataracts, the leading cause of blindness, has been identified by a team of scientists." Read more.

New Eyewear from Nine West

"Nine West continues to lead as the sexy, chic and smart destination for sophisticated and trend-right footwear and accessories for the modern woman," reports Midwest Lens. "Nine West’s latest eyewear collection features beautifully crafted silhouettes with feminine style, providing women with quality, fashionable frames. The brand’s city-chic style translates to the eyewear from on-trend designs and hardware to mirrored lenses to stylish metal accents and exotic animal prints." Read more.

Christian Dior Launches Eyewear Campaign

"Raf Simons hasn’t even officially exited 30 Avenue Montaigne yet and we’re already seeing subtle changes to Christian Dior’s advertising concept," begins the Fashion Spot post. "The brand’s eyewear campaign for Fall 2015 was shot by the provocative and the sometimes controversial photographic duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Out is minimalist lensman Willy Vanderperre, in favor of a more alluring and colorful image with Texan beauty Vanessa Moody." Read more.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New Safety Eyewear Market in California?

The LA Daily News reports that "A San Fernando Valley based trade organization that represents the adult film industry plans to continue to fight against California safety standards that mandate condoms and eyewear for actors on all porn sets next year." Read more.