Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Light in the Retinal Blind Spot Enhances Pupillary Reflex

"The human retina contains some 100 million photoreceptor cells. When these are stimulated with light, they communicate that information to the brain and we perceive light," notes Science Digest. "Researchers have now discovered that when light impinges on the photoreceptor-free blind spot alone the pupillary reflex does not occur, but the pupillary reflex is enhanced in response to bright illumination in a normal part of the retina when blue or white light containing shorter wavelengths is simultaneously delivered inside the blind spot." Read more.

Scientists Discover How the Retina Gets Energy to See

Science Digest reports that "researchers have discovered a thick band of microtubules in certain neurons in the retina that they believe acts as a transport road for mitochondria that help provide energy required for visual processing. The findings appear in the July issue of The Journal of General Physiology." Read more.

Cole Haan Launches Eyewear Line

"We are delighted to announce the launch of Cole Haan eyewear and our global partnership with Altair. The team at Altair immediately understood the extraordinary notion of the Cole Haan brand. They have developed a collection that is both iconic and timeless. Our customers all over the world will love what Altair has accomplished," commented David Maddocks, CMO & GM Business Development at Cole Haan in a recent press release. Altair, a division of Marchon, will distribute the collection in optical chains, specialty retailers, independent eyecare practices and Cole Haan retail stores beginning fall 2015. Read more.

Ottica Dante and Tonino Lamborghini Create Eyewear Collection

"Ottica Dante Americas LLC,... and Tonino Lamborghini Group announce they have entered into an exclusive agreement for the marketing and distribution of the Tonino Lamborghini Eyewear collection in North America. The marketing and distribution in North America will be in cooperation with Have A Dream srl, the worldwide sole official licensee for the branded eyewear line," reports Midwest Lens. "The Tonino Lamborghini Group’s vision is to bring the passion and spirit of Italy to the global market with unique and distinctive products inspired by the mechanical Lamborghini Family heritage and the renowned Italian Industrial Design. Manufactured in Italy using innovative and noble materials like carbon fiber and titanium, alone or in a surprising combination with wood and horn, the Tonino Lamborghini Eyewear collection brings style, innovation and made in Italy glamour into the most exclusive stores in the world." Read more.

Monday, June 29, 2015

CooperVision Releases MyDay Silicone Hydrogel Daily Disposables in U.S.

CooperVision, Inc., has introduced its MyDay silicone hydrogel daily disposable contact lenses to the U.S. market, noted the company in a emailed press release. The new daily disposable lenses are made with Smart Silicone chemistry, a technology that delivers the benefits of both hydrogel and silicone hydrogel lenses, according to CooperVision. Smart Silicone optimizes oxygen permeability in a lens that is just 4.4% silicon—the lowest percentage of silicon found in a silicone hydrogel, daily disposable lens. By using less silicon, Smart Silicone leaves more room in the lens for built-in channels of comfort-enhancing moisture. It also enables a modulus of only 0.4 MPa—lower than any other 1-day silicone hydrogel lens—to make MyDay the softest silicone hydrogel daily disposable available. And while the lens provides the optimal softness of a hydrogel, it remains strong enough to ensure the exceptional handling of a silicone hydrogel lens.

With a smooth lens surface and rounded edge, MyDay daily disposable lenses reportedly provides a more natural feeling as the eyelid glides effortlessly over the lens. Testing shows that the lenses not only have immediate comfort at insertion, but they have excellent comfort over the course of the day. MyDay lenses are naturally wettable, unlike surface coated lenses. Built-in UV protection filters 85% of UVA and 96% of UVB rays, helping promote long-term ocular health. CooperVision first introduced MyDay lenses in Europe in June 2013, then rolled out distribution to Australia and New Zealand in early 2014.

MyDay daily disposable lenses feature sphere powers from +6.00D to -10.00D (0.50 steps after +5.00D and -6.00D); a base curve of 8.4mm; a diameter of 14.2mm; a Dk/t of 100 (@ -3.00D); and a modulus of 0.4 MPa.

Transitions Signature Flat Top 28 Available Exclusively from Younger

Transitions Signature Flat Top 28 Polycarbonate Composite lenses are now available exclusively from Younger Optics, according to an email from Younger.Its photochromic Trivex layer uses Chromea 7 technology. The lens, which has an 1.59 index like polycarbonate, reportedly has superb segment cosmetics.

Transitions Optical uses a proprietary process to make polycarbonate lenses photochromic. While this process works for a variety of lens geometries, it is not compatible with segmented, or flat-top lenses such as bifocals and trifocals. This has meant that traditionally, a polycarbonate FT28 lens has not been available with Transitions® technology. Until now. Younger Optics and Transitions Optical have developed a polycarbonate composite lens that incorporates a thin photochromic front surface bifocal layer made of Trivex — resulting in a lens delivering Transitions Signature performance in a product that is surfaced, polished, edged and dispensed just like a clear polycarbonate lens.

VSP's Project Genesis Gets Thumbs Up

"By adding sensors to fashionable frames, VSP’s Project Genesis could create wearables people actually want to wear," writes the famous business magazine Fortune. "Wearable devices like Fitbit FIT -5.03% and Fuelband bring us new insight into our health and fitness. There’s only one catch: We have to wear them. While wearable adoption rates are strong (IDC data estimates that sales will grow by 173% in 2015), many Americans lack follow-through. For example, one study conducted last year by research firm Endeavor Partners found that only half of all activity-tracker owners use their device, and one-third of those stopped using them within six months. Eye care product and service provider VSP Global believes there’s a better way. Rather than asking consumers to wear a new device, such as a wristband or smartwatch, they’re embedding a tracking system into what they call 'the original wearable:' eyeglasses." Read more.

Friday, June 26, 2015

New Eyewear from ProDesign

"The 'natural' look is still a very important trend and one of the favorite materials right now is horn. The horn pattern is beautiful, exclusive, and gives associations to something 'old-style' and handcrafted," according to Midwest Lens. "ProDesign doesn’t use horn, as the material cannot be adjusted, but they have found an attractive handmade block acetate raw material which is the closest to horn you can get and still have the benefits of individual adjustment. To build on the 'old-style' material, they have made three shapes as combo styles and added one as full acetate. The rivets complete the retro theme." Read more.

Adlens Launches New Smart Eyewear and Four Locations in the Bronx

"U.K.-based Adlens introduced at CE week Wednesday in New York City its FOCUSS series of smart eyewear – wearer-adjustable prescription glasses that are being made available at select eyewear specialists in America," reports Dealerscope. "The glasses with their frames will be priced at $999 – comparable to high-level prescription progressive eyewear priced at around $1,500, said Dr. Graeme E. Mackenzie, the company’s director of regulatory and industry affairs. He said the FOCUSS technology provides a full field of vision with no peripheral vision distortion, unlike traditional progressive lenses." Read more.

A few weeks earlier, AdlensFocuss launched in the New York City market at Metro Optics Eyewear’s four Bronx eye care practices – giving eye doctors a new option for their presbyopic patients beyond lined bi-or tri-focal or progressive lenses. AdlensFocuss provides a single-vision viewing experience, with four times the viewing area of a no-line bifocal. Wearers switch between their distance, intermediate, and reading prescriptions by clicking the small hidden dial on the inside of the frame’s temple.Read more.

Alcon Launches Its Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning Solution in U.S.

Alcon recently launched its U.S.  Clear Care Plus Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution containing HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix technology, for cleaning and disinfecting contact lenses. The Clear Care and Clear Care Plus Cleaning & Disinfecting Solutions contain 3% hydrogen peroxide and are indicated for use with soft (hydrophilic) and rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses. During the disinfection process, the hydrogen peroxide is neutralized in the special lens case provided to leave behind a preservative-free saline solution that is gentle on the eyes. Cleaned and disinfected lenses can be stored in the neutralized solution in the unopened lens case up to seven days. Clear Care and Clear Care Plus require patients to follow special cleaning and disinfecting instructions, including ensuring the lenses remain in the special lens case for at least six hours to allow the hydrogen peroxide to neutralize. Special care is needed to follow directions to avoid accidental misuse. Read more.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Remembering Color: How Do We Do It?

"How do we remember colors? What makes green... green?" asks the Medical News Today post. "As Sarah Allred explains, while color perception universally involves the practice of categorizing colors according to basic labels, the influence of categorization on color memory remains largely unknown and understudied. ...Thanks to Allred and her fellow researchers, these answers have just come sharper into hue. Allred and cognitive scientists Jonathan Flombaum of Johns Hopkins University, Gi-Yeul Bae of the University of California-Davis, and Maria Olkkonen of the University of Pennsylvania, shed light on the phenomenon of working color memory in their illuminating new study, 'Why Some Colors Appear More Memorable Than Others: A Model Combining Categories and Particulars in Color Working Memory,' published in the May issue of the Journal of Experimental Psychology. In two pairs of experiments, the researchers used a set of 180 colors, spanning the entire color spectrum. In the first experiment pair, the researchers showed observers colors one at a time and asked them to categorize the colors according to eight basic color terms -- red, green, blue, purple, yellow, orange, brown, and pink." Read more.

Study Says Argus "Bionic" Eye Safe

"The three-year clinical trial results of the retinal implant popularly known as the 'bionic eye,' have proven the long-term efficacy, safety and reliability of the device that restores vision in those blinded by a rare, degenerative eye disease," according to Medical News Today. "The findings show that the Argus II significantly improves visual function and quality of life for people blinded by retinitis pigmentosa. They are being published online today in Ophthalmology, the journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology." Read more.

J&J Introduces New Multifocal Contact Lens

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. has launched its 1-DAY Acuvue Moist brand Multifocal contact lens. It claims to be an industry first, it offering a "uniquely" optimized optic design to address the natural variations in pupil size according to age – and refractive power.

Its 61 distance powers (in quarter diopter steps from +6.00D to -9.00D) and three Add powers equal 183 unique designs for built-in precision.  This precision delivers more consistent performance in a multifocal lens that can help minimize chair time and maximize success delivering a better experience for patients. Its hybrid back curve design helps in two ways: first, the spherical periphery helps ensure centration of the optics over the pupil, and second, the aspheric center closely mimics the natural shape of the cornea to maintain the integrity of the complex front-surface optics, accoroding to the company. For more information, go here.

Modern Optical Offers Free Book Give-Away

"Back by popular demand, value eyewear leader Modern Optical International kicks off the back-to-school season with its FREE Kid’s Book Giveaway!" That's the beginning of a Midwest Lens post. "The back-to-school season is officially underway, and Modern Optical wants to help ECPs build their waiting room libraries. Children’s books entertain and educate young patients while creating a warm, family-oriented environment. Each colorfully illustrated book that Modern Optical is giving away has an age-appropriate optical theme and story line that both kids and parents will enjoy! ECPs will receive one free children’s book with every assorted 12-piece purchase from these popular collections: Modz Kids, URock, and Modz. When placing an order, ECPs should use Promo Code BTS. Offer ends 8/31/15 or while supplies last. Contact Modern Optical for complete details. " Read more and see a list of the free books here.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Epson and Vuzix Press Ahead with Smart Eyewear

Aside from Intel purchasing smart eyewear company Recon, there's more news on the smart eyewear front.

According to ReadWrite, "Epson has unveiled a significant upgrade to its Moverio smart eyewear device with the BT-2000...[T]he BT-2000 is focused on business use, offering a variety of augmented-reality apps for professional users. The integrated camera gets a bump to 5 megapixels and now includes 3D depth sensing, while its AR capabilities are boosted further with the addition of an inertial measurement unit (IMU) for more-accurate head tracking. The display has been brightened up and the unit now supports voice control even without an active Wi-Fi connection. That all should mean a clearer display for the wearer and more accurate AR capabilities. The software running on the BT-2000 eyewear is based on Android, and Epson says the device is going on sale in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Japan and the U.S. this fall." Read more.

Eyeglass World has launched the first retail collection of prescription lenses for the Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses and other smart glasses technologies, says a press release from Vuzix. The debut coincides with Eyeglass World's retail expansion into California. Eyeglass World celebrated the grand opening of a Vista, California location on Friday, June 19, 2015, which is the first of eight Eyeglass World stores planned for the San Diego area by June 2016. Read more.

New Eyewear from A&A Optical

"A&A Optical announces the release of four new ophthalmic frames from eyewear collection: Seventy one," according to Midwest Lens. "A nod to indie-prep style, Seventy one is engineered for the millennial market with timeless shapes, organic color variations, and a unique fusion of materials and textures. Metal frames crafted with distinctive color stories, and acetate frames welded with bold metal accents are the collection’s sign." Read more.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Study Suggests Extending Medicare to People under 65

"Americans are living longer, so why not lower the eligibility age for Medicare?" asks a Reuters post. "That prescription might sound upside down: rising longevity often is used as an argument for delaying Medicare eligibility past age 65. However, one of the country's top experts on geriatric medicine actually thinks Medicare should start covering preventive healthcare when we turn 50. Dr. Linda Fried, dean of the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University in New York, says that could help people not just live longer, but enjoy more healthy years. Meanwhile, Medicare would save money on treatment of chronic illnesses in seniors. Much of Fried's research is focused on promotion of healthy aging, and the latest evidence shows people who get to age 60 in relatively good health are likely to stay healthy." Read more.

Tear Component Use to Make Contacts for Glaucoma Treatment

"A McMaster PhD candidate has harnessed a component naturally found in tears to develop a contact lens-based drug delivery system for glaucoma patients," according to a Medical XPress post. "Chemical engineer Myrto Korogiannaki has used hyaluronic acid to help get drugs to the eye from a lens in a controlled way. Patients with front-of-the-eye diseases, such as glaucoma, traditionally use medicated eye drops twice a day to treat their ailment. But those drops are incredibly inefficient: only about five per cent of the drug they carry actually makes it to the cornea." Read more.

Intel Buys Smart Eyewear Company, Recon

"Last week Intel announced the acquisition of Recon Instruments, a Canadian company that sell smart glasses dedicated to sport people, and already raised funds from Intel Capital in September 2013," reports GPS Business News. "In total the company raised $17 million over three rounds and the acquisition is said to be upwards of $175 million.'This acquisition gives Intel a talented, experienced wearable computing team that will help us expand the market for head mounted display products and technologies,' wrote Josh Walden, senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s New Technology Group." Read more.

New Sunglasses from Adidas

"The new kumacross 2.0 by Adidas Eyewear continues on the path of its predecessor and introduces new expressive colors and mirrored lenses for the perfect look. These colors include shiny black, matte black, white and red, black and green, and black and blue. Designed for top performance and unprecedented comfort, the kumacross 2.0 sunglasses blur the line between sport and lifestyle," according to Midwest Lens. "These ultra-light and stable frames are equipped with advanced lenses to protect and enhance vision in every situation. The colorful varieties of kumacross 2.0 ensure function and style for professional athletes, weekend warriors, and the fashion-conscious alike." Read more.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Two Deficient Genes Might Be the Primary Cause of Cataracts

"When cataracts encroach on the eyes, the only effective remedy is to surgically replace the eyes' lenses with synthetic substitutes. But what if scientists found a way to delay or prevent cataracts from forming in the first place?" That's the question Medical News Today asked recently. Here's why: "Researchers at the University of Delaware may have found such an opportunity by identifying the prime suspects in the formation of cataracts - deficiency of two genes that encode regulatory proteins. When those two genes are unable to do their work, the lenses of the eyes become cloudy and develop cataracts, no aging process or damaging exposure to radiation required. Cataracts, the leading cause of blindness, can have a genetic basis. The discoveries emerged in the laboratory of UD biologist Salil Lachke, assistant professor of biological sciences and a Pew Scholar in biomedical sciences." Read more.

FDA Allows Marketing of a Device that Orients the Blind

"The Food and Drug Administration [FDA] has allowed marketing of a new device that when used along with other assistive devices, like a cane or guide dog, can help orient people who are blind by helping them process visual images with their tongues," reports Medical News Today. "The BrainPort V100 is a battery-powered device that includes a video camera mounted on a pair of glasses and a small, flat intra-oral device containing a series of electrodes that the user holds against their tongue. Software converts the image captured by the video camera in to electrical signals that are then sent to the intra-oral device and perceived as vibrations or tingling on the user's tongue. With training and experience, the user learns to interpret the signals to determine the location, position, size, and shape of objects, and to determine if objects are moving or stationary." Read more.

Six Fashion Illustrators Create Catwalk for Prada's New Line

"To unveil its latest foray into eyewear, Prada tapped six fashion illustrators for a new digital experience, Prada Raw Avenue," goes the post in Harper's Bazaar. "The new line's website features a virtual catwalk where shoppers can experience Prada's sunglasses through the eyes of each illustrators's interpretations. Users can interact with the site in real-time through the different illustrations as they walk the virtual runway." Read more.

New Kids Eyewear from Vera Bradley

"The Vera Bradley Kids collection returns with the latest styles and colors to make every young girl feel extraordinary," says Midwest Lens. "Aster, Zoey and Gigi offer classic eyeshapes and colors for styles beyond compare, with spring hinges in every frame for a comfortable fit. Prominently featuring the latest Vera Bradley colors, these frames are sure to make her feel unique and special." Read more.

Friday, June 19, 2015

New Eyewear from Oga

"Copentole [from Oga] is available in four stainless steel models with three colors for each model. The range has matte finished fronts and temples and the frames are available in black, brown, anthracite grey, khaki green and Prussian blue." That's the beginning of the post from Midwest Lens. Read more.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

VSP Launches Protection from Blue Light

The average person spends more than half their day exposed to blue light from devices, such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and TVs. In a recent survey of eye care professionals on VSP’s provider network, 82% reported an increase in patients experiencing the harmful effects caused by blue light exposure. Research has proven exposure to blue light contributes to serious eye and health conditions, including eye strain, vision loss caused by macular degeneration, and even sleep disruption.
To provide protection, VSP Optics Group will launch Sharper Image TechShield. How does it work? This is what the VSP press release said: "Sharper Image TechShield delivers targeted blue light protection in a proprietary, near-clear lens enhancement. Its unique defense technology provides comprehensive protection by both absorbing and deflecting incoming blue light to reduce the wearer’s amount of exposure." Last year, VSP Optics Group signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Shaper Image to manufacture and distribute optical-related products under the Sharper Image brand.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New Sunglasses from Addidas

"Arriba means 'up' in Spanish, but the exciting new sunglass style from adidas eyewear offers clean vision up, down, and all around! Runners, cyclists, ball players, and even fashionistas will enjoy the 'no frame' all around uninhibited vision and wrap protection this sunglass provides. The eye-popping colors are sure to make the highlight reel and put this style up on top of cool in 2015," according to Midwest Lens. "The lightweight, aerodynamic design of arriba provides multi-sport athletes with a wide vision advantage. This anti-fog performance sunglass looks amazing and provides maximum protection from the sun, wind, and debris. Five other key adidas eyewear technologies are added to assist wearers — Double Snap nose pads for comfort and adjustability, a Quick Release Hinge for durability, the Quick-Change Lens System for changing light conditions and/or events, Light Stabilizing Technology to control the aberrant light and provide high contrast vision, and Traction Grip temples to keep the sunglass firmly in place, even in the most extreme conditions." Read more.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New Eyewear from Badgley Mischka

"The latest Badgley Mischka eyewear frames capture Badgley Mischka’s exquisite runway and bridal fashions and translate that beauty into eyewear, while featuring highest quality products and design elements."  That 's the start of a Midwest Lens post. Read more.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Researchers Find Origin of Dry Eye Symptoms

"A group of researchers from the Instituto de Neurociencias, a mixed centre of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), has taken part in a study on the origin of the symptoms of dry eye disease," notes Science Daily. "The work, which explains the molecular mechanism leading to the discomfort that causes this disease, has been published in the journal Nature Communications." Read more.

1-800 Contacts Wins! Federal Appeals Court Will Allow Ban on UPP of Contact Lenses

"A federal appeals court ruling has cleared the way for discount contact lens retailers to drop prices while a legal battle is waged between the state of Utah and manufacturers who want to impose minimum prices on their products," reports U.S. News & World Report. "The decision handed down from the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver on Friday comes after three of the nation's largest contact lens manufacturers sued to halt a hotly contested law. Supporters, including Utah-based discount seller 1-800 Contacts, say the newly enacted legislation bans price fixing for contact lenses. But opponents, including Alcon Laboratories, Johnson & Johnson and Bausch & Lomb, say it's a brazen overreach that allows discount sellers to violate interstate commerce regulations and skirt industry price standards. Utah's attorney general has said the companies are wrongly driving up prices, and the law is a legitimate antitrust measure designed to enhance competition and help customers. Attorney General Sean Reyes' office didn't have a comment on the decision Friday." Read more.

New Flexon Kids Eyewear from Marchon

"The new Flexon Kids Eyewear Collection seamlessly blends supreme durability with the latest fashion trends, thus creating must-have frames that can withstand kids’ daily accidents. Flexon is a titanium alloy, which, unlike other metals, can “remember” and return to its original set shape even after it bends and twists. With Flexon, parents can rest easy knowing their children’s frames are hip enough for their youngster and resilient enough to handle everyday wear and tear," according to Midwest Lens. "The collection features four metal front frames paired with a stainless steel temple core and a high-quality rubber temple sleeve. A wide array of colors featured in a cool, playful camouflage pattern sets the tone for this fresh, vibrant collection for both boys and girls. The modern shapes and colorful palette are highly appealing to kids ages 3 to 10, who want a fun and sporty vibe." Read more.

Friday, June 12, 2015

New Chantal Thomass Eyewear from Eastern States

"Noted throughout Paris for its feminine, sexy lingerie – the new collection utilizes several bright new colors for a fresh, inspired vibe this spring. Colors such as purple, violet, green, pink, cream, and red combine with traditional acetates like black and tortoise providing a fashionable, feminine look," reports Midwest Lens. "Additionally, the brand diversifies its selection of shapes with several modified rectangles and squares which complement its array of French inspired up sweeps and cat eyes. Finally, brand themes from the lingerie inspire the design of the eyewear in various ways." Read more.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

AIDS Patients More Likely to Get Age-Related Macular Degeneration

"Patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) have a four-fold increase in their risk of developing intermediate-stage age-related macular degeneration (AMD) compared to people of the same age who are not infected with HIV, according to results from the Longitudinal Study of the Ocular Complications of AIDS (LSOCA) presented at the 2015 ARVO Annual Meeting in Denver, CO. The results of the study, led by the National Eye Institute-funded Studies of the Ocular Complications of AIDS Research Group, were also published online in the American Journal of Ophthalmology." That's the report from Science Digest. Read more.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

12 Year Old Runs 50 Marathons to Raise Money for Eye Care

"Twelve-year-old Nikolas Toocheck, a student at Hillendale Elementary School, is running a marathon in each of the 50 U.S. states to raise money for the Seva Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides critical vision care to people in need around the world," reports the Southern Chester Weekly. "Through his Running the World for Children Stateside campaign, Nikolas’ goal is to help children in need receive the gift of sight. Funds raised will support Seva’s pediatric programs to prevent blindness and preserve eyesight. With 37 years of experience, Seva is a leading innovator in the delivery of vital sight-saving eye care services. Seva’s programs have a special effort to reach children, the most vulnerable members of our human community. www.seva.org  Why this cause? Nikolas’s father is an eye doctor who has volunteered countless times all over the world, providing eye care to people in need. Nikolas has learned about this critical need while growing up." Read more.

'Alzheimer Protein' May Play an Important Role in Eye Health

"Amyloid precursor protein (APP), a key protein implicated in the development Alzheimer's disease, may play an important role in eye and muscle health," according to Science Digest. "In a new report published in the June 2015 issue of The FASEB Journal, scientists have discovered that when proteins that bind to the APP, called FE65 and FE65L1, are deleted, they cause cataracts and muscle weakness in mice. Additionally, this study demonstrates that the expression of laminin, a protein pivotal for the interaction between lens epithelial cells and the lens capsule, is severely altered in mice lenses missing both FE65 and FE65L1 genes. If confirmed in human studies, the FE65 and FE65L1 proteins may become a therapeutic target for cataracts, muscular dystrophy and Alzheimer's disease." Read more.

Marcolin and Iconix Renew Licensing for Candie's, Bongo, and Rampage

Marcolin SpA and Iconix Brand Group are extending their licensing agreement for the design, production and distribution of the eyewear collections of sunglasses and optical frames for Candie's, Bongo, and Rampage brands. These renewals extend the partnership until 2020. Initially launched through licensing partnerships with former and acquired Viva International Group in 2008, the relationship is now managed by Marcolin USA. Read more.

New Sunglasses from Vera Bradley

"It’s time to say hello sunshine with new Vera Bradley colors! The sun collection features the latest in fashionable shapes and styles with Vera Bradley signature colors for a bold and beautiful look," writes Midwest Lens. "A homage to vintage style Alma, Sadie, Cadi and Penny are an ode to old Hollywood glamour." Read more.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

New Virtual Reality "Eyewear" Is Smaller and Easy for Consumers

Smaller device said to make virtual eyewear more accepetable to consumers.
"The data glasses developed by researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF in Jena fulfill even more product functionality. In fact, it solves a problem that has plagued the manufacturers of such eyewear in the past: cumbersome frames. The awkward design means that few private users have been keen to wear them," reports Science Digest. "Models usual consist of two parts: a micro-display that generates the image and optics that project the image on the desired position. Both units are attached to the temple (earpiece). Although the micro-display of the new glasses measures 8 x 15 millimeters, making it a similar size to conventional models, the optics are only 5 millimeters long, almost one-fifth the length of previous designs. Instead of having single long optics, the scientists have placed many small optics alongside each other in an array." Read more.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Attorneys for State of Utah and Contact Lens Manufacturers Parry in Appeals Court

"Utah state attorneys have asked an appeals court to clear the way for a contentious law that bans price fixing by contact lens makers and could have wide-ranging implications for the $4 billion industry," reports the Standard Examiner. "The Utah Attorney General’s Office argued in court documents that the law banning minimum prices set by the country’s biggest contact lens makers is an antitrust measure designed to increase competition and help customers.State attorneys asked the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver to lift an injunction blocking the law Tuesday. They were joined by the discount retailers Costco and Utah-based 1-800 Contacts. Suing to block the law are lens makers Alcon Laboratories, Johnson & Johnson, and Bausch & Lomb. They say minimum price are good for customers and eye doctors, and the law was written specifically to benefit 1-800 Contacts." Read more.

Contact Lenses Have an Adverse Effect on Appearance

"While contact lenses might improve your eyesight without the need for clunky glasses, they might also be having an unintended effect on your appearance. According to a new study published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal, use of contact lenses seemingly leads to eyelid droopiness," reports Yahoo! Health. "Researchers reviewed photographs of 96 sets of identical twins who met in Twinsburg, Ohio, on a yearly basis from 2008 to 2010, measuring the level of eyelid droopiness (called “ptosis”) in each." Read more.

Friday, June 5, 2015

New Eyewear from Anne Klein

"Anne Klein Eyewear readies for Summer with four new optical styles. Defined by vibrant crystal tortoises, modern shapes and iconic logo treatments, this collection makes for an effortless Summer look." That's the word from Midwest Lens. Read more.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Google Patents Contact Lense as ID Device

"Google has patented a new technology that transforms a contact lens into an identification device, according to a report by Venture Beat," notes Biometric Update. "The patent application explains how the contact lens covers either the entire or part of the iris of the eye. The contact lens’ surface is embedded with one or more light sensors, which gathers reflected light off the iris. The sensors construct an image of the iris, which it then compares with an image of the same iris stored on the system’s memory. If the images successfully match, a door might automatically unlock for the wearer, or a file containing private data might suddenly be available to access, for example. The patent does not go into great detail about the technology’s applications. However, the lenses could potentially be used for biometric authentication purposes in a number of different technologies and scenarios." Read more.

New Eyewear and Sunglasses from ClearVision

"Eyewear industry leader ClearVision Optical introduces the newest releases from BCBGMAXAZRIA, adding 10 new optical and two sunglasses styles to this iconic fashionable collection," according to Midwest Lens. "Heavier profiles, bold statement makers and on trend elements like color blocking and mixed materials are evident throughout this ‘edgier’ release. A rich, boudoir palette of jewel tone colors like ink and plum provide a nice contrast to classic colorations like tortoise vintage. Runway inspired designs, as well as the brand’s iconic stud bar hardware and butterfly logo, further align the eyewear with the retail brand. The release also includes a new Global Fit model, Franca, designed with built up nose pads for a more comfortable, universal fit." Read more.

New Sunglasses from Wiley X

"Eyewear innovator Wiley X, Inc. has added a new model to its 2015 line-up, providing outdoor enthusiasts and sunglass wearers of all types with a bold new choice when it comes to crystal clear vision and state-of-the-art eye protection," writes Midwest Lens. "This newest member of the popular Active Series family — the WX Peak — comes in three Rx-ready versions, each with frame/lens colors paired to deliver stunning good looks, sharp, distraction-free vision and, most importantly, Wiley X’s battlefield-proven protection during any outdoor activity." Read more.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Number of Proteins in Aqueous Humor Doubles, Say Researchers

"Researchers conducting a comprehensive proteomics analysis of human aqueous humor samples identified 763 proteins - including 386 proteins detected for the first time - in this clear fluid that helps maintain pressure in the eye and nourishes the cornea and the lens," according to Medical News Today. "These proteins could have a role in disease processes affecting the eye and serve as valuable biomarkers for the development of diagnostics and drug candidates to improve visual health, as discussed in the article "Proteomics of Human Aqueous Humor," published in OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology, the peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers. The article is available free on the OMICS website until June 26, 2015." Read more.

New Kids Eyewear from Modern Optical

"Value eyewear leader Modern Optical International introduces nine new styles to its Modz Kids Collection," reports Midwest Lens. "Modz Kids frames put a smile on everyone’s face! Kids love them for their cool styles and vibrant colors. Parents love them for their durability, two-year warranty, and affordability, making that all so important back-up pair of glasses a viable option. With 37 unique styles, this collection offers an abundance of colorful choices and youthful details in a variety of shapes including several that align with today’s retro styles their parents are wearing!" Read more.

Patients Experience Phantom Eye Syndrome

"Researchers from the University of Liverpool have found that approximately half of patients who have an eye removed because of a form of eye cancer experience `phantom eye syndrome,'" says Science Digest. "Patients with the condition experience 'seeing' and pain in the eye that is no longer there. Researchers assessed 179 patients whose eye had been removed as a result of a cancer, called intraocular melanoma." Read more.

Marchon and Nike Extend Deal

Marchon Eyewear, Inc. has extended its licensing agreement with Nike, Inc. for the exclusive design, production and worldwide distribution of Nike optical and sunglass collections. Claudio Gottardi, President and CEO of Marchon Eyewear, commented: “We’re extremely proud to continue our successful partnership with Nike. This unrivaled brand is constantly at the forefront of sports technology and innovation, therefore pushing our design team to continue striving to develop new groundbreaking ideas and high-quality products.” For more information about Nike Vision, visit www.nikevision.com.

Gene Mutuation Causes a Rare Form of Color Blindness

"A rare eye disorder marked by color blindness, light sensitivity, and other vision problems can result from a newly discovered gene mutation identified by an international research team, including scientists from Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC). The findings, which were published today in the online edition of Nature Genetics, could lead to new, targeted treatments for this form of color blindness," according to a Science Digest post. "The researchers found that mutations to a gene called ATF6, a key regulator of the unfolded protein response, can lead to achromatopsia, a hereditary visual disorder characterized by color blindness, decreased vision, light sensitivity, and uncontrolled eye movement in children." Read more.

VSP's Marchon Working on a Eyewear That Tracks Health

"VSP Global...has built a pair of glasses with activity tracking sensors built in. The project, called Project Genesis, comes out of VSP’s innovation lab The Shop," notes Mobi Health News. "'We’re looking at a really exploding market in the wearable space,' VSP Global CEO Jim McGrann told the Wall Street Journal in a recent video interview. 'One of our businesses is an eyewear company and we’re focused on building those wearables into the eyewear that people wear every day to improve their overall health and wellness. The glasses track steps, calories burned, activity time and distance traveled, all from a chipset built into the earpiece. The glasses, built by Marchon, another VSP company, look just like regular glasses. But they connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone app, where wearers can look at an aggregate view of their metrics." Read more.

VSP Global Starts Another Lab for Improving Service to Patients

"VSP Global is opening its third U.S. innovation lab inside the Columbus Idea Foundry, where rotating employees of the vision care company will collaborate with Ohio State University optometry faculty and students to devise ways to improve a visit to the eye doctor," reports the Columbus Business Journal. "VSP also announced a $500,000 donation to establish an endowed research fund at OSU’s College of Optometry. VSP's Shop Midwest joins others the $4.5 billion nonprofit vision care insurer opened in 2012 in its home city of Sacramento, California, and in Manhattan where its eyewear design division is based. Shop East and Shop West already have prototypes for technology embedded in eyeglass stems." Read more.