Friday, June 26, 2015

Adlens Launches New Smart Eyewear and Four Locations in the Bronx

"U.K.-based Adlens introduced at CE week Wednesday in New York City its FOCUSS series of smart eyewear – wearer-adjustable prescription glasses that are being made available at select eyewear specialists in America," reports Dealerscope. "The glasses with their frames will be priced at $999 – comparable to high-level prescription progressive eyewear priced at around $1,500, said Dr. Graeme E. Mackenzie, the company’s director of regulatory and industry affairs. He said the FOCUSS technology provides a full field of vision with no peripheral vision distortion, unlike traditional progressive lenses." Read more.

A few weeks earlier, AdlensFocuss launched in the New York City market at Metro Optics Eyewear’s four Bronx eye care practices – giving eye doctors a new option for their presbyopic patients beyond lined bi-or tri-focal or progressive lenses. AdlensFocuss provides a single-vision viewing experience, with four times the viewing area of a no-line bifocal. Wearers switch between their distance, intermediate, and reading prescriptions by clicking the small hidden dial on the inside of the frame’s temple.Read more.

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