Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Polaroid Sponsors Art Exhibit

On the occasion of MIA (Milan Image Art Fair, May 10-12, 2013), Polaroid Eyewear will join forces with the famous photographer Maurizio Galimbertion an exclusive artistic project, according to a Safilo press release. Galimberti, who describes himself as an “Instant Polaroid Artist”, has created a series of 15 “photo-mosaics” for Polaroid Eyewear. They portray eight people representative of modern-day Milan. Galimberti used different photo techniques project: traditional Polaroid film for the eight photos featuring the subjects wearing glasses, and the new Polaroid “Impossible Film” emulsion for the “naked eye” shots. Read more.

CA Considers Letting ODs Perform Some Medical Tasks

“Legislation that would let optometrists, pharmacists and nurse practitioners perform medical tasks that now are the domain of doctors passed its first committee [in the California legislature],” reports the Press Enterprise. “The measures considered Monday, April 29, are the most far-reaching of several bills pending in the Legislature this year that pit different groups of health care professionals against each other in scope-of-practice fights. Supporters of Monday’s legislation said it would help improve a lack of primary care providers in Inland Southern California and other parts of the state. The problem will worsen as the federal Affordable Care Act adds millions of people to the health-insurance rolls, they say.” Read more.

New “Face” for Vogue Eyewear in India

“Vogue Eyewear announces Deepika Padukone as the new face for 2013,” reports Pink Villa. “Apparently, she is perfectly in line with the playful and youthful spirit of Vogue Eyewear. Deepika is also the first Indian face of the brand in India; she follows in footsteps of fashion icons Gisele Bündchen, Kate Moss and Eva Mendes.” Read more.

Cutler and Gross Open NYC Store

“The luxury eyewear label is set to open its first ever US store in New York City's famous SoHo neighborhood,” starts the post on Yahoo OMG!. “Cutler and Gross has been at the heart of London's luxury eyewear scene since the company was first founded in 1969 by Graham Cutler and Tony Gross. Each pair of the spectacles is handcrafted at the brand's factory in northern Italy, and can take up to four weeks to manufacture using a combination of traditonal techniques and cutting-edge materials.” Read more.

Monday, April 29, 2013

New from Tommy Hilfiger

The Tommy Hilfiger Group has introduced the 2013 eyewear collection, manufactured by Safilo. The collection features classic inspirations and easy-to-wear shapes in combinations of red, white and blue, reflecting Hilfiger’s iconic color palette, and the brand’s classic American style. The collection inspired the global advertising campaign “le vöyãgeseafãr-iüs.” Featuring The Hilfigers, it takes the group on the high seas. Read more.

ASTM Developing Eye Protection Standard for Airsoft Sports

“In response to requests from both insurance providers and playing facility operators, ASTM International Committee F08 on Sports Equipment and Facilities is developing ASTM WK27246, Specification for Eye Protective Devices for Airsoft Sports,” reports Yahoo News. “Proposed standard will provide eyewear test procedures that are specifically designed for airsoft.” Read more.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

NYSSO's CE Seminar Coming May 4-5

The New York State Society of Opticians (NYSSO) will present its 2013 New York State Opticians Gala & Professional Development Symposium May 4-5 at the Turning Stone Casino and Resort, Verona, NY. Saturday's Pre-Gala Continuing Education Program will include four hours of continuing education: Noon–1:00: Post Refractive Ectasia: Contact Lens Options after RK and LASIK with Joe Forte; 1:00–2:00: Getting Started as a Contact Lens Fitter with Joe Forte; 2:00–3:00: Computer Vision Syndrome with Ralph Kent; and 3:00–4:00: Varilux S Series with Greg Rodriguez.

On Sunday, NYSSO will present its Professional Development Symposium, where opticians could earn as many as eight hours of CE. It will present special four-credit course from eight to noon: Medicare Post-Op Cataract Eyewear: Coding, Billing and Supplier Compliancy. Participants must register in advance online.

Rather than taking the Medicare course, participants could opt for four other courses: 8:00–9:00: Xperio with Greg Rodriguez; 9:00–10:00: Multicultural Dispensing with Greg Rodriguez; 10:00–11:00: State of the State's Ophthalmic Dispensing Profession with Executive Secretary Seth Rockmuller and members of the State Board for Ophthalmic Dispensing; and 11:00–12:00: Mentoring for the Ophthalmic Dispensing Profession with NYSSO Mentoring Program Team.

Sunday afternoon will offer the following: 12:30–1:30: New York State DMV's New Online Vision Registry with New York State's DMV Staff; 1:30–2:30: Adventures in Sales Prevention with Ralph Kent; 2:30–3:30: Real World Vision with Laurie Pierce; and 3:30–4:30: Auto 111 with Laurie Pierce.

NYSSO also will raffle for an Apple iPad and a Kindle Fire. Proceeds from the raffle will fund the association's lobbying efforts in Albany. To participate, go online

Unlicensed “Optician” in Major League Outfield

O'Neill's bats used as a Yankee. None have eyewear
Paul O’Neill was providing color to Michael Kaye’s calls at yesterday’s Blue Jays/Yankees game. The former Yankee and Reds right fielder, who had a lifetime .288 batting average, dotted his career with antics—especially in his opinion, after a disappointing performance at the plate. He threw helmets, sometimes bats. Midway through yesterday’s game he confessed that once he retreated to the dugout and drew eyeglasses on his Louisville Slugger C243. “Why?” asked Kaye. “So it would see the ball,” answered O’Neill who ended his career with a .470 slugging percentage. He added, “Not that it has anything to do with superstition.”

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ophthalmologists—Financially—Doing Just Fine

Ophthalmologists, financially, do just fine—earning a mean income of $276,000, according to Physicians Salaries in 2013 published by Medscape. That makes them the 11th highest compensated physicians in the United States. A rarified few (13 percent) pull in more than $500,000, and an unfortunate few (12 percent) make less than $100,000. Here’s a kicker, male ophthalmologists earn 34 percent more than female, says the report. The regions where they get the best pay? Not the Northeast. Nor California. It’s the North Central (middle America), followed by the Northwest, Great Lakes Region, California, the Northeast. Salaries in the South trail. Read more. You will need to register with Medscape to see the report, though.

May Is UV Awareness Month

Prevent Blindness America has declared May UV Awareness Month to help educate the public on the dangers of UV and how to protect the eyes. As ECPs know, while UV-A has lower energy, it penetrates deep into the eye and may injure the macula, the part of the retina responsible for sight in the center field of vision. UV-B radiation is presumably more dangerous and is mainly absorbed by the cornea and lens of the eye and can damage those tissues. You might want your patients to know that PBA recommends wearing sunglasses that reduce glare, filter out 99-100 percent of UV rays, protect eyes, are comfortable to wear, and do not distort colors. You could also recommend that your patients visit www.preventblindness.org/uv. You and your patients could also take the UV Awareness Quiz.

Pine Bark May Help with Cataracts

“A winter after discovering Canada for France, Jacques Cartier's exploration crew started suffering and dying from the dreadful scurvy disease in 1535. But thanks to an Iroquoian healer, they were miraculously cured by a tea made from pine bark,” reports Medical News Today. “Nearly 500 years later, a research team from Western University has found that an over-the-counter pill boasting the same antioxidants may reduce risk of cataracts - the clouding of the normally clear lens of an eye - when delivered through the correct method.” Read more.

ODs and MDs Might Not Be Able to Provide Services Necessary after 2020

Even though ophthalmologists are some of the best paid physicians in the U.S. (http://opticalceu.blogspot.com/2013/04/ophthalmologistsfinanciallydoing-just.html) and optometrists have the “best” careers (http://opticalceu.blogspot.com/2013/04/ods-have-some-of-best-jobs-in-2013.html), there could be trouble in seven years. “By the year 2020, the Affordable Care Act, changing ethnicity and new treatment modalities will increase the need for eye care services beyond what optometrists and ophthalmologists can provide, according to a speaker here at the IOMED program of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery meeting.” That’s the start of a post on Primary Care Optometry News. Read more.

Warby Parker Co-Founder Talks about Eyewear

“I love glasses. It’s a little strange that I’m not wearing them this morning. When I got up to take the train from New York at five this morning, I was fumbling around and thinking, I’m coming down to Philly and I’m gonna keep it real. I don’t wear glasses all the time.” Smart Planet presented a talk given by Neil Blumenthal, co-founder of Warby Parker. “I met an eye doctor who wanted to sell glasses in low-income communities. I thought that this strategy to create jobs to distribute glasses made sense. You’re providing people with the tools to see. Glasses are one of the most poverty-reducing tools on the planet. In terms of international development, 20 percent additional income is incredible. That’s like an extra day of work a week. So I went to factories to see how glasses were made and designed.” Read more.

Nike Drops Its Magneto Eyewear Project

“During my reporting for Fast Company's profile of Nike, which we just named as the Most Innovative Company in the world, I learned that Nike, too, had once considered reinventing eyewear,” starts the Fast Company post about Nike’s innovative eyewear. “Back in the early aughts--years before it dreamed up the FuelBand and Flyknit--Nike's eyewear concept, internally called ‘Magneto,’ was, briefly, its next big thing. It wasn't a wearable computer though--the idea, essentially, was to have athletes tape magnets to their temples and then clip futuristic eyewear onto them. It was a novel concept…” Read more.

Friday, April 26, 2013

WCO Awards Holden Distinguished Service Award

Yesterday the World Council of Optometry (WCO) recognized Professor Brien Holden for his 40-year career as a pioneer in contact lens development and eye health, and now a global leader of efforts to eliminate avoidable blindness and vision impairment. It gave him its highest honor, the Distinguished Service Award (DSA). Holden is only the sixth DSA recipient. During his two score years, Holden created a social enterprise that has generated more than $1 billion in research, education and humanitarian funds. He has also worked in product development, helped provide eye care to those who do not have access, and gave almost 200 post-graduates a chance at research.

Aspex/Countour Sue Zenni

“Countour Optik, Inc. and sublicensee Aspex Eyewear, Inc. (collectively ‘Aspex’) sued Zenni Optical, LLC (‘Zenni’) for infringement of U.S. Patents No. 5,737,054 (the ‘'054 patent’), No. 6,012,811 (the ‘'811 patent’), and No. 6,092,896 (the ‘'896 patent’), all relating to magnetic clip-on eyewear, such as sunglasses. The district court held that Aspex was collaterally estopped from pursuing this lawsuit, based on earlier litigation between Aspex and Altair Eyewear, Inc. for infringement of the same patents (the ‘Altair litigation’),” reports Lexology.com.

“The Altair litigation involved the same three patents and many of the same claims now in suit. In that litigation, the district court had construed the term ‘retaining mechanisms’ in the ‘811 and ‘896 patents as requiring supporting frames—such as rims—around the lenses and construed the term ‘frame’ in the ‘054 patent as requiring rims. The Federal Circuit affirmed the construction of ‘retaining mechanisms,’ and held that the patents were not infringed because Altair’s magnetic clip-ons were rimless. However, it remanded on the construction of ‘frame,’ finding the ‘054 patent did not limit that term to one with rims. On remand, the district court held that the ‘054 claim was invalid for obviousness. The Federal Circuit affirmed.” Read more.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

New from Match Eyewear

“Match Eyewear’s introduction of Danny Gokey Sun…was not only the debut of a new collection but also a new target audience for the brand – the sun wear line is designed for both men and women,” notes Midwest Lens. “Though originally launched as a men’s collection, the Danny Gokey ophthalmic models have always had a strong female following. Credit the contemporary retro styling, the continued popularity of Geek Chic, or the huge female following of the American Idol finalist, but the collection has always had a unisex appeal. In fact, the ophthalmic collection has recently been extended to include ladies’ styles.” Read more.

ODs Have Some of the Best Jobs in 2013

“CareerCast has released its top 200 jobs of 2013.  Among the best jobs were physical therapist, optometrists, pharmacists, software engineers, and financial planners,” says the International Business Times. “With unemployment at 7.6% and recent graduate unemployment/underemployment rates even higher, it’s something to consider when choosing a career.” Read more. Opticians did not make the top 10 or the bottom eight, according to the post. Their career ranked number 22.

LA OD Surgery Bill Pulled. FL ODs Prescribe Meds

“A controversial eye care bill has passed out of committee at the Louisiana Legislature that would open up the scope of medical procedures optometrists can perform on patients,” reports KPLC TV. “The bill on Wednesday, however, was pulled from the House floor by its author, Rep. Frank Hoffman, R-West Monroe, amid opposition by the state's ophthalmologists. Hoffman said the measure will be returned to the calendar to be called at a later date.” Read more.

Meanwhile Vision Monday has reported that “Florida Governor Rick Scott signed Florida Senate Bill 278 on Friday, April 19, authorizing optometrists in that state to prescribe ocular pharmaceutical agents.” Read more.

New from Max & Co.

Bold shapes and iconic details. A stunning kaleidoscope of lively colors and sophisticated shades, fresh transparencies and stylish graphic motifs. The new Spring-Summer 2013 MAX&Co. sunglasses and optical frames are feminine, fascinating and glamorous, reflecting the latest fashion trends for the new season with the original touch of an authentic style. Read more.

New from Red Bull Racing

According to a Midwest Lens post, “a technological revolution, a precise high tech design, sporty and unique constructions – shortly said: a good combination of technology and design. In motorsport innovative, robust and at the same time lightweight materials are used. Therefore, Red Bull Racing Eyewear has set itself the goal to qualify for the strongest, most innovative and most dynamic Eyewear brand, using material borrowed from Formula 1.” Read more.

New from A&A Optical

“A&A Optical introduces Carnival, a bright, fun-loving pattern from the Jimmy Crystal collection. Carnival is inspired by the vibrant colors and energy found in Rio’s Carnival,” notes Midwest Lens. “Accessory pieces are offered to ECPs in effort to enhance the product and brand and create excitement at point-of-sale. The accessories provide the practice another opportunity to create add-on sales. Accessory pieces include: clutch bag, necklace and watch. Accessories are offered free with a minimum purchase from the Jimmy Crystal eyewear collection or they can be purchased individually.” Read more.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Louisiana House Votes on Bill That Allows ODs to Inject Medication and Perform Surgeries

The Louisiana House of Representatives will debate and hold a vote today (April 24, 2013) on bill that would allow optometrists to perform several eye laser and incisional procedures. Many Louisiana physicians reportedly are interpreting the bill (House Bill 527) as a step back in patient safety and a massive expansion of the optometric scope of practice. The bill would allow optometrists to enter the field of laser cataract surgery by default since the procedure is not specifically excluded in the bill's test on page 4 of the bill. Optometrists, under the current Louisiana Statute 527, are usually limited to prescribing glasses, contact lenses, and treating minor eye conditions such as dry eyes. Current Louisiana Law forbids optometrists from practicing medicine or performing surgery. Additionally, House Bill 527 will legally define all Louisiana optometrists as "optometric physicians." This bill will place the sole jurisdiction of all ophthalmic surgery by optometrists in the hands of the Louisiana State Board of Optometry Examiners, according to page 5 of the engrossed HB 527. Any inquiries should be directed to the Louisiana House Communications Office in Baton Rouge at telephone (225) 342-9795 or fax (225-219-4380)

AAO Launches New PSA Campaign about Decorative CLs

As the use of dangerous, non-prescription decorative contact lenses continues to increase in popularity, the American Academy of Ophthalmology's campaign to caution consumers of the health risks associated with these illegal devices has been recognized by leading media relations trade publication Bulldog Reporter with the Gold-Level Bulldog Award for the Best Not-for-Profit/Association/Government Campaign. The Bulldog Awards honor the best media relations campaigns in the industry as judged by journalists, bloggers and public relations critics.

Despite a 2005 federal law that classifies all contact lenses as medical devices and restricts their distribution to licensed eye care professionals, decorative contacts remain widely available on the Internet and in stores. As a result, consumers – particularly teens and young adults – continue to sustain serious, sight-stealing eye injuries and infections due to improper fit and care of these illicit products. To raise awareness of these risks, the Academy's public relations team developed and executed a Halloween-themed campaign called, "Want Scary Eyes? The Dangers of Decorative Contact Lenses."  You can access the video at this link.

Here’s the scary thing. The AAO’s informative video is competing with public relations efforts by manufacturers of decorative contact lenses. For example, on the YouTube page where the AAO’s video appears, there is a column of videos about contacts on the right side. Guess what we found. A how-to video. The producer calls it “How to: Put [sic] in Colored Contacts.” It could have been subtitled “How to Injure Your Eyes.” What is more enticing to a teenager?

New Design for Google Glasses?

“Google could be set to reduce their Glass device to just one small square screen in front of the wearer's face, according to one designer.” That’s a post from The Sun. “Nickolay Lamm reckons the current look for the web giant’s wearable computer glasses — with the hardware all stored on one side — is too cyborg-like.” Read more.

New Safety Eyewear from Honeywell

“Safety eyewear: Honeywell Safety Products has introduced two new styles of protective eyewear, Conspire and Relentless,” according to Utility Products. “Both feature the exclusive new North Signature Fit profile, specially designed to comfortably fit at least 85% of wearers right out of the box without the need for advanced adjustments. Given their combined protective qualifications, lightweight design and adjustment-free fit, Conspire and Relentless deliver extreme value to safety managers by simplifying the safety eyewear purchasing process.” Read more.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New from Mercedes Eyewear

Mercedes Eyewear “has once again imprinted these brand values skillfully in the latest eyewear and sunglasses collection of the successful licensed label. The legendary Mercedes star – wrought in the traditional coin minting method – adorns every model as the trademark of the Mercedes-Benz Eyewear collection.” So goes a portion of the post from Midwest Lens. Read more.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Treating ‘Lazy Eye’ with Tetris

Science Daily reports that “scientists have used the popular puzzle video game Tetris in an innovative approach to treat adult amblyopia, commonly known as "lazy eye." By distributing information between the two eyes in a complementary fashion, the video game trains both eyes to work together, which is counter to previous treatments for the disorder (e.g., patching).” Read more.

New from Boss Orange

The new Boss Orange eyewear collection for Spring/Summer 2013 catches the eye with its bold shapes, intense colors and brand new patterns. These sunglasses and optical frames, with their vintage style and contemporary twist, are a true must-have accessory. Read more.

New from Columbia Eyewear

Midwest Lens writes that “L’Amy America, a division of global eyewear group TWC-L’Amy, announces the worldwide launch of 17 new models from the Columbia Eliminator polarized collection. With legendary features such as ‘H90’ featherweight frame technology and Eliminator lenses that block 99.99% of reflected glare, the new collection exemplifies Columbia’s core values of outdoor, long-wear comfort and performance for men and women.” Read more.

Acuvue Launches 2013 1-Day Contest

The Vistakon Division of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc., announced the 2013 celebrity ensemble for this year's "Acuvue 1-Day Contest." Returning to the ensemble are inspirational pop star Demi Lovato and award-winning musician Joe Jonas, while all-star basketball sensation Dwight Howard and breakout television actress Shay Mitchell bring their passions and dreams as celebrity mentors to the contest for the first time. The contest, now in its third year, will give teen winners the chance to meet and be mentored for a day by one of these celebrities. Acuvue’s YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/acuvue) will feature the mentors' own stories that highlight how they found the focus and confidence to reach their own dreams, including how contact lenses played a key role in their success. Read more.

ODs in Texas Lobbying to Negotiate with Insurers

“A group of Texas optometrists is lobbying the State Legislature for more power to negotiate contracts with health insurance companies, and the measure they are supporting could hit consumers’ wallets, some business advocates say,” according to the New York Times. “Senate Bill 632…would prohibit a common practice among insurers: contractually obligating optometrists to offer discounts on services and products that are not covered by the health plan, like a spare pair of glasses or cosmetic contact lenses that change eye color.” Read more.

Hi-Tech Goggles a Distraction? Lawyers Say So!

“Oakley, the eyewear company, makes a $600 ski goggle that comes with a warning in the package: Do not operate product while skiing,” starts the New York Times story. “Zeal HD camera goggles allow athletes to make videos. It is an admonition that should be taken with a grain of salt, said Chris Petrillo, a product manager at the company. Of course, he said, the digital goggles are meant for skiing and snowboarding. ‘Welcome to the world of lawyers and litigation,’ he said. But maybe the lawyers are on to something. Safety advocates say the concept of high-tech displays for goggles — and for other sports eyewear — is information overload run amok, particularly when people are using them at high speeds.” Read more.

New from Boss

The new Boss collection of sunglasses and optical frames for Spring/Summer 2013 is an expression of contemporary style that blends comfort and design with classical influences. The new models for men and women elegantly reflect the distinctive understated characteristics of the brand, matching quality materials with refined design. Read more.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Peak at Chanel’s 2013 Eyewear Campaign

New from Miu Miu

“If Lizzy Caplan hadn't made a parody of fashion films, Miu Miu's Spring 2013 eyewear campaign video could be an unintentional one. It comes off as an inadvertent spoof of itself,” starts the Fashion Spot post. “The video stars all the models from the brand's Spring womenswear campaign: Malgosia Bela, Bette Franke, Martha Hunt, Doutzen Kroes, Adriana Lima, Arizona Muse…The campaign specifically features shades from the Miu Miu Rasoir Sunglasses capsule collection, which have a flattering retro cat-eye shape, distorted with a sharp crop at the bottom.” Read more.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pearle Tweaks Its Marketing

Come Monday (April 22), Pearle Vision will change—just a little. The Luxottica Retail division will tweak its logo, marketing message, and website. It will also launch an advertising campaign, according to Vision Monday. For more information, read.

OneSight & BC/BS Help in Indianapolis

Some 225 Hundreds of Indianapolis-area students will receive comprehensive vision exams and new eyewear free of charge this week at Vision Van Clinics thanks to a collaboration between Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation and OneSight, a leading charity dedicated to providing sustainable access to quality vision care, eyewear and sun protection to those in need around the world. Since 1995, the van’s clinics have provided eye exams and eyewear to more than 13,000 children throughout Indiana.  Read more.

Cloud-Based Fundus Photographs

“A new tool for ophthalmologists and optometrists is now available online, making it easier to monitor changes in the eye,” according to MedGadget. “EyeIC has released a cloud-based application that allows to easily compare fundus photographs taken at different times of the same patient, or across patients.” Read more.

ODs in FL to Prescribe Oral Meds for Eye Diseases

“Gov. Rick Scott has signed into law a long-debated bill that expands the drug-prescribing powers of optometrists,” reports WFLX. “Scott signed the bill (HB 239) on Friday. The state now allows optometrists to prescribe oral medications - including pills - to treat eye diseases. They had been limited to prescribing medications such as eye drops. Optometrists had to refer patients to ophthalmologists for conditions requiring drugs taken by mouth.” Read more.

Friday, April 19, 2013

House of Holland Sunwear Hit at Coachella Music Festival

“Coachella musical festival marks the start of the summer festival season, with style mavens the world over flocking to the fash-tastic music event of the year, and whilst it might be a tad early for us UK residers to adopt all of the uber summery trends on show last weekend in California, sunglasses are certainly seasonal attire we can get on board with. Like now! And there was one label who clad more famous faces than any other at Coachella this year and that was House of Holland,” starts the Grazia Daily post.

“It's easy to see why: House of Holland's super fun spring/summer '13 collection is bursting with, look-changing styles. Pixie Geldof's fifties pin-up style cherry print cossie totally looked the part with the HOH 'Glassy' shades in black, plus checkout Jamie Winstone wearing the same style in purple. Very cute.” Read more.

New from Legacie

“Betsey’s love of old Hollywood glam style serves as the inspiration behind the Lights, Camera, Action group. Glitter detailing is the hallmark of this group – temples are decked out in glitter laminated over a variety of new custom pastel colors. Frames shapes are clean and modern for a nice juxtaposition of funky styling and wearability,” reports Midwest Lens. “Geek-chic style Tinseltown (BJ 144) features a metal frame front and acetate temples decked in glitter lamination. This optical frame brings new color variations, including blush, black/ teal, and cream. Paparazzi (BJ 143), a subtle cat-eye, boast glitter-laminated detailing throughout. For more information visit www.legacie.com.” Read more.

Attendees Give OpticalCEUs Continuing Education Conference High Rating

Spring2013EvalARCL More than 150 opticians from Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island raved about OpticalCEUs 2013 Continuing Education Conference for Opticians at Foxwoods. See the movie about the continuing education conference. This is what they had to say: "Excellent format", Convenient location, value for $", "Courses are interesting and the price is right", "I like the format", "Lectures were interesting and informative", "Less expensive, fun location, well organized, relaxed", "Less expensive, more room, different eating area, bathroom cleanliness, well organized", "This program has improved so much in quality of speakers and comfort of room", "Like presenters, location, price", "Each class was very informative and not too long.  Thank you for offering this seminar - don't change a thing!", "Good food, good location, always enjoy coming to Linda's seminar".  See the rest of the evaluations on this page.

Linda Conlin, founder of the innovative, attendee-oriented continuing education program OpticalCEUs and the increasingly popular optical news site, Optical News from OpticalCEUs, recently released the outstanding performance evaluations from opticians attending its Spring 2013 Continuing Education Seminar for Opticians at Foxwoods. As mandated by ABO/NCLE (American Board of Opticianry/National Contact Lens Examiners), OpticalCEUs surveys attendee reaction to each seminar using a standard ABO/NCLE questionnaire. “Clearly our attendees appreciate the time, energy, and professionalism that each speaker puts into her/his work,” said Linda Conlin.

Potential New Treatment for Dry Eye

“An estimated nine million people in the United State alone suffer from significant dry eye disorder. Researchers have shown that topical anakinra (Kineret; Amgen Inc.), a recombinant version of human IL-1Ra approved for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, significantly reduced dry eye symptoms.” That’s the report from Science Digest. Read more.

Lubricant on the Surface of the Eye Greases Our Joints

Science Digest reports that “natural lubricants play an important role in health, including helping prevent osteoarthritis in joints. Much is still unknown about their role and function in other areas of the body. Researchers for the first time have discovered that the surface of the eye produces ‘lubricin,’the same substance that protects the joints, and have explained its role in this sensory organ.” Read more.

New from Nicole Miller

“The four models take their cue from Nicole Miller’s Celtic theme, a theme which plays an important role in the Nicole Miller collection, and is a theme that is turned to for inspiration in the jewelry collection and in subtle elements on Nicole Miller’s accessory collections,” writes Midwest Lens. “The Celtic theme was an early obsession and appears as a signature detail on Nicole Miller’s fragrance, a bottle marked by its stunning elegance. Celtic elements are woven in the temple of the eyewear, from a subtle Celtic cross to a modern interpretation of the ancient symbol.” Read more.

Saving an Rainforest One Sunglass at a Time

 Proof Eyewear has teamed up with The Nature Conservancy on their Plant a Billion Trees Campaign on Earth Day. For each eyewear purchase on Earth Day, April 22, Proof will donate to the cause. Nature Conservancy launched the campaign five years ago in an effort to restore Brazil's Atlantic Forest, which was near extinction due to pressures of urban expansion, agriculture, ranching and illegal logging. Through the “Plant a Billion Trees,” NC will reforest 2.5 million acres and connect more than 12 million acres in new forest corridors. Proof Eyewear made an appearance on “Shark Tank” on Friday, February 22, 2013. To watch the Dame Brothers pitching Proof Eyewear, visit http://abc.go.com/shows/shark-tank. Read more.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Even after $1500, Google “Owns” Google Glass

“Google is barring anyone deemed worthy of a pair of its $1,500 Google Glass computer eyewear from selling or even loaning out the highly coveted gadget,” says Wired. “The company’s terms of service on the limited-edition wearable computer specifically states, ‘you may not resell, loan, transfer, or give your device to any other person. If you resell, loan, transfer, or give your device to any other person without Google’s authorization, Google reserves the right to deactivate the device, and neither you nor the unauthorized person using the device will be entitled to any refund, product support, or product warranty.’ Welcome to the New World, one in which companies are retaining control of their products even after consumers purchase them.” Read more.

Hip-Hop and Eyewear

“For better or worse, hip-hop culture is as much about image as it is the music. From street cred and ability to accurately portray an impoverished area, to stunting in custom designer gear and the newest sneakers, rappers and cultural participants have desired to outshine their peers. Glasses are no exception,” reports Complex Style. “In its latest series of The History of Eyewear in Hip-Hop, Vintage Frames Company tapped The Roots drummer Questlove to discuss what makes various forms of glasses so fresh to the hip-hop community.” Read more.

New from Marc Jacobs

“Following the fantastical Marc Jacobs Winter 2012 Collection and the chic Crystal sunglasses seen with luxurious oversized hats on that icy blue runway, the unique and glamorous look of the eyewear collection returns in a new easy-to-wear version with the latest models created for Spring/Summer 2013,” according to Midwest Lens. “The new models maintain that sense of sparkle with an understated twist: a single crystal that illuminates the temple tips and denotes a unique and individual style.” Read more.

Carrera and Choo Launching Capsule Sunglasses

Safilo’s Carrera and Jimmy Choo will design, produce, and distribute a capsule collection called Carrera by Jimmy Choo sunglasses. The collection will blend the eyewear expertise and bold attitude of Carrera with the epitome of style and glamour which is Jimmy Choo in a range of unique models combining high performance in a fashion forward aesthetic.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Report on Private Label Digital Progressives

Vision Monday reports that “the hottest new digital progressive lens may be a brand you’ve never heard of. In VM’s exclusive Special Report, The Rising Tide of Private Label, learn how the new generation of house brands, from major lens players and lesser known companies alike, could reshape the digital PAL market.” Read more.

CooperVision Offers Allergy Survival Guide for Your Patients

CooperVision recently launched a new Facebook page tailored to the needs of individuals suffering with eye allergies. You might want to refer your patients to the page, the Allergy Survival Guide, for tips and tricks that they can use. The topics range from managing allergy symptoms to allergies and contacts to an anatomical explanation of why allergies are so troublesome.

New from Pierre Cardin

The new Pierre Cardin eyewear collection for Spring/Summer 2013 denotes a sophisticated style and reflects the inspired blend of French originality and Italian creativity for which the celebrated brand is renowned. The new sunglasses and optical frames feature geometric lines and precious jewel-like detailing, which lend a distinctive, unique flair to these models. Read more.

New from Gucci

The Spring/Summer 2013 Gucci eyewear collection for men is an expression of vintage flair with sophisticated modern notes. Innovative and precious materials reportedly give elegance and distinctiveness to the new sunglasses and optical frames For example, its metal aviator sunglasses are the perfect combination of classic design and Seventies inspiration. The front is embellished with a unique leather insert while the temples are adorned with a laser-engraved Diamante pattern providing a sophisticated effect. The colour palette features exclusive tones of gold and ruthenium with brown or grey lenses. And the collection’s optical frames for men combine with what Gucci calls classic lines with dynamic profiles. The square or round-shaped frames are embellished with unique details, such as the ultra-slim T-bar hinge, highlighted by subtle hues of brown, black, blue, Havana, ruthenium and military green. Read more.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New from Jimmy Choo

The new Jimmy Choo eyewear collection for Spring/Summer 2013 celebrates the brand’s luxury spirit, with its contemporary and sophisticated sunglasses and optical frames. Iconic details, unique inserts and soft nuances give a sensual, modern elegance to the new eyewear models, perfectly in line with Jimmy Choo’s accessories: animal prints, leather inserts, glittering details and ultra-feminine silhouettes. Read more.

Some Specs on Google’s Specs

“Along with word that Google Glasses are rolling off the assembly line, we get our first look at the specs behind the high-tech spectacles,” reports the digital industry site, CNET. “The eyewear will be capable of capturing 5-megapixel images and video at a resolution of 720p, according to the technical specs Google released this evening. The first glimpse of the eyewear's hardware come as the Web giant sent out an e-mail today to everyone on the Glass Explorers list to say that a few of the $1,500 wearable devices had already come off the production line. It will also feature 16GB of Flash storage synced with Google cloud storage, of which 12GB will be usable. The headset will sport Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, although it will be at the older and slower 802.11 B/G standards. The MyGlass companion app will allow GPS and SMS messaging but run only on devices with Android 4.0.3 or higher.” Read more.

Warby Parker’s Brick & Mortar Store

“Cult eyewear favorite Warby Parker's new SoHo flagship store is truly a sight for sore eyes,” notes AM New York. “The brand, known for its quirky, vintage-inspired eyewear and its philanthropic side -- for every pair of glasses sold, the company donates a new pair to those who can't afford glasses on their own -- has experimented with Big Apple pop-ups in the past and sells some frames out if its quaint Lafayette Street showroom, but this is its first retail outpost. The chic boutique's design was inspired by the New York Public Library, with reading lamps, lounge chairs and books spread throughout the store -- paying homage to the founders' passion for literature. Eyewear is displayed along sleek white shelves, which also house colorful stacks of classic novels. Some books in the shop are also for sale.” Read more.

New from Juicy Couture

The Juicy Couture Spring/Summer 2013 collection of sunglasses and optical frames draws inspiration from the brand’s accessory collection, celebrating its appealing, ultra-fashionable and playful design. For example, there’s the Diva look of Models JU 538/S and JU 539/S. These oversized cat-eye shaped sunglasses in acetate feature a front accented with a grained texture offering a vibrant interplay between multilayered and multicolour materials. The temples are adorned with the Juicy Couture logo, reinterpreted in a sophisticated way, or embellished with sparkling Swarovski crystals. The colour palette includes shades of black, blue, tortoise with lavender, green and white. Read more.

G-Star Raw Signs on with Marchon

G-Star Raw has signed a licensing deal with Marchon Eyewear, Inc., giving the eyewear company rights to manufacture and distribute collections under the G-Star brand. The first deliveries will be effective from October 2013. G-Star is the modern denim brand. Its philosophy has always been “Just the Product” with a focus on denim craftsmanship and innovation. G-Star originated the concept of 3D denim and established a dedication to raw, untreated denim. The brand’s singular point of view on construction and design also stretches beyond denim, including other wardrobe essentials, footwear, and accessories. With the expertise of these two specialists coming together, this partnership will bring a new perspective to the eyewear industry, bringing innovative sun and ophthalmic products that represent the raw, industrial G-Star design signature.

New from Max Mara

The new Max Mara sunglasses and optical frames for Spring/Summer 2013, reflect a perfect balance of timeless style and fashionable details enriched with a glamorous touch. The new sunglasses are inspired by the most famous locations in the US, such as New York and Miami: the House’s new models have a magnetic, fascinating personality, and are embellished with elegant details recalling the brand’s 2013 must-have accessories. Read more.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Virginia MDs Implant Telescope for Macular Degeneration

“Physicians at the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center have become the first in Virginia to successfully implant a telescope in a patient's eye to treat macular degeneration,” according to Science Digest. “The telescope implant is designed to correct end-stage age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the most advanced form of AMD and the leading cause of blindness in older Americans. Patients with end-stage AMD have a central blind spot. This vision loss makes it difficult or impossible to see faces, to read and to perform everyday activities such as watching television, preparing meals and self-care.” Read more.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kotob Earns Advanced Certification from AB0/NCLE

Deborah Kotob, Vision-Ease and a speaker for OpticalCEUs, recently achieved ABO Advanced Certification. According to ABO/NCLE, “the Advanced Certification designation, ABOC-AC is earned only after a practitioner has attained several years experience, completes a prescribed curriculum of advanced education, and achieves a passing score on the rigorous examination. Professionals with advanced certification credential are equipped to work in a variety of practice settings, such as: independent opticians, ophthalmology practices, university hospitals, commercial offices, HMO/managed care offices, optometric offices, large clinics, optical product manufacturers. In short, Advanced Certification equips you in all settings which provide eyeglasses to clients."

"Please join me in congratulating Deb on her achievement,” noted Linda Conlin, founder of OpticalCEUs. “The Advanced Certification is a testament to her knowledge and expertise, and I am proud to have her as a speaker again this year."

Pricing Eyewear, according to a Warby Parker Founder

“Price is ultimately what customers are willing to pay,” writes Neil Blumenthal in the Wall Street Journal. One of the founders of Warby Parker continues, “Price is the biggest indicator of quality. Always watch your gross margins. The four founders of Warby Parker (including me) were students at Wharton at the time we launched the company. Seeking advice about pricing, we approached our marketing professor Jagmohan Raju with a PowerPoint presentation that outlined our strategy. The plan, we proudly explained, was to sell prescription glasses that typically cost $500 for $45 — and to do so online. Without even glancing at our slides, Professor Raju shook his head. ‘No way,’ he said. ‘It won’t work.’” Read more.

Friday, April 12, 2013

New from Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen launches its latest range of sunglasses and optical frames.
The 2013 eyewear collection features the house’s iconic signature details such as the three dimensional metal skull and the studs. The collection also includes new styles inspired by the brand’s new Heroine bag. The range has a contemporary, sophisticated style and showcases advanced manufacturing techniques, exclusives materials and unique colourways.Read more.

New from Bottega Veneta

This season, Bottega Veneta adds several new sunglasses and optical frames to its sophisticated eyewear collection. New styles feature subtle signatures including the intrecciato pattern and the butterfly detail, and complemented by photoengraved studs and a closing block hinge. These new styles feature the superb craftsmanship functionality, and versatility that defines the Bottega Veneta brand.Reahttp://www.safilo.com/en/4-press-releases.php?cont=733d more.

Ultra-Slim CL Case Wins Award from Duke University

"The $50,000 grand prize of the 14th-annual Duke Start-Up Challenge [from Duke University] was awarded to Refresh Innovations—the maker of an ultra-slim, all-in-one contact lens case and solution package," notes the Duke Chronicler. "Three teams presented their business plans to a group of 15 judges at the competition’s final round Thursday evening. The other two finalists were Camras Vision, which makes a shunt to treat glaucoma, and Refrakt, which offers a portable platform for treating wastewater produced by fracking. The event—held in Geneen Auditorium in the Fuqua School of Business—marked the end of this year’s student entrepreneurship contest, which began in the Fall." Read more.

New from Siempre Verde

"In perfect time for spring, Siempre Verde launches a new line of sunglasses and prescription eyewear that links environmental awareness and passion for design. With its direct Spanish translation to 'forever green,' Siempre Verde aims to rally support for worldwide environmental efforts," reports Midwest Lens. "Prior to the company’s official founding in 2012, the couple researched other eyewear companies for over a year. Much to their surprise, they found that there were only two major eyewear companies, Luxottica and Safilo, which produce all types of eyewear, yet both use materials that are not natural." Read more.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Artificial Eye with Dilating Pupil

"Researchers at Nottingham Trent University have created an artificial eye with a cosmetic pupil that can dilate and contract in response to light," according to Medical News Today. "Using smart materials, the prototype aims to solve the longstanding problem of eye loss victims having two different sized pupils at night or in bright sunshine." Read more. 

Moving Cells to Light Beams

"Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have shown they can coax cells to move toward a beam of light. The feat is a first step toward manipulating cells to control insulin secretion or heart rate using light," according to Science Digest. "Their research is published April 8 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Online Early Edition." Read more.

An In-Depth Look at Innovega's AR Contact Lenses

"Innovega, a start-up based near Seattle, has a novel solution: adjusting the user’s vision. It has developed contact lenses with tiny “lenslets” at their centers that can have a focus as near as 1.25 cm, enabling displays to be built into normal-looking glasses without the bulky optics," according to a post on IEEE. "Crucially, the lenses don’t impede the ability to see objects further away. An optical filter layer excludes linearly polarized light over most of each lens. Behind the central lenslet, however, the layer allows only polarized rays through. Thus, both a close-up display emitting polarized light and the distant background will look sharp. The layer also prevents light from an AR display entering the rest of the lens and creating a distracting blur.The company intends to license its technology to contact lens manufacturers (its lenses can also incorporate vision correction)." Read more.

New Eyeweara from Ron Arad

"While in Milan for Design Week, Israeli designer and artist Ron Arad, who took part in the international furniture fair Salone del Mobile with a special installation for Jean Nouvel’s 'Project: Office for Living,' found the time to present his latest PQ eyewear collection on Tuesday at luxury eyewear store Punto Ottico" reports Women's Wear Daily. "In keeping with the first collection launched in 2012, the new “Springs & Swings” range features an ample selection of frames with PQ’s A-shaped wire structure in the middle, allowing the wearer to move the lenses for a custom fit." Read more.

Report Forecasts a $130B Global Eyewear Marketing in 2018

According to a report from Transparency Market Research, demand for eyewear products was over 2,600 million units in 2011 and could grow at a CAGR of 3.7% from 2012 to 2018. The report, called "Eyewear Market (Spectacles, Contact Lenses, Plano Sunglasses) - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth and Forecast, 2012 - 2018," concluded that in terms of revenue, the market was valued at approximately $81 billion in 2011 and is expected to reach $130 billion by 2018.That's the summation of a press release appearing on Market Watch.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Teenager Creates New Sunglass Idea

Eighteen-year-old Matthew Sheffield has created a new style of sunglasses called Shady Eyedeas, The First Interchangeable Sunglasses. Sheffield has launched his product on the popular crowd funding website, Indiegogo ( http://igg.me/at/shady/x/2837348) with the goal of raising $25 thousand to bring his idea to market. If successful, his sunglasses could be shipping as early as this summer. The feature which makes Shady Eyedeas revolutionary is his patent pending mechanism, which allows the sunglasses to be customized as often as you want using a full line of interchangeable parts. Read more.

Alcon Launches New CL in UK

Alcon has launched in the UK launch a new disposable daily contact lenses designed for greater comfort levels, reports Zenopa . “The Dailies Total1 products are the first ever water gradient contact lenses and feature an increase in water content from 33 percent at the core to more than 80 percent at the surface level. This mimics the water content of the cornea, meaning they can provide a higher level of oxygen transmissibility, lubricity and breathability than other alternative products. Alcon's research shows that the vast majority of patients using the contact lenses were highly satisfied with them and could barely feel them during the course of a day.” Read more.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

VSP Global Launches New Charity

VSP Global has launched of Eyes of Hope, a global charity composed of programs that help improve access to eyecare. The platform focuses on four areas: a global charitable fund to support to vision related projects, eyewear collection and donation, mobile eyecare clinics, and eyecare gift certificate programs. The 501(c)(3) fund directs VSP Global companies' community engagement dollars, as well as provide a tax deductible donation source for individuals and partners. The first project, sponsored with Nike Vision, is a sustainable eye clinic and child eye health program in Soweto, South Africa. Each of the charity’s directors contributed to the fund as a show of support. Read more.

We See Differently than We Thought

“Brain researchers at Barrow Neurological Institute have discovered that we explore the world with our eyes in a different way than previously thought,” goes the Medical News Today post. “The discovery shows that even during visual fixation, we are actually scanning visual details with small eye movements - just like we explore visual scenes with big eye movements, but on a smaller scale. This means that exploration and fixation are two ends of the same continuum of oculomotor scanning.” Read more.

Two New Therapies Could Wipe Out Inherited Disorders Causing Blindness

“Researchers have discovered that using two kinds of therapy in tandem may be a knockout combo against inherited disorders that cause blindness. While their study focused on man's best friend, the treatment could help restore vision in people, too,” according to a post on Science Daily. “Published in the journal Molecular Therapy, the study builds on earlier work by Michigan State University veterinary ophthalmologist András Komáromy and colleagues. In 2010, they restored day vision in dogs suffering from achromatopsia, an inherited form of total color blindness, by replacing the mutant gene associated with the condition.” Read more.

Self-Cleaning Contact Lenses Maybe in the Future

“Scientists have developed a new adaptive material that can make liquid droplets of oil and water deposited on it defy gravity or let them slide off,” reports Business Insider. “The tunable composite of four layers — smooth, clear and flat in its resting state — can also change from transparent to opaque when stretched. Engineers at Harvard’s Wyss Institute who came up with the material say it opens up the possibility of self-adjusting pipelines that can change to optimize the rate that liquids flow through them, contact lenses that clean themselves and water-repellent transparent tents that can darken to block sunlight on bright days.” Read more.

Microsoft Said to Be Jumping in the AR Eyewear Market

“Google Glass may be hogging the spotlight when it comes to augmented reality tech, but Microsoft could be brainstorming a smart headset of its own. The Redmond, Wash.-based company is rumored to launch a pair of Internet-enabled goggles as early as next year, according to Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White,” according to Laptop. “White said he believes that Google Glass could ignite a “major push” in wearable technology following its end-of-2013 debut, Apple Insider reports. Little is known about how Microsoft would implement this AR functionality, but this isn’t the first time we’ve heard murmurs of a head-mounted device. Previously discovered patents and alleged leaks indicate that the next-generation Xbox will integrate augmented reality into game play.” Read more.

New from Armani Eyewear

“The Emporio Armani Eyewear collection is true to the concept of impeccable but always youthful and fresh Emporio Armani style,” reports Midwest Lens. “Glasses that are both modern and refined thanks to the carefully designed rubber details and the unique finishes. The colour range is extensive: more sober hues are joined by light-hearted and lively pastel and metallic tints combined with mirrored lenses.” Read more.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Rats Recognize Object as We Do? Study Implies Yes!

“Sight is such a spontaneous activity that we are unaware of the complexity of the brain mechanisms it implies. For instance, we easily recognize objects, which appear to look always the same, without realizing that we observe them from ever-changing points of view and that their image - the luminance profile cast onto the retina - varies significantly each time we look at them,” writes Medical News Today. “To maintain such ‘invariance’ in the shape, our brain performs procedures that extract from the two-dimensional image "key" visual information that enables us to recognize the object under any condition. Scientists believe that such ability belongs to humans and to other primates, but whether such ability may be applied also to other mammal species is still controversial.” Read more.

Steering Blood Supply to the Eye

“Normal functioning of the eye depends on a proper supply of blood to the retina,” according to Science Daily. “Light entering the eye passes through the cornea, the lens, and the vitreous body before reaching the retina, where it stimulates the nerves. If the retina contains too few or too many blood vessels – i.e., if it is under- or oversupplied with blood – a number of severe, often blinding eye diseases can develop.” Read more.

New from Pierre Cardin

For spring/summer 2013, Pierre Cardin draws inspiration from the House’s historical archives, celebrating its timeless, evergreen style by reinterpreting its cult sunglasses and optical models.
The designer has selected some of his '60s creations to relive the magic and glamour of La Dolce Vita, in which Mr. Cardin played a key role: two pairs of sunglasses and two optical frames that bring the unmistakable '60s-style to the forefront of fashion with a contemporary elegance. Read more.

New from Jimmy Crystal

“A&A Optical announces the release of several new ophthalmic frames from the women’s luxury collection: Jimmy Crystal New York,” reports Midwest Lens. “The Jimmy Crystal designer eyewear collection is comprised of striking limited edition pieces reminiscent of a collector’s item. Each style is unique and special, featuring hand set Swarovski elements. Jimmy Crystal New York was established in 1991 and is renowned for fashion-forward designs and superior quality accessories. The designer pieces include ophthalmic eyewear, sunglasses and reading glasses in acetate, metal and combinations.” Read more.

Essilor Starts Up New Production Line

Essilor has started a 4-million-Euro-plus production line at its Dijon plant, in France. The new production line manufactures single-vision high-index corrective lenses marketed as Airwear, Ormix, and Stylis. The new cutting edge industrial processes implemented at the Dijon plant consist of a new line for hard coating (ensuring lens resistance and protection) and vacuum coating (providing anti-reflective and anti-UV properties).

Sunday, April 7, 2013

OpticalCEUs Spring Conference a Success

More than 150 opticians from Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island furthered their understanding of the latest developments in contact lenses and ophthalmic lenses. Where? At OpticalCEUs 2013 Spring Conference at Foxwoods. 

The seven-credit, six-course continuing education seminar for opticians was comprised of the following: Lensology—A Review of Lens Basics Speaker: Deborah Kotob (2 ABO) 9am-11am; Augmented Reality Contact Lenses Speaker: Linda Conlin (1 NCLE) 11am-Noon; Troubleshooting Prism Speaker: Joe Forte (1 ABO) 1 pm-2 pm; Dry Eye and Contact Lenses Speaker: Linda Conlin (1 NCLE) 2 pm-3 pm; Getting Started—How to Start Fitting Contact Lenses Speaker: Joe Forte (1 NCLE) 3pm-4pm; Grading Contact Lens Complications Speaker: Linda Conlin (1 NCLE) 4 pm-5pm NEW! As always, all conference attendees enjoyed a complimentary hot lunch buffet prepared by the resort's culinary staff!

More than 150 opticians attended OpticalCEUs 2013 Spring Conference.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Oakley’s Video of Bubba Watson on a Hovercraft Goes Viral

“On April 2, eyewear and apparel maker Oakley posted a YouTube video titled “Bubba’s Hover” that shows last year’s Masters champion Bubba Watson zipping around a golf course in a hovercraft. “It takes you everywhere you want to go, through sand traps, through waters, shortcuts, into the woods, out of the woods,” Watson says of his upgrade from the standard four-wheeled golf cart,” reports Business Week. “The video is real. Or at least, that’s really Watson zipping across a water hazard at Raven Golf Club in Phoenix. But it is not, as the clip suggests, the result of his idea for ‘improving some of the limitations of existing golf carts.’ Instead, it’s the result of Oakley’s idea of creating a viral video to promote one of its athletes. Oakley wanted it to get passed around. As of this morning, it has been watched more than 3 million times. The company also wanted people like me to call. I did.” Read more.

Illesteva and Waris Collaborate

“With their downtown cool and unisex appeal, Illesteva and House of Waris are a natural match. Or, as Waris Ahluwalia put it to ELLE.com, it's even simpler: ‘Over the years, I have made it a point to work with friends. Fortunately for me, I have talented friends.’” reports Elle. “Thus, the two labels have paired for four sets of '60s-influenced glasses, handmade in France and rimmed in classically modern combinations of tortoise shell and transparency. The inspiration? ‘To help the world look as sexy as possible—even in the glaring sun,’ quipped Ahluwalia.” Read more. Also see the post about the rise of independent eyewear designers.

New Ad Campaign from Persol

Persol launched new advertising campaign called Atelier Persol. Last November, it rented a 15th Century manor in Tuscany. It gave a different creative theme to eight of the manor’s suites and invited artists to to reinterpret a value from the creative process of a pair of Persol according to their style, their sensitivity and their beliefs. Read more.

The Rise of the Independent Eyewear Designer?

“Well, it turns out that in the shadow of these large licensing companies [Luxottica, Safilo, Marcolin], a number of independent eyewear designers are on the rise and resonating with more knowledgeable, discerning consumers, challenging the grip of the ‘big three’ behemoths,” reports the Business of Fashion. “Some, like London-based Linda Farrow, have partnered with designers like Alexander Wang and Dries van Noten. All have tried-and-true methods rooted in craftsmanship, unique materials and fashion-forward design — qualities for which their customers are willing to pay.” Read more.

New from 9Five

BallerStatus reports that “eyewear brand, 9FIVE, recently dropped all their new Spring 2013 offering... and here's a look at what is out. The imagery shows off their aptly-named Gold Collection featuring handmade acetate, transparent gold frames and gold metal embellishments, while the season's 9 Series range provides luxe touches with full-grain brown leather frame fronts and cream leather wrapped temple tips. And, there's also traditional styles in matte black and tortoise shell.” Read more.

FL ODs Finally Win Right to Prescribe

“A decades-long battle between Florida's optometrists and ophthalmologists -- nicknamed the "eyeball wars" – is finally over,” according to the Sun Sentinel. “The Florida Senate, in a 40-0 vote, sent a measure to Gov. Rick Scott Thursday that effectively ended a long battle between the two politically powerful groups by allowing optometrists to prescribe a limited array of drugs while also putting in new protections for patients…The compromise allows optometrists to prescribe 14 oral drugs, including certain antibiotics and anti-glaucoma drugs but not controlled substances, after taking a course and passing an exam. Additionally, the measure clarifies that optometrists cannot perform surgery and requires them to report any bad medical outcomes to the state, as ophthalmologists are required to do today.” Read more.

New from Orvis

“Orvis eyewear combines authentic style, craftsmanship and quality to capture the spirit of Orvis’ storied outdoor tradition,” says Midwest Lens. “The latest additions to the Orvis eyewear collection combine quality and comfort for the professional, mature man who respects tradition. Offering two distinct looks, Sawnee and Kennesaw feature masculine design elements that will fit an outdoor lifestyle.” Read more.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Acuvue Announces Celebrities for Its One-Day Contest

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, announced the 2013 celebrity ensemble for this year's "Acuvue 1-Day Contest." Returning to the ensemble are inspirational pop star Demi Lovato and award-winning musician Joe Jonas, while all-star basketball sensation Dwight Howard and breakout television actress Shay Mitchell bring their passions and dreams as celebrity mentors to the contest for the first time. The contest, now in its third year, will give teen winners the chance to meet and be mentored for a day by one of these celebrities. The celebrity mentors' own stories will be featured on the Acuvue Brand channel on YouTube, http://bit.ly/YefvEd. These stories highlight how they found the focus and confidence to reach their own dreams, including how contact lenses played a key role in their success.

VSP Offers Individual Monthly Eye Care Plans

Nearly 50 percent of Americans are without vision coverage.¹ In an effort to increase access to care, today VSP Vision Care is making vision coverage more attainable by offering individual plans with a monthly pay option in 46 states. Consumers can pay as little as $13 a month – depending on the state in which they live. Coverage includes an eye exam with a low co-payment, allowance for glasses or contacts, fully covered lens options with 20-25 percent off any non-covered options, and access to the largest doctor network in the industry—all backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Read more.

OpticalCEUs Spring Conference—a Sellout!!

OpticalCEUs Spring Conference this Sunday has sold out. Individuals wishing to attend should call 203-366-5991 and your name will be placed on a wait-list. Should an opening occur, you would receive a call. The seven-credit, six-course continuing education seminar for opticians will run from 8:30 to 5:00, April 7th event in the GRAND PEQUOT BALLROOM, Foxwoods Resort and Casino. As always, all conference attendees will enjoy a complimentary hot lunch buffet prepared by the resort's culinary staff!