Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Eye Center at UCLA

“On July 29, the Jules Stein Eye Institute at UCLA and Doheny Eye Institute announced that they had finalized a long-term affiliation to create the nation’s preeminent centers for ophthalmic patient care, vision research, and education,” according to the Examiner. “The affiliation appears to be a win-win relationship between the two entities and will promote specialized eye care for Angelenos. UCLA noted that the proposed affiliation would preserve each organization’s identity and mission, seek to combine clinical operations that would expand patient access in Los Angeles, and align strengths that have factored into world recognition for each in advancing ophthalmology through research, outreach, education and patient care.” Read more.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New from A&A Optical

A&A Optical has released four new smart styles from Pez eyewear: Classmate, Cool Kid, Sugar Pop, and Hula Hoop. The collection is said to offer stylish and classic eyewear for children in bright colored plastics, and super tough metals. Cable temples and pediatric fits are available for infants. The line comes with a  no-questions-asked lifetime warranty, according to the manufacturer. Read more.

EPGL Medical Develops Power Source for AR Contacts

Engineers at EPGL Medical reportedly have invented the world's first self-powered, self-contained, power source for contact lenses.  Researchers are designing applications for use in contact lenses, such as displaying data in real-time about medical data such as their blood sugar level, oxygen level, heart rate, and EKG.  Powered contact lenses are also being looked into as delivery devices for drugs and other therapeutic applications.  Read more.

3D-Printer Eyewear Company Turns to Crowdfunding

San Francisco-based startup Protos Eyewear has created an elegant, simple way of purchasing the perfect pair of eyeglasses made to order. In a crowdfunding campaign launched Monday, they released a brand new line of prescription and sunglass frames along with their styling and custom fit service. In a very competitive industry, they attribute their success to a rare synergy between technology, fashion and design. Read more.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Essilor Takes Control of Transitions

“PPG Industries Inc (PPG.N) has agreed to sell its $1.73 billion controlling stake in Transitions Optical, the inventor of modern variable-tint plastic lenses, to business partner Essilor International (ESSI.PA), PPG said on Monday,” according to a Reuters post. “Essilor…already holds 49 percent interest in Transitions Optical….The deal will help Essilor boost expansion in the variable-tint lens market, which is growing twice as fast as the optical industry as a whole, mainly in Asia, Latin America and Europe.” Read more.

Ophthalmologist and Tech Help Afghan Children

“’Providing children vision gives them a better chance at life in Afghanistan,’ said U.S. Air Force Maj. Marcus Neuffer, an ophthalmologist assigned to the Craig Joint Theater Hospital on Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan.” That’s the word from DODLive. “If Afghan children cannot see to perform normal daily tasks, there is a possibility they will be left behind in their village to fend for themselves. Neuffer’s primary job here is to take care of patients with traumatic eye injuries. When he is not busy in the operation room, Neuffer and his technician, Airman 1st Class Chellbie Gonzales, spend their spare time providing humanitarian support to local citizens.” Read more.

B+L Moves to New Jersey, Losing 15% of Work Force

“Valeant says it will eliminate as much as 15 per cent of its work force and move Bausch + Lomb's headquarters to New Jersey as part of its $8.7 billion acquisition,” reports Canadian Yahoo! News. “In a letter to workers, Valeant says that after the deal closes, it will eliminate between 10 per cent and 15 per cent of positions companywide. That works out to between 1,850 and 2,775 people. The Canadian drugmaker says it will remain based in Quebec, but it will move Bausch + Lomb's Rochester, N.Y. headquarters to New Jersey.” Read more.

Celebs Help with Launch of Chopard Jeweled Eyewear

“Stars such as Terri Vaughn, Bobby Valentino and Porsha Stewart were just some of the celebs who stepped out in Atlanta on Thursday for the launch of the Chopard jeweled luxury eyewear collection,” according to The Grio. “They were there to support former reality television star, Lisa Wu, who hosted the evening as brand ambassador for the trendy and fashionable sunglasses….The collection, which was unveiled in Atlanta for the first time last night, features a wide selection of high-end sunglasses that cost between $300 and $800.” Read more.

CL Continuously Monitors Intraocular Pressure (IOP)

“Smart contact lenses are no longer science fiction. In the last few years we have covered several smart contact lenses with different purposes,” starts the post on MedGadet. “One of these electronic contact lenses is the Sensimed Triggerfish, a device capable of continuous measurement of the intra-ocular pressure (IOP). It is the first of its kind, since current measurements of IOP, like applanation tonometry and air-puff tonometry, can only give us the IOP at a certain moment, whereas the Triggerfish can monitor the course of the IOP throughout the day. As we write this, the Triggerfish is already being clinically tested.” Read more.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Jennifer Garner Promoting Max Mara

“Jennifer Garner is being paid to cover up her beautiful brown eyes,” notes Gossip Center. “But in this case, the actress doesn’t mind, seeing as they’ll be shaded by sophisticated sunglasses made by Max Mara. Garner has just signed on to star in the luxury Italian fashion house’s first-ever accessories campaign. The oversized eyewear, introduced as MM DIVA sunglasses, has an ultra-light feel and comes in easy-to-match colors. Mrs. Ben Affleck will also help put a spotlight on Max Mara’s elegant new handbag, which it calls JBag. This is the first time the fashion brand has recruited an actress in its marketing strategy. The slogan that appears throughout the campaign: Timeless is Now.” Read more.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Google Glass Gets Makeover

Sourcebits is a software development firm that felt the current design for Google Glass was too geeky even for them. So they decided to put together a team of designers, illustrators, and 3D modelers to create a more fashion-friendly version of the glasses,” according to PSFK. “Looking more like something you could work into an existing wardrobe, the team have made a few significant changes. The first was to redistribute the weight of the glasses. Instead of having all the technology focused on one side which made the frames bulky – they divided it up across both sides, allowing for a much thinner product.” Read more.

Affordable Care Act on Target for Eye Care

The Obama administration announced July 2 it was delaying the deadline until 2015 for penalties targeting large employers who do not provide health insurance coverage to their workers. Although this decision represents a significant change to the president’s timetable and approach toward implementation, the AOA Advocacy Group reports there has been no change in the law’s full recognition of optometrists as providers of essential care or in how eye health care will be integrated into comprehensive health insurance coverage for children beginning in 2014. Read more.

New from Best Image—Tours by Plume Paris

Best Image Optical will release a new frame model, Tours by Plume Paris. This collection is said to provide unique styles and sophisticated designs. Frame Model Tours by the Plume Paris eyewear collection offers colors such as brown/black, burgundy/black and grey/black. It is available in size 52-18-140 and comes with a European-influenced style inspired by the French city of Tours. Its frame model features a large, rectangular frame front, modern and sleek temples, in lightweight materials. The frame is produced in stainless steel with a rubber-textured coating for comfort. Read more.

Guess Eyewear Partners with Susan G. Komen

“Guess Eyewear is proud to announce its first ever partnership with Susan G. Komen, unveiling a limited edition collection of women’s frames to support Komen’s mission to save lives and end breast cancer forever,” says Midwest Lens. “During this promotion ending July 31, 2014, $5.00 will be donated by Viva International Group to Komen in connection with the sale of each specially marked GUESS sunglasses or optical frame, with a collective guaranteed minimum donation of $25,000 to support innovative breast cancer research and global programs. Each pair will also come with a custom collaboration case, box, lens cloth, and pamphlet detailing the partnership.” Read more.

Hauswirth Receives Llura Liggett Gund Award

Midwest Lens reports that "the Foundation Fighting Blindness...recognizes William W. Hauswirth, Ph.D., of the University of Florida College of Medicine, with its Llura Liggett Gund Award. The Foundation’s highest research honor, this award has only been bestowed upon eight individuals in 42 years, who, throughout their long, extraordinarily productive careers, have moved the field of retinal disease research forward in a seminal way....Dr. Hauswirth is an innovator of delivery systems for sight-saving gene therapies. Using non-harmful adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) to transport healthy DNA into retinal cells at the back of the eye, he was part of the research group that first showed gene therapy could restore vision in animal models, including Briard dogs. His team’s approach was then used in human clinical trials where children and young adults virtually blind from Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA) have had significant vision restored." Read more.

New from Viva’s Harley-Davidson, Candie’s, and Skechers Lines

Midwest Lens notes that Viva International has added new frames to three children’s collections, Harley-Davidson Wild Child, Candie’s Eyewear, and Skechers Eyewear.

Harley-Davison Wild Child: “Viva International Group [has introduced] six new tween styles to the Harley-Davidson Wild Child Eyewear 2013 collection. The new ophthalmic styles, designed for boys, capture the fun and edgy lifestyle of the brand with skull detailing, laser-engraving and denim-like print patterns. In addition to the bold styles debuting this season, a new blue denim case with the Harley-Davidson logo in bright red will accompany each frame.” Read more

Candie’s Eyewear: “Viva International Group [has introduced] two new ophthalmic styles to the Candie’s Eyewear collection this summer. The new styles feature bold accents and trendy patterns, including metal scroll designs, which capture the playfulness of today’s CANDIE’S girl. Whether it’s a confident mix of color, glitz or a more delicate look, CANDIE’S Eyewear is the perfect accompaniment to any tween’s wardrobe.” Read more.

Skechers Eyewear: “Viva International Group [has introduced] a lively mix of colorful and sporty designs in the Skechers Eyewear Summer 2013 kids collection. Consisting of 12 frames for boys and girls that are inspired by a playful and energetic lifestyle, the designs include innovative elements such as carbon fiber and rubber inlays, stone embellishments and pops of color.” Read more.

A&A Offers DIY Display Guides

“A&A Optical announces the release of a series of DIYD (Do It Yourself Display) Guides. In an effort to increase their customers’ product insight and ultimately market their optical dispensary as a retail space, A&A offers helpful and creative merchandising tips in a series of easy to use ‘how-to-guides,’” notes Midwest Lens. “DIYD Guides feature a themed display and a corresponding list of props (including price and suggested place of purchase). In addition, the guides offer ideas for recycling and reusing the purchased props. The guides are an ultimate source for inspiration and point of reference for DIY merchandising ideas.” Read more.

New from REM Eyewear

“REM Eyewear once again delivers unbeatable back-to-school collections from two of the most exciting kids brands on the planet – Converse and Lucky Brand. Year after year, REM proves that no one knows what kids want better than these style giants,” according to Midwest Lens. “The 2013 eyewear release features the hottest colors of the season, paired with classic shapes and quality construction. Both collections bring whimsical designs and playful pops of color to an otherwise dull landscape of traditional kid’s eyewear options. Also available in larger sizes for in-between “tweens”, Converse and Lucky Brand are back-to-school essentials.” Read more.

When Strongmen Wear Sunglasses

“As if they have something to hide, authoritarian leaders have a habit of wearing sunglasses when facing the public,” says Global Post. “More often than not, a leader wearing sunglasses is a worrying sign. There are endless examples of bespectacled autocrats doing their dictatorial (and sartorial) best with their stunna’ shades on.” Read more.

Gwyneth Paltrow Hooks Up with Warby Parker

“Good news for people who love Gwyneth Paltrow's style, but aren't such big fans of her sometimes expensive taste,” notes EOnline. “The blond beauty, whose extravagant leanings saw her suggesting $450,000 worth of clothing items for the spring season earlier this year, has signed off on stylish sunnies that ring in at under—gasp!—$100. The Goop goddess has teamed up with Warby Parker to create two exclusive lines of sunglasses for Paltrow's popular lifestyle site.” Read more.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lagerfeld & Elkann Team Up

“Karl Lagerfeld, who frequently sports sunglasses with velvety frames by Italia Independent, is now really seeing eye-to-eye with Italia founder Lapo Elkann,” reports Women’s Wear Daily. “The two men are to collaborate on a capsule collection of sunglasses and optical frames, WWD has learned. Marchon, Lagerfeld’s eyewear licensee since 2008, and Italia Independent Group are to unveil today a two-year agreement that starts in October.” Read more.

‘Treasure Trove’ of Vintage Sunglasses

“One of the many joys of travelling is discovering the hidden gems that a city has to offer. It might be the awesome bar that you keep open until the early morning in the midst of an American city. It could be the best boulangerie in Paris (it’s in the 10th arrondissement if you’re curious). Or it might be that out of the way, unexpected shopping treasure – which is precisely what I walked into while in Tuscany’s Lucca this summer,” says “Looking for a few new pairs of sunglasses to see me into 2014, I happened upon Ottica Bruno. It’s the kind of ocular store you find in many an Italian town – stylish frames, generally understated, and brimming with old world, genteel service. While on their shelves you will find what most every other glasses store the world over has to offer – to walk into their store is to walk past the usual suspects of modern sunglasses and spectacles – the real magic happens in the back room.” Read more.

Making AR Contacts a Reality

“Though it may be hard to imagine now, we may eventually be able to ditch head-worn devices like Google Glass and simply see images projected floating in front of us using contact lenses,” reports MIT’s Technology Review. “Researchers at Belgian nonelectronics reseach and development center Imec and Belgium’s Ghent University are in the very early stages of developing such a device, which would bring augmented reality–the insertion of digital imagery such as virtual signs and historical markers with the real world–right to your eyeballs. It’s just one of several such projects (see “Contact Lens Computer: It’s Like Google Glass Without The Glasses”), and while the idea is nowhere near the point where you could ask your eye doctor for a pair, it could become more realistic as the cost and size of electronic components continue to fall and wearable gadgets gain popularity.” Read more.

US Eyewear Industry to Grow Annually at 2.57%

“The US eyewear industry has been forecast to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.57% through to 2016, driven by the high prevalence of eyesight disorders, and the trend of using contact lenses for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes,” according to Yahoo! Finance UK/Ireland. “After suffering three consistent years of value sales declines, the eyewear market in the US began to emerge from the depths of the economic recession in 2011 and 2012. While the economy remains weaker than it was before the recession, GDP growth, a declining unemployment rate, and rising levels of consumer confidence led consumers to once again invest in vision correction products.” Read more.

New Company Offering New Brands of Eyewear

“When looking at disruption in the eyewear space, most people talk about Warby Parker. That is because Warby Parker is cutting out the middleman and selling eyewear directly to consumers. However, there is a new disruptor in town and its name is Eponym,” goes the Forbes post. “When Richard Ray Ruiz and Andrew Lipovsky were starting their company, Eponym, they realized that all of their favorite brands didn’t make eyewear. Brands like Steven Alan, Rag & Bone, Band of Outsiders and Theory were among of their favorites, but eyewear made by these brands were nowhere in sight.” Read more.

Media Jobs reports that “Eponym’s platform-based business model has been a rip-roaring success. Lipovsky says that revenues are now expanding at a rate of 50 percent a month and promises the launch of ‘some exciting new things in the near future.’ One reason, no doubt, why it recently clinched a $1 million seed-funding round, with angel investors almost falling over themselves to participate, amongst them Garry Tan (the founder of Posterous and Y-Combinator partner), Loopt’s co-founder, Sam Altman, and Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian.” Read more.

New from A&A’s Quiksliver

“Quiksilver is recognized world-wide for stylish surf wear and board sport-related equipment, connecting with young, athletic and young-minded people everywhere,” according to Midwest Lens. “Quiksilver eyewear exemplifies the perfect combination of modern aesthetic design and functionality. The collection offers sporty, contemporary and retro looks infused with Quiksilver’s adventurous, board riding heritage.” Read more.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New from A&A Optical

"A&A Optical announces the release of two new styles from the Cruz eyewear collection. Affordable luxuries designed for the discriminating, modern man," according to Midwest Lens. "Cruz eyewear offers a selection of fine, hand crafted frames which complement any lifestyle and any age. Encompassing a unique mixture of elements in colors, coatings, materials and shapes, Cruz eyewear connects with today’s modern man." Read more.

Can We Take UV Protection Too Far?

"A German artist has created a series of unusual and hilarious sculptures using sunglasses-wearing vegetables. Peter Pink, who describes himself as a 'nonsense maker' uses spuds and cucumbers to create the weird tableaus in public spaces," according to the Mail. "One of them sees potatoes on a beach, enjoying the recent fine weather by sunbathing." Read more. 

California Looks to Limit Liability for Nonprofits Offering Free Eye Exams and Used Eyewear

"An Inland Southern California lawmaker’s bill signed earlier this month will limit lawsuits against nonprofits offering free eye tests or used glasses, " according to PE Legislature. "California] Senate Bill 724 by state Sen. Bill Emmerson, R-Redlands, limits liability for both the vision care nonprofits and anyone working with the organization. Barring injury resulting from 'gross negligence or a willful act,' charities or charity workers conducting eye tests cannot be held liable for damage." Read more.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New from ClearVision

"Eyewear industry leader ClearVision Optical unveils new and improved sophisticated and elegant styles, infused with a little more attitude, for its fashionably revamped Ellen Tracy 2013 spring eyewear collection," notes Midwest Lens. "A perfect balance between youthful spirit and grown up glamour, the new bold yet classic release softens the collection by introducing a subtle on trend oceanic theme with minimal embellishments in trendy color combos, and organic aquatic, jewelry inspired accents that beautify each meticulously tailored design. The new polished, mature styles, available in acetate and metal finishes, enhance the 40+ woman’s natural beauty with uplifting, geometric eye shapes; lightweight crystal laminates; and rich, gemstone colorations, all at an affordable price." Read more.

Vision Express Teams with Medikidz as Kids' Eye Exams Decline

As the NHS releases new figures charting record low rates of eye testing for individuals younger than 16, UK retailer Vision Express is launching a superhero comic, in a bid to drive home the importance of eye tests. The new report shows just 19% of children take their free eye test, with rates in gradual decline over the past ten years. Vision Express has joined forces with Medikidz. The comic will address common experiences children may face with their vision, such as struggling to watch television, or read from a whiteboard at school.  Read more.

New from Moscot

Moscot will add five styles to its Fall 2013 Originals Collection. The five styles, which were pulled from the Moscot archives, feature classic period details, and new colors first made popular in the 1960s, appearing in the Collection for the first time, including: Olive Bark, Grey Pearl/Silver, and Tobacco. They are called Balebus, Glick, Oygen, Velvyl, and Zilch. The styles will come out with a redesigned Spirit Collection. The company will use six sets of identical twins to reinforce the message that while The Originals and Spirit Collections possess separate and unique qualities, they share the same great DNA. Read more.

Bees See UV

Cheryl Murphy, a columnist for Scientific American, writes, "When I was a kid my sister and I would go hiking on a wooded Adirondack trail behind my grandparents’ camp. The start of the trail was rugged and involved a rigorous uphill climb but the surprise waiting at the top was always a feast for the eyes. It was a clearing in the middle of the forest filled with gorgeous purple and pink wild flowers. I remember trying to scan and study each part of it so as to not miss any of its beauty but despite my efforts to visually devour the scene, there were parts of it that my eyes simply missed. I was limited by what the human eye was built to see and had no idea that there were other hidden messages appearing in nature and the animal kingdom which were 'painted' in wavelengths of the light spectrum that I as a human simply could not see, namely UV. Bees can see ultraviolet wavelengths and as it turns out, flowers have patterns of UV within their petals." Read more.

'Braille' CL Helps People 'See'

"Much in the way Braille allows people who are blind to “see” the written word, a bionic contact lens invented by Israeli researcher Prof. Zeev Zalevsky “presses” images onto the surface of the eye to help the brain decipher through touch what the wearer is looking at," reports Israel 21c. "The lens, still in a prototype stage, uses electrical signals sent to it from a small transponder, clipped to a pair of glasses or downloaded to a smartphone. A regular off-the-shelf camera, like the one inside a phone, “looks” at a crosswalk, items for sale in the grocery store, or at a loved one’s face, and transmits the encoded image via the lens to the wearer’s cornea. The image gets translated into a tactile sensation that can be interpreted visually." Read more.

Genes of the Retina Catalogued

Medical News Today reports that "investigators at Massachusetts Eye and Ear and Harvard Medical School have published the most thorough description of gene expression in the human retina reported to date. In a study published in the journal BMC Genomics, Drs. Michael Farkas, Eric Pierce, and colleagues in the Ocular Genomics Institute (OGI) at Mass. Eye and Ear reported a complete catalog of the genes expressed in the retina." Read more.

NovaTears Receives CE Approval

Novaliq GmbH reported that its NovaTears received the CE mark for a topical eye lubricant. The lubricant, based on what the company calls its EyeSol technology, a multi-dose, non-aqueous, non-blurring and preservative-free topical eye drop for lubrication of the ocular surface. Read more.

Monday, July 22, 2013

One Step Closer to Curing Blindness? Just Maybe

“Scientists are one step closer to curing blindness, after they carried out the first successful transplant of light-sensitive photoreceptor cells from a synthetic retina that was grown from embryonic stem cells,” reports Medical News Today. “Researchers from University College London (UCL) and Moorfields Eye Hospital in the UK, transplanted the photoreceptor cells in to night-blind mice and found that the cells developed normally. The cells integrated into the existing retina in the mice and formed the required nerve connections that transmit visual information to the brain. The study, published in the journal Nature Biotechnology, shows embryonic stem cells could potentially be used to provide an ‘unlimited supply of healthy photoreceptors for retinal cell transplantations to treat blindness in humans.’” Read more.

New from Polaroid

“The innovative Polaroid Plus sunglasses collection represents the perfect partnership between cutting-edge polarization technology and a “New Basic” design. The collection focuses on essential shapes and minimalist color schemes whilst providing maximum comfort, utmost eye protection and perfect vision,” according to Midwest Lens. “The Polaroid Plus collection is designed for contemporary people who are looking for optimal eye protection as well as a refined and unique style. Polaroid introduces the new and innovative UltraSightTM Plus lenses, the evolution of the polarized lenses. The new lenses are produced using the revolutionary ThermofusionTM Plus technology, integrating the exclusive ThermofusionTM process – which is used to produce the Polaroid polarizing filter – with a skillful manufacturing technique that is 100% glue-free and designed to inject the polarizer into a polyamide lens.” Read more.

Another One-for-One Non-Profit Opens as Warby Parker Gives Away Its 500,000th Frame

“Many people with vision problems have difficulty completing daily tasks simply because they can't afford glasses. This is a reality for North Carolinians, as well as people overseas. Eye Care Associates in Burlington has an answer,” reports the television news station DigTriad. “The "One for One" campaign works to combat this need by donating one set of prescription glasses whenever a customer purchases a complete pair. This campaign includes a partnership with Restoring Vision, which will distribute the donated eye wear in the U.S and around the world.” Read more, see video.

Meanwhile Warby Parker reached the half-million mark. That’s right. It has donated 500,000 eyeglasses to people in need. Read more.

How to Buy Copies of the Sunglasses Worn by a Celeb

There’s an intriguing sunglass story in People magazine. It’s the usually celebrity OMG approach: “Let’s list all the reasons we’re jealous of Miranda Kerr. There’s her…her super-stylish sunglasses.The KORA Organics owner is rarely spotted out without killer frames that serve as a statement item in her outfit. And the bolder the frames, the simpler her outfit is; case in point: she pairs these leopard print Stella McCartney sunnies with a simple Temperley London blue and white dress. But when she opted for a daisy-print Topshop dress, she instead selected for a sleek, chic pair of Prada cat-eyes. She also occasionally goes a little more advanced; her tortoiseshell Miu Mius contrasted a flirty floral Topshop skirt, and she kept the rest of her accessories playful.” Here’s the twist. Then the article tells the reader where to buy copies or imitations of these brands. Read more.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Donovan Dons Sunglasses Thrown at Him During FIFA Gold Cup Match

The large El Salvador contingent in attendance at their Gold Cup quarterfinal agains the USA in Baltimore made their presence known throughout the match, making noise and throwing whatever they could onto the pitch when an opposing player would attempt to take a corner kick. Landon Donovan experienced this with the U.S. up 5-1 in the 87th minute," according to Yahoo!Sports. "As he prepared to take a corner kick in front of the opposing supporters, plastic cups and other items rained down (along with the actual rain, which was happening at the time) on that corner of the pitch. Among the foreign objects at his feet, Donovan found a pair of sunglasses, which he attempted to give to the official behind him. The handoff failed though, so Donovan decided to put the glasses on before the ref grabbed them off his face." Read more.

Compensating for AMD

"A Nobel Prize-winning chemist has discovered a way to compensate for the distorted vision experienced by people suffering from age-related macular degeneration," reports a post in the Telegram. "Prof Walter Kohn of the University of California, Santa Barbara, who won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1998, has developed a device that can correct vision to normal. Using complex algorithms he can produce personalised lenses that compensate for the distortions, and is developing spectacles and contact lenses. He is also developing glasses that use tiny computers to display a corrected image from cameras on the inside." Read more.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Technology Enhances Topical Delivery to Front and Back of the Eye

Kala Pharmaceuticals, Inc., says that its researchers will present preclinical data at the upcoming Controlled Release Society (CRS) 2013 Annual Meeting taking place July 21-24, 2013, in Honolulu, HI. The poster presentation will highlight the capability of Kala’s proprietary Mucosal-Penetrating Particle (MPP) technology to enhance topical drug delivery to the front and back of the eye. Read more.

Julia Restoin Roitfeld Heads Givenchy's Fall Promotion Campaign

Grazia reports that "Julia Restoin Roitfeld continues her Givenchy love-in for Autumn/Winter 2013 by adding the eyewear campaign to her portfolio. In Riccardo Tisci’s mainline campaign, which was unveiled in May, Julia features alongside her fashion powerhouse maman, Madame Carine. But for the eyewear collection she has new modelling pals in the form of Quim Guiterrez and Dalianah Arekion." Read more.

New from Costa

"Featuring an on trend retro style in a medium fit, Prop is available in fresh new frame colors ocean, coral and black pearl, as well as tortoise, black and the combination black/white," according to Midwest Lens. "The sturdy nylon frame and integral hinge construction means Prop is built to last, and no-slip Hydrolite nose pads help keep the sunglasses comfortably in place all day." Read more.

Book Offers a Tutorial about Children Visiting the Eye Doctor

The AOA reports that in his book No Pills No Shots, Vermont optometrist Solomon M. Gould, O.D., offers a parent/child tutorial about visiting the eye doctor. The book features recommendations from the AOA (American Optometric Association) and serves as an educational tool for parents and a comfort blanket for children prior to coming in for their eye exams. The book also includes a brochure for parents that walks them through the process of what to expect at their children’s eye doctor visits, what the doctor is looking for and the importance of the visit. Read more.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Poor Americans Don't Get Eye Care

"Americans with low incomes and education levels are less likely to get eye care, a new study finds," notes a post on Health24. "Researchers examined data from nearly 3600 people, aged 40 and older, who took part in the 2002 US National Health Interview Survey, and 3 100 who took part in the 2008 survey. In 2002, people with low incomes were much less likely than those with higher incomes to say that they'd visited an eye doctor, about 63% versus 80%. The investigators found that people with less than a high school degree were less likely than those with at least a college education to say that they'd visited an eye doctor (nearly 63% versus 81%, respectively) or to have had a dilated eye examination (just under 65% versus just over 81%, respectively)." Read more.

See more about the study that appeared in JAMA.

New from Modz Kids

"Modz Kids frames put a smile on everyone’s face! Kids love them for their cool styles and vibrant colors. Parents love them for their durability and affordability, making that all so important back-up pair of glasses a viable option," reports Midwest Lens. "Styles throughout the collection offer many color choices, youthful detailing, especially on the temples, and a variety of shapes including some that align with today’s retro styles their parents are wearing!" Read more.

Italian Startup Takes on Google Glass

"GlassUp, an Italian startup, has started taking pre-orders on Indiegogo for an Android eyewear display system billed as a simpler, lower-cost alternative to Google Glass," goes the post on LinuxGizmos. "The GlassUp device is a receive-only Bluetooth accessory to a nearby mobile device, providing a monochrome, 320 x 240-pixel augmented reality display of incoming messages and notifications." Read more.

Carrera's Starring in Ron Howard Movie, Rush

Two-time Academy Award Winning Director Ron Howard's much anticipated movie Rush will hit worldwide theaters in September. Set against the sexy and glamorous golden age of Formula 1 racing, Rush  portrays the exhilarating true story of two of the greatest rivals the world has ever witnessed-handsome English playboy James Hunt played by Chris Hemsworth and his methodical, brilliant opponent, Niki Lauda played by Daniel Bruhl. Staying true to the times, the legendary eyewear brand Carrera is prominently featured in the movie. Niki Lauda's character wears a pair of Carrera 80 sunglasses, a re-edition of the "best of Carrera sunglasses", models that made history. These metal glasses epitomize the brand's racing attitude, with their teardrop shape, combined with interchangeable polarized lenses, for high-quality vision in any light condition. The "Victory C Logo" visible on the front is an unmistakable signature detail of the collection and a symbol of the brand's timeless style. James Hunt's character wears a pair of teardrop-shaped injection-molded Carrera Speedway sunglasses, which stand out with their unique detail adorning the front and contrasting profiles on the front and temples.Marlene Lauda, played by Alexandra Maria Lara, wears a pair of Carrera 16 steel/metal sunglasses, whose aviator-shaped frame is almost invisible, hidden behind the lenses, and is embellished with a double bridge with the "C" logo on the front. Read more.

Dutch DJ Dons Reeva Sunglasses

Dutch DJ/Producer Sander Kleinenberg was found wearing Reeva Eyewear sunglasses, according to a spokesperson for Reeva. Kelinenberg was in his Reevas model BeatBox at Nikki Beach's IndepenDance Tagline #shadypickups referenced on their social medias to “celebrate what you don't see-- savored moments of life’s adventure.” Kleinenberg founded and runs Little Mountain Recordings and THIS IS Recordings. Kleinenberg is well known for his use of digital video in concerts, his "Everybody" and "THIS IS" brands of club nights and albums and his 2000 single "My Lexicon" as well as hits like "The Fruit" and "This Is Miami". Read more.

Polaroid Making Splash at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami

Polaroid Eyewear  plans to make a splash at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim which runs from July 18-22, 2013 in Miami Beach, FL, according to a press release on Yahoo! Finance. This is the brand's first U.S. sponsorship since relaunching in the U.S. earlier this year as part of the Safilo Group which acquired the brand in April 2012. The new Polaroid Polarized Sunglasses collection will additionally be showcased poolside at a branded activation space on the Oasis area of the Raleigh Hotel, from Friday, July 19th through Sunday, July 21st from 6 - 10pm.  There, guests can view product displays. Read more.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New from Argyleculture

“Merging modern and classic design elements, Argyleculture Eyewear by Russell Simmons offers styles for all fashion-conscious men,” according to Midwest Lens. “Reinhardt and Powell combine masculine eyeshapes and bold trendsetting style to create fashionable eyewear for the modern, professional man who wants to stand out.” Read more.

New Look Eyewear Expanding Lab Capacity

“New Look Eyewear Inc. (TSX:BCI) is expanding its lens laboratory, warehouse and distribution centre in Montreal over the next two quarters,” according to Yahoo! Finance. “The eye-care company said it bought the commercial building housing its operations, which will allow it to double its available capacity. The plans also allow for the possibility of more capacity expansion in the future.” Read more.

NFL Players Toss Pig Skin with Google Glasses

"Imagine a football game decades from now. After defining all the regulations, players could utilize Google Glass-esque headsets integrated into helmets and have a high-tech array of features at their disposal," starts the CNET post. "Coaches could send messages to players and alter plays on the fly or watch first-person footage of a play going down. A world where plays don't get screwed up because of excessive crowd noise. In a recent segment aired on ESPN, reporter Katie Linendoll shared the Google Glass experience with several NFL players from the St. Louis Rams. The video shows Rams quarterback Sam Bradford's point of view as he throws a pass to running back Tavon Austin -- and then another clip from Austin's view. It's an interesting example of how Glass could provide a new learning tool for coaches and athletes in professional sports." Read more.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

National Academy of Opticianry Recognizes Linda Conlin, Founder of OpticalCEUs

"In this issue, we are choosing to use this space to highlight a particularly amazing [NAO] ambassador. Linda Conlin...has been an NAO fellow since 1999 and an ambassador for many years. Her work for us is consistently wonderful that she has won our Ambassador of the Year Award twice." That's the start of an article (page 16) in this month's Vision of the Industry, the official publication of the National Academy of Opticianry.

Superior and Block Merge

Superior Vision and Block Vision will merge. “The combination of Superior Vision and Block Vision brings together two vision benefit industry leaders with a history of strength in their target segments,” said Kirk Rothrock, President, Superior Vision. “The end result is a comprehensive eye care company with member-centric solutions for the commercial, Medicare and Medicaid markets, encompassing the full range of wellness vision and medical-surgical eye care programs. Our collective history of providing excellent service makes this a terrific partnership and a win for all of our constituencies, including our client and provider partners.” The combined company will provide vision benefit plans to more than 8.5 million members nationwide, and a provider network surpassing 55,000 access points. Together, Superior Vision and Block Vision will offer vision benefit and medical eye care programs to employer groups, health plans and direct to consumer. Read more.

U.S. News Ranks Boscom and Wills Eye One and Two in the U.S.

Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine has achieved another historic milestone. For the 10th consecutive year, the renowned institute is ranked No. 1 nationally in ophthalmology in U.S. News & World Report’s annual “Best Hospitals” rankings. Reflecting on the past 10 years at the top of the rankings, Eduardo C. Alfonso, M.D., Chairman of Bascom Palmer, also credited Bascom Palmer’s high-performance team.“This remarkable decade-long streak as No. 1 confirms Bascom Palmer’s reputation as America’s leader in providing the most advanced and comprehensive vision care,” said Pascal J. Goldschmidt, M.D., Senior Vice President for Medical Affairs, Dean of the Miller School and CEO of UHealth. “Our amazing Bascom Palmer team is consistently redefining excellence – in vision research, clinical care and education – which brings hope to patients with some of the world’s most debilitating ophthalmological conditions.”Read more.

Wills Eye Hospital was named #2 best in ophthalmology nationwide by U.S. News & World Report's "Best Hospitals 2013-14" rankings just released. This advancement in the prestigious rankings reflects a growing momentum at Wills Eye. Research funding at Wills Eye is at an all-time high and a new four-bed inpatient unit will soon unveil an innovative design for eye hospitals. Now, all services will be oriented around a centralized, surgical hub. Patients in private rooms will remain close to their physicians, providing fast access to the most highly trained medical professionals in the facility. The proximity also saves staff time and ensures efficient use of precious health care resources. 

U.S. News gathers data from 5,000 hospitals and evaluates 16 specialties. It publishes the Best Hospitals guide for patients needing advanced or specialty care. In order, the top 5 best hospitals for ophthalmology are: Bascom Palmer Eye Institute/University of Miami, Wills Eye Hospital, Wilmer Eye Institute/Johns Hopkins Hospital, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary/Massachusetts General Hospital, and Jules Stein Eye Institute/UCLA. Read more.

New from Gotti

"Just in time for the summer travel season, award-winning eyewear brand Gotti Switzerland adds 4 sunglass styles to their 'Spin & Stow' collection. Gotti’s proprietary 'Spin & Stow' technology allows for the earpieces to rotate completely so the sunglasses can fold flat and fit in a small case," notes Midwest Lens. "Made from titanium, the frames are ultra lightweight and durable. Gotti Switzerland also provides innovative protection with its sunglass lenses. The nylon lenses have an anti-reflective coating on the inside, providing additional protection to the wearer. The new designs feature vintage-inspired shapes mixed with modern details and hardware. Patch and Pit styles are oversized frames that include the comfort of a saddle nose bridge and a fashionable top bar. Fanny and Fabrice styles are made from a titanium and acetate combination. They include dual eye wires that create a 3D appearance. The latest sunglass designs feature color blocking in classic hues: black, white, silver, tortoise, and gold." Read more.

20 OD Students Win Scholarships

Twenty optometry students have won the 2013 Dr. Stanley Pearle Scholarship Fund from the OneSight Research Foundation. They will receive $2,000 to help fund their optometric education beginning this fall. The four-member selection committee reviewed close to a 100 applications to identify those students who illustrated leadership, scholastic performance and commitment to community service. The winners include the following:
    Ryan Beck, Nova Southeastern University        
    Kinzy Frizzle, Illinois College of Optometry
    Christina Grosshans, Southern College of Optometry      
    Megan  Hangartner, University of Houston
    Katherine Harkins, New England College of Optometry
    Jessica  Iida, Southern California College of Optometry
    Abby Jakob, Illinois College of Optometry           
    Melissa Kendall, Pennsylvania College of Optometry
    Claudia Lee, University of Waterloo
    Timothy Mack, The Ohio State University 
    Daniel Mlnarik, Indiana University                                  
    Sarah Munther, The Ohio State University
    Kasie Rust, Pacific University
    Roberto Saenz, University of Houston 
    Debi Sarma, New England College of Optometry
    Tatevik Shaboyan, University of Waterloo                       
    Jeanette Strommen, Pacific University             
    Kevin Tomasu, Northeastern State University         
    Katherine Woo, State University of New York
    Robert Young, Southern College of Optometry

Read more.

Kentucky Requires Eye Exams for School Children

“Parents will soon be busy making their back-to-school lists. School supplies and new clothes may be at the top of those lists, but an eye exam should be included as well,” according to WHAS11. “State law requires that children ages 3 through 6 who are entering a public school or preschool program for the first time have a vision exam.” Read more.

Eye Donations on the Rise

“Far more people are willing to donate their eyes to research than actually are registered to donate, according to a study led by a Michigan State University student,” reports Medical News Today. “While demand for tissue remains high, the number of human eyes donated for research declined 28 percent between 1997 and 2004, said Andrew Williams, a third-year MSU College of Human Medicine student who led the study in the journal Current Eye Research.” Read more.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Task Force Cannot Recommend for or against Screening Adults for Glaucoma

On July 8, 2013, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force found that there was not enough evidence to determine the accuracy and effectiveness of glaucoma screening in primary care settings for adults who do not have vision problems. Based on this lack of clear evidence, the task force could not make a recommendation for or against screening adults for glaucoma at this time. "While the task force concluded that there was insufficient evidence to prove that widespread glaucoma screening reduces blindness risk or improves quality of life, this recommendation does not mean that comprehensive dilated eye examinations are not important for preventing vision loss among Americans," said Dr. James Tsai, chair of the Glaucoma Subcommittee for the National Eye Institute's National Eye Health Education Program. Nearly 2 percent of Americans over age 40 (2.7 million in total) have open-angle glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness that has no early warning signs. However, early diagnosis and treatment can prevent vision loss.

New from Match Eyewear

"Match Eyewear announces the release of 14 new styles from the Helium Paris collection, including 1 unisex, 4 women’s and 9 men’s models," according to Midwest Lens. "Mixed materials, complex textures and a fearless use of color transform iconic silhouettes into innovative and striking new looks, designed to transcend seasonal trends. ...Vintage inspiration updated with contemporary styling speaks directly to the bold, distinctive edge of the Helium Paris collection, targeted to chic and savvy men and women, ages 18 to 35." Read more.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

OpticalCEUs Fall Continuing Education Seminar for Opticians Coming on Oct. 20, at Grand Pequot in Foxwoods

On Sunday, Oct. 20, OpticalCEUs will conduct its 15th Fall continuing education conference for opticians, announced Linda Conlin, L.O., founder and president of OpticalCEUs. The 2013 Fall program, which will offer opticians seven ABO/NCLE credits, will be held in the luxurious Grand Pequot Ballroom of the Grand Pequot at Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mashantucket, CT.

Conlin noted that registration will begin at the end of August or early September. At that time, OpticalCEUs will provide a complete list of the courses and their presenters. OpticalCEUs, as it always has, will provide a complimentary buffet lunch for most registrants. Attendees will be able to register online through links at OpticalCEUs websiteor its blog Optical News from OpticalCEUs. They also can choose to register by mail or by phone.

Since Conlin founded OpticalCEUs in 1999, it has provided opticians with accredited continuing education units. Each year, hundreds of opticians use the earned credits to fulfill their licensing requirements in many states, such as Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, to name only three. Opticians also apply their earned credits to their ABO and NCLE certifications.

Conlin added that in addition to the conference, OpticalCEUs provides opticians with a blog designed exclusively for their needs--Optical News from OpticalCEUs. The blog provides optical news from around the Web in digest form with links for more information.

For more information about the conference or the blog, send an email to

EyeMed Wins Again

EyeMed Vision Care, Luxottica's vision benefits company, is boasting that its Customer Care Center recently earned the distinction as a Certified Center of Excellence for the fourth consecutive year by BenchmarkPortal. “The certification of EyeMed is a direct result of its leadership’s commitment to balancing cost–effective solutions with best-in-class service performance,” said Bruce Belfiore, CEO of BenchmarkPortal. “It is an achievement of distinction.” Read more.

NCNW with Transitions Increase Eye Education Efforts

As eye disease increases rapidly among older Americans, the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) and Transitions Optical, Inc. have increased their efforts to promote routine eye exams to at-risk African Americans. With support from the Transitions Cultural Connections program, NCNW sections across the country have been providing eye health education as part of their ongoing, strategic community outreach efforts. Complementing these efforts, the NCNW's West Coast Black Family Reunion Celebration – held yesterday along West 54 Street in Los Angeles – served as this year's premier forum. At the LA event, Transition provided free vision screenings, and attendees received copies of a What to Expect: African-American Eyes brochure and additional information about the importance of taking preventive steps. Research from Transitions Optical has shown that just four out of 10 African Americans schedule annual eye exams. Additionally, African Americans are the most likely to do nothing to protect their eyes from the sun, which has been linked to diseases such as cataract and diabetic retinopathy – both of which are more prevalent among African Americans. Read more.

Mimic Israel's Eye Care Approach, And Cut Blindness

"According to the World Health Organization, 80% of blindness is preventable or treatable - but it remains a severe health concern across the globe, even in industrialized countries," according to a Medical News Today post. "Now hope is on the horizon - especially if countries are willing to emulate Israel's approach to eye health, says Prof.Michael Belkin of the Goldschleger Eye Research Institute at Tel Aviv University's Sackler Faculty of Medicine and Sheba Medical Center in a new study published in the American Journal of Ophthalmology. In the last decade, rates of preventable blindness in Israel have been cut by more than half - from 33.8 cases of blindness per 100,000 residents in 1999 to 14.8 in 2010. This improvement, found across all four main causes of avoidable blindness - age-related deterioration, glaucomadiabetes, and cataract - is unmatched anywhere else in the world, he says. The secret is not only the innovative methods of treatment that were added to the Israeli medical system, but their universal availability and accessibility, as well as good patient compliance with treatment regimens, including the correct use of prescribed medications." Read more.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Oakley, the Official Canadian Olympic Sunwear

"The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) has signed an agreement with Oakley, which will see the eyewear manufacturer become an official licensee," reports SportsPro. "Oakley will formally become COC's official high performance optical wear supplier until 2016, a period which includes two Olympics, in Sochi and Rio, and Toronto's hosting of the 2015 Pan American Games." Read more. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Patents and Trades Re-Examining Seiko's Patent for Freeform Lenses

Robert Shanbaum, president of Ocuco Inc., reports that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will begin the 20-month process of re-examining Seiko Epson's patent for freeform progressive lenses (6,019,470). “Historically, 22% of such re-examination proceedings result in all of the challenged patent’s claims being confirmed, but only 12% result in all claims being canceled.  In most cases, the patent’s claims are changed so as to avoid the questions raised in the re-examination request.” When Shanbaum initiated the request for re-examination a month ago, he said that he "was familiar with engineering projects back in the early 1990’s at both Gerber Optical and Coburn Optical, which had as their objective the production of back-surface progressives.  It struck me as absurd that Seiko Epson, or anyone else, could claim to have invented a category of lenses that we were feverishly trying to make years before they were allegedly invented.”

Seiko Epson filed the patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in December 2009. Its publication date was December of last year, which means a USPTO examiner began the next step of the approval process: reviewing the patent request. Also as of December, the application has been available for public review, as on this Google site. Therefore, this is precisely the time period for companies or individuals, as is the case of Ocuco, to issue challenges to the entire patent claims or portions of the claim. Read more.

Oakley and Rag & Bone Team Up

California eyewear brand Oakley has teamed up with Rag & Bone on a new line of limited edition sunglasses," reports Yahoo OMG!. "Last year, Oakley and Rag & Bone created a special version of the M-Frame sunglasses for the label's Spring-Summer 2013 womenswear show at New York Fashion Week. Now they've teamed up again to create two limiedt edition edits of the famous Oakley 'Frogskin' eyewear." Read more.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Safilo and Fossil Renew Licensing Agreement

Safilo Group and Fossil Group, Inc., have renewed their eyewear licensing agreement for the design, manufacturing and distribution of Fossil branded optical frames and the addition of sunglasses. The new agreement now runs until December 31st, 2018, and has been extended to include global distribution. The previous agreement for optical frames covered only the U.S and Canada.

More about Hi-Tech Glasses (Except Google)

In an article "High-Tech Eyeglasses, Not Made by Google," New York Times columnist David Pogue writes: "If someone mentions the phrase 'high-tech glasses,' you probably assume that person is talking about Google Glass...The truth is, though, that 2013 has been the Year of the High-Tech Glasses in other, quieter ways. At least three new eyeglass technologies have arrived. They’re not intended to bring the Internet to your eyeball. They have a more traditional goal: improving your vision." He discusses Adlens Variable Focus eyeglasses, which have been around for a while, but he also looks into the O2AMP Color-Assisting Glasses that give doctors a clearer view of the oxygen levels in the blood and the 3D Virtual Try-On App. To find out more, read the article.

Competition in U.S. Eyewear Market Will Intensify

The market for eyewear is mature. Therefore, new sales largely depend on prescription changes and technological innovation, predicts the report Eye Glasses and Contact Lens Stores Industry. But because neither of these strategies yields significant growth, competition will intensify, predicts the report from IBIS World, The Eye Glasses and Contact Lens Stores industry

During the past five years, the retail market--in terms of operators--has shrunk from 7,986 firms in 2008 to 7,422 in 2013 and will shrink even further by 2018, thereby increasing the concentration of retail sales. The report attributes this concentration to increased acquisitions, a symptom of a "mature" industry. In other words, the only way a company can grow effectively is by acquiring another company, especially for the major players such as Luxottica, National Vision, and Highmark.

Until 2018, industry growth will follow the economy's growth. There could be a bump. Patients have put off getting new prescriptions. With the economy coming back, they should be returning to outlets for new eyewear and prescriptions. Favorable demographic changes will also likely drive industry growth over the next five years. The number of senior adults aged 50 and older is forecast to grow through 2018. Because this group makes up the industry's largest market segment, its growth will increase demand. Elements of the newly enacted healthcare reform bill will also expand access to vision care, giving industry demand an additional boost. For more information, visit IBISWorld’s Eye Glasses and Contact Lens Stores in the US industry report page. Read more.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Foundation to Raise Funds for Eye Care in Rural India

The Eye Foundation of America, announced today that it has launched its "100,000 Lives" fund-raising campaign with the goal of providing eye care to 100,000 people in rural India during 2014. The campaign will focus on those who suffer from diabetes and are at risk for, or may already be suffering from diabetic retinopathy — a condition that often leads to blindness if left untreated. Studies have shown that if diabetic retinopathy is detected and treated early, blindness can be averted up to 90 percent of the time. It's estimated that more than 61 million people in India have diabetes and that one out of every two are unaware of their condition. More than half India's diabetic population lives in rural areas where needed health care is virtually non-existent. Read more.

New from Esprit Kids

Midwest Lens reports that "Summer 2013 Esprit Kids frames are influenced by cool fashion trends such as denim, prints and transparent fabrics, there’s a cool, fun optical style for every little one in this super new collection. Kids will be begging for an Esprit frame this summer!" Read more.

James Franco New Face for Gucci Eyewear Ad Campaign

Elle  asks, "A close-up of James Franco's scruffy, chiseled face? You've got our attention. That seems to be part of the strategy for Gucci's Bamboo Sunglasses campaign starring the multi-hyphenate with photography by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. ...The '70s-inspired frames, made with natural bamboo cane, won't be available until October, but you can check them out now on Franco's face in this exclusive behind-the-scenes shot and campaign image. Read more

The campaign, shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and debuting worldwide in August 2013, highlights the classic yet contemporary elegance of this new style, perfectly matched with Franco’s sophisticated personality. 

These sunglasses are a refined evolution of the classic Bamboo version launched in Spring/Summer 2013. The exclusive eyewear that James Franco wears in the campaign stands out for the new black version of the bamboo detail, complementing the dark ruthenium and grey shaded mirrored lenses. This style, which uniquely uses natural bamboo cane, blends tradition and innovation to reflect the House’s philosophy of contemporary luxury. The 70s-inspired pilot-shaped metal frame, embellished with the bamboo cane detail on the bridge and the Gucci laser signature on the lenses and temples, make these sunglasses highly distinctive and iconic.

Uggla Clobbers HR with New CLs

Sports Media 101 reports that "Dan Uggla has been notoriously streaky through his first two years with the Atlanta Braves, but getting his vision checked last month has led to enormously increased productivity and confidence at the plate. In the first 67 games he played in 2013, Uggla hit an awful .194, but with 13 homers. Entering Monday, Uggla has hit .277 with three homers over his last 12 games, and he largely gives credit to his new contact lenses." Read more and see video of his 16th HR.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pearle Converts 13 Stores to Licensees

Pearle Vision has signed licensing agreements converting 13 of its neighborhood eye care centers from company-owned to licensees, according to a company spokesperson. This is the result of the company's 2013 expansion plans to re-license 34 company-owned centers in 10 states. Of the 13 licensing agreements, Pearle Vision announced four new licensees in Akron, OH; Exton, PA; Council Bluffs, IA; and Burnsville, MN. In addition, eight existing Pearle Vision licensees chose to expand their center ownership by licensing additional centers in Texas, New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, and Puerto Rico. Read more.

Fugal Infections from CLs More Common in Developing Nations

"A study by the Asia Cornea Society has found that in developed nations like Singapore, contaminated contact lenses is a major cause of eye infections," reports Straits Times. In Singapore, it accounts for 60 per cent of all eye infection cases. In developing nations however, fungal infections are a more common cause of eye infections." Read more.