Wednesday, July 17, 2013

NFL Players Toss Pig Skin with Google Glasses

"Imagine a football game decades from now. After defining all the regulations, players could utilize Google Glass-esque headsets integrated into helmets and have a high-tech array of features at their disposal," starts the CNET post. "Coaches could send messages to players and alter plays on the fly or watch first-person footage of a play going down. A world where plays don't get screwed up because of excessive crowd noise. In a recent segment aired on ESPN, reporter Katie Linendoll shared the Google Glass experience with several NFL players from the St. Louis Rams. The video shows Rams quarterback Sam Bradford's point of view as he throws a pass to running back Tavon Austin -- and then another clip from Austin's view. It's an interesting example of how Glass could provide a new learning tool for coaches and athletes in professional sports." Read more.

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