Thursday, April 11, 2013

An In-Depth Look at Innovega's AR Contact Lenses

"Innovega, a start-up based near Seattle, has a novel solution: adjusting the user’s vision. It has developed contact lenses with tiny “lenslets” at their centers that can have a focus as near as 1.25 cm, enabling displays to be built into normal-looking glasses without the bulky optics," according to a post on IEEE. "Crucially, the lenses don’t impede the ability to see objects further away. An optical filter layer excludes linearly polarized light over most of each lens. Behind the central lenslet, however, the layer allows only polarized rays through. Thus, both a close-up display emitting polarized light and the distant background will look sharp. The layer also prevents light from an AR display entering the rest of the lens and creating a distracting blur.The company intends to license its technology to contact lens manufacturers (its lenses can also incorporate vision correction)." Read more.

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