Wednesday, April 3, 2013

China’s Google (Baidu) Developing Its Own AR Eyewear

“Baidu Inc , China's largest search engine, is developing prototype digital eyewear similar to Google Inc's Google Glass that will leverage Baidu's strengths in image search and facial recognition, a Baidu spokesman said on Wednesday,” reports “Internally known as project "Baidu Eye," the glasses are being tested internally and it is not clear whether the product will ever be commercialized, said Kaiser Kuo, Baidu's spokesman. Kuo said the device will be mounted on a headset with a small LCD screen and will allow users to make image and voice searches as well as conduct facial recognition matches.” Read more.

CNET reports that “Unnamed sources told news site that Baidu is testing a prototype called Baidu Eye. The device has an LCD display, voice-controlled image recognition, and bone-sensing -- the same technology Google is deploying to allow for voice control functions on its Google Glass eyewear. Baidu Eye wearers will be able to make phone calls, search the Web, and use gestures to take and send photos, according to the report. The device also will have an open platform for developers. Again, that sounds like Google Glass.” Read more.

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