Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Some Specs on Google’s Specs

“Along with word that Google Glasses are rolling off the assembly line, we get our first look at the specs behind the high-tech spectacles,” reports the digital industry site, CNET. “The eyewear will be capable of capturing 5-megapixel images and video at a resolution of 720p, according to the technical specs Google released this evening. The first glimpse of the eyewear's hardware come as the Web giant sent out an e-mail today to everyone on the Glass Explorers list to say that a few of the $1,500 wearable devices had already come off the production line. It will also feature 16GB of Flash storage synced with Google cloud storage, of which 12GB will be usable. The headset will sport Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, although it will be at the older and slower 802.11 B/G standards. The MyGlass companion app will allow GPS and SMS messaging but run only on devices with Android 4.0.3 or higher.” Read more.

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