Thursday, June 4, 2015

Google Patents Contact Lense as ID Device

"Google has patented a new technology that transforms a contact lens into an identification device, according to a report by Venture Beat," notes Biometric Update. "The patent application explains how the contact lens covers either the entire or part of the iris of the eye. The contact lens’ surface is embedded with one or more light sensors, which gathers reflected light off the iris. The sensors construct an image of the iris, which it then compares with an image of the same iris stored on the system’s memory. If the images successfully match, a door might automatically unlock for the wearer, or a file containing private data might suddenly be available to access, for example. The patent does not go into great detail about the technology’s applications. However, the lenses could potentially be used for biometric authentication purposes in a number of different technologies and scenarios." Read more.

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