Sunday, November 8, 2015

Man Recovers His Life with Help from an ECP

Depression feels like a fall into a rabbit hole of hopelessness. William Medonis fell into that hole, but the with the help with therapists from Brooklyn Community Services, he climbed back out. According to a New York Times article, "'They made me realize there is something else to me,' he said. 'I have other talents and traits, like being smart and well spoken and social. I never thought of myself that way.'"

Only an ECP could provide the next step.

"Mr. Medonis had his eyes checked and learned that he needed glasses. In August, he spent most of the $240 in public assistance he receives each month to buy his first pair. Able to read again, he considered returning to college. Then another resident of the homeless shelter picked a fight with him, shattering his glasses — and his precarious feeling that life was improving. Brooklyn Community Services drew $400 from the Neediest Cases Fund to buy Mr. Medonis a new pair of Ray-Ban glasses, and on Sept. 8, he wore them to his first day of classes as a student at Kingsborough Community College." Read more.

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