Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Talk with Architect/Eyewear Designer Philippe Starck

"Philippe Starck is telling me about how he doesn’t like nightclubs. That’s right. The acclaimed French designer who outfitted the famous Parisian clubs La Main Bleue and Les Bains Douches—essentially the Studio 54 of Paris—doesn’t like going out." That's the start of a Bloomberg post about architect/eyewear designer Starck. "We’ve met to discuss his eyewear line, which—unbeknownst to many—has been around for nearly 20 years. His newest collection, Resort 2016, will mark a new direction for the designer and the Starck Eyes brand, which aims to target the more evolved, fashion-conscious male consumer interested in the intersection of technology and style. The frames, generally slim, are now available in the thinnest acetate frames ever, as well as in larger, youthful styles. Masculine square shapes, with a retro bent, put the frames in a luxury design category populated by such eyewear brands as Tom Ford and Persol." Read more.

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