Sunday, December 9, 2012

Another Look at the AR Eyewear Marketplace

"They are not on the market yet, but Google Glasses already have competitors. The latest patent is from a big name: Microsoft. The company has registered projects for eyewear that will give the wearer real time information about the surrounding environment. With augmented reality in all senses, the lenses from Redmond can provide information about what the wearer is seeing at a precise moment, whether it's an object, place or event," according to  Mido 365 News. "The Microsoft glasses will be a 'wiki-lens' for finding out more about what's in front of us: with the Microsoft designs we will be able to watch a football game and we imagine that the glasses will give information about the players, the match, and so on. According to the patent, the device will understand in which direction the wearer is looking and adjust the visualization and optics accordingly." Read more.

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