Thursday, December 27, 2012

Can Sunglasses Make a Presidential Candidate?

"The presidential election campaign was well under way in April when the photo went viral of Hillary Rodham Clinton flying on a military plane, wearing sunglasses and studying her BlackBerry," notes a post from the Sacreamento Bee. "It became a meme and is an advance look at campaigns to come. Photographers from Reuters and Time snapped the shot as Clinton flew from Malta to Tripoli in October 2011. But the photo went viral in April 2012, prompting New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd to write about Clinton having 'cemented her newly cool image.' Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter, @textfromhillary, controlled this story. I dare the hardest of hard Republicans to flip through the Tumblr page and not lol at some of the images, like the one in which Condoleezza Rice supposedly tells President George W. Bush that she left her sunglasses in her desk back at State." Read more.

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