Thursday, December 27, 2012

Attendees Say OpticalCEUs Hit a Homer with Its Fall 2012 Conference

Linda Conlin, founder of the innovative, attendee-oriented continuing education program OpticalCEUs and the increasingly popular optical news site, Optical News from OpticalCEUs, recently released the outstanding performance evaluations from opticians attending its Fall 2012 Continuing Education Seminar for Opticians at Foxwoods. As mandated by ABO/NCLE (American Board of Opticianry/National Contact Lens Examiners), OpticalCEUs surveys attendee reaction to each seminar using a standard ABO/NCLE questionnaire. “Clearly our attendees appreciate the time, energy, and professionalism that each speaker puts into her/his work,” said Linda Conlin. To see all the evaluations, click this link.

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