Friday, January 31, 2014

LensCrafters Launches New Advertising Campaign

LensCrafters will encourage consumers to stop and marvel at the vital role that eyes play in their emotional life, personal identity, and overall health with a new global marketing campaign, entitled “Take a Stand for Quality Vision Care.” The program reportedly will focus on what LensCrafters is calling its passion for celebrating the eye and acting as a partner in total vision care—the synergy of trusted eye care and exceptional eyewear. The campaign will begin in the U.S. Sunday, February 2. It will prompt the viewer to reconsider the eyewear retail category and who they trust to care for their eyes. It will inspire the public to seek a qualified partner who understands the importance of the eye, not only to vision, but also to the entire life experience. The campaign features striking imagery paired with bold, provocative language that pulls at the emotional essence of eyes and the preciousness of sight. It expresses the experience of staring deep into someone’s eyes and getting lost, finding their humanity and gauging their spirit. Read more.

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