Saturday, January 4, 2014

Innovega Closer to Offering AR CLs/Eyewear

“Google's Glass wearable has yet to exit its beta ‘Explorer Program’ -- though prescription lenses appear to be on the way -- and still tends to freak people out and keep the critics testing it in the wild apprehensive of wearing it in public settings,” according to CNET. “Innovega, which showcased its unique iOptik augmented reality (AR) device on the head of a mannequin at last year's CES, is confident that it's getting closer to [augmented reality contact lenses that]…we'll actually want to wear, but with the unconventional caveat of contact lenses, an untested stipulation at the moment. The company, headed up by CEO Stephen Willey, will be back at CES 2014 next week, but this time with a fully functioning prototype. The device, a pair of sleek eyeglasses capable of overlaying digital media and transparent AR data onto the accompanying lenses, will be worn by Innovega staff on the floors of CES. But why does one need to slip something over our eyeballs to use the iOptik system?” Read more.

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