Sunday, January 12, 2014

VCI's Grading Scale App and Its Guide

Colleen Jones, director of the Vision Care Institute, sent an email to many ECPs with great news: the available of VCI's Clinical Grading Scales App and its guide. She explained: "Adapted from the Efron Grading Scales, this free, interactive and easy-to-use app can be downloaded via the Apple App Store for use on an iPhone."

VCI also has provided a guide for using the app. It "provides straightforward instructions for using the app to grade a condition, perform side-by-side comparisons, generate reports, and leverage valuable resources to excel in techniques and continue to refresh and expand your clinical knowledge. The guide can also be downloaded from our website. Click here to download the manual from...[VCI's] website."

If you are not familiar with the institute's app, here's what it can do, as noted by the VCI director:
  • "Evaluate nine common eye conditions that lessen and increase with real-time morphing animation of severity levels.
  • "Evaluate the progression of complications by comparing severity levels in 0.1 increments side-by-side.
  • "Demonstrate clinical assessment to patients.
  • "Export (print or email) a clinical assessment report for each patient record and/or patient education without collecting or releasing personal data.
  • "View a comprehensive assessment guide including slit lamp illumination techniques, corneal inflammation vs. infection, signs of oxygen deficiency, staining and lid assessments and more...

"We believe this tool will be a valuable asset to your practice, aiding the delivery of efficient, high quality care to help patients maintain healthy contact lens wear. We would like to thank Nathan Efron for use of the grading scales and his partnership in this effort to assist eye care professionals.

"Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact The Vision Care Institute, LLC, at or (800) 874-6690."

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