Friday, August 26, 2011

The Future of Retail Sales? In Yours? In Your Competitor's?

MyBusiness imagines: "You’re in a department store and spot an item you love … but you can’t find one in your size....[A sales assistant] informs you that while there are none in your size in stock, the store’s online shop has plenty...That kind of transaction is a vision described by Robbie Robertson, managing director and co-founder of “experiential design” company e2, who says 'We are seeing an understanding and acceptance that online retailing is here to stay. Larger brands are accepting it. They are turning their stores into the experience and then "closing' the sale online. The next step is admitting that retailing is a showroom and that it should be a showroom, but knowing you have such a robust online store you can sell online in the shop.'" Read more.

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