Sunday, August 28, 2011

Retailer Takes Vintage to a New Level

The NationalPost covers the opening of a Toronto optical shop with a unique marketing angle: 

With nary a pair of Coke bottle lenses to be found, Jordan Paul’s Junction optical shop Opticianado gives new life to charming dead stock — even the  prescription-less wander in to covet his never-worn vintage specs.
 “Eyewear is an accessory that can balance out your face,” Paul explains. “A lot of vintage frames have really sharp angles or very extreme shapes, but when doing the buying I’ve been trying to find shapes that everybody can wear.”
Paul, 34, worked in high-end opticals in Toronto and Florida for 15 years before starting his own shop, quietly amassing nearly 500 quirky frames in his spare time. “I have a very understanding wife,” he says of his lost closet space. “I’m a collector; I collect musical instruments, I collect records, so it kind of went hand in hand.”
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