Friday, August 26, 2011

Superfly Thug Mongo Slade Says Eyewear Accessories Reduces Stress

We knew the eyes were the windows to the soul as well as eye disease, but a hip-hop artist has made a new discovery, according to his press release:
Hypnotic Eye Rocket is a new product line of exclusive eyewear accessories created by Hip Hop life coach, music producer and Superfly Thug Mongo Slade. In his inspiring motivational book "Dreams 2 Reality" Mongo Slade speaks of using the Hypnotic Eye Rocket system taught to him by a mystical hypnotist named Sparky Flinstone to reach the next level. The Hypnotic Eye Rocket is part of a revolutionary new system engineered to reduce stress and relieve tension while injecting feelings of wellness and euphoria directly into your blood stream. 
All for $34.99. Read more.

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