Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ShareCareNow Names Top 10 Online Eye Health Influencers

In support of the 14 million Americans with a self-reported visual impairment, SharecareNow, powered by WCG, today announced the "SharecareNow 10 - Eye Health" list, recognizing the leading voices online who share valuable information about treating and improving eye health. The influencers range from accredited ophthalmologists to patient bloggers to reporters at well-known professional publications, and address eye health topics, including protection, treatments and care:

1. Leonard J. Press, O.D. - http://visionhelp.wordpress.com
2. Troy Bedinghaus, O.D. - http://vision.about.com
3. Rebecca Petris - http://dryeyezone.com
4. Irv Arons - http://irvaronsjournal.blogspot.com
5. Andrew A. Dahl, MD - http://medicinenet.com
6. Gary Heiting, O.D. - http://allaboutvision.com
7. Amy Hellem - http://revoptom.com
8. Marilyn Haddrill - http://allaboutvision.com
9. Benjamin C. Winters, O.D. - http://covdblog.wordpress.com
10. Vanessa Caceres - http://eyeworld.org

A downloadable version of the SharecareNow 10 - Eye Health list can be found here: http://www.sharecare.com/static/sharecare-now-eye-health-top-ten-infographic. Additional information, including bios and the methodology behind the influencer list, is available at http://now.sharecare.com.

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