Saturday, July 21, 2012

Optician Goes High End with Vintage--Real Vintage

Van de la Plante in his vintage optical shop.
"Thirty-four-year-old Van de la Plante looks every bit the gentleman," notes the Los Angeles Times. "Sporting a beige linen resort suit, a green Cuban guayabera cigar shirt and Cole Haan huarache sandals, De la Plante fits in well as owner of Gentlemen's Breakfast, a new boutique in Laguna Beach that sells antique eyeglasses, sunglasses and accessories. The small shop, splattered in bitter chocolate and beige tones, is decorated with manly finds and furnishings. Antique crystal decanters sit on an old desk, filled with Scotch and ready for the pour. A vintage bourbon flask hides a 1909 candlestick phone. It's reserved for those who spend enough money, according to De la Plante, who declined to say just how much is enough. A feather pen with ink jar caps off that rich, old-world look." Read more.

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