Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Coastal Contacts Gets Slapped for Misleading Facebook Promo

"Coastal Contacts encouraged Facebook users to “like” its page and in doing so, promised them a free pair of glasses," according to a New York Times post. "It also promised discounts of 70 percent on contact lenses. The rival, 1-800 Contacts, said that Coastal Contacts did not disclose the shipping and handling fees associated with the offer for free glasses and that not all styles of glasses or lenses were available in the offer. In addition, the company contended that users who 'liked' the Coastal Contacts page in order to get the free glasses were inadvertently endorsing the company. The National Advertising Division ruled that all claims for free merchandise must clearly disclose any hidden fees and conditions at the outset of the offer, including increasing the font size of the message that 'conditions apply.' Facebook likes can be interpreted as 'conveying a message of general social endorsement'  the ruling said."  Read more.

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