Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Luxury Eyewear Growing in Popularity in China

"A population of (at least) 1.3 billion, one of the world’s fastest-growing luxury markets, and a well-publicized 'myopia epidemic': for high-end eyewear brands and designers, China looks like a slam dunk," starts the post on Jing Daily. "Driven by the same factors as the multi-brand boutique trend now sweeping through China’s fashion industry, recent years have seen rising interest for luxury eyeglasses as wealthier Chinese consumers have looked to match their expensive apparel with equally pricey eyewear. This has been good for designers focused on the Asia market, both within China and overseas, with the likes of home-grown designer Chair Yuan and London-based Fei Wang (Jing Daily interview) creating wearable fashions that sell at a premium. Luxury eyewear boutiques have also been quick to latch on to burgeoning demand. Of these boutiques, one of the most promising is Coterie, which recently opened its first location on Shanghai’s fashionable Julu Lu and second at Nali Patio in Beijing’s Sanlitun neighborhood." Read more.

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