Monday, July 23, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Setting Another Cosmetic CL Trend? FDA Issues Second Warning about Cosmetic CLs

"Lindsay Lohan wore violet contact lenses while filming Liz and Dick," reports Monsters and Critics. "The Mean Girls actress underwent a huge transformation to play Dame Elizabeth Taylor in the new film, including changing her eye colour to match those of the late actress. New York Post columnist Cindy Adams revealed: 'Lindsay's yellow hair, red hair, auburn hair got dyed dark for the film. But what you don't know is, she was fitted with violet-coloured contact lenses.'" Read more.

The problem is so serious that the FDA has issued a second PR warning about cosmetic contact lenses: " It is so serious that the FDA has issued public alerts via social media, directing their pleas directly to fans of the vampire-themed films. The FDA statements warned that many non-regulated costume lenses are prone to causing eye infections and possible blindness. The alarm was set when a recent Twilight-themed costume competition was held in Texas to celebrate the release of the film series’ final installment later this year." Read more.

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  1. It is very necessary to give proper attention before purchasing contact lenses, that the lenses has to be FDA approved. Most of the people purchase cheap lenses from the local store, which may cause eye injury.