Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Essilor Launches Varilux S Series Lenses

Essilor has launched "Varilux S Series lenses. Varilux S Series lenses dramatically defy the limits of progressive lenses so radically in every area that performance is actually guaranteed," according to EyeSurf. The S Series, which was announced a few months ago, "is a digital portfolio comprised of three unique lens designs: Varilux S Design, Varilux S Fit and Varilux S 4D. All of the Varilux S Series lens designs are backed by revolutionary Nanoptix Technology and SynchronEyes Technology. Varilux S 4D lenses include a third revolutionary technology: 4D Technology. Varilux S Series lenses combine new technologies and innovative design to offer consumers guaranteed performance." Read more.


  1. I updated my prescription and paid the extra $$$ for S Design and my eyes could not get used to them. My prescription was much stronger than my original prescription -- +.75 to +2.25

    I went back to the optometrist and had my eyes checked again, and my reading prescription was reduced to +1.75. Still my eyes cannot get used to the new lenses. So I went to an opthomologist, and he recommended that my prescription only be increased to +1.25 and that I do NOT go with the S design lenses as they are not working for me. He also checked the lenses on 1 of the new pair (I had purchased 2 different designer frames) and said that the axis was off in one of the pairs.

    This has been an extremely frustrating experience for me and I'm sorry I ever tried the new S Design lenses.

    Nonetheless, I must acknowledge that West Coast Optical in Langley, BC Canada, has been extremely helpful and supportive in responding to my needs. They are an absolutely top-notch at customer service.