Saturday, March 9, 2013

New from Gold & Wood

Gold & Wood, world renowned for its elegantly hand crafted Eyepieces™, unveiled today the redesign of the company's brand and logo with a refreshed focus on the magical element that connects us all to the soul and aura of the classic world. Life is moving at an increasingly rapid pace and with everything being accomplished at quicker speeds, we are disconnecting further from life itself. By taking the time to hand craft the world's most elegant Eyepieces™ from exquisitely coveted materials, Gold & Wood is awakening the magical process of life that brings each owner back in touch with the world that surrounds us. Gold & Wood's elegance and uniqueness enable the company to transcend standard luxury eyewear. It is for this reason that Gold & Wood doesn't simply create glasses or eyewear, but rather, Eyepieces™. Akin to an elegant piece of art worthy of admiration and wonder, Gold & Wood is propelled above and beyond the normal realm of luxury. Read more.

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