Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lulu Frenchie Turns Sunglasses into Advertisements

“Lulu Frenchie is changing the face of advertising by turning sunglasses into billboards. The French company has taken customized apparel to another level, offering customers the ability to customize their sunglass lenses with logos, messages and images that do not affect vision.” So goes the post on Business News Daily. “Customers are not the only ones taking note, though. Companies such as Playstation, Mini, McDonalds and Vogue Paris have all used Lulu Frenchie in advertising. With the backing of some of those top companies Lulu Frenchie has sold 500,000 pairs of sunglasses since opening in 2010. That growth and popularity has helped the company become the top eyeglasses advertiser in Europe.” Read more.

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