Sunday, March 24, 2013

FDA-Cleared Lens “Helps” with Dyslexia

Students at the Brighton School in Baton Rouge, LA, have trouble reading. Words move, they go in and out of focus, or they float on the page. Other students see double words or sentences. They are dealing with dyslexia and dyslexia related learning disabilities. Now there’s reportedly hope with the new, patented and FDA cleared ChromaGen lenses. Developed by Dr. David Harris, the lens is said to employ 16 filtered lenses, thereby modifying lights' wavelength as it passes into each eye. This reportedly balances the speed of the information traveling along the neurological pathways to the brain and allowing many dyslexics to see words and text clearly. ChromaGen Vision tested 150 students at Brighton School. Approximately 72 percent were prescribed the ChromaGen lenses. The testers an increase in reading speed and accuracy and an Improvement in handwriting, says the company. The lens was introduced in 2011 (see related blog retry). Read more.

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