Monday, February 11, 2013

NEI Launches New Low Vision Program

Last week—at the start of Low Vision Awarness Month (February)—the National Eye Institute released a 20-page large-print booklet and a series of videos to help people adapt to life with low vision. The booklet, Living with Low Vision: What You Should Know, urges people with low vision to seek help from a low vision specialist and provides tips to maximize remaining eyesight. The videos feature patient stories about living with low vision. A video for health care professionals emphasizes the importance of explaining the rehab services available to individuals with vision loss, which a 2012 report estimates at 2.9 million American. The NEI says that will increase 72 percent by 2030. Statistics on low vision are taken from the report, 2012 Fifth Edition of Vision Problems in the U.S., available on the NEI website at The new NEI booklet and videos along with other resources for people with low vision can be viewed and downloaded at

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