Thursday, February 21, 2013

Google Looks for Explorers to Don Its AR Eyewear--for a Price

"Google has invited 'explorers' with creative vision and $US1500 ($A1456) to spare to be part of a select group of people who get to experiment with glasses synched to the internet," writes the Courier Mail. "A video intended to capture what it feels like to use Google Glass was posted online on Wednesday at along with information about what the eyewear does and how to be among those putting them to the test. 'We're looking for bold, creative individuals who want to join us and be a part of shaping the future of Glass," said a message at the website. 'We're still in the early stages, and while we can't promise everything will be perfect, we can promise it will be exciting.'" Read more.

And here's the Huffington Post's version of the story: "Google has released its second teaser video for Google Glass, the company's futuristic augmented reality specs that may be slated for release later this year. While the first video tracked a New Yorker's mundane errands through the city, the new clip is a dizzying, high-octane view of Glass's functionality -- as seen by skydivers, equestrians, catwalking fashion-mavens and ballerinas. In tandem with the video's release, Google announced it's seeking to expand its initial Glass test group beyond tech-world early adopters to include 'bold, creative individuals' (a phrase that could have been lifted directly from a list of SoHo House's membership criteria...)." Read more.

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