Wednesday, February 6, 2013

FL Convenience Store Selling Colored CLs

“The Twinkle display said the lenses cost $17.99 or two for $29.99. The clerk behind the counter, who declined to give his name – 'I don’t want to lose my job' – said the store had carried the lenses since around Halloween, when they in fact had been the most popular with customers. 'It’s not something we specialize in selling,' he said,” notes Dade County Sentinel. “Patrick Smith, a wholesaler who happened to be present when the Sentinel popped by, said he sees the costume contact lenses everywhere he goes. Smith, he explained, makes his living selling novelties to convenience stores – 'They call me the Junk Man' – and said though he doesn’t deal in the contact lenses himself, he’s noticed them being sold throughout the region 'for the past couple of years, anyway.' Well, they shouldn’t be, said Leon Graham, O.D.” Read more.

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