Thursday, June 5, 2014

Younger Offering Ultra-Thin HIgh Index 1.74 Lenses

Younger Optics is promoting its "ultra-thin High Index 1.74 lenses, in new Transitions Signature VII gray and brown from Younger Optics. Transitions Signature VII adaptive lenses are more responsive to UV light in more situations, compared to Transitions VI. These ultra-light lenses are made from Mitsui Chemicals' MR-174™ material and are an ideal choice for patients who are looking for a more cosmetically appealing, thinner lens. When thickness consideration and light management is essential, recommend ultra-thin High Index 1.74 Transitions Signature adaptive lenses. Both clear and Transitions high Index 1.74 single vision lenses are available to labs from Younger Optics in 11 base curves ranging from 0.50 to 10.0. These lenses are available to ECPs through their favorite laboratory." Read more.

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