Wednesday, June 18, 2014

U.S. Vet Gets Eye Care from VA after a Story on Fox News

"A veteran who has waited months for healthcare finally gets answers after FOX 17 News shares his story. We told you about Navy veteran James Roberson about two weeks ago," according to a Fox News 17 Nashville post. "Roberson had an urgent need to see an eye doctor, but he claims he was getting the run around from Nashville's VA hospital. ...Roberson told us earlier this month about his frustration. His eyes were injured many years ago during his time in the Navy, but after numerous phone calls, he couldn't get an appointment. ...Shortly after our story ran, that all changed. James started receiving phone calls, and he now has several appointments scheduled, including one for cataract surgery. It turns out James had some high-ranking help. 'Actually your story brought him to our attention,' says TN Rep. Sheila Butt, (R) Maury County." Read more.

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