Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Two Luxottica Brands Win Clios

One month ago, two Luxottica brands picked up Clios. Ray-Ban's 2013 advertising campaign, "Never Hide," took the Grand Clio in the Out of Home (OOH) Category. The Lenscrafter "My Look Magic Mirror" campaign also went home with a Clio in the OOH category. The Clio Image Awards 2014 are part of the Clio Awards for the advertising, design and communication sector. Read more.

The marketing recognition pick-me-up came about a month before the rebroadcast of the October 2012 60 Minutes story about Luxottica's domination of the U.S. eyewear market. The only real difference between the June 2014 and October 2012 60 Minutes story came with the close. It mentioned that Luxottica and Google teamed up to design and market specs with Google Glass, ancient history in the world of digital journalism. Click to read about DVF and about the Google-Luxottica "partnership."

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